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BOROUGH MAGISTRATES' COURT. Wednesday. Before Mr John James (mayor), and Dr C. Eiee Williams. ALLEGED REFUSING A CONSTABLE. Richard Morris, of the Golden Eagle, was charged by P.C. Lewis with refusing to admit him on Wednes- day morning', about a quarter to one o'clock. Mr Eavenhill appeared for the defence. Edward John Thomas, 20, Mary-street, gave corro- borative evidence. He heard the officer knocking at the Golden Eagle, and some one asked "Who is there?" and Lewis replied "Policeman." He knocked again twice, but no one answered, and the oonstahle left. In reply to Mr Ravenhill, witness said he hoard no noise in the house. This was the case for the prosecution, and Mr Eavenhill called Thomas Manley, a lodger on the first noor, who said he heard a knocking at the door on the night in 'L' question, but he heard no one say that he was a policeman. There was no noise in the house at the time. Mrs Morris, wife of the defendant, said she had lived at the Golden Eagle for twelve years, and had never been fined. She heard no knocking on the night in question. She and her husband were in bed at 11.30, and there were eight lodgers there at the time. She had always admitted the police. None of the parties charged with drunkenness that (Wednes- day) morning were supplied with drink by her. Jenkin Hughes, a lodger, was also called, and he swore that it was on Thursday morning, whereas the summons said Wednesday." r P.C. James Lewis was re-called, and said his atten- tion was called to the house owing to a noise, and he could see a light at the back of the house. P.C. J oslma Lewis also swore that he saw a light in the back kitchen on the morning of the 27th. about three o'clock. He heard a great noise as of cursing and swearing, and saw persons passing to and fro. Mr Ravenhill submitted that the case was not made out. as there was no evidence to show that the officer was refused. ALLOWING DRUNKENNESS. The same defendant was then further charged by P.C. 35 (Phillips) with permitting drunkenness. The evidence showed that on the 27th there were eight or ten men in the front room, some of whom were under the influence of drink. In a back room there were five or six persons, three of whom (women) were ■drunk. He called the landlady's attention to them, and she said there was nothing much the matter with them. One of them (Alice Macdonald) stood up and said, Indeed, I am not drunk." By Mr Eavenhill: I did not see either the landlord or landlady supply the parties with drink, but there was drink on the table before them. He could not say what the drink was. P.C. 34 corroborated. P.S. Morgan said about 4.30 on the day in question he visited the house, and found a number of persons in the back kitchen, some of whom were drunk, par- ticularly Esther Macdonald, who tried to drink a glass of ale, but was too drunk to do so. Mrs Morris herself was also under the influence of drink. Mrs Morris was called for the defence, and said that all parties, except one, were lodgers. She re- fused them drink, except ginger ale and cider. She denied that she was under the influence of drink. The Maj'or said the decision of the bench was that the cases were clearly proved, and for refusing the police he would be fined 40s. and costs, and in the latter case £ 5 and costs, and also to endorse the license. A HAPPY FAMILY. ,a Esther Macdonald, a pedlar, was charged by P.C. Daniel Jones (34) with being drunk at the Golden Eagle about one p.m. on the 27th May. The officer found the defendant in the back kitchen helplessly drunk. He called the attention of the landlady to her state, and she said that Macdonald was a lodger and was entitled to have what she He visited the house later on, and found the defendant drink- ing. P.S. Morgan said about 4.30 on tlie same day he was called to the Golden Eagle, where there had been fighting.^ jrle saw the defendant, and she was stagger- ing druniv, and there were several others in the same state. Defendant said she had nothing to say, but she did not believe that she was drunk. She was fined 5s and costs. John Macdonald, son of last defendant, who did not appear (the mother saying he had gone aivay), was charged by P.C. 34 (Daniel Jones) with being drunk and quarrelsome at the same time and place. Defendant was fined 5s and costs. Alice Macdonald, wife of last defendant, who did not appear, was charged by the same officer under similar circumstances. This defendant was fighting with another woman, and the officer had considerable trouble with her. There were two or three other cases arising out of the same spree," but the parties managed to elude service of summons. Mr Eavenhill said that Mrs Morris wished him to assure the bench teat these parties were lodgers, and therefore tney were justified in coming back. The Mayor said that he warned Mrs Morris when she applied for an extension against having people who were drunk in the house, as if she allowed them she would be sure to be summoned and fined. Defendant was fined 5s. and costs. SCHOOL BOARD CASES. John Proudley, Treiechan, appeared to an ad- journed summons for neglecting to send his son to school. Ordered to attend.—Wm. Price, Portland- lane, mason; ordered to attend.—Thomas Hopton, sawyer, ulcan-court, adjourned for a month.—Ed. Morgan, Trefechan, ordered to attend. REFUSING TO MAINTAIN. John Roberts, Poplar-row, labourer, was charged by the guardians of the union with leaving his chil- dren chargeable to the guardians. "due doieiidauu was committed to goal for two months.