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ABERYSTWYTH TOWN COUNCIL. A special meeting of the Town Council was held in the Town Hall, OR Tuesday, present Aldermen David Roberts (mayor) and John Watkins, Councillors Edward Humphreys, J. J. Griffiths, Peter Jenes, John Jones, Tom Griffiths, Isaac Morgan. John James, J. R. Jones, John Jenkins; Messrs W. H. Thomas, town clerk; David Lloyd, acting clerk; Rees Jones, surveyor; David Jones, borough accountant; Dr Morris Jones, medical efficer. ANALTSIS. In reading over the bills, one item called forth a few remarks, viz: a bill of £ 15 15* for the Analysis of three samples of water—two of Melindwr (< £ 10 10s) and one of Llyn Llygaid Kheidol (£5 5s). INTEREST. It was resolved that the half-year's interest upon the sum of XI,000 due on mortgage on the 15th inst., be paid, and a cheque was accordingly signed for the amount. APPLICATIONS FROM MR J. E. THOMAS- With reference to the application of Mr J. E. Thomas, made at the last meeting of the council, for a sum of money in addition to what be had already received, the finance committee recom- mended that he be paid a further sum of X5. The Mayor read a letter from Mr J. E. Thomas asking for a testimonial, he having made applica- tion tor the post of county rgtdii surveyor, now vacant. It was resolved that the Town Clerk draw up a form of testimonial to b* signed by the Mayor and (tthers. at a future meeting of the council. Mr Tom Griffiths proposed that the sum of e.5 be- paid. an recommended by the committee. Mr Humphreys seconded -Carried, PUBLIC WOKKS COMMITTEE. Mr John Jones, convener of the public works committee, reported that a tiie-tinic of the public w«rk< committee was held in Poplar ruw, on ,h.. 7;b inst.. preset Mr David Roberts, mayor, Messrs J. Jenkins, Peter Joaes, J. JOQ *S, Bridge End, Rees .Jones, surveyor. Poplar-row-The committee having agreed with Mr John Williams, rccemmetid that your council will pay him £ 3-3s., in considera- tion of his pulling down his «vttll. now projecting into the street. Drain in Smithfield-road—The committee visited Smithnnld-rotd to consider the application of Mr ltienard Hughes, for a new drain from his premises to the main drain by the gas works. The surveyor w*s ordered to prepare ail estimate, and present it to this meeting. Mr John Jones proposed that the report, so far as concerned Poplar-row, be adopted. Mr John Jones seconded -Carried. The Surveyor presented an estimate of the oost of laving the water pipes on LUubadarn road, and the drain down Smithfisld road. It was resolved to let ooth matters stand over far a time, on account of the present heavy rate. PLANS. Plans of cottages to be built by Mr Richard Jones, near the Limekilns, Trefcehan, were brought before the council and parsed; also plans of three small cottages, proposed to be built by Mr Joha Morgan at the bick of his house in Little Dark^ate- street, were referred to the public works committee. MEDICAL OFFICER'S IIBPOAR. Mr .ilorris Jones, M.D., medieal officer of health, reported as follows :-The heaL of the borough during the three months en mi September 30ib, hAS been very favourable, < lotal number of deaths during that period haf -itr only been 21 and out of that number two were s i->< iir<*rs, who came here suffering from the diseases they died of. Deducting these, the total would ba 19. Tnis gives an annual death rate, on the estimated population during thote months, of only 7'G 1,000. There were no deaths amongst children under fire years, and seven deaths above the age of sixty years. The number of births during the saiaa period was 54, whiuh gives an annual birth rate of 216 on the estimated population, about three times the number of deaths. The Town Clerk said they need not compliment the borough on that result, it was the same all through the kingdom. PRECEPT. The Mnyor said the next item on the agenda was to rxeeute precepts to the churchwardens and over- seers of Aberystwyth, the overseers of the tow nship of hnyndre, and the overseers of the township of Vaywor hu, requiring them rateably to raise the nutaof £ 275, in obedience to a preeept of the Aber- ystwyth sch »ol biard, madfe on the ]4th day of October, 1S79, being the amount required for the purpose of the said school board up to the 25th day of March, 1880. This was agreed te on the proposition of Mr John Jones, seconded by Mr John James. MESSRS BAILEY DENTON AND CO'S BILL. The next notice on the agendi was to take into consideration an application by Messrs Bailey Den- ton, Son, and North, for payment of the sum of 107 15* lOd, balance due to them for professional rvices in respect to a scheme for obtaining a supply water from the Melindwr valley. Mr Tom Griffiths said several influential rate- Payers having seen a notice in the Observer, stating that application would be made for the payment of 107 for the Melindwr scheme, wished to know the exact cost. Perhaps the borough accountant could tell them what they wanted to know. Alderman Watkins said Messrs Bailey Denton's bill was .£207 in all of that sum -6100 was paid last year. Mr Tem Griffiths said according to the statement of accounts over J2300 had been spent on the scheme up to last September, and it was only right that the ratepayers should know where the money was gone. He should like to have the question answered satisfactorily. Mr Isaac Morgan asked if this was the last item The Town Clerk said it was the last so far as he know at present. Mr Isaac Morgan asked when the enquiry would be held. The Town Clerk said he would tell the council this he had received a letter from Mr Stooke, stating that he would be prepared, by the end of the present month, for the enquiry. As ten days notice would have to be given from the Local Government Board, he (the clerk) to save time, wrote and told the Local Government Board what Mr Stooke had said. He also mentianed that the contract for pipes would expire by a certain time, and that it was important no time should be lost ere the council was informed whether the scheme was adopted or not. Mr Tom Griffiths said he must insist on his question being answered. Mr Peter Jones proposed that the borough accountant be requested to draw up by the next meeting a statoment of the amount expended on the Melindwr scheme. Mr John Jones seconded.—carried A lengthy conversation on the expenditure of the town took place, during the course of which Mr Issac Morgan stated that it was a mistake to erect the stables ia Smithfield-road at the present time. APPLICATION. Mr Rees Jones applied for a lease of a piece of land adjoining the new corporation buildings on Morfa mawr, to be used as a garden. Mr John Jones proposed that the land be let to Mr Jones for three years at the annual rent of j £ l. Mr John James seconded.—carried. THE BAKER-STREET OFFICE. The next notice on the agenda was to consider a letter from Mr Griffith Jones, solicitor, for the possession of the offices, now held under him by the corporation, situate in Baker-street, and to take the necessary steps for obtaining suitable premises in lieu thereof. It was resolved to give the offices up as soon as convenient premises could be obtained elsewhere. Mr Rses Jones said that for .£2;; a very suitable room could be made at the present corporation buildings, in Smithfield road. Alderman Watkins suggested that the matter be left in the hands of the public works committee. Mr Isaac Morgan said he had no objection to the alteration provided that it could be done for £25. Mr John James proposed that the public works committee visit the spot, and see what could be done, and report at the next meeting. The Mayor seconded.—carried. RESIGNATION OF THIS BOBOCGH ACCOUNTANT. The Mayor said he had received a letter frem the borough accountant, stating that having accept- ed the post of assistant auditor for North Wales, he must give np his post as borough acoountaat in another fortnight. A id be had filled the office in a very ereditable wanner, and he was glad to find he was getting a better office- Mr Peter Jones proposed that advertisements be inserted in the three papers represented in Aber- ystwyth, stating that the council would fill up the vacancy at their next meeting. Mr John Jones seconded.—carried. APPLICATION FROM MR TREDWELL. The Mayor said he had au application to make to the council from Mr Tredwell, of Aberllolwyn, who wished to bring his little fleet down here and to have a place in the harbour where he coald keep them all together, and where he could build a shed for them in the winter. He (the mayor), saw the captain Mr Martin, who went over the ground. A spot was selected, but he did not rhiakitsafe, but there was a place, if it wae legal for the trustee to grant a lease uf it, opposite the lime kilns, which was never used for any purpose—there were never any ships there. Mr John James proposed that the application be referred to the harbour committee, to report on at the next meeting. Mr John Jones seoonded—Carried. APPOINTMENT or MEDICAL OFFICER. The next items on the agenda were to direct an advertisement to be issued that the council would, at their u*xt quarterly meeting, to be held on the 10th day of November next, appoint an inspector of nuisances, for was year, or for a longer period, and to direct another advertisement to be isisued that tbe council would, at the sam* meeting, appoint a medical officer of health for the period of ony year. After some discussion as to the question ot advertising the appointments, Air John James proposed that advertisements be inserted in the three papers represented, and that silo applications tie returnable at the next iae«tiug of the eouucil. Mr John Jones seconded—Carried.




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