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LOC&.L AND DISTRICT NEWS. The Observei- can be obtained in Aberystwyth, at the Printing Office, 1, North-parade at Mr J. E. J. Lloyd, stationer, Terrace-road; at Mr Edward Edwards, Great Darkgate-street; at Mr W. Jenkins, bookseller, Great Darkgate-street; and at Messrs W. H. Smith and Son, Railway Bookstall. THE PIER.—The pier is now open every evening, and the Briton band performs selections of music. Also Mr Foote sings comic songs, and the eccentric Ollives give their fantastical performances. THE "PUBLIC BATHS,—The splendid swimming and private baths in Newfoundland-street are now open daily, and are well patronised. Those who pay a visit once are certain to become frequent cus- tomers. GTNNETT'S CIRCUS visited this town on Monday, andjgave performances on that and the following day, after which they journeyed on to Machynlleth, and then to Towyn. They attracted large crowds of people. THE CONSERVATIVE CLUB.-The rooms in New- street have been handsomely furnished, and aie now open to members. Intending members will do well to communicate with the secretaries-Mr John Evans, Vaenor-street, and Mr J. D. Hughes.Railway-terrace. CYCLING CLUB.—-July Run Saturday, 5th, Pon- terwyd. Wednesday, 9th, Llanilar. Saturday, 12th, Borth. Wednesday, 16th, Crosswood. Saturday, 19th, Talybont. Wednesday 23rd. LIanrhystyd. Saturday, 26th, Devil's Bridge. Wednesday, 31st, Aberayron. UNIVERSITY INTELLIGENCE.—A Welsh Founda- tion scholarship of Jesus College, Oxford, value .£80, tenable for three years, has been won by Mr H. H. Meyler, son of the Rev E. Meyler, C.M. minister, Millin Cross, Pembrokeshire, and brother of Mrs Evans, Tottenham House, of this town. THE SOCIETY FOR PREVENTION OF CRUELTY.— The annual meeting of the local branch was advertised tobeheld;on Tuesday,when Mr and Mrs Waddingham, Mrs Cosens, the Rev J. Williams, and Mr Morris Davies, hon. sec.,were present when it was decided to adjourn the meeting till Tuesday afternoon next. WESTFIELD HOUSE SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, GLOU- CESTER.—Fourteen candidates from this school were prepared for the Royal Academy of music examina- tions, and the following thirteen have been successful: -Seniors in pianoforte, Jessie Henry, L. Livings, and Emily Alice Taylor. In the elements of music- Lilly Parry, Jessie Henry, Annie Powell, Jessie Fenn, Katie Thomas, Selina Smith, and Emily Alice Taylor. In singing—Katie Thomas. Juniors in pianoforte- Helena Grist and Florence Heaven. FUNERAL OF AN ODDFELLOW.—On Tuesday af ternoon the mortal remains of Mr Hugh Davies, mason, formerly in the employment of Mr William Edwards, Moor-street, in this town, were interred in the cemetery. He was for some years a member of the St Padarn Lodge of Oddfellows, and a large Bumber of his brethren, wearing the regalia of the order, followed him to the grave. He died at Cwm- aman, and his body was brought here on Monday evening. The deceased was a member of the Baptist church, and was highly respected by all who knew him. MR LEVEY'S BENEFIT.—We would remind our readf-rs that Mr John Levey, the manager, takes his benefit at the Bijou Theatre on Tuesday evening when we hope that he will have a crowded house. During the past week competition in the way of en- i tertaining the people has been very great, and there- fore Mr Levey's company has suffered but en Tues- day evening he will receive the support of the Freemasons, Oddfellows, and several of the leading families, so that there is a prospect of his reimbur- sing himself. The company deserve support, as the programme each evening is a varied and attractive one. CAMBRIAN EAILWAYS.—Approximate return of the traffic receipts on the Cambrian Railways for the week ending June 29th, 1884:—Miles open, IS0t.. Passengers, parcels, &c., £ 2,070; merchandise, minerals, and live stock, £ 1,599; total for the week, < £ 3,669. Actual traffic receipts for the cor- responding week last year :—Miles open, 180|. Pas- sengers, parcels, &c., < £ 1.967; merchandise, min- erals and live stock, ^81,525 total for the week, £ 3,492. Agregate from commencement of half-year to this date, £ 77,510; aggregate last year, £ 77,119; Passengers, parcels, &c., .£103 increase; merchan- dise, minerals, &c., < £ 74 increase; total increase for the week, < £ 177 aggregate increase from com- mencement of half-year to this date, < £ 391. A MAD HARE.—"As mad as a march hare," is a common saying; but the sight which was witnessed by a few in this town, on Saturday evening, is so un- common as to deserve notice. A hare was seen tearing along at full speed down Penglaise-road, thence through Northgate-street, North-parade, and up Great Darkgate-street, mueh to the amusement of the spectators who happened to be near; but on reaching the Town Clock some one threw a missile at the poor frightened animal, and its leg was broken,death quickly following this effectual maiming. Curiously enough, dogs,like the proverbial policeman, were not to be seen when wanting, otherwise pro- ceedinga of a more novel character still might have been witnessed. j j THE TOWN BAND continues to give satisfaction, the only complaint being that it is rather weak, but we believe this will shortly be remedied. The singing of Mr and Mrs Astle is not the least pleasing feature in connection with this band.






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