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NEW WORKS BY DR. SMI T H. J\t 11't't' for 1 TO Sr^.np*. "1 AEoTLITATING 1)1 SKASKS; th. ir Cause u,' J Y Cuiv. A W'AXSIM; TO YOUTH A.\0 MAX Itjiif). ilv o! ti,l Koval Li.iver- 81' Jv-na. Áltrh.H of 44 Tilt, <Junr. i rV i"1 ^u-ii.1," 6cr, A Medifi;! Work on frit* Sp«-c:u J <■ Afrvou*. !Ve»ital, and Physical .'ei-i H fy, Lo wi fv; m S i ;ui iou. fiifiness of "Want m* t.Jt's"u'v. lrriT-i* ilitr. l>r-un:es> lrphY, Jccresulting 1\'O!1 Joss of m-t tc-p »w."r, it 1I"n- teetcd.FEd in preinnture det: iiie. (iivt* I\S i »tL'l TiO.NS s.. which thousands hurt be*»n rl"<or.d )0 i1"¡'¡. I!lust¡.¡;V" Wirh Case ► and Testimonials fp»rn sjnitrfui patient*; wirit •f cure u>ed in e;K h cjisp. Si ',f L'pe 1,)' in *!i rv. *riopr, any address on 1"f'(,'¡!): or'pr'tiny stamps. Address, Dr. II. 8MITH.8, ''Mrlun-crrsCfiit, London, TV 1ST siime Author, ,iO,r free in ai. 1:1 stamps-. "•tr.OMAN Her Duties, B-lations, and Position. t Subject* trotted: GirJh^nd, Courtship. #«rrt*2». M'thrrhood. Female ErJu' ufi-'n, JrVtuaV Health. P#r«ale Hygiene, Dorneafie ?de,dicin*it iu J *I« is H «VOI on subjects of vital ii;terr>: t;, wwnen. Beautifully illustrated with ftrmrnv "n W'u:#d. Iddrrss, Dr. H. SMITH, s, iiurfon Crr-«-i:i. London, .< MOXKY. A PRIVATE OKNTI.rIM AX r. 1 i su ■, i« wiKinj; i« i; < -vi prorn ;>l ir»« If 'j 1 -•«*:», Tr sdr^hirn, an.; flr.d :rna" o"* tVvn e), residing in anv part Of 0 • d 1'iH JV'alcs, frnm v. £ ."wU, en nu<# «>f tnnd. X<» j ♦- fJr La« ra11 i't:-ticL1!r41 bj return oi •«#» ;5» >?*, 'i'Mff .< dir^cied eav\ sfafin^ nmoiin' •• T A. 3i IA !) T t' H Y 'j.rivri'f Hi!, \V*lw crth-road, j. ,t 11, >. J. X# ;-p. a- ;11 I>r;n> f.orn •* j «r (•• '» 0.0. THE KCLIP S E SAUCE. IT LCL.rSES ALT, THE CT SAP KAUCSS. TRY IT. In bottles at (id., Is. and 2<. cc.'li. IfANUJFACXUllED EY CHARLES MORRiS, REA Di ^G, i 1 told ietail by all Grocc:-d and Oilmen. UDY p C C K I T T'S 1) A g T S U I-, IX SQCAiriH.S. IT IS US £ D BY THE EU.'UKcT ON ACCOUNT OF ITo L^AUiY A X 0 BY THE POOREST, BECAUSE OF ITS CHKAPXESS. T f.Messrs. Ukcki'.i lc Sons, ShHiih(>r'r< Hush, Le. t-i on Gentlemen,ttT Octu'bfr 28th, 1871 TliG DCCHE'SS 'iin ve'.T mU("!l Flp^eu J with your HQfJAKK BLUK. I ha»e n«« of used it for Mune lniie, and hiuh for BEAUTY p^tv ijj|Tir j^iq of COLOt, it and ECUNO^1 it t<4r si^'pas^t*^ ?nj o htT I havr h>therto You J- iaO'. I respectfully. SArlAH C KR, LaumJi''PSS io H fhe Duchess of Edin>»ar^,h PRICE ONE PENNY THE SQUARE. Beware of Inju' OJ! 1 In? ta,ioui. To be had of ali respecta'de t.ocets.O Imrn. and 10it THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE." T-H-S* 'Jt- v i )—" i < o S Yf 0 r. L The Greet Blood Purifier and Restorer. Care-3 Old Sores CurMa Ulcerated Sores in the Neck. Cures Ulcerated Sore Lpg" Caves Blackheads, or Pimples on face Cures Scurvy Sores Cures Cancerous Ulcers Cure* Bleod and Skin Diseases Cures Glaudular Swellings Clean tie Blood from all Impure Matter, from whatever cause arising. As this mixture is pleasant to tho tastr, und warrfintcl free fmn anything injurious to the most dolirate constitution of Pithersex, the Propi itoor solicits sufferers to give it a trial to Ut its value. Thousands of Testimonials from all parts. Sold in Bottles 2s 0<l eai'h, and in Cases, containing six h* quuntUy, lis each—suffu-ient to eSect a pennanen kit creat majority oflins-standinz eases—BY ALL CHRMlb 1 r* AXD LATENT NIEIIICISF, VKNUOUS throushoat tlie United Kinsdo-Ji and the world, or sent to any address on receipt of 30 er 132 ,mp", by J. F. CLARKE, Chemist, Apotb a >«'Hall, Lincoln. Wholesale: All Patent Mert. ) e Houses. LONDOS 1>E1'0 r 150, OXFOitr) STREET. J. H. DAVIES, Terrace rnarl, ABERYSTWYTH HOLLOTTAY'S PILLS. Impurities of the Blood. These wonderful Pills are valued at ttie humblest liearths as well as in the houses of corntort and wetilth, Tiley worx a thor- ough purification throughout the whole system, without disors toring the natural action of any organ, and eradicate bos,. germ- wT cowiplaints which consi;jB tens of thousands to an early g.ave Debility, Loss of Appetite, Headache, and Lcumess of Spirits. Tfcese Pills will, in R few nays, effect a truly wonderful change is Debilitated Ccn'.titutions (no matter their exciting cause), as they create a healthy appetite, correct indigestion, remove excess of bila, overcome giddiness, eoniasion, sick headache, and all those gloomy forebodings arising from a bad stomach or ,¡i.- wrdered digestion. The Medi«ine for Females, Yo ung and Old. Per overcoming all obstructions and restoring suspended seere" tlons, there is no medicine 'o be compared to these. Pilis. Uni* Tersally adoptpd all the one grand remedy for Female Complain si these ('ills cannot fail, they strengthen the system, and always hring about what is required. To females en erinj mto woman hooo, or a'o the turn of life, the« are invaluable, ht ing a perfect »afe-suard against dropsy, headaches, palpitation of the heart, and all nervous affections ol'ien distressing at ttiosc periods. Complaints Incidental to Children. "Whooping cough, measles, scarlatina, fevers, and all disenves •f the skin, may lie immediately checked, and soon cured, by these purifying Pills. Xo mother -houtd he without, them. One two, or three (reduced to powder;, may be given nightly, the certainty of doing good. Nervous Disorders. Anv derangement of the nerves effects disastrously both the "and ihe mipd. To the nervous iinalid thcst Pills a-e of vi necessity, as they impai t tone and vigour to lii* inernai or ;ins, and consequently to the nervous systemwhich pervades and connects them. Hence iheir manellous cures of hysteria, low spirits, spasms, fits, nervous twitchings, and other kindred omplaints. Hollon-ny's Pills are the best rcmr h/ known in the vrorld for the lUseu.ies :— Ague |Ileadarhe Stone and Giavel Asthma (Iniligestion Secondary Symp- JllIiolls Conplai.t.. ll.ivei-(.'ouisdaints Blotches on tne SkiuiLumUigo Tic-Doloreux Eowel Complaints Piles I leers Debility jl:hl'l1n,ti.n1 i Venereal Af.p(.tion8 1)nn8Y i Ketention of Urine W orms ol all kinds Femal Irrt'gularities'cl'oiu:a, (Jr KIn; \pa],lless from Fevers of all kinds »il whaler cause Gout iSore'J'iiroats &.<■JCC, cannot be too highly rceonirnindtd. For Scrofula, Scurvy, f kin rind Sorj of all hind. H and ppnnanenr CU:T. Ir The Pills and Ointment are .0111 at I'rof. «.«or IIOI.LOWAY hstnblishment, ->&i, r, L'/ridon j by nearly e*. ery respectable Vendor ot M-tiicirie throughout tile Civilised World in fioxes and Pots, at Is. l|d., as. 'Jd., -Is, (id., 1 Is., -j-js., and 83s. each. The smailes- lim of Fills contains four dozen and HIe smallest Put ol'Ointment urif «>unce. 7ull printed dirfction.* are affixed to e*ch and Pot., and can be had in 3nT L;m £ !i*tre, ev.-n in THTA'-h. Ar thic, Armen/ari, Persian, or Cli!if.< N.B.—Adtic* can Vie obtt»ii>ed, frea of chary?, by 1 appljinf at the »Vr.r.- »ddrp-i, daily, between the honrg of 11 and 4, or by letter. GEORGF/S PILE AND QRAVEL PILLS. I'"vitfd by tevrrat rmintnt Pifsiciitnt and ."llrf)r, an.4 UNITKII»AI.LT hgld ill high etL-em. 1 houxh yon iiav" tufTerad rxnd despaired for yn.ira 5ind 1. 1, Rem in be agaui-ad there 11 s* ill L uu.s t'o: you at ft smalt COd: by ueJna pEORGK'S I>ILE AND GRAVEL. VlT" PILLS, whrch ra now raoojniscil by *U as bring the best Medicine vet .liscotfreiJ for ^iLS A.^D GRAVEL, at ■ eil fur tlsffl foi;i>wia« ruins, which, in Nicety-nfna Cases oat. at every are c&ftg.-d l'Y these painfnl PAIMINTHE BAOK,FLATUL5VCY,Q IPiNQ.COLIO, A SENSE OF WEIGHT IN THE 3ACS AtO LOIN3, DARTING PAINS IN THE flSQION O* hm HEART, UVM. AND KIC1EY3, OC!ITIPATIr)N, PAINS IN THE THIGM3, SOMETIMES 3HOOTir;G DOWN TO THE CALr- OF THE LEG AMD FOOT, SUPPRESSION AND RETENTION OF USiiVE, PA IN 3 IN THE8TOMACH, AND ALL LIVER COMPLAINTS. ThjSiaad* baT, been on-cd by t.h <e I'i !t. and m.o ""0 ti«J been pTOttoazetd hop<»l«8 11, boen thorowfhly remtrtied t. health by their rse. ONE BOX WILL C05VINXE THE MORT SCEPTICAL 01 XnilR irKKICACT. In nrfcr ft tttt ill it ho may be inJfT'ng fr„M 0X8 or r.OTfl ot tbtM Mffr# Prm)Ti*mr prfj.rer-t t*U in (ne ft>TU> rtv$/o-m Wo. l-OBOnQB'3PlLS A ORAT^-I,TILLS. Wo. 3 -(JBOKOE'3 GR a v ptl;^ No. 3—GEORGE'S PILLS FOK TXtEn.r.S. Important TettimoniaU from Doctor*, t'hemittand Invulid4, fro, all parti of the country, iri/I bt (onM/fid to any addren on receipt of a stamped envelope. Sold in Boxes, It. lid. and 2-. S.).. by all r-apectabla Chemists; by Post, Is. 4d. and 3s., in postage • tamjia RTKRY BOX 18 PROTECTKD BY THE GUTKHN'K/.N 9 a JTP. NOTICE.—Th* title" PIT Jt A yi) GRAVET, i" is Voptright, and entered at St :tioncrf IIaV. r Proprietor, J. E. GEORGE, M.&.P.8., HIRWAIN, GLAMORGANGHIRE. JOHN MOKGAN, pRINTER, 7 "OBSERVTR" OFFICE, 1, XORTH PARADE ABKRYSTWYTH, CHEAP PRINTING. LEDGERS, CASH, INVOICE, AND OTHER Account Books rnled to pattern. AGREEMENT FORMS AND LEASES. ABERYSTWYTH OBSERVE"* OFFICE. LITROGHAHPY, in the hc,t ,(y]es.— Orders taken. J ABERYSTWYTH OBSBSTEH OFFLD, 1 -&0-







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