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LLANFIHANGEL-Y-CREUDDYN I EISTEPDFOD. A prand eisteddfod was held at the above place I on Wednesday, the 15sh int.t., in a pavilion erected close to the village, The weather beintf very favour- able, t,ere was a great mflelx of people during tho dsy ilore so, very likely, than any one now living has ever witnessed at Llanfibangel-y-01.eB,j(]ya< W. any say that there was in the pavilion before the close ol the a,eruoou meetiDg upwards of 1500 persons. The following were the officers Adjudi- cators ere Alaw Ddu, the Rev J. Griffith, Corrisy and the R-v B. Ed-vardes, vicar of the paritih; chairman of the committee, R^v B. Edwardes Ireasurer, Mr David DavifS, Bano-y-tnor; secre- taries, Mr R Pntehard, school.master, L'anfihangel y Creuddyn, aud Mr Lewis Evans, Hbyd-y-eochiaid; Among thole present during the day were thtr Right Hon the Earl of Lisburne, and the Countes of Llsburn", Cross wood Park Mr Lewis Pugh- Pugh, and Miss Bemiet, Abermaide Mr Vaugham D ivies, J.P Tanybwlch Mr T. W. Bonsall, J.P„ Glanrhei^ol; Mr B. Gardiner, aud Mrs Gardiner, Birchgrove Mr Sylvauus Lewis, Nant Eos Rev John Jon^s, Br-nmeurig R..v B. Ed warden, vicar Rev John Rees, vicar of Capel B,Lfi,,o,- Rev- Bvans, -Pont.rhydygroes; Aliss Prícp Tynyfron, Llanafan Mr W. Roberts, Eudowed School, Har- lech Mr Morgan Davies, and Mrs D.ivies, Lletty'r- gegin Dr J. Morgans, t'ontrbydygroes; Miss Evans, New Row; Miss Bennet, Poutrhydygroas; Miss R 'wH. Tyllwyd Miss Richards, Ojlfo"r, Mii; Jones, Abermagwr Mr John Jones, Abertrinanfe Mr hoi^as Jenkins, Tsnlian Miss Williams, Vicarage; Mr William Williams, St David's Col- lege, Lampeter Mr R. Rees, commercial traveller, .c &c. THE MORNING MEETING. President, h" r L. f. Pugh, Abcrmaide; conductor the Rev B. Edwardes. Programme:—Address by the President. None of the bards addressed ths meeting. R.eCl ta.tlOn, "Bjxer y loffy! blaen," for boys under 15 years of age; best, John Jones, Salem; 2nd, Jobn David Jont-s, Salem.—Solo for girls under 15 years of age, "Wyres fach, Ned Puw;" five competi- tors best, Jane Hughes, Cnwch 2nd, Mary Jones, Yspytty Ystwyth.—For the best six stanza's on "Bvwvd;" five compr'1 fors; best, Mr T Thomas, Cynfelyn 2jd, — iieiij 'ii.in, Rhyinney.—Quartette, "Ffynon Each;" three parti»s competed; best, Llan- crwyryfon party.—Speech on Glanweithdra best, Mr David Morgans, uianafan, Lia.nai'an.—For ren- dering the solo "Bageiles y Wyddfa;" so many as 34 competed, and consequently Alaw Ddu took them to the School-room, and chose four to sing in tha pavilion. Alaw Ddu, in giving his adjudication, said. that this was as good a competition as he had ever heard, and that they were very promising. Best, Mr Charles Davies, Llangwyryfon.—Recitation,"Croesaw gwraig y ty best, Sarah Jane Davies, Cwmrheidol; 2nd, one from Salem.—Adjudication of the Rev J. Griffith, on the Bedd-argraff" to the late Mrs Jamek Evans, Shop, CBweh. Prize 7s GJ, given by Mr James Evans. Best, Mr Jamis Williams (Ap Valen- tine), Llanafan—re presented by Mr Morgan Edwards, U.C.W.—Recitation, "Y Gwynt;" seven competitors;. best, Mr John Pierce, Penllwyn.—Rendering ther solo, "Bwthyn yn nglianol y wlad," for boye under 15 years best, Moses Jones, Dolau-afan, Lianaian; 2n^ ''Uugwael"—name unknown to us.Javenile choral competition, Mawr yw gweithredoedd yr Ar- glwyd. Prize, £ 1. Two choirs competed, that of Penllwyn, under the leadership of Mr John Pierce, and Yspytty Ystwyth, under the leadership of Mr William Islimael. The prize was given to the for- mer.—Arheithio bvrfyfyr, Stibjoot, O'i pksn y nn.8 g'odro buweh." Eight oompstitors. B-jst, Mr Wil- liam Morgans, Aber-ddau-naut, Llanafan.—Brass band competition. Prize, X3 3s. Oaly one band competed, that of Goginan, which well deserved the prize. THE AFTERNOON MEETING. President, the Right Hon. the Ea.rl of Lisbnraej vice-president, Mr T, W. Boa sail, Glanrheidol; con- ductor, Rev B. Edwardes. Programme :—Selection 8, by the brass band.—Address by the president.—Ad- dress by the vico-presidcnt.-Only one bard answed to the call of the couductor to address the meeting, namely, Mr William Morgan, Aber-ddau- nail t.- Reii dcring the solo, Bachgen dewr." Four competed. Best, Mr Jarne* Pieue, Penllwyn.—• Dialogue, "Rheswm a ehwint;" best, Mr Daniel Evans, and Mr John Benjamin, Yspytty Ystwyth.— Rendeiidar the solo (for ,m il,s) "Cryd g'Vti.g fy mhlentyn yw," from "Ceinciau'r Gerdd." Eight com- petitors. Best, Mn-y Jones, Ty'nrhos, Yspytty Ystwyth. The Soantess of Lisburne gave an extra. prize to Eliza Anne Stephens. Penllwyn, for singing "Cryd gwag fy mhlentyn yw," by Mendelssohn.— L'he adjudication of ths Rev J. Griffith, and the Rav B. Edwardes, on the pennillion coffddwriaetuol to the late Mr Evan Evans, Penuwch Fash. Prize.£2 2s., given by the Rev W. Evans, Penrhyneoch. Six com- petitors. Best, Mr T. Briwnant Evans, Cwmyst- wyth, represented Dy Miss E. J. Morgan, Hope.- Rendering "Twrgyn" by those over 40 years. The prize was divided between Mr John Pierce, Penllwyn, and Mr Joel Rowlands, Chancery.—Choral competi- tion of the anthem "Teynasoadd y ddaear," tor choirs over 50 in number. Priza, £3 8s. Five choirs competed, that of Seion and Llanafan united, Llan- gwyryfon, Salem, Aberystwyth, and Penllwyn. Alaw Ddu, in delivering his adjudication, said that this was a sylenaid competition, and that a ^r-3at im- provement had taken place in this neighbourhood in choral singing daring tha last five years—the time he last visited this part of the country. The Aberyst- wyth choir, under the leadership of Mr Richard James, won the prize.— The adjudication of the Rev B Edwardes on the "Love Letters." Nineteen letters were received. Best, Miss E. J. Morgan, Hope, Llan- afan.-The adjudication of the Rev J. Griffiths on the essays on "Meddwl." Five competitors. Prize, .£1 Is. Best, Mr R. C. Adams, Board School, Pen- llwyn.—Rendering Comrades in Arms," for a party of eight. Four parties competed. Best, Sir Evan. Morgans, Aber, and party.— For composition of a tune; twenty-five tuues were received. Bast, Mr John Afan Parry, Ginnbwch, Llanafan.—Rendering the duet, *'y ld:u F,)rvvr sixcomoeted. Best, Mr Evan Morgans, Aber, and Mr David Jones, Abernant. -Choral competition on the glee "Y Gsviithyu, for choirs not under 311 in number. Prize, £ 4 4s. Two choirs oomoeted, that of Penllwyn, under the leader- ship of Mr Evan Morgan, Aber, ani Yspytty Yst- wvth under the leadership ot Mr WlUiam Evans- (Alaw Afan). The prize being divided between them CONCERT. A coneert wa.s held in the evening, under the presi- dency of the Rev. John Rees, vicar of Capel Bangor, in which the brass band, Aberystwyth choir,and otners took part, Miss Evans, the School, Bangor, presiding at the harmonium. Mr John Lewis (ap cleddan), Cwmrheidol. won the prize, for the best "englyn" to Mr Lewis P. Pugii. chairman of the msrniag meeting, and Mr Taomas Mason, Aberystwyth, for the best "englyn" to the Earl of Lisburne, chairman of the afternoon meeting. All the successful competitors, in addition to tke priais, were invested wita hand- some rosettes by the ladies.. The eisteddfod proved a great success. After paying the usual votes of thanks, the meeting was brought to a close by sing- ing Hen wlad fy nhadau, Alaw Afan ta.king up tha solo.


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