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SATURDAY, MAY 89,1875.




CONCERT OF THE ABERYSTWYTH AND UNIVERSITY MUSICAL SOCIETY. The members of this society, which was founded some months ago, gave their first concert in the Temperance Ilall on Friday evening. The muster- roll of the society already exceeds sixty members, and considering the short space of time during which it, has been in existence its progress is most gratifying. The office of President was accepted by Col. Powell, of Nanteos the Mayor of Aberyst- wyth iva< elected vice-president, while the corn- mitt* e were nominated in equal numbers to repre- sent the town and the University, from both of which the society derives its name, the members being composed of residents and students of the colU'g1?. The conductor's baton was wielded by Professor Parry, the programme being as follows :— Cl;ornfl-" Thc Fisherman's Chorus The Socicty. Trio-" Hark the Curfew "Misses Maria Jones and Lizzie Edwar-ds; and Mr Mitchell. Dnett-" Y Ddau Awenyd(I Morgan Ed. wards and D. Jenkins. Cavatina —" Oh how sadly will memory wander Miss Annie Williams. Qnartett -"Come where my love lies ,1reaming- Misses HatHo Davies and Annie Williams, Messrs Morgan Edwards and D. Jenkins. Ballad—"It is my Wedding Morn "Miss Cordelia Edwards. (Sung this evening for the first time.) Four-part snn?—"Myfauwy "M-Ie Voices. (Performed this evening for the first time.; Descriptive Fantasia, for the Pianoforte Maesgar- mon." Performed this evening for the first time by the Composer. Trio for Female Voices—"Awakening of Birds" Misses Cordelia Edwards, Annie Williams, and Lizzie Edwards. Chorns—" Miserere "(Tower scene) 1l Trovatore. Miss Hattie Davies, Mr Morgan Edwards, and the Society. „ Four-part song—clHow well I remember .Male o Voices. Pianoforte Duett-" Overtnre: Italians, in Algeria" Misses Kate Rees and Mary Jones. Contralto Solo-" The Fairy of the Lake .Miss Lizzie Edwards. Trio- On Thee each living Soul awaits" (Creation) Miss Hattie Davios, Messrs T. D. Samuel and R. C. Jenkins. Scena—"The Charge of the Lig-ht Brigade Sung for the first time in Aberystwyth by the Composer. Glee—"IV<*w bv Day's Retiring Lamp"The Society. Ballad—" Y Telynor Bach" Miss Hattie Davies. (Performed this evening for the first time in Abervstwvth.) Tramo Chorus-" Now tramn o'er Moss and Fell 0_ The Speiety. The National Anthem. After the opening chorus from Masaniello" the Misses Maria Jones, Lizzie Edwards, and Mr Mitchell saug a trio, entitled Hark the Curfew," in a verv able manner. A duett, "Y D'lau Awenydd, followed, and was heartily appreciated bv the audience, while Miss Annie Williams' solo, Oil h"wsadlv will memory wander," was sung with great taste and skill. The quartett was greeted with loud applause, :in(l Cordelia. Edw.irds, although suffering from indisposition, sang "it is my Wedding Morn" with no ordinary efficiency. At the close of the g'ee, Myfanwy," Professor Parry playd a descriptive fantasia upon the pianoforte, illustrative of the wars of Maesgar- mon, the fine composition, which abounded with choice and striking passages, terminating with the spirited chorus of the March of the Men of T-f:il-lecli." The trio having been excellently given, the Tower Scene from ll TronHnrc was sung, Miss Hattie Davies impersonating "Leonora," while Mr Morgan Edwards sustained the rile of "The Troubadour," the pathetic "Miserere" chorus being, of course, rendfred by the society. The performance elicited loud applause, and, in response to a persistent encore, the selection from the popular ol)-i-,t was repeated. Miss Hees and Miss MMI-V Jones played a pianoforte du-tt, the overture of ItaHana in Algeria," with admirable skill, Miss Lizzie Edwards then sang "The Fairy of the Lake" in a very pleasing manner. A trio from the Creation having been sung most effectively by Miss Hattie Davies, Messrs T. D. Samupl and It. C. Jenkins, the conductor (aud in this instance, the composer), sang his arrange- ment of the Charge of the Light Brigade. The composition is one which cannot fail to add to Professor Parry's reputation, the several instances] of the heroic onslaught being radicated by the accompaniment in a thoroughly vivid manner. 1 he song wfts heartily applauded, and Professor Parry had to plead fatigue a« an excuse for de- clining an encore The" Tramp Chorus" of Sir Ilenry Bishop and the National Anthem brought the proceedings to a termination. klo--








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