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ABERYSTWYTH BOARD OF GUARDI LNS- The fortnightly meeting of the members of the fcoard was held at the board room of the Union Workhouse on Monday morning. Present—Mr H. C. Fryer (in the chair), Mr John Joce?, vice-chair- ,.zan Rev John Pugh, Llanbadarn Messrs Isaac Morgan, Aberyswyth David Lewis, Llanrhystyd Hugh Hughes, Cwmpadarn John Morgan, Gwar. allt; Jones, Tyllwyd; G. Griffiths, Tynant; Jenkins, Tanllan G. Pryce, Brongof; David Jenkins, Cerrigcaranau Thomas James, Llwyniorwerth Daniel Jones, Dolgors; David Jenkins, Goginan Rev J. T. Griffiths, Llanilar Hugh Hughes, jun., aBlerk; Dr Hughes, medical officer. THE HOUSE. The Master reported that during the past fort- night there were 14 admitted, 6 discharged, leaving 135 in the house, being a decrease of on the corresponding fortnight of last year. The number <of vagrants relieved during the same period was 24, being a decrease of 20 on the corresponding fort- night of last year. FINANCE. The out-ralief administered during the past fort- might was as follows :-Aberystwyth district, per JMr T. G. Thomas, £44.- to 216 paupers; Llanfi- fiangel Geneu'rglyn, per Mr John Jones, .£5528 6d to 270 paupers liar district, per Mr Joseph Mor- gan, .£52 7s 6d to 208 paupers. SURETIES. The Chairman said it was only a small meeting of the board, otherwise be wanted them to look over the list of sureties printed in the last abstract Of accounts. It would be very well for the guar- dians to look the list over, so that they should know Low they stood. Some of their officials had no sureties at all. The Clerk said there were two or three officers who might as well be without sureties as those th» y bad. The Chairman said that when they had a full Aboard they would go through the whole list. NATIONAL PROVIDENCE LEAGUE. The Clerk said there was a communication from She National Providence League drawing attention to a bill now before Parliament for improving the means of allowing people to provide for old age by means of the pest office savings bank. It was an excellent thing, as a great many had been thrown epon the union,being people who had done as much as they could for their old age. He promised to look learefully ovei the subject, and bring it foi ward at -the next meeting. PAUPERISM. The Chairman said that Mr Bircham's abstract was before them, and shewed Aberystwyth to be in a pretty good position but hardly as well as they ought to b" Gower, which had a small population and few paupers, stood highest, as their paupers lived in the towns. Aberystwyth was bracketed seeond with three other unions—Cardiff, Merthyr Tydvil, and Tregaron—on the per centage of the population on one particular day. the 25th March but on the per cpntagp for the whole half year Aber- ystwytb s.ood tbird-Gower being first, Tregaron second, Aberystwyth third, and Aberaeron fourth. Aberaeron and Tregaron were bracketed equal in the last statement, and Aberystwyth came fourth. He hoped they would go above Tregaron during the next half year. He said that he did not understand why it should be so, but he found that in Tregaron, sinder section C, which has reference to destitution caused by the temporary sickness or want of work of male heads of families and single men, there ■were none under any of the sub-sections, and this was the only union in which this took place. Mr Isaac Morgan said they ought to be careful with people, because once they got relief they tried to stick to it, pretending that they were ill, and -mould do nothing. Mr Pryce asked what was the use of the doctor ? The Chairman said they were now 0*3 per cent better than in the previous six months. They had improved three-tenths, and Tregaron had improved in the same ratio exactly, but Aberaeron had stood still. It was very creditable that out of the four ilrst unions, Cardiganshire had three unions at the top. The actual number of paupers on the 25th March was 2-9, exactly the per eentage of pauper- ism all over England and Wales. The Vice-CLairman was very pleased that they were improving. ABERYSTWYTH COLLEGE. Mr John Morgan, Gwarallt, gave notice that be should, at the next meeting of the board, make a propo. al as to thel advisability of memorialising Parliament in favour of retaining the University Collrge of Wales at Aberystwyth. He also thought that more attention should be paid to the movement for a University College of imusio, as set forth by Colonel Pryse. REPAIRS IN THE HOUSE. Mr Isaac Morgan said that it had been reported to the house committee that the chimneys were in a very bad state and the committee was authorised to have done what work was considered necessary at a cost Not exceeding < £ 5. THE MATRON'S SALARY. The Rev J. Pugh said that the matron came be- fore the house committee, asking for an advanre of tier salary of R5 a year, and complaining that she was now receiving too little. She said that she had 30 nkieh to do, that in addition to"her own work she had to act as midwife, wait upon the dying and lay cut the bodies, cut out all the clothes for the in- mates, and for all this she only rcceivpd.815 a ypar. The cook had £ 15, and the industrial trainer £20. He thought the matron was a very deserving per- son, the house was kept in capital order-so very clean, and everybody in the house was well looked after. The Chairman said they could not discuss this Biatter without notice. Mr Isaac Morgan said he was not one of those who wished to raise the salaries of all who asked but the matron did work bard, and she was thoroughly competent. He, therefore, gavo1, notice that be should propose at their next meeting that she re- ceive an advance of 4.5 a year.








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