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LOCAL AND DISTRICT NEWS. Dr Rees, "Gwilym Hiraetheg," preached at the Welsh Independent chapel on Thursday evening. The rev. gentleman has fairly recovered from his rc. cent illness. "~DETTHETJB GRAMMAR SCHOOL.—Mr G. E. Robin- son son of the Rev E. Robinson, vicar of Penrhos, has been appointed to the vacant head mastership of L Deytheur Grammar school, a post held for upwards of twenty years by his father. Mr G. E. Robinson has lately graduated in 3rd class honours. SALE OF VALUABLE PROPERTY AT WELSHPOOL. —On Friday afternoon, the 29th ult., Messrs Morris and Cresswell conducted an extensive sale of valuable property at the Pheasant Hotel. The property is situated in Welshpool, The Cefn, Buttington, Bur. geddin, Guilsfield, and Meifod, and belonged to the late Edward Humphreys, Belle Vue. There was a very large number of owners of property present. The vendor's solicitor was Mr Charles Jones. The proceeds of the sale were £ 6000. SALE OF PROPERTY IN CARNARVONSHIRE.—On Saturday, Messrs E. H. Owen and Son sold by auction the fallowing property at the Royal Sportsman Hotel. Carnarvon: Bead Gwenan, comprising 13a Sr .llp, Lord Newbrrough, Glynllifon Park, < £ 1260; Cae Halen, comprising 5a Ir 5p, Lord New. borough, £ 560; lots 3 to 8 inclusive, comprising parts of Cae Iago were sold to Mr O. T. Owen, Dorothea; Talymaes, comprising 13a Or 16p, was bought by Mr O. Jones for £ 560; Cae Cipns, comprising 18a 2r 15p, was purchased by Mr Hugh Roberts for £1000. THE PRUDENTIAL ASSURANCE COMPANY AND THE SUNDERLAND CALAMITY.-The Prudential Assur- ance Company, as in other cases, promptly forwarded relief to. the sufferers in the recent sad calamity in Sunderland. Of the 182 poor children who lost their lives, thirty-five were insured in this office, and a telegraphic message was at once sent to the district agent, Mr R. D. Hill, directing him to make advances to the relatives in anticipation of the regular settle- ment ef claims, which amount to .£246, SALE OF PROPERTY.—Mr J. Howell Thomas, of the firm of Howell and Thomas, Carmarthen, recently offered for sale by auction, at the Black Lion Hotel, I Cardigan, the Gwbert, Towyn farm, and Bryngwyn. The Gwbert was sold to Mr Josiah Williams, I maltster, Penbryn, for £ 1850; Towyn farm was with- drawn, the highest bid being-86,000; the extent of j this farm was 331a 3r 28p. Bryngwyn farm, in the parish of St Dogmells, was sold to the tenants, Messrs J. and T. Griffiths, for < £ 2,650. ¡ THE PRINCIPALSHIP OF LLANGOLLEN COLLEGE.— We understand that the Rev J. A. Morris, of this I town, will be proposed for the vacant principalship of the above college. Among his chief supporters we observe the names of Dr Davies (president of Haver. fordwest College), Principal Edwards of Aberystwyth College, Professor Mortimer Angus, Professor Ethe, Professor D. Silvan Evans, and Professor Rhys, of Oxford. The vacancy will be filled up at the annual meeting, which takes place in a few weeks. FATAL ^ACCIDENT.—Mr W. Aylmer Lewis, the borough coroner, held an inquest at the Plough Inn, Oswestry, on Tuesday evening, upon the body of John Lewis, aged 56, who had been in the service of Messrs Barlow, timber merchants, and the proprie- tors of a sawing machine adjacent to the Cambrian Railways at Oswestry. On Monday morning, the deceased, whist occupied in disposing of some loaded timber waggons, was crushed between the buffers of two waggons and received injuries from which he died the following morning. The jury con- ferred for some time, and ultimately decided in favour of an adjournment until Thursday, for the attendance of a Board of Trade inspector. Approximate return of the traffic receipts on the Cambrian Railway d for the week ending July 1,1883. —Miles open ISOf. Passengers, parcels, &c., £ 2,077; merchandise, minerals, and live stock, < £ 1,581 total for the week, < £ 3,658. Actual traffic receipts for the corresponding week last year :-Miles open, 180f. Passengers, parcels, &c., £ 2,065; merchandise, min. erals and live stock, < £ 1,888; total for the week, < £ 3,951. Aggregate from commencement of half. year to this date, < £ 77,911; aggregate last year. £ 83,271. Increase:—Passengers, parcels,&c., < £ 12; de- crease: merchandise, minerals J&c, £ 305; total decrease for the week, .£293; aggregate decrease from com- mencement of half-year to this date, £ 5,360.—J. CONACHER, secretary and accountant. CARNARVON AND THE NORTH WALES COLLEGE.— The first list of subscriptions promised in Carnarvon towards the North Wales College was issued on Saturday by Mr Robert Newton, the general secre- tary. The total amount is .£3652, inclusive of the value of a site promised by Mr Assheton Smith and set down at £ 1,500 and .£250 by Major Piatt, whose subscription of .£256 also figures in the list published by the Bangor committee. The high sheriff of Car- narvonshire (Mr John Owen) ogives £ 200, Mr Darbi- shire and Mr W. Dew (Brynbras Castle) 100 guineas each subscriptions of £ 50 are given by Messrs Hugh Pugh, Pierce, and Williams ^Golden Goat); 20 guineas by the Rev E. Herber Evans and Messrs E. H. Owen and Son. auctioneers; the donors of .£20 being Messrs MiltingtoR, J. B. Allanson, Morgan Lloyd (wine merchant), Morris Owen (solicitor), and J. T. Jones, Portdinorwic. EXCURSIONS.—On Monday, between fenr and five hundred excursionists arrived herefrom Birmingham. They were composed of the members and friends of the Baptist Sunday schools in thatjtown, and started about five a.m., arriving here phortly before eleven. Tea was provided for them in the afternoon st:the Corn Market. Mr Garner being the caterer. Through the liberality of the Marchioness of Londonderry, Mr David Howell, Dolguog, the Rev Mr Buckley Owen, and other friends, the Rev R. Jon& rector of Darowen, has been able to give the scholars, to the number of about 130, of his Sunday school a treat to the seaside, and the excur- sion was accordingly made to this town on Monday, when they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. REPORTED RESIGNATION OF THE REV D. PUGH EVANS, M.A., VICAR OF CARMARTHEN.—It is re- ported that this gentleman has resigned the living of St Peter's, Carmarthen. During the five years which have elapsed since Mr Evans was appointed to the living (vacated by the death of the Rev Latimer M. Jones) he has made himself increasingly useful. He has abstained from all controversial matters, such as politics, has been always at his post in parochial work, and has been. prominently before the pnblic as a temperance advocate. The coffee tavern move- ment owes the footing which it has gained in Carmar- then mainly to his energy and enterprise, while he has materially aided the cause of education by being an active governor and visitor of the Girls' High School at Carmarthen. Under all these circumstances, it was only to be expected that a strong effort would be induce the vicar to reconsider his determination, and, with that object in view, several gentlemen called upon Mr Evans on Saturday, The vicarage of Car. marthen, though not very*valuable in point of in. come. is an important appointment. It is in the gift of the Bishop of St David's, and has a gross income of iUOO, with a house, the population of the parish being 4,798. The present vicar was appointed in 1878, having been previously rector of Trafonen, near Oswestry, and was made rural dean of Upper Carmarthen in 1879. PROPERTY SALE IN ANGLESEY,—On Thursday week by Messrs W. Dew and Son, Bangor, at the Bal Hotel, Llangefni, a freehold estate of 137a. Or 22p was disposed as follows:—Parish of Bodedern— Rhyddynyfed, 43a Or 22p, £ 1560, Mr Lewis, Cleifrog; part of Trosylon, 13a 2r SCp, £ 660, Mr T. Owen, Plasmynydd, Bodedern; Cae Tros Lon, la 3r 38p, £ 160, Colonel W. H. Thomas; lease »f the Farmers' Arms, £ 86, Mr J. Jones, Llanerehymedd; Pen y Pen y CTaig, 226^-p, £ 275, Catherine Owen, tenant; Tanygraig, 1r 34 2-3p, £ 45, MrT. Owen, Penmynydd; Penterfyn, lr 20ip, .££8, Mr r. Owen. Llanbadrig parish—Pant y Gwydd, 5a 3r 27p, £ 240, Mr Hughes, tenant. Llanfechell parish--Waun Maesmawr, 2a 3r 2p, £ 210, Rev W; Hughes, tenant Maesmawr, 348, 2r 33p, Mrs Ellen Thomas, Neuadd, Amlwch. £ 1480^jpart of Maesmawr, 9a 2r 15p, £ 320, Mr R. Williams, Llanfechell; 8a Or 32p, £ 300, Mrs Ellen Thomas. In Amlwch parish, the Afelin Adda mills and three other lots were- withdrawn. In Llanilyfni parish, Carnarvon—Frondeg, 4a Or 29p, £ 180, Mr Parry, tenant; Cae Fyny. 4-PISO, ditto. Total, .£5670. Messrs Meyneil and Pemberton were the vendors' solicitors. This being the first important sale in Anglesey whieh Mr Dew has conducted since his illness, he was wasrsaly congratulated apon his return t o active biuuwss* Tow. BAND.—Mr Handley has brought together t ] an excellent little band this summer. Visitors and inhabitants speak very highly of their performances, which certainly are most creditable. A very neatly designed ornamental "sign" has been executed by Messrs Ellis, Northgate Foundry, 8 for Messrs T. Powell & Co., Market-street. The name is surrounded by fancy iron work, and presents t a pleasing appearance. MEDICAL.—At Guy's Hospital last week Mr Ed- ward Roberts, M.R.C.S., L.S.A., son of Dr Jacob Roberts, obtained the Mackenzie Bacon Prize open to senior students, for medical opthalmoscopy. There were seven competitors. THE PIER,-The evenings' entertainment here are fully worthy of support. Mr Palmer has provided first-class talent, which is fairly supported, but oer. tainly not to the extent deserved. We hope as the season progresses the attendances will be larger, and that Mr Palmer will be justified by results in the heavy venture he has undertaken. FISH IN THE RHEIDOL.—Mr Morgan, Nantceirio Hall, caught a trout, weighing 2| lbs, in excellent condition, in the Rheidol, near his residenoe, a few days ago. Mr Oliver Roberts, The Green, has also caught a large number of fish, by means of a net, close to the Trefechan bridge. A number of eels and small fish have been hooked in Pwll Simon. Some very fine fish are frequently caught in the pools among the mountains. BIJOU THEATRE.—Miss Rainbow and her company continue to attract a large share of public patron. age and suppport. indeed the attendance is much more satisfactory from week to week, a clear proof of the favourable opinion formed of the dramatic efforts made. The Haytors also continue to hold their own in the public estimation, and there is every prospect of a successful season. OXFORD EXAMINATIONS.—-Among those who took their degree on Saturday at Oxford (from Jesus Col. lege) was Mr E. James Evans, sos of the Rev Mor- gan Evans, Llangwyryfon. LOCAL BANKRUPTCY.—Jane Pugh, 31, Shipbuil. ders'-row, Aberystwyth, widow. BICYCLE CLUB.—Runs for July Wednesday 4th, at 7, Penllwyn; Saturday, at 2.30, Machynlleth Wednesday 11th, Round Gogerddan Saturday 14th, Devil's Bridge; Wednesday 18th, Goginan Satur- day 21st, Round Crosswood Wednesday 25th, Nant Eos Saturday 28th, Aberaeron. ENGLISH PRESBYTERIANISM IN CARNARVON- SHIRE.—The new chapel which has been erected for Eos Saturday 28th, Aberaeron. ENGLISH PRESBYTERIANISM IN CARNARVON- SHIRE.—The new chapel which has been erected for the English Presbyterian congregation at Carnarvon is to be opened to-morrow and the following days. It occupies a commanding site in Castle-square, midway between the North and South Wales Bank and the Post-office, and has been built by Mr R. R. Williams, from the designs of Mr Richard Owen, Liverpool, at an outlay of £ 4,030. The preachers at the opening services include the Revs D. C. Davies, M.A.; T. C. Edwards, M.A., principal of Aberystwyth College; the Rev Owen Edwards, B.A., pastor of the church and other well-known ministers.




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