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THE APPROACHING MUNICIPAL ELECTION. Now that the Liberals of the town have thrown down the gauntlet and declared war, it becomes the duty of Conservatives and their friends to accept the challenge and not to shrink from the contest. It behoves them, in self defence, not only to fight, but so to fight as to win. No single voter must be passed by, and no stone is to be left unturned, no tactic can be neglected, and no move untried. The insult offered not only to the Mayor personally, but to the Council and to the town, is not such as should be passed by unheeded by those who have regard for the dignity and sacredness of n n office. Without the slightest provocation, and with no chance of gaining their purpose, personal feeling has been allowed to over- come all sense of propriety, and to slight and pain the sensitiveness of one of the best men who has shed lustre and honour on the Mayor's chair. The attack on Alderman Roberts must also be taken as indicative of a disposition to turn out all Conserva- tives and liberal-minded (as distinguished from Liberal ) Councillors, and to replace them by men of the narrowest and most bigotted type, for no broad-minded men would lend themselves to parties whose actions imply a total absence of refiness and culture. And all this is brought about by a noisy few who style themselves an association. This is the little section that honours Mr L. P. Pugh with its favours, and assures him of its warmest sympathy. It is true that the so-called association has on its list of names a number who resent this unbecoming policy of aggression as much as the most ardent member of the peace-loving community, but having thrown in their lot with the aggression- ists and the disturbers of the peace of the town, they must not expect to escape the consequences of their alliance. It becomes the duty and the interest not only of the Church and Conservative voters, but also of all moderate people, of any and every denomination, who have regard for the welfare of the town and the protection of their own rights and privileges, to support such candi- dates as will ensure the careful administration of the public rates and funds, and who will advocate no rash and impolitic changes for the attainment of personal or party purposes. To encourage party squables,and to allow den- ominational elements to enter into the tran- sactions of the Council chamber, is to sow the seeds of discord, which must result in an abundant harvest of personal feud, ill-felling, bigotry, uncharitablenes, and the kindred vices.



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