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LOCAL AND DISTRICT NEWS. I ABERYSTWYTH JEAMHAB SCHOOL.-At the June examination at St. David'a college, Lampeter, Mr D. James, frora this school, toek his B.A. degree, and also gained the Ollivant prize for Hebrew. On the 30th of June, Mr F. B. Roberts, who gained the classical prize given by Mr Loxdale, at the Christ- mas examination, passed very successfully the en- trance examination of Selwyn cc liege, Cambridge. SERVICE OF SONG.—On Thursday evening week, a. service of song, entitled "Borderland," was given at the Wesleyan chapel, Queen's road, under the leader- ship of Mr R. Peake. There was a fairly la}'ge audi-' ence. The Rev E. H. Simpson, resident minister, gave the readings. The choir numbered about fifty voices, being assisted by several amateurs not im- mediately connected with the chapel. Miss Emily Paull presided most efficiently at tke pianoforte. The rendering of the several choruses was very effective, and great praise is due to Mr Peake for the diligence and care with which he trained his choir. The per- formers were accommodatediona. raised dais, surround- ing which were handsome fiowars, shrubs, &c., which had an exceedingly pretty effect. ADVERTISING.—Mr Edward Edwards, bookbinder, has adopted an ingenious method of advertising, by printing on the back of his handbills some interest- ing information respecting the valno of money spent in drink. It reads thusTwo pints make one quart, and one quart of ale costs Jfivepence. Five- pence per day is £ 7 12s Id per annum and this, in i throe years, comes to X22 16s 3d. Y a: the large sam of £ 22 16s 3d has been spent in buying 2,190 pints ot I ale. Working men, wouldn't it have beeu much bet- J ter if the money had been laid out as follows: Aj suit of Sunday clothes, £ 4, 4s; a light suit for sumn'er wear. JS3 f. good top coat for winter, £2; a good shawl for wife or sister, XI 5s; two dresses for wife I' our sister, £ 2 two pairs of boots, for self, at 129 6d, £ 1 r> two pairs for wife or sister, at 8s, 16s 8 vol- umes of half-crown books, < £ 1; put in the savings bank..£7 6s 3d-total ^2216s 3d. Tnv MONTHLY MARKET.—The !nonth]y market, held on Monday, was exceedingly well attended by buyers. The supply of cattle and horses was not so large as we ha.ve seen at some recent fairs, probably owing to the fine weather and the farmers being busi- ly engaged gathering in the hay harvest. T h animals si own, however, 'were of good quality, and the prices realised very satisfactory to the buyers. f On Sunday week the Rev R. Lewis, curate o Aberystwyth, preached, to large congregations, at the Walsh Church, London, he having c-xcbanged pulpits with the Rev E. Jones, who preached at St- Mary's church. In the evening the latter church was crowded, and there were over two hundred communi- cants. EI:-H.—The presence of so many fishing trawlers ste.mi eno failing, seem to show that Cardigan bay is still true to its traditions for fishing celebrity. Boats CO!!H- to it from Liverpool on the north, to Ll»nv y on the sovth, and they may be seen in the distML"; Llow Aberaeron cruising about. Daring the werl- brge quantities of fish have been landed orttheb<hhcreacd sent off by rail to Liverpool and other pieces.. Powel, in his history ot Wales, says that in the year 1206 "There was such an abun- dance of fish at Aberystwyth, that the like number was never known to have come, there in the memory of man before. FISHI NG SMACKS.—On Tuesday evening, a prett scene w as witnessed from the Terrace. A little flee of fishing smacks, eight in number, including two dandy rigged, were lying at anchor off the Pier head, which excited much interest among the visitors, to many of whom the sight was no doubt novel. As they were moored at ibont equal distances from earh other their appearance was very effective. One per- son remarked that by a little sketch ot the imagina- tion they might be thought to be the "Channel Fleet!" The Channel Fleet in Cardigan bay! Well, well! Perhaps that may come to pass some day. Who can tell? CONSPIRACY.—At the Central Criminal Court, on Saturday, before the Recorder, Albert Culliford, 31, agsnt; Henry M'Namara, 36, agent; Edward Wm. Bass, 37, dealer; Joseph Wm Rodney, 37, dealer, and Edward Bode ;were charged with wilfully conspiring together to obtain £ 90 and other sums by false pre- tences. They were also charged with conspiring to- gether to counterfeit false labels and brands relating to certain wines with intent to defraud Messrs Moet and Chandon and Messrs Heidsieck and Co., and also with selling and deceiving the public by passing off spurious champagne as being wine manufactured by the firms above mentioned.'—Culliford, Bode, and M'Namara pleaded guilty.—Mr Edward Clarke, Q.C., Mr O. Matthews, and Mr Gill appeared for the prose- cution Mr Forrest Fulton defended Bass and Mr Keith Frith and Mr Raymond appeared for Rodney. -The prosecutors were Messrs Moet and Chandon, and Messrs Heidsieck, champagne manufacturers.— Bode, tne prisoner who had pleaded guilty, was called as a witness for the prosecution, and he gave a full detail of the particulars fof the fraud.—At the close of the case for the prosecution the charge against Rodney was abandoned, as it turned out that, al- though the brands and the labels were found in his possession, he was merely left in charge of them, and was an innocent agent in the matter.—The jury found Bass guilty.—The Recorder postponed passing sen- tence. Culliford's parents were residents in Aber- ystwyth for several years. ST MICHAEL'S CHURCH.—The [Rev W. Wilson, rector of Narbeth, is officiating at the parish church during the absence of the Rev Chancellor Phillips, who is in residence at St David's. By advertisements in another part of the Observer it will be seen that the death of Mr G. T. Smith has resulted in the introduction of several new auc- tioneers in the town. Iu addition to Mr E. J. Morgan and Mr Edward Ellis, who have been estab- lished for some years, Mr J. W. Rogers, who formerly resided in this town, and since then at Llandudno, has opened an office here. and has engaged the services of Mr Wm. Morgan, who was clerk with Mr Smith for many years. Mr Owen Daniel, of Towyn, has cl also decided to open an office at No 7, New-street, and has engaged Mr Edward Davies (late of Rhiw- las) as clerk. Messrs Davies and Howland, Messrs liamer and Griffiths, and Mr J. Baker, also announce their intention to take out licenses on July 5th. Messrs George Jones and Son also announce that they wilhundertake valuations, &c. AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY.—A meeting of this so- ciety was held at the Town Hall, on Monday afternoon when thpre were present—Sir Pryse Pryse (chair- man), Mr Morris Davies, Ffosrhydgaled; Major wminMa, Wallog; Messrs L. Williams, Abermaide; Jenkin Jenkins, Blaenplwyf; EvanJenes, Nantsiriol, David Morgan. Glanyrafon; David James, Llan- crchpenter; Baker, Rhydypenau; E. Jones, Elgar; E. Richards, Penuwch; Robert Guthrie, Dolgwy- bedig; J. Edwards, Rhiwarthen, David Lewis, Pen- graig, and Capt ri revethan, MaeRbangor.-The Chairman stated that the Earl of Lisbnrne had de- creased his subscritpion from .£30 to .£10, a fact which was very much regretted. He had also, written to Mr L. P. Pugh, M.P., but had received no reply. The following gentlemen were appointed judges at the forthcoming show :—Farms and green crops: Mr J. Cheetham, Yew Tree Farm, Norbury. Pure-bred cattle, sheep, pigs, grain and potatoes: Mr J. Cheet- I lia,m, Yew Tree Farm, Norbury, and Mr Adam Lee, Walcot Park Farm, Lydbury. Welsh cattle and- mountain sheep: Mr E. Vaughan, Rhiwsaeson, Llan- brynmair, and John Smith, Greenway, near Brecon. Horses, hackneys, and ponies Mr T. Roberts, Bryn- brith, Corwen, and Mr C. R. Keeling, Congreeve, Penkridge. Poultry: Mr Thomas Ellis, Henblas, Bala. Butter and Cheese Mr J, Thomas, C; irk. Welsh manufactures: Mr David Jenkins, Aber- ystwyth. The living of Derwen, near Ruthin, valued at £ 350 per annum, has become vacant through the death of the Rev J. Clement Davies, at the age of 70. It is in the gift of the Bishop of St David's. DRUNK AND INCAPABLE.—At a special county session held at the police station, on Tuesday morn- ing, before Mr E. J. Jones, Richard Richards, shop- keeepel, Pontgocb, was charged by PC. Pierce (33) with being drunk and incapable on the previous even- ing. The officer found the defendant lying on the roadside on the top of Penglaise hill, and locked him ap for his own safety. He was fined 10s including costs. Allowed a week to pay. THE CAMBRIAN ENAMEL SLATE AND WORKS.—Mr. James Williams has disposed of these works to Mr. London, merchant and factor, Birming- ham and Gloucester, who, upon taking possession, informed the employes, that in remembrance of the event he purposed giving them all a day's holiday; and as an inducement for them to be scrupulously truthful and industrious, he purposed providing them with a good roast beef dinner and tea on that day. Also that he would leave them to arrange with their foreman, Mr. Griffith, which should be the day, and where it should be spent. At this unexpected and gratifying announcement, the workmen, through their foreman, expressed their thanks, and wished their new employer long life, and success to the Cambrian Enamel Slate and Marble Works, and trusted that nothing should be wanting on their part to enhance its prosperity, and promote their new employer's interests to the utmost of their abilities, to which was added a vote of thanks to Mr. London in three hearty hurrahs. Mr. London closed his remarks by proposing a vote of thanks to Mr. Wil- liams, their late employer and founder of the works, which the employes responded in three hearty cheers. Mr. London also adding that it would not be his fault when once they recommenced in earnest if the orders did not come in faster than the men could execute them, although arrangements had been made, and contracts entered into with Mr. Williams to in- crease the size of tbe works forthwith, by the addition of a substantial stone building, 64 feet long by 33 feet wide, with large show rooms above, with other offices also that as business arrangements would necessitate his occasioual absence, he would thank them, one and all, to receive his son's orders as his representative. Mr. Edward Ellis, auctioneer, was the agent in this transaction.





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