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ftf, ABERYSrWTTII CRICKET CLUB. WANTED a man to look after tie ground for the Ý season- For parti cab-•& apply to B. E IMoigasi. Mount Fleastnt. DRAPERY.—Wanted a respectable youth as an ernreaticf to the GexiOTal Drapery (Premium reoniveoj. Apply to 0. Aberystwytls. TO VISITois — ABERYSTYvYTEL—APART- MENTS on 'very moderate terms at' No. 5.. Victoria, Terrace, faciDg the sea., tvell sheltered from Victoria Terrace, facing the sea, well sheltered from north and east winds by Constitution Hills.—Apply tc 'Irs Pierce, on the premises. "TV"4, LAURA PLACE, to be Let or Sold.— .A. 1 Enquire of Griffith Jones, Solicitor. jf. ?) AV-. Upwards may be easily arid 1 -1'sed by persons of either sex, 1 -1'sed by persons of either sex, .ithol1.t -o present occupation.—For par- f r A enclose addressed envelope to Evans, I vVahs, & CcmpaDy, (p 253), Merchants, Birming- liaia — Ihisis genuine. fTflO LET, with possession on November 12th, -1 Pailrn House, Dachadam-road. Particulars on application to Mr W. Probin, Lapidary and A PERYSTWYTH.—To JET, for one or two ..1."J. norf = n FURNISHED HOUSE, containing }'¡OT1T and Back Parlour, 3 Bedroonif, and all other Be •a'-i-v t11 (f. Ten minutes walk from the Sê2, IVr t ♦lcniars epply to Y.S. Okitssr Office Aberystwyth. WANTED—Every Lorer of e.^cnomy to buy for t cash their New Potatoes, New Hams, I;nron, Lard, and all Idnd cf sttiff that constitute the Human Frame. Strap Seekers keep away.-Note the address—Evans Bros., the Eeaciy Money Grocers, €, M>.rket-street, Aberystwyth. f¥""0 BE LET. that Eligible Dwelling House, JL No 9, Portland-.street, Aberystwyth.—Posses- f;cn ni.>y be had 12th May.—Apply to D. Lloyd, 31 r;- .•rtvt. I..4"\OH SALK, 71 irteh. BICYCLE, with Patent cycle bearings to front wheel, patent double ball- hearifj,f.s to hind wheel, patent detachable Cranks, CO to front wheel, very easy runner, weight about 36 lb?., handsomely painted black, gold and rf-ii. quite complete and as good f.s mew. Price '£810". C'< r, he inspected on application to "317" C 11 Oflce, Aberystwyth. T(tbe sr'd, r»v Private Treaty.the House and Shop- l»teiy in the occupation of Mr Erasmus Jones* Ko. ?, North Parade. Also, the Chain and Anchor, and two private adjoin in jr, in Shipbuilders-row, together with a )f-r-re building hitherto used as a smithy. Particulars cf Mr Ellis, Auctioneer, The Mart, Aberystwyth. CIOUNTEY APARTMENTS'.—To Let. from the j fir t week 1*1 July, a Parlour and two Bedrooms; about a miie from Aberystwyth near the sea.—Ad- dress. Miss Rif hards, Glanydon. Clarach. E Nil R LB HOUSE, 1, BEYNYMOR TERRACE. TO LET, Furnished, for a short or long- period, on moderate terras. Contains two Sitting-rooms, seven Bed-rooms, two Kitchens, and two W.O's. Nicely furnished throughout, situate in a pretty glen. with an rnir.terrnnted view of the sea, and sheltered from the East and North winds. Apply to Miss HUGHES, Pembroke House, Aber- ytiwyth. CARDIGANSHIRE. fT'O BE SOLD or LET. the beautiful residence J. • known as TYGLTN AERON, with about 160 s>"re;- of pond hnd. including plantations.—Apply to T. H. E. TV in wood, Esq., Wellisford Manor, Welling- ton. Somerset. b elg h ton"'TaouTir, No 7, VICTORIA TERRACE. rilO LET. 2 Prningr Rooms, 3 Drawing Rooms. 5 Jl jJonble-Beuded and 7 Single Bed Rooms, Plea- s-ii-'y situated, facing the sea, and weli sheltered. 114'' references given. Good Cooking and at- Apply to JvLas BOFG-HTON. A YS. Tambria?TSATI-7WIYS7~" TOURIST ARRANGEMENTS, 1 8 8 2. fllOUBIST TICKETS will be issued from May 1st X to 31st October, 1882. For particulars see Time Tables and Programmes ias.ued by the Company. GEO. LEWIS, Oswestry. May, 1882. Traffic Manager. 1AD1 EN wbo save their Combings of Hair can I hri.vf> Them disentangled, roots turned, and pro* periv prepared and arranged into Twists, Plaits Coils, Chignons, by H P. HAWKINS, ARTIST IN HAIR, <}?• PIER STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. AMJEBJC A, > TO iOBK & BOSTON DIRECT A B A R E C If A NeE, WEEKLY SAILINGS. Fare (free) to BOSTON M 10s oa. Fare to .l\-EW YORK C,5 Os Od. Fares to QUEBEC, CANADA, by Steamer £3 Os Od. These fine Steamers of 5275 tons, are cxpTesslyfor British passengers.. No foreigners booked through this agency. Plenty of good food and every comfort. A marvel of cheapness. Passage abont 8 days. Al.,)j to-GOMER ROBERTS, AGENT, 29, UNION STREET, LIVERPOOL. Every information for the Cape aNl Australia given Passengers met on arrival at Liverpool by Mr or Mrs Roberts, Supper. Bed, and Breakfast, including every attendance, 2s 6d. Children half-price. Note th:- Address—GOMEB ROBERTS, 29, Union Street livrpool.. ELIJAH FINCH, T A I LOR, 29, UTILE DARKGATE-ST., ABERYSTWYTH, Gen)tlemen's own nsaterials made up. Repairs, Scon ring, and Cleaning done on the short- cst soticc. ORDTŒ THIS WEEK! I ORDER THIS WEEK! A .&) 5e. Gent's English Lever for .£3. A .£6 68. Gent s Hunting Lever for .£3 lOs. j [ A jlt" English Chronograph 10F, ¡ A 4-4i, tii". Pair Case Fr^lish Lever Z3 12s I A J- i Gent s Defiance Watch for .£1 5s A JC. '15. Lady's Jtlrglish Lever for £3 or A £21Ds. Lady's Defiance Watch for £1 5s Ar<! vo'i tri'1 rt-cHve a :F. Prize on the 30th June, maix- of wf;ich (lr" worth more than full amount paid for Watch. MC-Ax, mice for Wonderful Watch Pamphlet, 112 pages, 5r;t'i Mii^trations, ;u:'l tO r;?^ lestiuioniala. Post irtf; for two stamp#. Address ['! WART DAWSON & CO., 2, V\>. WGH PLAC-U, LIV.BRPOOL. ftalrs!tv MR EDWARD ELLIS D' to announce that he has been invited by J1 » rrJDV d the LEADING ichabitanta of TotVjrn, Machynlleth,>nd the smroundirg ais- is TO TRANSHCTFBUSINESA *at those TOWNS, and that much pleasure in complying with their re- I1 '• MONTHLY SALES, ABERYSTWYTH SMITHFIELD. ME, E. J. MOEG AN, Auctioneer, begs to state that he wi 1 have monthly sales ef Live and De¡t! Stock in the SxuifcMeld on Aberystwyth Fair T>ay- lic next Sale will be held the first Monday, in each Month, at One o'clock. > rlt"- and application for terms to be sent to Mr J. Auctioneet, Feunwyn,

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