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SUDDEN DEATH AT JBQRTH. On inquest was held at Adelaide-place, Borth, on Wednesday last, before Mr W. H. Jones, deputy coroner, touching the death of Mr David Davies, a Wesleyan local preacher, who was found dead in the parlour on that morning. The following were the jurymen :—Messrs William Jones (foreman), Wm. Roberts, John Jones, John Jones, John Lewis, Thos. Davies, Abraham Jones, David Hughes, W. H. Ody, William Hnghes, Hugh Jones, and David Hughes. After the jury had viewed the body, the following evidence was given :— Hugh Rees, Beach Grove, in the village of Borth, muster mariner, said The deceased was in my house last night about half-past eight, and he par- took of some supper. I did not notice anything in his appearance or ia his talk different to usual. He left about nine o'clock, and I asked him why he went away so soon he said he had to go and study. He kept a Band of Hope meeting at the Wesleyan chapel that night. He stayed at Alelaide-place. By the jury He had a cup of tea and some pickles. I also took some tea and pickles for supper. P.C. David Phillips, sworn, said I am stationed at Borth. About eight, o'clock this morning (the 3rd inst.) I was called into this house, as I ha.d been in- formed that the deceased had died suddenly. I went into the frontpa.dour.of Adelaide-place, and there saw the deceased lying on his back, the head towards the window and the feet towards the door. He had his hands in one another, and he was clutching one hand. I took hold of his hands and found they were quite cold and stiff, the face was swollen, and the point of the tongue between the teeth. He appeared to have died in a fit. His hat was on a chair close by. In my opinion he must have been dead several hours. Mary Seymour said I live next door but one to Eliza Hughes, who is my sister. About half.past seven this morning Elizabeth Hughes called me, and asked me to come and see the deceased,as she thought he was in a fit. I went into the front parlour, and saw deceased. He was lying on his face ou the floor; the arm chair had not fallen. His arms were crossed under him. The first thing I did was to see if life was extinct. I found he was dead, and I turned the body on its back to see if there was any breath in him. I knew he had a fit since he (deceased) had been with my sister. Eliza Hughes, sworn, said I am a widow, and live at Adelaide-place, in the village of Borth. The de- ceased lodged with me. He came first to lodge with me on the 9th of October last. He remained on the 2nd June instant in his room-the front parlour-all day, studying at his books. After tea, sometime after six o'clock in the evening, he went out to go to the Band of Hope meeting. When he went out he said that I was cleaning the carpets tremendously. After this, near ten o'clock, I saw him next. When he came in I asked him if he had had supper, when he replied that he had. I had put the lamp on the table ready for him. I used to go to bed at ten; he used generally to come after me. He slept in the front room, on the first floor. This morning, when I got up about half-past seven, I went to the kitchen, and I lighted the fire. I saw the candlestick and slippers of the deceased where I put them the nignt before. I then opened the door and went into the front par- lour, and shouted "Mrs Davies." The lamp had gone out. I saw deceased lying on the floor on his face, with his hands under him. I believe from the corpse that he must have fallen from his chair. I went outside and told the neighbours that there was something the matter with the deceased, and a Mr Isaac Lloyd went for P.C. Phillips (35), who came in afterwards. I had heard the deceased was subject to fits. I had seen him in a fit about six weeks ago he was then on the kitchen floor, and he was insen- sible from ten to half-past twelve at night-before ha came to himself. He very often complained that he was not at all well. By the jury: I used to see drops of blood at times on his pillow, as if they came from his nose or mouth. The jary returned a verdict that "the deceased David Davies was found dead in the front parlour of Adelaide-place, Borth, and that his death was caused from natural causes.