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THE MUNICIPAL ELECTION. It is generally admitted that the attempt made by a small clique to introduce Religion into the Council, and to set class against eUss, has met with the fate it so richly deserved. It may be safely said that the large majority of Nonconformists in this town, including all the influential members oI then' number, are thoroughly disgusted with the seltidi action of this clique, and they will not be led by the nose by Mr Griffith Juac.T. and Mr Giboon, who are, we believe, the origauitors 0, the so-called public meet- iugs. Mr Gibson, no doubt with the recol- lection of the past meetings still lingering in his luen.o.'y, has kept in the back ground at the meetings. It is a matter of surprise that the fate oL Mr R. D. Roberts, at a recent contest, is apparently forgotten by Mr John Jones und Peter Jones, whose ultimate friendship with Mr (Jibson is being watched. It ir scarcely necessary to assert anything to prove tiie liberal and straight forward con- dueL uf the so-called Church party in the past, when it is said to have been in a majority on tlie Couneil, and when it had so many opportunities of showing undue par- tiality toward•> its supporters in the distri- bution of the patronage at its disposal, had it been incliued. lint in fairness to the party it is, perhaps, right to give a listof the several tow n officials, the larger part of whom were appointed by the majority of the Council. This is an official list and speaks for itself:— Salary. ■ £ s. d. Mr W. H fhomas, Town Clerk, Congrcga- tionalist 100 0 0 Ditto, Magistrates' Olerk, ditto 150 0 0 Mr Iteeii Jones, Inspector of Nuisances, Methodist 70 0 0 Ditto, Surveyor, ditto 30 0 0 Mr Morris Jones,Medical Officer of Health, Congrejjationalist 50 0 0 Mr David Jones, Borough Accountant, Methodist 40 0 0 Mr Evan Evana, Clerk to Dewtiie's Trus- tees, Methodist 25 0 0 Mr Jense Morgan, Water Works Engineer, Metnodist 81 0 0 Mr Edward Jones, Harbour Master, Baptist 56 10 0 Mr Evan Jenkins, Collector of Harbour Dues, Methodist 48 12 0 The Castle Keeper, Congregationalist 19 2 G The Inspector under Contagious Diseases Animals Act, Methodist 2 0 0 I Mr Tnrncock, Congregationalist 50 10 0 Ditto Lodging Houses, Methodist 2 2 0 Ditto Bathing Machines, ditto 2 2 0 Ditto Hackney Carriages, ditto 2 2 0 Ditto Kxplosives, ditto 2 2 0 T le Forewau of Harbour Pier, Congrega- tionalist 87 15 0 The Town Clock Regulator, Congrega- tionalist 5 0 0 Librarian, Methodist 20 0 Lamp Lighters, do. 49 16 Hall Keeper, do 4 4 „ Scavengers, Congregationalists In addition to the foregoing there is, we observe from the borough accounts for the past year, from which we have taken the above particulars, an iteln of 9,50 7s. lid. for "hacking stones to the pier-as there were no other horses in the town fit for such work—Mr Jo n Joneg, Bridge End (Con- gregationalist) kindly supplied the public want. The offices held by 1 Churchmen are (1) Borough Treasurer, a. not very lucrative appointment; the oolhctor of rates, and one auditor; we cannot call to mind any others. If our Nonconformist friends will trace the several appointments we have quoted to (heir origin they will have little difficulty in jjrtaining the influence which was brought oearwhen the several appointments were ide. We mn.se not be misunderstood in reference to to the qualifi ution of the several "ificials, the maj orny m whom do their duty i .vell j we b,, x nothing to say against them; our only <i>jeet is to give the f late payers generally, .ind the members of the Wesleyan, Baptist tdfht- Ciuvinistic Methodist and Church j 1.1 riiej> in particular, a hint to keep their eves o*»cn. :<"d to protect themselves from i ne seiti.-di aggrandisement of the ;û Congr •nation-!list p irry, or rather a small but a.ive section of it. The object of the clique 1.1 really so palpable, and the anxiety of one or wo of its members for the interests of Noncon; irmists jyenera-lly, is such a miserable sham, that it requires no fnrther allusion fl'tJ'l'l us. There are but one or two other matters to which, on this occasiou, we will refer. The one is th > Melindvvr scheme, and we would refrain from mentioning this, but for the r.witer egotistical addresses of Mr John Jones and Mr Peter Jones. It is a very significant fact that neither of these gentle- men allude either with pride or regret to their action in this miserably mismanaged affair. They take credit tor the saving which they say recurred to the town in reduction of the gas rate and interest on lit i'is. It is but fair to remind the rate- payers of the hundreds of pounds thrown ,i >vay and lost to the town by the blunders e niiuiitted in relation to this scheme, for w nieii, we contend, these gentlemen are, to I, great extent, responsible. But for the opposition of \lr Green and one or two otners, let it berememoered, these gentlemen would have secured the adoption of what is now admitted, by even Mr John Jones and Mr Peter Jones, to have been worse than a worthless scheme. Auother matter is that Mr John Jones has not. though he ha.s had ample opportunity of doing so, explained the- transaction known as "the coal yard question." But p3rkaps lie will, in justice to himself and the rate- payers, before the day of election, enlighten them on thi? "little matter." We notice it is stated by a contemporary j that a meeting of the Church Party has 1 been held, at which it was decided to support the two Church candidates. It is only necessary for us to say that the statement is utterly false and without any foundation. We go further, and say that no such meeting of the Church pari y will be held. Mr Edward J. Jones fi'.d Mr Edward ITamer will receive the he.rty support of a large number of Nonconformists, who will not have cause to regret having supported two such men, and the only two unfettered can- didates before the ratepayers.






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