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JJS* xrf fisiUrs. MARINE TERRACE. Bock House, Mrs Lloyd— Mr and Mrs J. B. Bateman, Misses Bateman, Victoria Park, Manchester 3, Mrs Lloyd— Mrs, Miss, and Master Churnley, Mr, Mrs, and Master Cleton, Birmingham Miss May and friend, do 5, Osborne House, Miss Jones- l Mrs and Misses Canghey, Blackburn Mr and Mrs Stirzaker, Derbyshire 7, Miss Jones— Miss, and Miss Lizzie Hughes, Newtown, Mont- gomeryshire D. T. Pritchard, Mrs Pritchard, child and nurse, and Miss Pritchard, Rhymney Miss, Mr W., and Mr A. Greenland Miss Claypolo,Hereford "8 Mrs Davies- The Misses Penneys, Poole, Dorset Mrs Taylor Mrs Money and family, London Miss Williams- Major General Hill, Mrs Hill, Miss Hill Mrs Godfrey, Welshpool Mr and Mrs Harker, Manchester Col and the Misses Lovett, Shropshire M* and Mrs Jones, London 10, Mrs Jones- Mrs R. E. Rea, Mrs James Phillips, Miss and Miss E. G. Phillips, Tredington, near Tewkesbury Mrs Arnold and Miss Butler, Shrewsbury Miss Cole, Badington Miss Baker, London Miss Grainger, Worcester Mrs G. Martial Turner, Miss and Miss F. Turner, Kenilworth U, Mrs Dehhoyde- Miss L. Cadman, London The Misses Shurbrook, London 12,— Mr £ Miss and Miss E. Thomson, The Moat, Newent F. H. Morgan, Mardol, Shrewsbury 13, Mrs Clayton- Mr J. L. and Miss Daries, Hay Mias and Miss F. L. Griffiths, Llaabeeter Road, Radnorshire Miss Dyke, do — »,—■—; 15, Cambridge House. Miss Evans— Mr & Mrs e. C. Smith, Mr Powell, Wolverhampton Mrs Chester, Kidderminster 16, Miss H. Hughes— Lady Constance Vaughan Mr and Mrs Franklaud, family and nurse, Liver- pool 17, Mrs Jones— Mrs and Miss M. Carnardine, Leominster 18, Miss Owen- Mr and Mrs Otren, family and nurse, Lampeter Miss Jnson and maid, Shrewsbury 24, Mr Kenrick— Miss Whitehead; Miss Cunningham and maid, Winchelsea Rev R. E. Long, Mrs Long and family, Miss Long and Miss Dupuy, Liverpool Mrs Morris, Mr and Mrs Morris, family and maid Mias Davies, Carmarthen 28, Miss Hughes- Mrs Brunett and Miss Groom, Oxfordshire Miss Harries and Miss Groom, Gloucestershire 29, Mr J. Evans— Mrs Arnold, Miss Butler, Chipping Sodbury Miss Butler, Badminton Mrs Grainger, Worcester Mr and Mrs Morris Manchester 30, Claremont House,— Miss Williams, Therrow, Llyswen Miss Kate Williams, ditto Miss Powell, Winforten Court, Winforton Mrs James, Cilgwyn, Bou°hrood Mr and Mrs Broadbent, Hanley 32, Mrs Delahoyde- Miss Parry 33, Gloucester Honse, Mr J Roberts- Mr and Mrs Corfield, family and nurse, Bishops Castle Mrs Causick, Brecon Miss Trencliff, Miss Tildsley, Wolverhampton Mr and Mrs Marshall and daughter, Freshfield, near Liverpool Miss Benson, Lutwich Hall, Shrewsbury Mrs Vaughan Pugh Miss Sandiman, Llanfyllin Miss Parsons, Shrewsbury Mr Withiugton, Staffordshire 34, Windsor House, Mrs Roderick- Mrs Guest, Dudley Miss and Miss S. Swift, Ashton-under-Lyne Mrs Russon, Bromsgrove 35, Brynymor House, Mr M. Nelson— Mr Garnet W. Falloon, late R.I.C., the Misses Falloon, Mrs Kough and child, Shrewsbury Mrs and Miss Hand and party, Ludlow Mrs Farmer and family, Felton, Ludlow Mrs and Miss Gurney, Heretord 36, Moreland House, Mrs Edwards- Mr, Mrs and Miss Macrae, Leamington Mr Gobenson, ditto Mr and Mrs Evans and family, Liverpool Mrs Thomas and family, Hereford Mr and Mrs Fprry and family, London 38, Miss Thomas— Mrs Austin aud Miss Hartshorne, Handsworth, Birmingham 39— Mr and Mrs Robert Woodhouse, Miss Woodhouse, Leominster, Herefordshire 40, Miss Nelson- Mrs and Miss Hodges, Stourport Miss Lavington Mrs and the Misses Guest, West Bromwich 42, Mra Jones— Mr and Mrs F. J. Bateman, Pembroke Dock Mrs, Miss, and Mr Kitchin, Mr Bourne, Sheffield 43, Picton House, Miss Osmotherley— Mrs D. T. and Misses Davies, Leominster Mr and Mrs R. Williams Celynog, Newtown 44,— Mr, Mrs, and Miss Boneton, Stoke-on-Trent Mra Griffiths and child, Whalley Grange, Man- chester 47,- Mrs Davies, late of Llanwrin Rectory, Mont- gomeryshire Mr C. J. Davies, Queen's College, Oxford 49 Mrs Lewis— Miss Preen, Ross, Hereford 51. Mrs T. Richards- Mr and Mrs Richards, Morton Hall, Oswestry Mr and Mrs Tudor and maid, Shrewsbury 53, Miss James— Mr and Miss Coldieott, Dudley Mrs Lewis and family, Tredegar 55- Mrs and Misses Smith, Miss Bartlett, Redditch Miss Fisher, Miss Blanthorne, Edgbaston 58, Mrs Owen Owens— Mr, Mrs, and Misses Fords, Herefordshire 59, Mrs Edwards- Mr Williams, Llanidloes 61, Mrs Hogg- Mr and Mrs Lewis, 4, Windsor-terrace, Glamorgan- shire 62, Mrs D. Davies- Mr and Mrs F. A. Hawkes, Bath Miss Jones, Rhayader 63, St David's. House, Mrs Jones— Mrs and Miss Irvine, Leomister, Herefordshire Mr Walter F. Mayne, Clifton Villa, Urmston, near Manchester Mrs Furlong Mayne, Honiton, Devonshire John Sparapani, Son, and Sister-in-law, Birming- ham Mr J. W. B. Moore, Liverpool 65, Mrs Powell- Miss Hall and the Misses Hall, Leamington Miss Annie Hall, Newton Abbot Mr, Mrs, and the Misses Nevitt, Stafford Mr aud Mrs Hidditch and family, Tunstall, Staf. fordshire QUEEN'S HOTEL- Mr and Mrs Fuller and maid, Mr & Mrs Simpson, Mr Percival, Mr Smith and Dr Manby, Rev J. Smith, Mr Smith and maid, Mr Leather, Mr and Mrs Woodhouse, Mr Foster, Mr Miles, Mr Davies, Mr Roberts, Judge Williams, Mr Donague, Mr Walker, Mr Davies, Mr, Mrs and Miss Grierson, Mr Ginlea, Mr Scott, Mr and Mrs Mawdesley, Mr Thomas, Mr Gunter, London VICTORIA TERRACE. No Address— Mr and Mrs Verity and family, London Mr and Mrs Sleight and family, Nottingham Mr, Mrs, and Miss L^E, London 2, Evelyn House, Mrs Jones— Mr and Mrs Treasure and family, Shrewsbury 3, Mrs Kensit Jones— Mrs John W. Bulmer, Uplands, Hereford Mrs Swin and family, Plasmore Rectory, Derby Mr Charles Harper, Ludlow Mr J. Parry, Mr W. Parry and son, Brecon 4, Snowdon House, Mr Evans— Rev E. T. and Mrs Foweraker, Mr Bertie Fower- aker, The Close, Exeter Misses Bach, London Mrs Woodward, Princes Park, Liverpool Mr and Mrs E. Woodward and family, Mr J. S. Woodward, Mr R. G. Heugh, and Aliss Pratt, Liverpool Mr C. J. Stone, London 5, Plynlimon House, Mrs Pierce- Misses Skidmcle, Wolverhampton Miss Sarah Naden, Handsworth, Birmingham Mrs Brown, London C. Dowsing, Australia H. B. Dowsing, Malta Mrs and Miss Burnaby, Sussex Miss Watson, Miss L. A. Watson, Harrogate Mr and Mrs Goostry and family, Hanley, Stafford- shire 6, Trafalgar House, Mrs Felix- Mr and Mrs Knill and Miss Medlicott, Shrewsbury Miss Bright, do Mrs and Miss Mathews and Miss James, Tarn- worth 7, Brighton House, Miss lewis- Mr and Mrs Newnham; Miss Foster and Miss White, Bank House, Wells, Somerset Mrs S. Sitwell and family, Stainsby House, Smalley, Derby Balmoral House, Mrs Jones— Miss Thursfield and maid, Bridgnorth ALBERT PLACE. Bumbarton House, Mrs Cree- Rev R. L. and Mrs Protheroe, Machynllet-b Mr J. B. Rogers, London QUEEN'S ROAD. Pitville House, Mrs Jones— Mr and Miss Webb, Leamington Mr and the Misses Ward, Acocks Green, near Birmingham Hardwicke House, Miss Nicholls- Mr Jos. Fairless, Kensington, London PORTLAND STREET. 1, Brunswick House, Mrs Jones— Mrs Archibald, Miss Williams, Hereford 5, Mrs Jones— Mrs and Miss Bailey, Camp Hill, Birmingham; Mrs and Miss Butler, Birmingham 7, Glasfryn House, Mrs Captain Davies- Mr W. Cope, The Hollies, Cannock Mr C. E. Cope, and B. Owen, Cannock 8, Mrs Isaac- Mrs Evans, Mrs Chandler, Rhyador 17, Miss Hughes- Mr P. Canny, Inland Revenue, Donegal, Ireland 21, Mrs Bateman- Mr T. Bennet, Belfast, Ireland 25, Mrs Rankin— Mr. Mrs, and Mrs W. Crees, Miss Wilson, London 26, Elian Vanin House, Mra Osborne- Mr and Mrs Baker, Newport, Monmouth; Mr U4 Mib Lloyd and family, West SmefcUwios i 29, Mrs Scott- I Mr and Mrs George and family, Builth 32, Miss Isaac- Mrs A. Smith, family and servant, Welshpool 37, Mrs Thomas— Mrs Maschmeyer, baby and nurse, Nottingham Miss Chapman, Newcastle under Lyne; Miss Alice Chapman, Stone, Staffordshire 39, Mrs Davies- Mrs and Miss Trunsell, Liverpool 48, Mrs Captain H ughes- Mrs, Miss, and Miss E. Kirshaw; Mr C. and Miss Hardman, Lytham, Lancashire 49, Mrs Williams— Mrs and Miss Whitfield, Oswestry; Mrs Lloyd, Llanyblodwell; Miss Morris, Llaranucha,"Llan- sillen Mrs, Miss, and Miss Williams, Tredegar; Miss Williams, Mountain Ash 54, Mrs W. Williams— Mr and Mrs Williams, Sketty, Swansea NEWFOUNDLAND STREET. Somerset House, Mrs Jones- Mrs Timmins and Mrs Hicks, Dudley PENGLAISE ROAD. Glyndwr Villa, Mrs Lewis— Mr 0. H. Williams, Manchester GREAT DARKGATE STREET. LION HOTEL, Mr J. Roberts- Mr and Mrs Nice, Gloucester Mr H. C. Nice, London; Mr Lloyd, Wrexham Mr C. H. Sander- son and party, Manchester Mr Dawson, Bristol; Mr Goodwill, Mr Bromley, Carmarthen; Mr Mathews, Shrewsbury Mr Lewis, Carmarthen Mr Guier, Carmarthen Mr Duguild, Mr Mor- gan, Portmadoc; Mr Longsworth, Mr Barlow, Welshpool; Mr Beard. London Mr Hicks, Mr Rose, Mr Hughes, Manchester; Mr Grogen, Carmarthen Mr Bush, Bristol; Mr Thomas, Cardiff; Mr Watkins, Mr and Miss Evans, Kington; Mr Thomas, Mr McCluir, and Mr Hopkins, Stafford Mr and Mrs Chalender, Lon- don Miss Chalender, London; Mr and Mrs Thomas, Carmarthen; Mr Chambers, Ludlow; Mr Jones and Mr Thomas, Liverpool; Mr Sydney, London Mr Hongley, Mr Parslow, Mr Davies, London; Venerable Archdeacon Griffiths, LlaDdaff Mr Stephen Evans, J.P., London; Mr J. Mnghes, C.C., London; Mr E. Evans, New Quay Mr J. C. McAdams and Mr W. Harman, Assam, India B aron Von Sprigh, Cast Sprigh, Rotterdam Mr H. Roberts. Gloucester Mr Hardie, Mr Hughes, Manchester Mr Jones and friend, Mr Davies and party, Rhyl; Mr West, Gloucester; Mr Bell, Mr Cummings, London NORTH PARADE. 29, Mrs Lumley Jones— Mrs and Miss Twiss, Knutsford; Miss Oldfield, ditto 67, Mrs Rees Edwards— Mrs and Mies Blower MOOR STREET 29, Mrs Jones— Mr and the Misses (2) Parkes, Birmingham NORTHGATE STREET. Northgate House, Mr Thomas— Mr and Mrs Johnson and family, Handsworth, Birmingham NORTH ROAD. Vaenor Villa- Mrs and Master H. Lambert, Peckham Rye, Lon. don RAILWAY TERRACE. 5, Mrs Dodd— Mrs Meredith and Miss Millward, Hereford; Mr, Mrs and Miss Wheldale, Birmingham 14. Mrs Hopkins- Mr Morgan Powell, Aberdare MARKET STREET. TALBOT HOTEL- Mr Williams, London Mr Roberts, Mr F. Pitman, Manchester; Mr Jones, Swansea; Mr Caswell, Mr Jones, London; Mr Hughes, Mr Jones, Chester Mr Davies, Mr Hugh Allen, Kent; Mr Trong, R. V. Wart, Kent; Mr Williams, Denbigh; Mr Taylor, Mr Richards, Mr Phillips, Bristol; Mr Bowen, Mr Roberts, Mr Stephen- son, Mr Ellis, Mr Hughes, London; Mr Newman ALFBED PLACE. Unicoin Inn, Miss E. Jones— Mr Thomas and Mr Price, Builth Wells CORPORATION STREET. 10, Mrs Culliford- Mr T. G. Clare, Mr G. G. Long GRAY'S INN LANE. 14, Mrs Jones— Mr and Mrs Vaughan and son, Coventry MARY STREET. 12, Temperance Hotel, Mr Morris- Mr aud Mrs John C. Guest, Woodbines, Erding- ton, Birmingham; Mr Thomas Cruikshank, Montreal; Rev William Harrison, Croskerry, Londonderry; Mrs and Miss N. Roberts, Angle- sea HIGH STREET. 21,—Mr and Mrs Davies, Cwmaman, Aberdare Mr R. Studman Griffith, do Mr D. Davies, Clydach Vale, near Pontypridd Miss M. Davies, Man- chester Mr W. Davies, C-on-M., Manchester BRIDGE STREET. 53, Mrs Lewis Mr and Mrs Nicholas Wright, Fillongley, War wick shire





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