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S2=lantfir». ext. A GENT wanted to push first-ciaf.a Lubricating JTJL Oil. Commission 10 to 15 per cent.—Box 201, Past Office, Liverpo A, T"TiAPERY.—Wanted a respectable youth as an D apprentice to the Geuerfj Drapery (Premium squired). Apply to C. M. WILLIAMS, Aberystwyth. -TSITC AB- .T'O VISITORS — A BE VlYSTW YTH.—A PA ST* MENTS very Jroderate tevms at No. 5 Victoria Terrace^ facing the sea, well sheltered from •north and east winds by Constitution Hills.—Apply tc Mrs Pierce, on the premises. -N70. 4, LAtIHA FLACE, to be Let or Sold.— Enquire cf Griffith Jones, Solicitor. _4* O Weekly axid Upwards may be easily and CV honestly realised by persons of either sex, without hindrance to present occupation.—For par- iicalars, &c., enclose addressed envelope to Evans, 1 Watts, & Company, (r 253), Merchants, BinDing. This is genuine. ry*.o LET, v-ith possession on November 12ths i. Padarn House, Llanbadarn-rocd. Psrticulard ft; application to Mr W, Probin, Lapidary and Jc-wdler. A BERYSTWYTH.—To LET, for one or two months, a FURNISHED HOUSE, containing Front and Back Parlour, 3 Bedrooms, and all other i3«ceseaiy cilices. Ten minutes' walk from the sea.— For further particulars apply to Y.S. Observer Office Aberystwyth. ANTED—Every Lever of economy to buy for I 1| V cash their New Potatoes, New Onions, Hams, fcaccn, Lard. and all kind cf stuff that constitute the Human Frame. Strap Seekers keep away.—Note the address-Evans Bros., the Ready Money Grocers, f" Market-street, Aberystwyth. TO BE LET, that Eligible Dwelling House, JL No 9, Portla,rd.street. Aberystwyth.—Posses- sion may be had 12th May.—Api ly to D. Lloyd, 31 Pier-street. 171 OR SALE, 52 ineh. BICYCLE, with Patent cvcls- bearings to front wheel, patent double bill- hearings to hind wheel, patent detachable Cranks. 00 spokes to front wheel, very easy runner, weight, about 36 lbs., handsomely painted black, gold and red. quite complete and as good as new. PHne ios. Can be inspected on application to "Sit" Observer Office, Aberystwyth. nOUNTRY APARTlVlENTS.-To Let, from the I first week in July, a Parlour and two Bedrooms;. about a mile from Aberystwyth; near the sea.—Ad- dress. Miss Richards, G1 any don, Claraeh. i: x i' i i: j> house, 1, BRYNTMOR TERRACE. «T10 LET, Furnished, for a short or long period, on JL moderate terms. Contains two Sitting-rooms, seven Bed-rooms, two Kitchens, and two W.C's. Nicely furnished throughout, situate in a pretty glen, with an uninterrupted view of the sea, and sheltered from the East and North winds. Apply to Miss HUGHES, Pembroke House, Aber. ystwyth. CARDIGANSHIRE. TO BE SOLD or LET, the beautiful residence known as TYGLYN AEEON, with about 160 acres of good land, including plantations.—Apply to T. H.R. Winwood,Esq., Wellisford Manor, Welling- ton, Somerset. 13HIGHTON i HOUSE NO 7, VICTORIA TERRACE. '|"V> LET, 2 Dining Rooms, 3 Drawing Rooms, 5 JL Double-Bedded and 7 Single Bed Rooms, Plea- santly situated, facing the sea, and well sheltered. Highest refexences given. Good Cooking and ftt- tendance. Apply to BIFs DOUGHTON, MR. POWELL, SURGEON DENTIST, JgEGS to intimate that he has REMOVED his pL.ce of Business from No.5, Queen's Road, to No. 33, TERRACE ROAD, (next door tc Mr White, Lapidary,) where he can be seen. hem 10 to 6. Consultations free* NATURE'S GREATEST REMEDY. For Restoration of Impaired Vitality. HEALTH AND INTEGRAL STRENGTH is often undermined by imprudent indulgence, *r.il in order to repair the mischief many yainJy seek refuge in deleterious medicines. The WONDERS wrought by ELECTRICITY in Telegraphy, Liglit, &c., and in various directions, are surpassed by the curative effect of PULVERiMACHER'S world-famed GAL- VANO-ELECTRie CHAIN BAXDS and BELTS in it. great tv of ailments, such as JPains, Genera! and Locai Paralysis, Debility, Cramp. Functional Disorders Spasmodic and resuiting from Nervous Affections, Enfeebled "Vital Energy, and especially GEJiERAX and LOCAL DEBILITY, in proof of aicii irrefutable evidence is furni.-hed A little work on this all important subject must interest every sufferer, and a perusal-will gratify the reader by the copious authoritative doeun.ents, medical repoits, and testimonials Contained therein from, amongst otlieis, Sir C. Lococx, Bart., M.D., SIRWIIIIAST FFKGUSSOU. Bart, Sir HENBY HOLLAND, Bart., Sir J. K. jVLsSTTU, Bart, Dr A. Cr.ARX, Physician to the London Hospital, Sce., aad a host of authenticated private tcsti monials. post free from | L. PULYERMACHER'S GALVANIC Estab- +J » lishment, 124 Regent Street, London, W. -n, ABERYSTWYTH CASTLE. A -GRAND MUSICAL FESTIVAL; iLij TIE HELD ABOuT THE MIDDLE OF AUGUST AT THE. ABO \TE PLACE,. WHEN "SAMSON" and the "MESSIAH" WILL BE PERFORMED. Fad] »v "Particulars will be given next week- t BIJOU THEATRE. L\TE SKATING RINK. Portland STREET, ABERYSTWYTH., .GREAT SUCCESS OF THE ROYAL COMEDY DRAMA COMPANY, [ Eetire change of Programme each evening, i (To-XR, ;.HT) Saturday, July 15th J BRITISH BORN, j Farce—Ici on Parle Jb'raneaia, | and Comic Songs. i Monday, July 17th, WAR TO THE KNIFE. Tuesday, July 18thr A BIRD IN THE HAND 13 WORTH TWO IN THE BUSH. j Wednesday, July 19th, MEG'S DIVERSION. ^lo,conclude each evening with the sparkling burslesque ROEINSON CRUSOE, With new Songs and Dances, Thursday, July 20th, .ROMEO AND JULIET, j Fa.t.ce — POOR PILLXCODDT. Friday, July 21st, STILL WATERS RUN DEEP, Fajce—CHISELUNS. New Comic Songs each evening. lole and Responsible Manager — Mr T. R. NUGENT. Doors op^n at 7 80. Couiitieneo at 8 p.m. Carriages at JC.SO ] dmission—i'font Seats 2s; Secopd is, Baci Seats Cd, j THE BANKRUPTCY ACT, 1869. In the County Court of Cardiganshire, itolden at Aberystwyth. A LICE WILSON DUDDING, of No. 3, North-road, -1. Aberayron, in the county of Cardigan, widow, was adjudged bankrupt on the 13th day of July, 1882. The first meeting of Creditors will be held at the Registrar's Office, Town Hall, Aberystwyth, on the Istjiayof August, 18S2. Until the appointment of a Trustee, all persons having in their possession any of the effects of the Bankrupt must deliver them, and all debts due to the Bankrupt must be paid to the Registrar. Credi- tors must forward their proofs of debts to the Regis- trar. JOSEPH DAVIES, Joint Registrar. PROMENADE PIER, ABERYSTWYTH. W. H. PALMER, LESSEE. THE BAND; Every Morning at 12 o'clock; Everv Evening during the Week. PROGRAMME: 8 o'clock.—Comic Sorg, Miss Temple. The Band. 8.30.-Song. Mr F. Grenville. The Band. 8.45—Comic Song, Mr Tom Wilson. The Band. 9.15.-Song. Miss Temple. The Band. 9.30.—Seng, Mr P. Grenville. The Band. { 9A5.-Comie SoBg-, Mr Tom Wifeos 10—" God save the Queen." SEASON TICKETS 10s 6d EACH. Ihe Observer is posted on Friday afternoon, in time for General Mail, and will be forwarded, post free, to any town or village in the United Kingdom on payment in advance of 2s. 2d. per quarter; 4s id per half-year and 8s 8d per annum.


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