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i- HORYH CARDIGANSHIRE AGRICUL- TURAL SOCIETY. The annual meeting for the purpose of fixing the prizes, naming the show day, appointing the judges, &c., of this society was held at the Town Hall on Monday afernoon, when the following members were present—Colonel Lloyd-Philipps, vice-president, presiding Messrs H. C. Fryer, Gardiner, Morris Davies B. E. Morgan, J. Henderson, Evan Jones, E. Jones, Elgar; Morgan Edwards, Evan Richards, Kant Eos; John Rees. Nantybeaglog; David Morgan, Glanyrafon; W. Cotterell, William Morgan, Secretary. The Chairman read the following letter from the president Quiting Grange, Winchombe, 30th June, 1881. Dear Colonel Philipps,-I hope you will excuse me I' tor troubling you about the Agricultural Society. I Ijave learned this morning that a meeting is to be held on Monday to settle the prizes to be given at the next show. As I cannot give any personal attention to the affairs of the society I should like to do what I can in some other way to show my good .will, and propose to give an extra prize of.£5 for the best pen or pens of pure Welsh mountain rams, or the X5 may be divided in any way you or the committee like. I think little can be done for our pure Welsh sheep by crossing, but a great deal may be done by selection of the best and largest The butchers in England com- plain that Welsh sheep are too small. [Ihe Chairman: So do I]. May I ask you as vice-president of thA society to act tor me in this matter, and to do what- ever you think best. With many apologies for the trouble I give, believe me. Yours very truly, JOHN WADDINGHAM. BALANCE IN HAND. The Secretary announced that they had only .£67.. 2d in hand, leaving his own salary out of the question. They were too poor to publish a printf d Statement; but they had paid everybody,"arid owed I mo man anything. Mr H. C. Fryer said if persons did not choose to pay their subsetiptions they could not make them liable. The amount of the subscriptions last year was £ 259, and J2248 15s of that amount was given in prizes. THE PRIZE LIST. Major Williams said that it would be very ob- jectionable to alter the prize list now. At the last meeting it was determined that no alterations ought to take place in the prize list so late in the season. A man might purchase an animal to show, and if they. went and cut out that class he could not ex- hibit it, which would be rather hard upon him. That was the reason the list was fixed so early. Any alteration in the amount of money might, per- haps, be made in some way, but certainly not in the animals to be shown. The Cbairruaa said the only alteration which it was proposed should be made was, for instance, for the best bull a prise of.£2 would be offered; but the second best would be knocked out. Major Williams thought they might modify the list as regarded the money, but he did not think they ought to alter the prizes. It was then proposed to strike out all second and third money prizes in class A, which is open to all annual subscribers of X] Is and upwards, and which will effect a saving of .£23> Mr H. C. Fryer said if they struck out the land- lords altogether the show would have no attraction to them, and great harm would be done. The Chairman said that the land-lords were really the mainstay of the society, Mr Fryer said that he should be sorry to cut out all the prizes in this class; but one prize would do very well. illt Morris Davies rather thought they would anake a mistake in striking out the second prizes for black cattle. It was then decided that inasmuch as it appeared 1:0 have been understood at the previous meeting that all except first prizes in class A should be struck out, this should now be done. In class B Mr Fryer said there was one point of some nicety, whether tenants paying .£100 exactly should be in class B or C. The Chairman thought that a man paying .8100 a year should go in class B. Mr Fryer thought they had better decide it now, 88 it was just the question which might create a great deal of dimcatty. He thought the intention of the previous meeting was described in class C, when they substituted £ 100 for eSO. Mr Gardiner suggested that they should take it as it was put down. Mr Fryer said by the eld rule if a man paid ,;£80 fie would come in class C, and the intention of the meeting was to substitute .SMO for JB80. Mr Morris Davies proposed that a tenant who paid i-JOO a year shows in class C. Mr Fryer But you can't propose that. Mr Morris Davies What's the use of disacussing it, then. It was ultimately decided that the intention was that the tenant paying .£100 a year should exhibit in class C. No alteration was made in class C. except that the words "occupiers (whether owners or tenants)" was Struck out, and the rule now reads "limited to 'tenants' the rental or gross annual value does not exceed .£100 (instead of .£89) a year, who are mak- ing their livelihood solely by farming or manual labour, and are subscribers of not less than 5s yearly." In class D no alteration was made in class E, Under the heading of Farms," the second rule will mow read, To the tenant of any farm not exceed- ing, instead of' under '.S)CO annual rent who shall show the best managed and cultivated farm." the words "being a member of this society being struck out in both rules as superfluous. The fourth rule under "Root Crops'* was made to read similar to the No 2 rule above mentioned. THE SUBSCRIPTION LIST. In reply to the Chairman, The Secretary paid the only intimation he had re- ceived as to payment of subscriptions was from Mr loxdale, who had imp)ied that he only intended to subscribe 10 10s instead of £ 21 as heretofore. Major Williams said that Sir Pryse Pryse had said nothing to him about giving extra prizes this year but he knew he would continue his subscrip- tion. He (Major Williams) also thought he would again offer the extra prizes, he generally took the money himself (loud laugbter). THE PESIBEWT'S EXTRA PRIZES. The Chairman suggested that for the best mountain rams they should divide the president's offer into two prizes of X3 and £ 2. Major Williams thought they ought to give R2 for the best ram, and X3 for the best pen of five mountain ewes. Mr Fryer thought it would be more in accordance with the president's wishes to give prizes for the two best rams. But he would suggest that it should be submitted to Mr Waddingham that the opinion of the committee was rather in favour of rams and ewes. The Chairman said that Mr Waddingham had left the matter to them, and if they thought it advisable he would write him and say they had decjded to give JE3 for the best ram and X2 for the best pen of five mountain ewes. Major Williams said there were good prizes for Tams already, and the show bad been small. Mr Fryer proposed that.£2 10s be given for the best aged ram, and f2 10s for the best yearling ram in the yartt. This was agreed to. SHOW DAY It was decided to bold the next show on Wednes- day, the 21st day of September next. ENTRIES. All entries of farms aad root crops must be made to the seere,ary on or before the 29th August; and all entries of stock must be made to the secretary on or before the 5th September next. The remain- ing regulations are the same as those which have reflated previous shows, except that exhibitors will be permitted to remove their animals or goods at three o'clock in the afternooDMnstead of four. JUDGES, 's It was decided to request thë attendance of the following gentlemen to act as judges -For farmd and gr^en crops, Mr Cieetham, Yewtree farm, ITorbury, and Mr Lee 1 ire Welsh cattle and pure mountain sheep, Mr E. j^iughan, Kbiwsaeson, and Mr Rees Parry, Crynll:-ght", near Towyn horses, Messrs Keeling and Reg oil poultry, Mr Sackville Pheipg, Machynlleth tbe 1,0r Mr Thomas, Chirk. '-is no ei JPRO the fracaPORTS. Mr H, C. Fryer J?1!* was not possible that they could get op sheep heenJ' trials and horse jump- ing in connection with tho. bow. Something might be done to oarry out some programme of the kind. It was understood that the matter would be taken in hand by some members of the committee, the chairman intimating his readiness to give 10s in support of the object.


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