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LL A X R UYsTYD. U.D. SCHOOL BOARD.—An ordinary meeting of the above board was held at Bryn Herbert school on the 29th ult., when there were present :—Major Hughes (chairman), Rev Morgan Evans, Messrs Owen Jones, David Jones, David Evans, and James James, to- gether with the masters of Bryn Herbert. C Mail, find Liangwyryfon.—The reports of the schools were read. Salaries were paid up to date.—The question ot appom iii £ one sewing-mistress for the schools was postponed until the next meeting of Cofadail school. —"Various slight repairs were ordered to be carried out.-A request from the University College of Wales as to the nomination of a member to represent the board was complied with.—Attendance orders were issued to negligent parents, after which the board rose. FAIR "WHITE HANDS. BRIGHT C'LEAU COMPLEXION". SOFT HEALTHFUL SKIN. PEAR'S SOAP, for Toilet, and Nursery, speech-prepared for the delicate skin of iadisnd chiuirtn, and others sensitive to the weather, winter or summer. Presents :ed;vss, rough- ness, and chapping. Sold Everywhere, Large Scented Tablets Is,, Smaller (Unseented) 6d. "SPECIAL TO LADIES."—Latest Fashions,—One of the most useful and att active ot Spring Fas-tiion Books is 'Sl'E:OE' LATEST FASHIONS," which Messrs Jan;O; Spence an-! Co., the well-known Siik Mercers, of 76, 77, 7M, and 79, St Paul's Churchvarii, will forward scrafuitously to any 1.dy on spplication. Our lady readers would be sure to fiud something to their taste in perusine Spence' Latest Fashions." Patterns are sent by this firm post free. Directif.t.s ar* given for self-measurement; and the prices, together wit.. engrav- ings of the various styles, must prove of great advant ge to lbdies desirous of ha.ing the newest styles at who e-ale Citv prices. Vide London Press. J. Spencer Co., 70, 77, 78, and 7d, St Paul's Churc-hya-a, London, E,C. .ESO,000,000 GOING BEGGING !—50,000 persons have been advertised for by the. Court of Chane. ry 10 claim this money. Mr ll. Robson, a labourer at Hexham, has lately recovered iroift the Court £ 250,000, left 13i years ago. 600 persons in the name of Smith al -ne are entitled to huge sums. Messrs Coi 4: Co., 41, Southampton Buildings, HoJbcrn, Lon- don, W.C., are now publishing a list ot these 50,000 names in iull. price E ghteenijence, post free, and every man and woman in the country should send to them for it at onre, so that the. rightful owners may. be found fer this enormous wealth. Instructions are given in this invaluable li-t how to proceed, if poor, free of cost until the amount claimed is recovered. "WHITE'S MOC-MAIN LEYES Tnuss is the most effective invention for the t., eatinCD t < f Hernia. The use of a steel spring:, so hurtful in its effects, is avoided, a soft bandage being worn roui.d the body, -while the requisite resisting power is supplied by the Moc-Main Pad and Patent Lever, fit- ting with so much ease, and closeness that, it cannot be detec- ted. Send for descriptive circular, with lestim .nia;s and prices, t > J. White and Co. (Limited), 223, Piccadillv. London, Do not oiiv of Chemists, who aftten bell an DBT .;TIDN of our Moc-Main. J. White an.i Co. have notary Agents. To PRINTERS —Night Wcrb The wear and tear of niglii work. so exhnui-tiog, can be mitigated by a cup ot Oadb iry s Cocoa, which affords an cxhilira.ting beverage, wonderfully sustaining. FIEST PJBIZE FOR LAUNDBY WORK.-—The LaTIn- dress who won the first prize in the t-omp; titu.n fnr the best got, up linen, at the Torquay Industrial Exhibition use, Ileckitt's Paris Blue and Siwr.V HOLLOW AY s PILLS.—In the complaints peculiar to fenviles these Pilis are unrivalled. Their use bv the fair s. has become so constant for the removal of Ute!r ailments that rare is the household that is without th. m Amongst ail classes, from ihe domestic servant to the peeress, universal favour is accorded to these renovating Pills their invigorating and purifying properties render them safe and invaluable in ail cases they may be taken by families of ail ages for any disorganization or irregularity of the system, s; ecd^ly remov- ing the cause and restoring the sufferer to robust 11 aith. As a family medicine they are unapproachable for subduing the maladies of young and old.