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No TICE. Summer Days, E beini < the EXTRA HOLIDAY C as sell's Family Magazine, containing TEN COMPLETE STORIES bv Popular Authors, numerous HOLIDAY PAPERS by -well-known Writers, and ILLUS- TRATIONS by leading Artists. Price 7d. Reading for Every Member of the Family, for the TOWN, COUNTRY, and SEA-SIDE. AR ) THE < £ L,\ 0U,YER- Reading. 1 MONTHLY, 6d. Read the following very interesting Papers, now appearing:- 1. The Bishop of Bedford's Account of his Work in the East of London. 2. Lady Sophia Palmer's Narrative of her Voyage up th-3 First Cataract of the Nile. 3. The Rev. Mark Guy Pearse (öf Bristol) on "How to Use the Bible." 4. For Cecil's Sake. Ae-,v Serial Story. 5. Edward Garrett's Papers on "Your Reason- able Service." 6. Prebendary Daniel Moore (one of Her Majesty's Chaplains) on Aspects of Christ." 7. The Rev. Dr. Stoughton on "Christ Revealed in Si. Paul." 8. Lady Laura Hampton's "Seaside Thoughts." 9. A Quaker on the First of the Quakers. 10. The Rev. Dr. Trestrail on "Judas a Witness for Christ." 11. Black-board Teaching in Sunday Schools. 12. Short Complete Stories. How He Con- quered," "Ruth Lindsay's Sacrifice," "Viola," a "How Benny Went Home," "In Quest of a Mission," "The Children's Playground," &c. A safer and more interesting magazine we do not know than THE QUIVER."—Standard. "THE QUIVER continues month after month to keep up the high standard of excellence both of its light and serious articles. The sermons are generally sensible, practical, and liberal, and the tales r.re really well written. The illustrations are a feature deserving- of praise. THE QUIVER contains, in short, a library of good reaàing." -Scotsman. F.-r QASSELL S S- I FAMILY XX MAGAZINE. 1 MONTHLY, 7d. The following very attractive Papers now appearing will be found of special interest:- [. Continental Trips as a Means of Education. 2. Tame Snakes. A True Story. By W. SEVERN. 3. Our Earthquake Experiences. By a Resident in the District recently affected. 4. New Serial Story by the Author of Hidden Gold," just commenced, entitled John Ford. ). Remunerative Employments for Gentlemen. 6. COMPLETE STORIES.—"On the Deck of the 'Osprey, "Vincent Romnay's Recompense," "Which Shall it Be?" &c. 7. Illy Desponding Patient. By a FAMILY DOCTOR. 8. The Newspapers of the World. By C. F. GORDON CUMMING. 9. The White Lady of Berlin Castle. By KARL BLIND. 10. England's Heritage in the West. By the Hon. P. CARTERET HILL, sometime Premier of Nova Scotia. 11. The Queen's State Robes, How to Choose a Christian Name, From Raw Flax to Finished Thread, and other Chatty Papers. 12. Chit-Chat on Dress (from Paris)-Practical Papers on Gardening-New Songs and Music, &c. &c. "The stories in CASSELL'S MAGAZINE are good, the pictures clever, and the contents unusually attractive."—Times. "CASSELL'S MAGAZINE is a treasure-house of bright letterpress and pleasing illustrations."—World. -For Girl £ | LITTLE and FOLKS, Boy. I For JULY, price Gil*) forms the FIRST PART of a NEW VOLUME, and every Girl and Boy should see it, as it contains about Forty interesting Papers, with Pictures on nearly Every Page, and a charming Coloured Picture as a Frontis- piece. Amongst its Contents are:- I. Stories Told in Westminster Abbey. By EDWIN HODDER ("Old Merry"). Illustrated. 2. Little Toilers of the Night. By THOMAS ARCHER. 3. A NEW SERIAL STORY, entitled "Their Road to Fortune the Story of Two Brothers." 4. A NEW SERIAL STORY, entitled "A Little too Clever." 5. Some Famous Railway Trains and their Story. By HENRY FRITH. 6. Too Young for School. By the Author of "HARRY MAXWELL." 7. Pretty Work for Little Fingers. -EMBROI- DERED GLASS-CLOTH. 8. Nessie's Adventure. 9. A Practical Joke. With Two Illustrations by PALMER COX. 10. How Paulina Won Back Peter. A Fairy Story. By JULIA GODDARD. 11. The Greatest Whirlpool in the World. 12. New Prize Puzzle Competition and the "Little Folks Special Prize Competitions for 1884. "'Little Folks' is the best Magazine for Children. Graph; "'Little Folks' is at the head of English Illustrated Magazines for Children."—Queen. t Cassell & Company, Limited; and all Booksellers. Pictures of the Year.-For carefully executed Engravings of leading Pictures exhibited at the Royal Academy, the Grosvenor Gallery, and other Art Exhibitions, see THE Jl't..l'J1!.fl i,Xt) JrI!, I' 7 StMillM (). V 111 t/- MONTHLY, 18. 11A very storehouse of Art. Every year THE MAGAZINE OF ART more surely justifies its name."—Times. "Its exquisite beauty should carry it into every home, '—Slnudard. The best and cheapest of the Art periodicals."—John Bull. "THE MAGAZINE OF ART contains better literature than any other of the Art periodicals."—Pall Malt Gazette. A ICECI 1 O* WEEKLY, FJ/\03E.LL O ONE PENNY. SATURDAY MONTHLY, (id. JOURNAL. NOTICE.-The Publishers will forward a SPECIMEN NUMBER to those who may desire to acquaint them- I selves with the character of this most popular Journal on receipt of a penny stamp. Popular Gujdesjor Tourists & Travellers, With Illustrations on nearly Every Page. Now RXADY, price ls. post free, Is. lJd. The Official Illustrated Guide TO THE Great Western Railway. SECOND EDITION, price Is. post free, 18. 3d. Cassell's Guide to Paris. THIRD EDITION, price 18. post free, 18. 3d. The Official Illustrated Guide to The Midland Railway. Cassell & Company, Limited, Ludgate Hill, London. NOTICE. A Classified Catalogue, giving full particulars of MESSRS. CASSELL & COMPANY'S U LICATIONS, containing particulars of S;:VEI:AL I HUNDRED VOLUMES, ranging in price from SIXPENCE to TWENTY-FIVE GUINEAS, will be sent on request post free to any address. £ r CASSELL & COMPANY, LIMITED, LudgaU Hill, London. UNPARALLELED SUCCESS OF THE "WHITE" SEWING MACHINE. Gold Medal, Amsterdam Exhibition, 1883. 600 MACHINES MANUFACTURED AND SOLD EACH DAY. 500 SEWING MACHINE |DEALERS IN J ENGLAND ALONE |SELL [THE "WHITE." Samples of Work and Price List gratis on application. TRY A "WHITE BEFORE PURCHASING. "NO OTHER MACHINE EVER HAD SUCH A RECORD OF POPULARITY. IT IS THE Lightest-Running, Easiest, and Best-Satis- fying Machine in the World. WHITE SEWING MACHINE CO., 19, QUEEN VICTORIA.STREET, LONDON, E.C. E. & R. REES, COACH BUILDERS, MARY STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, BEG to announce that, having extended their premises, they have additional facilities for conducting their Business. NEW CARRIAGES ON HAND. Broughams, Landaus, and all sorts of Carri- ages, made to order. P. & W. GORNALL, PLUMBERS, GASFITTERS, PAINTERS PAPERHANGERS, AND GENERAL HOUSE DECORATORS. All orders promptly attended to. All sizes of Iron and Lead Pipes, Paints, Varnishes, &c., in Stock. Sanitary Pans and Trap from 2s. 9d. each. A LARGE STOCK OF PAPJEJRHANQINGS From 3d. per Piece. 3, NORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH BRISTOL STEAM CABINET WORKS, Established nearly 5° Years, AS EXTENSIVE MANUFACTURERS OF SUPERIOR FURNITURE, ARTISTIC, USEFUL & INEXPENSIVE, UNPRECEDENTLY LOW IN PRICE, LAVERTON & CO,'8 ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUES CONTAINING OVER 1,000 ENGRAVINGS, GRATIS AND POST FREE. Complete BEDROOM SUITES, best manufacture, from SOLID ASH or PITCH PINE at 77 GUINEAS. Hundreds of Bedroom, Dining and Drawing Room Suites, unparalleled in price and quality for selection from. LAVERTON & CO. UPHOLSTERERS, DQIOTfli Mary-le-port St. & Bridge St. B ULse ESTABLISHED 30 YEARS DAVID THOMAS & SON &1H1 Watchmakers, Jewellers &c GREAT DARKGATE ST., ABERYSTWYTH. Marble and Stone Works, SWAN HILL, SHREWSBURY R. DODSON RESPECTFULLY begs to iniimate that hi? Show Booms contain a large collection ef Marble, Stone,and Enamelled Slate Chimney Pieces Marble and Stone Mural Monuments. Vnjitery and Churchyard Memorials, Fonts Fountains, Vases, &e. I ,,V:: 1 Business Notices v ESTABLISHED 1826. THOMAS WHITE, M A XTTT-CI A NMITTVTXT^ snceesaor to the late Elizabeth White,) MANUFACTURING LAPIDARY AND JEWELLER, EGYPTIAN HOUSE T E R R A r u "R n A n AND YOM HOUSE, M A B I K E' TERRACE, AB E^BY^T^WT T H A. splendid collection of Jewellery of the newest designs, comprising Necklets, Brooches, Ear Rings, &c.. GEM AND OTHER RINGS. ^OLD CHINA IN GREAT VARIETY N.B. No connectionL with^any other firm in the town the same name. r, GILDING AND ELECTEO PLATING 71'o'DriM' -For- ALL WORE. DONE ON THE P E E M I S E S. W. H. PALMER, WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT, QUEEN'S HOTEL WINE STORES, MARINE TERRACE. Per Bottle. Bottl s. J* •••••• from 2' 3 SHEEEY from 2 o' IRIbH WHISKY 3 0 POET 9 fi SCOTCHWHISKY 3 0 MARSALA. .V Z 1 8 »• .,4 0 CLARET i 3 EUM ,,2 9 CHAMPAGNE 3 6 WINES DRAWN FROM THE WOOD. THE CELEBRATED EDINBURGH ALE-3s. PER DOZFN IMPERIAL PINT BOTTLES. Sole Agent for-GLENROSA SCOTCH WHISKY. AND AT WELSH HARP, TERRACE ROAD. Gogerddan Arms and Lion Royal Hotel ABERYSTWYTH. THE "OLD COUNTY HOUSE." FIRST-CLASS FAMILY AND COMMERCIAL HOTEL. THIS HOTEL is close to the Castle and Clock Tower, and within three minutes' walk of the Railway Station. The Hotel is now replete with every comfort Spacious Ladies' Coffee Room. Well-furnished Sitting Rooms and Bedrooms. HANDSOME BILLIARD ROOM, CONTAINING TWO TABLES WINE AND SPIRIT STORES ATTACHED OMNIBUS MEETS ALL TRAINS. FIRST-CLASS POSTING, STABLING, & LOOSE BOXES Conveyances leave the Hotel at half-past Nine every Morning for the Devil's Bridge. Fare there and back 4s. Tariff on Application. JOHN ROBERTS, Proprietor. FLANNEL! FLANNEL!! FLANNELTTT FOR REAL WELSH FLANNELS, WOOLLEN DRESSES, CLOTH SHAWL S YARN AND STOCKINGS, BOYS' JERSEY SUITS, MEN'S CARDIGAN JACKETS, GO TO THE WELSH FLANNEL DEPO RJ Terrace Road, Aberystwyth. J. EDWARDS & Co., Proprietors. WARNING! When you ask for 5 -,1 RECKITT'S PARIS BLUE See that vou eret it ? • qualities arc often substituted. v O 0 genuine ia used by the Laundresses of THE PRINCESS OF WALES & DUCHESS OF EDI NBU RGH: DYFFRYN CASTELL HOTEL, PLYNLIMON MOUNTAIN. THIS ESTABLISHMENT has undergone thorough repair, with new Management, and is now open to receive Tourists and Visitors at very reasonable charges, either by the day or week. The Hotel is in close proximity to the Plynlimon mountain, and about 4 miles from the Devil's Bridge, and on the Turnpike road leading to Abeiystwyth, Rhayader, and Llanidloes. Every accommodation, including good Stabling, &c. Guide and Ponies for the convenience of Visitors RICHARD HARVEY, PROPRIETOR, PONTERWYD (Near Aberystwyth). VISITORS! VISITORS! VISITORS! THOMAS G-RIFFIHS, GROCER AND PROVISION MERCHANT, -Opposite the Gogerddan Arms and Lion Hotel, Aberystwyth (Established 1858), m Begs to call the attention of Visitors and Others to his Extensive Stock of Real Wiltshire Smoked Bacon, also Home-cured Bacon and Hams. Fine Old Rich Cheddar and Double Glo'ster Cheese, &c. Fresh Butter and Eggs from the principal Dairies in the neighbourhood. The Sea-Side New Season Tea at 2s, is not to be matched. SAMUEL ALLSOPP & SONS, BREWERS, BURTON-ON-TRENT. Season Brewed ALES and STOUTS in Prime Condition. Aberystwyth Office-Hampton House, Railway Terrace Do. Stores-Railway Station. MESSRS. JOHNSON & CO.'S PATENT STEEL BARB FENCING. AGENTS- M. H. DAVIS & SONS, ABERYSTWYTH. ORCESTERSHIRE Q economy- HALP PRICE. ^AUCE ORCESTERSHIRE Q frugality I HALFPRICE. A U C E WHEN BUYING WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE, SAVE HALF THE COST TT BY GETTING —— XXOLBROOK & CO.'S. S0L" BY ALt GROCERS & OILMEN EVERYWHERE. in M Li am) 0 Gold Medal Paris Exhibition, KINAH AN'S Paris Exhibition, 1878. "THE CHEAH OF OLD IRISH WHISKIES." || MILD and MELLOW. JLm Earn DSLICIOU3, —1 VERY "WHOLESOME. < W H S KY. The GdId Medal Dublin Exhibition, 1865. 1 3), GliSAT TITJHFIEIiD STREET, LONDON, W. .f $uf>Uratum0. Yn o barod, pris chwecheiniog- T E LYN E G ION, AR DESTUNAU AMETWIOl, GAN DANIEL SILVAN EVANS, B. D. Ail Argraffiad, gyda Chwanegion. Aberystwyth: John Morgan, Argraffydd, Swyddfa yr Observer. Telynegion have been reviewed in the Reva Celtique, Cyfaill Eglwysig, Oswestry Advertiser, Y Haul, Gwalia, Welshman, South Wales Weekly Naws, Carmarthen Journal, Carmarthen Reporter Cardigan Herald, Montgomeryshire Express, Genedl Gymreig, &c. JOHN MORGAN, PBINTEK, Observer Office, Aberystwyth. Printing of every description executed at the Observer Office, 1 North Parade. Estimates furnished. Moderate Charges. NOTICES TO QUIT, from Landlord to Tenant, and Tenant to Landlord, may be had at ths Observer Office, price one penny each. BOOKBINDING OF EVERY DESCRIP- TION AT EDWARD EDWARDS, GREAT DARKGATE. STREET, ABERYSTWYIH Back numbers of Serial Works Obtained. THE MAGIC CLEANSER. SINCLAIR'S COLD "S^TATER S'JAP Saves TIME—MONEY—LABOUR—FUEL. The Family Wash without the misery of a steamy bouse. Cannot injure the most delicatefabric. SINCLAIR'S COLD WATER SOAP A Ludy writes to The Queen-' I find it saves time and material,as the clothes require less rnbbing.no boiling, and has a much purer colour than with or- dinary soap. I recommend it to every housewife.' SINCLAIR'S COLD WATER SOAP A Government Inspector of Soap Factories says- My opinion of it is very high on no account would I be without it in the house.' Beware imitations. Ask for Sinclair's." 4d, per lb. OF ALL GROCERS and OILMEN JAMES SINCLAIR, Southwark Street, London. S.E ONE BOX OF CLARKE'S B 41 PILLS is warranted to cure all discharges from the Urin- ary Organs, in either sex, acquired or constitutional, Gravel, and Pains in the Back. Sold in Boxes, 4s 6d each, by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors; or sent to any address for 60 stamps by the Makers, THE LINCOLN & MIDLAND COUNTIES' DRUG COM- PANY, Lincoln. Wholesale—all the Wholesale Houses. SUMMER EXCURSIONS AND TOURIST ARRANGEMENTS, 1884. rpOURIST TI< KETS are issued from ihe 1st May to 31st October, 1884, available for Two Calendar Months from the date of issue, and can be extended at a small cost to the 31st December. RESIDENTTAL TICKETS. Por the convenisnce of Tourists who may be induced tore- sort with their families to the seaside, arrangements have been made for the issue of Monthly Tickets, available for any number of journeys during the month, to any ONE member (not trans- ferable) of a family who are holders of not less than three Tourist Tickets. For particulars see Company's Tourist programme, which can be obtained at any of the Company's Stations. PICNIC OR PLEASURE PARTIES. During the Summer Months from 1st MAY to the 31st OCTOBER inclusive, First, Second, and Third-class RETURN TICKETS, at a Reduced Fare, will be issued (with certain limi- tations) at all the principal Stations on the Cambrian Rail- ways, to parties of not less than six First Class, or TEN Second or Third Class Passengers desirous of making Pleasure Excur- sions to places on or adjacent to this railway, Single Fares will be charged for parties of THIRTY First Class or FIFTY Second or Third Class Passengers travelling to Stations dis- tant (each way) not less than thirty mile'. The Tickets will be available for Return the same day only, and parties can only proceed and return hy the trains which stop at the stations where they wish to join and leave the railway, and having that class of carriage attached for which they have taken tickets. To obtain these tickets application must be made at any of the stations not less than Three Days b efore the Excursion. EVERY FRIEND OF THE COLLEGE SHOULD SEE THE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF WALES MAGAZINE, CON rAINING Full Reports of College News C Original Articles, &c. Subscription for the Session (6 numbers) 3s 6d (post free). Send name and address to Magazine Secretaries, U. C. W., Aberystwyth. Orders payable to R. H. Edwards, financial Secretary. WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. BEECHAM'S PILIS ARE admitted by thousands to be worth a GuTN*A A Box for bilious and nervous disorders, euoh m wind and pain in the stomach, sik headache, giddinegg, fulnesa and swelling after meals, dizziness and drowsinesi, cold chill* flushing of heats, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, costive^ ness, scurvy, blotches on the skin, disturbed sleep, frightful areams. and all nervous and trembling sensations, &e. The flrst dose will give release in twenty minutes. This Is no fiction, or they have done it in thousands of cases. Every sufferer ia earnestly invited to try one box of these PIlIs, and they will be acknowledged to oe WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. For female* of all ages these Pills are invaluable, as a few OOses'of them carry of! all gross humours, open all obstruction* and bring about all that is required. No female should be with- out them. There is no medicine to be found to equal BEECHAM'S PILLS for removing any obstruction or irregu- larity of the system; If taken according to the to the directions given with each box they will soon resto e temales of all agn In sound and robust health. For a weak stomach, impaired digestion, and al. disorder* of the liver, they act like "MAGIC," and a few doses will be found to work wonders upon the most important organl in the human machine. They strengthen the whole muscular system, restore the long lost complexion, bring back the kMn edge of appetite, and arouse into action with the ROSEBUD or health, the whole physical energy of the human frame.—These are "FACTS" admitted by thousands, embracing all classes of j foeiety, and one of the best guarantees to the nervous and debilitated fit, BEECHAM'S PILLS have the largest sale of any patien' medicine in the world. BEECHAM'S MAGIC COUGH PILLS. JHa remedy for Coughs i* general, asthma, difficulty of Breathing, shortness of breath, t ghtness and oppression »/ the chest, wheezing, &c., these Pills stand unrivalled. They ipeedily remove that sense of oppression and difficulty of breathing which nightly deprive the patient of rest. Let any person give BEECH AM'S Cores PILLS a trial, and the most violent cough will in a short time be removed. CACTlotf.—The public arc requested to notice that the word* "BBBCJl.U['S PILLa, St Helens" are on the Government Stamp affixed to each box of the Pills. If not on, they are forgery. Piepared only and sold wholeialeand retail by the proprietor T. BRECHAH, chemist, St Helens, Lancashire, in boxes at la. 1| and 2s 9<i. each. Sent poatfree from the proprietorf or 16 or M •tamps.—Sold by all druggists and patent Medicine Deiler* ia the ki*fdot>i. j Ji.B.—Pull direction* are given with each boa. j í Mourning Cards, in various patterns, printed, in Welsh and English, at the Observer Office, 1, North ( Parade, Aberystwyth. To Hoifcu AND .LODGING-HOUSE ILEEPBES.— Wine Lists and Business Cards, printed in the best 3tyle, may be had at the Observer Office, 1, North Parade. Printing for Churches, Chapels, Sunday Schools i Concerts, and entertainments of every sort'-is exe- :uted at the Observer Office, 1, North Parade jromptb and at fair chart Mi RECEIPT FORMS, in books of 50 each, price Is, may B purchased at the Observer OfficQ 1 North Parade. Ii III,», 1 7 i*t IF YOU »TBBTX8I Want a eook, ADTSMfgD *ORTH. Want a clerk, BASS. Want a partner, Want a situation, Want la servant girl, Want to sell a piano, Want to buy a horae, Want to sell a carriage, Want to buy or sell a farm, "ant a good boardiug plaOP, Want to sell house property, Want to sell groceries or drags. Want to sell household furDituN, Want to sell dry goods or oarpet 8, Want to find customers for anything, ADVERTISE IN THE ABERYSTWYTH OBSERVES, AS tAvettising will obtain new customers, Advertising wiH keep old customers, Advertising liberally alwayi pays, Advertising makes success easy, Advertising creates confidence, Advertising Is a proof of energy, Advertising exhibits plaok. Advertising mesas bit," Advertise diecriminately, Advertise immediately, Advertise constantly, Advertise regularly. v.tI Advertise well, ■v» iDVESTISa ADVERTISH ADVEBTira WEST. NOW! SOUTH. JOHN MORGAN, STEAM PRINTER, I "OBSERVER" OFFICE, I 1. NORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH, I Begs to announce that he undertakes I EVERY DESCRIPTION OF I LETTER-PRESS pBINTING. I His office being supplied with jiret- I class Machinery, driven by Steam I Power, he is able to guarantee the I Lowest Charges, with ezoouonf I Workmanship. I -r Printing for Chnrches "and Chapels and I Sunday Schools, I Tea Meetings, Lectures, Concerts, I &0. 11 I Sale Bills, Particulars and Conditions of Sale, Catalogues, &c. H Draw Tickets at Cheap Rates. I Billheads, Memorandum Forms, Handbill* M Circulars, &c. H Books, Pamphlets, Reports, &o. I Friendly Societies' Subscription Card4 I Rules and Bye-Laws. H Programmes and Books of Wordt. I Memorial Cards, neatly printed, in N Welsh and English. Mining, Shipping and Railway Work. H Legal and Mercantile Work. Window Bills, Posters, t &0., &0., &0- !Nt H PRINTING WORKS: I Is NORTH PARABbI ABERYSTWYTH. H The laws of ttj Trade few and simple. The successful trader is he who supplies what the people want at a price satisfarsto-ry to then and remunerative to htnp, People will trade Tflhere they are best satisfied with the article offered and the price charged for it. The dealer, from constant hancU ling of a oertain class of articles, knows precisely their quality and value, and this information should be freely placed at the service of his patrons. But the Best at. ttoloa will not sell even if yon wait hour after hour and can offer them at very low prices, un- those who use such artioles know where to them. Everybody reads the ABERYSTWYTH OBSERVER" for the purpose of seeing the local news, and afterwards they turn to the advertising columns to learn what the business men are doing. In faot, pro- per and judicious advertisements form an important part of the looal in* telligence. By means of then the man who has and the T") who wants are brought to gether. If yc>a Trial* to soo. in business there ia mebna that can be tifaea equal to adveiw tising. Therefore ADVEBTIBB in the ^ABERYSTWYTH OB SERVER."