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ABERYSTWYTH BOARD OF GUARDIANS- The fortnightly meeting of the board was held in the boardroom of the union workhouse on Monday morning. Present-Mr Morris Davies (in the chair), Mr B. E. Morgan and Dr R. D. Roberts, ex-officios; Rev John Pugh and Mr Hugh Hughes, Llanbadarn; Messrs David Jones, Rest; Henry Morgan, Pantrallad; James Jones, Llwynglas; J. T. Morgan, Maesnewydd Hugh Hughes, Cwm. bwa David Jenkins, Troedrhiw John Hughes, Creigaant; John Richards, Tynpynfarch Thomas Jones, Cwmere; J. Parry, Dyffryn Mill; Hugh Hughes, clerk; Dr J ones, medical officer. THE HOUSE. The Master reported that during the past fort- night there were four admitted, four discharged, and one died, leaving 98 the house, being an increase ef 22 on the corresponding fortnight of the previous year, The number of vagrants relieved during the past fortnight was 29,being a decrease of two on the corresponding fortnight of the previous year. FINANCE. The following out-relief was administered :-Aber- ystwyth district, per Mr John Jones, Commerce House, .-£39 8s Oil to 196 paupers Geneu'rglyn district, per Mr John D. Jones, Zbl 12s 6d to 218 paupers; Ilar district, per Mr Joseph Morgan, £ 49 7s 6d to 202 paupers. The amount in the bank was shown to be .£4:16 109 Id. ELBCTIOFT OF GUARDIANS. The Chairman read a communication from the Northampton Board of Guardians asking the co- operation of this board in supporting a memorial to the Local Government Board in favour of the elec. tion of guardians by ballot instead of the present system. The Chairman and Dr R. D. Roberts spoke in support of an alteration of the present method, the latter stating that there was nothing in favour of the present system. The Clerk said the present mode was most antiquated. The great argument in its favour was that it was not so expensive, but he believed that it was quite as expensive as if an ordinary election was held. The matter was allowed to stand over for a fortnight. THE CHARGE AO AID ST THE INDUSTRIAL TBAINRB. The Chairman, in reply to Mr Hugh Hughes, said there was nothing in the charge made against the industrial trainer of beating one oftheehildroo. STRAYING INMATBS. The Chairman said that a complaint had been made of some of the paupers straying about the roads without leave from the master, and the latter was ordered to proeure a quantity of iron and wood to repair the door to the stone yard, so as to prevent their egress. A HABDWOBKBD TRAMP. The Master reported that one tramp visited the house for the second time within the past two months, and be had to break ten hundred weight of stones each day. On leaving the house be said he would never tome to this workhouse again (laughter). BIRCHING BOYS. The Master reported tbat three of the boys in the workhouse had been birehed by order of the house committee. They were the ringleaders in all mischief. As to the charge against Miss Clayton, the industrial trainer, it was said that she bit a boy until his nose bled but they found out that it was all false, and the boy had been ordered to be birched again. Miss Clayton was a most excellent offioer. The fiev J. Pugh said the boys had agreed among themselves not to obey any orders on account of the new master. The Chairman They said they would make a row, because they did not see why they should have a new master, as they did not want one.