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ABERYSTWYTH TOWN COUNCIL. A meeting of the Council was held at the Town Hall on Wednesday morning. Present-Alderman John Junes (mayor), Alderman John Watkins, Councillors Joha James, Peter Jones, E. J. Jones, Isaac Morgan, George Green, D. C. Roberts, Richard James, E. P. Wynne, G. M. Williams, and John Roberta Messrs A. J. Hughes, town olerk Griffith Jones, corporation solicitor H. L. Evans, fcoroogh accountant, and Bees Jones, borough sur- veyor. BILLS AND SALARIES. The bills and usual salaries due were ordered to fee paid. FINANCE. Mr H. L. Evans submitted the following state- taent :-—The Corporation in account with the Lon- .-on and Provincial Bank-Cr,, Borough fund ac- count, JB905 4s lid; district rate fund..£370 Is led; magisterial fees, ..£3.5 68 6d; balance due at the bank, JE2.930 4s 3d total, £ 4,240 178 6d. Dr., Harbour fund account, £ 1,184 12a 3d waterworks Send, .£1,759 118; waterworks loan account, < £ 1,296 14s 3d total, £ 4,240 I7s6d.. The Collector (Mr R. Watkins) submitted the following monthly statement:—General and district rate made on the 4th May was .£1.575 14s 2d ar- rears OR the 26th May, .£765 8s total, £ 2341 2s 2d. Collected up to 25th Jane..£158 138 Id, leaving JEt,182 98 Id rate and arrears on the 25th June. Water rate made the 22nd May, £ 1,046 2" 6d; arrears on May 26, .£38368 7d; total, £ 1,427 9s Id; ■oolite ted up to the 25th June, .£41 93 Id, leaving J61,388 9s rate and arrears. Mr C. M. Williams pointed out that the arrears ""iM1 the previous rate were very high. The Mayor pointed out that it was very late before the previous rate was signed, and the present rate was signed earlier so as to give Mr Watkins opportunity of collecting this rate and tht. ar- rears during the summer months. Mr Richard James proposed that all those in ar- rears should be summoned. Mr E. J. Jones believed it was really too soon to feegln to summon. Mr C. M. Williams said Mr J. Roberts and others were called upon to pay the new rate, and he aiieuld not pay until the arrears were paid. A suggestion that the collector should make an effort to get the arrears in, and that notice be given that if they were not paid by the end of a fortnight summonses should be issaed, was agreed to. APPLICATION BY MAJOR LEWIS. Major Bassett Lewis, chief constable, attended the wmncil, to ask them to consider the cost of an ad- titional water supply to bis premises, he having erected a small cistern measuring 18 by 12 feet and 12 feet deep, for the use of his closets. A discus- sion followed, Mr C. M. Williams proposing that the application should be referred to the committee; bui Mr John James could not see the use of doing that, as it bad already been decided that Major Lewis should pay the same as other people, where- upon Major Lewis denied the power of the council to do this. He did not use the water for dietetic Snrposes, and therefore they could not charge him. iv* ntually the application was referred to the com- mittee. INTEREST. Mr John James proposed, and Mr C. M. Williams aeeonded, the payment of interest on the sum of £ 3,256. Carried. THE RESERVOIR. The Mayor said that he bad received the following letter:—"Gentlemen,—I, the undersigned, being the original contractor for the reservoir, do hereby give you notice thai I claim part of the £1,000 you have agreed to pay in settlement for work done at the reservoir.—I remain, yours truly, THOMAS JANM" (lighter). No further notice was taken of the communication THE DRAINAGE AT TRB BABRACK8. The Town Clerk read another letter from the Local Government Board, in reply to one he had forwarded, stating that they bad again communica- ted with the War Office authorities as to the drain- age of the tarracks. [Mr C. M.; Williams: Rear, bear, I hope they will do something before long). MANURE REAP. The Town Clerk read a letter from Mr Szlumper, atatirg tbllt be thought the removal of the manere keap from its present position to near the river would be a greater nuisance still, and it was objected to by the Manchester and Milford Railway authori- ties, and therefore he decline d to allow them to go ever bis land.—The letter was referred to the public -works committee. A CLAIM. Mr EvaBs (Messrs Roberts & Evans) said that Mrs Smith, widow ef tbe late Mr G. T- Smith,'was anxious to settle his affairs, and there were several Small accounts still out, one of which was against tbe council for sales conducted by Mr Smith. He had sent in the account to the boroagh accountant, and bad also sent notice to the Town Cleik. The Mayor asked the finance committee to take the matur into consideration he believed the terms were considered to be too high. Mr Evans, also mentioned the matter of the reser- voir. A resolution bad been passed some mouths age, and agreed to, that £ 1,000 should be paid, and Mr Griffith Jones had approved of the draft. He asked that the agreement should now be carried out, because it was a serious loss to Mr Hugh Hughes, Jan., who had to pay the interest at the bank, he having given an indemnity to the Council against any action. It was not a question of receiving the Money, as he was quite prepared to wait, but simply to have the agreement carried out. No action was taken. TAXING OF PBOPKBTT. The Town Clerk said he would now answer a question which was asked at the last meeting as to the lating of property. Section 72 of the Local Government Act provided that the owners of all dwelling houses or parts of dwelling houses kept as separate tenements, the full value of which houses or tenements do not exceed the sum ofJElO, shall be liable to the payment of the rates, instead of the occupiers thereof. J Mr Peter Jones gave notice of a proposition to that,eifect at the next meeting. PUBLIC WORKS COMMITTEE. Mr Peter Jones, convener of the public works committee, read the following report:—A meeting of the public works committee was hhld on Monday the 2nd July, J883, at the corporation offices. Pre- sent-Alderman John Jones (mayor), George Green,' Richard James, D. C. Roberts, Peter Jones, oonvener, and Rees Jones, surveyor. Tbe plans ( and specifications of the buildings proposed to be erected by Messrs Jones and Morris in Moor-street were, examined, and your committee recommend' of. Messrs Williams J}>. s. application for an additional piece of land 20ft by 40lt ia the rear af their present chandlery was considered, and your committee re- ijOiDincno tha* the same be ^granted on pftjnent of JBl 6s 3d per annum as ground rent. Also, tbat an extension of the present lease of the chandlery be granted for a further term of seven years. Alderman Watkins thought there ought te be some provision made about widening Mary-street at some future time. He knew that one lease had been re- fusedon that account,and several others were waiting to make applications. The Mayor paid that question could not crop up sow, as the lease had been granted to Messrs Jones and Morris. Mr Peter Joues soid they bad guaranteed not to tluild for twelve or eighteen months in Mary- atreet, so as to afford, an opportunity to the Council of widening the street, and they should have the land at the same price as had been paid for it. Mr D. C. Roberts proposed, and Mr Wynne aeconded, the adoption of the report, which was agreed to.. SLAUGHTBBHOUSB COMMITTEE. read tbe following report, WM to :—A meeting of the slaughter- U8e and markuta Committee was held on Tuesday 1*1 y 3'd. Present—Alderman John Jones, mayor Messrs J. Roberta, Richard James, in rLk 'Joho Jame8> c- M- Williams, and D. V,. Kooerts, convener, and Rees Jofies, surveyor. Your committee considered tha letter received from Mr Hugh Kobert», respecting the slaughterhouse and felt unable to recommend the Council to take any steps in the matter. A report upon the other matter referred to the committee, will be brought in at the next CoMc<I meeting. LA' fDvMABKB AT PLTNLIKOK. Mr C, V. Willing asked if anything had been done with regar d to placing posts for the convenience of visitors to Plyniiaion ? Mr Peter Jones apologised for having forgotten to report; but the matter had been left to Mr Rees Jones to carry out at a cost not exceeding .£5. Mr John Roberts said that Capt Harvey was quite prepared to do all he could to assist, so that the expense would not be great. THB CASTLE GROUNDS. Mr John Roberts called attention to the present state of the castle grounds, which was very unsatis- factory. He did not know what they paid the castle keeper. The Mayor 10s. a week. Mr John Roberts said he would like to see some- thing done for the money. Mr Isaac Morgan thought the Town Surveyor had power over the castle keeper. The Surveyor said that he had now a new in- strument for cutting grass, and he would get some work done. FINANCE COMMITTEE. Mr John James read the following report A meeting of the finance committee was held at the Corporation offices on Wednesday, June 28th. Present-Messrs Richard James, C. M. Williams, E.J. Jones, J. Roberts, John James (convener), Griffith Jones, solicitor, and A. J. Hughes, town clerk. The committee recommend that tbe officers of tbe Council be called upon to provide the follow- ing bonds:—Town Clerk, £ 200} borough accountant, .£100; treasurer, X2000 surveyor, .£100 harbour master, £ 200; collector, XIOOO. It was agreed that the Rev J. Rees will be paid the £ 800 mortgage, dated August 18th, 1874. The report was agreed to. LEASES. On the motion of Mr Richard James, seconded by Mr C. M. Williams, a surrender of the residue of the existing lease of property situate in Moor-street, was accepted, and the Mayor was autborised io affix the Corporate seal to the lease of Messrs Jones and Morris.