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I MARINE TERRACE. 6, Mrs Watkins — Captain and Mrs Passinsham, family and servants, Bala Mr Phillips, Llangollen lIr Jenkins, Liverpool 7, Misses Jones- Mr aud Mrs Williams, Beulah, Builth Miss Williams— Dr. Foster, Llaadadno Captain Bonsall and family, Galltilan, Machynlleth 10, Mrs J anes- Mr and Mrs Warbrick, Leyland, Lancas. Mr and Mrs Butcher, Preston, Lancas. Mr and Mrs G. Evans, Mr G. Evans, jun., South Bank, Middlemen Mrs and Miss Sclioueld, Miss B. Webster, Harro- gate Dr J. A. Jones, Llanelly Mr R. Martin, Swansea Miss, and Miss R. E. Perks, Newton Villa, Bcrton. on-Trent 15, Cambridge Honse, Miss Evans— Mr and Mrs C. C. Smith, Wolverhampton Aliss H. Mrs Allen and Misses Eloooks, Shrewsbury 17, Mrs Jones— Mr Richard, family, governess & maid, Welshpool 18, Miss Ott en- Mrs Owen, family and nurse, Lampeter Mrs E. M. Bowden, Miss Bowden, Rochford Rectory 24, Mr Kenrick- Mr and Mrs L. Pereival and family, Birmingham Mr Blair, Tonbridgo 29, Mr "Evans—• Hev S. T. and Mrs Sproston, Wolverhampton Mrs E. F. Lewis, baby and nurse, Narberth Mrs Forrest and children, Miss Hyslop and nurse, Fenn Bank, Kenilworth Mrs Oldham, Meatbcote, RngjbyRoad, Leamington Mra Cassera, Ladies' Hill, Ivennilsvorth 30, Miss Rowlands— Mr, Mrs and Miss Mason, Siiifnal 33, Gloucester House— Mrs and Miss F. C. Whiiwell, Shrewsbury 34, Windsor House, Mrs Roderick— Mrs Pugh, family and narse3 Mrs and Miss Franklin, Shrewsbury 35, Bryri-y-tnor House, Mrs M. C. Nelson— Mr and Mrs J. Lowo, Birmingham Mr and Mrs E. W. Smith, Miss Smith, Handsworth Mrs Lea and party, Oldham 36, Morebnd House, Mrs P. Edwards— Mr and Mrs UcKenzie, narse and family Colonel and Mrs McKenzie, London Mrs and Miss Williams and family, Birmingham Mrs and Mi*s Jones and family, Loudon 33, Mrs Biddnlph— Mr & Mrs Sianey-Eyton and party, Walford Hall, Shropshire. 39,- Mrs and Miss Woodhouse, Leominster, Hereford- shire Master Lewis Prica, Warrington Hall, Shropshire 42, Mr P. Jones— Captain Green, Enrse and baby. Tregaron 43, Picfoii House, Miss Osmotherley— Mrs Davies, Por.poinpren Mr and Mrs Fritb, Stafford Mrs Bneeh and Miss Hughes, Longton 41, Miss E. P. Jones— Mrs Evans and family, Lovesgrove, near Aberyst- wyth 4S, Marlborough House, Mrs B. Bnrton- Major and Mrs Corbett Winder and family, g-ovprneas and servants, Vaynor Park, Bsrriew, Mordgomerysbire 49. Mrs D. Lcwis- Miss Preen, Ross, Herefordshire .50. Stanley House, Mrs Watkins— I Mrs and Miss May Richards, London Mr Richards, Carmarthen 53, Miss Mr and Mrs Uoansell, Bournemouth Mrs Jayne, Lainpetsr Mr, Master and Miss Parker, Carmarthen 61, Mrs Hogg- Mr J. Wolssley Jones, Miss Jones, Aylestone Hil], Hereford Mr and Mrs Taylor, Shrewsbury €2, Mrs Dayies— Mrs Craig, Ludlow, Salop Mr, Mi-s Fry and children, Manchester 6:3, St David's House. Mrs Jones— Dr, Mrs Scholle and baby, France Mr, Mrs, and Misses Nichols, London 65, Clifton House, Mrs J. A. Powell— Mr, Mrs, M iss, & Mr J. Edwards, Newport, Salop Mrs Dr. Jones, Miss Jones, Llanfyllin Miss Ransome, Derby VICTORIA TERRACE. Evelyn House, Mrs Jones- Mrs Waters, Brook Lodge, Woodlands Park, AI- triucham, Cheshire Miss Ethel Waters, Miss Lees, Miss Whittaker 3, Ocean View House, Mrs Kensit Jones— Mrs and Miss Cottrell, Broadfields, Erdington Mr and Mrs Grimes, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Dunn, Birmingham 4, Snowdon House, Mr EvaDs- Mr and Mrs E. Richards, baby and nurse, Walsall Miss and Miss F. Sankey, Wolverhampton 5, Plyiilimon Hoase, Mrs Pierce- Mr and Mrs Dawbarn, family and nurse, Liverpool Miss Burgess, Warrington Alderman Thomas Hitchmough, Mr Thomas Inglefield, T. C., and Mr Thomas Dexter, Bir- kenhead Mr Thomas Bennett, Mrs Bennett and child Kidderminster 6, Trafalgar House, Mrs Felix- Mrs Buckley, butler and maid, Gianafryn, Mon. 7, Brighten House, Miss Lewis- Mrs Joseph White, Miss White, and Miss J. H. G. White, Nottingham Mr and Mrs Grose, Barton-an-Trent BHYNYMOR TERRACE. 5, Mr J. D. El!is— Mrs Arnold, Mrs Powell, Hereford Mr and Mrs Banton, London QUEEN'S ROAD. 35, Hardwicke House, Miss Ni.;holls- Mr Jos. Fairless Misses K., L. E., and M. E. Fairless, Kensingten, London NEW STREET. 9, Mrs Jones— Mr and Mrs Dyson, Herley. Sheffield RAILWAY TERRACE. v 5, Mrs Dodd— Mr and Mrs Humphreys, Birmingham





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