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THE LEASES QUESTION. We have received the opinions of Counsel aIod Actuary upon the leases question, but we have no space for their insertion this week. We may, however, state that the opinions fully bear out the contentions of the Corpor- ation Solicitor and Dr. Harries. Counsel in the first place says that the local act requires the ground rent previously paid in addition to the fine. That in granting leases under the Public Act of 1882 the Corporation ought, if possible, to have terms at least equal if not better than those provided by the local act. The Actuary fixes 10s. 9d. as the amount necessary to make up the capital of £100 in 75 years, under the circumstances of this case, and not 2s. 71-d. at 5 per cent., or 2 4s. 5|d. at 4 per cent., as was alleged by some 2 members of the Council. A, The Court of Quarter Sessions has, in response to the application of Col. Lewis, granted a SHOI of £ 700 for the erection of a new Station House, and the purchase of site, at A beraeron. A luncheon was given by the Principal at the College on Tuesday, at which some of the v Nonconformist ministers of the town wer present. Among those ordained by the Bishop of Durham, on Ttinity Sunday, was a son of the Rev Thomas MacCullagh, the President of the Wesleyan Conference for the present year. Last week was buried Mr John Edwards, Tan'rallt, Llandudno. He was 97 years of age, left 8 children,47 grandchildren, 62great-grand- children, and 2 great-great-grandchildren. Those interested in the welfare of Aber- ystwyth will be glad to know that our town is well represented at the Health Exhibition by the various local guide-books, and by a series of framed photographs by the eminent art firm of Messrs Frith and Co. Tickets for Aberystwyth, available from Saturday to Monday, may be obtained at the Cardiff Station at a very much reduced fare. Special arrangements have also been made for pic-nic parties. This is a step in the right direction, and cannot fail to promote the wel- fare of the railway companies as well as Aberystwyth. The tercentenary of Uppingham School- was celebrated on Thursday week amid great re- joicings. There was an unusually large number of visitors, including the Bishops of Carlisle, Manchester, Bedford, and Oxford, Bishop Hutchinson and others. The Bishop of Oxford preached at the morning service, and the Bishop of Carlisle presided at the meeting of boys which followed. After a drought of lengthened duration the welcome rain came down with a steady pour on Saturday night and a great portion of Sun- day, much to the relief of farmers, who began to consider matters as becoming serious. The thirsty earth looked all the better for the copious downfall, and vegetation of all kinds pat on its garb of deepest green in the course of a few hours, the transformation from a pale sickly yellow being most apparent. Haymak- ing operations are extensively carried on in the neighbourhood, many fields of well har- vested hay having been secured in stack before the rain began to fall, and those who were not so fortunate could afford to wait a few days longer. Nonconformist students of the present day, it is now quite clear, are to be deprived of the privilege of taking degrees in their native land. They may, of course, as in time past, go to England or Scotland or Ireland, or elsewhere, and secure a degree, but they will not be per- mitted to attain any educational distinction in the land of their birth. There was a wide. spread hope that Wales would soon be per- mitted to have a University within its borders, and that the educational system of the country would be completed. The day when that hope is to be realised is unfortunately put off to a distant period. Perhaps that delay is for the best. The Nonconformist section of our fellow- countrymen have clearly not arrived at that stage of intellectual development when they can appreciate an University and its advan- tages, and the result is that their own students will suffer the consequences. The Church has already a degree-conferring institution, and is not particularly anxious to promote any changes. Nonconformist students have to thank the more bigotted of their own people for the hardship which they must endure. The Lord Chancellor has intimated his inten tion to place the name of Mr Richard James on the commission of the peace for the borough. A carriage accident occured at Llandyssul on Wednesday night, by which Mr Jones, Solicitor, y r, of that town, and registrar of the Swansea 11 county court, and his governess, were killed. The Aberystwyth Mutual Admiration Class is jealous of the influence attained by the I London Welsh Mutual Admiration Class, and is trying to drag it down to its own level. The Aberystwyth and Lower Geneu'rglyn local authorities give notice in this week's issue of the Observer that all dairymen must not sell milk until they have been registered themselves in accordance with the Contagious Diseases Act. Major Lewis, in order toincrease the efficiency of the police force, Las asked the court of Quarter Sessions for an additional sergeant, and for permission to promote some of the second class men into the first class. No doubt this will be agreed to in due course. n On Wednesday last the Aberystwyth Observer was the only paper that had a reporter at Machynlleth to take notes of the proceedings ot the Board of Guardians and Petty Sessions. The Guardians advertise their announcements in other papers, but those papers were not represented at Wednesday's meeting. 0 Mr John James, mayor, having written a letter to Mr Gladstone with reference to the College grant, the Prime Minister has promised to make known Mr James' representation to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, whose attention has been specially called to the posi- tion of Aberystwyth College." The four Nonconformist members of the Llanrbystid School Board, who in consequence of an informality were the only members elected, have appointed three Churchmen to filljup the vacancies. Major Hughes has been appointed chairman, Mr Davies, Ffynonhowel, who had occupied the post for several years, having retired. The Council of the College on Monday evening, decided not to take any part in the I proposed education conference. This will com- pletely prevent any steps being taken in the direction indicated hy Mr Rathbone's resolu- tion. The result is that no steps will be taken towards forming a University for Wales, and Nonconformist students will be unable to take a degree without going out of their country for it. A circular has been issued, signed by the Mayor and two secretaries of the local College committee, in which statements are made reflecting upon the College Council. It is necessary to state that at least one of the gentle- men whose names are appended did not see the circular before it was circulated, and the members of the local committee know nothing of it, nor have they seen copies. The persons who are responsible for the document have taken great care that it does not get into the hands of any outside their own immediate circle, and of gentlemen to whom the facts are not fully known, and who may thus consequently be led to believe the statements contained in it.







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