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DR. CUMMING'S RETROSPECT IN THE LIGHT OF PROPHECY. A discourse was delivered at the Scottish National Church, Crown-court, London, on .Monday night, by Camming, entitled "A Retrospect in the Light of Prophecy," and which is thus reported in the London Standard :— The rev. doctor chose for a text the verses in the 24th chap. Matthew and the 21st Luke, predicting great distress in the land, wars between nations, and signs in the sun, in the moon, and the stars, which were to herald Christ's coming, and quoted from the daily press at great length, to prove that these predictions were becoming historical facts. He said he did not believe this world was ever to come to an end. What was meant by the end of the world was the finishing up of the age of the dispensation the world was to be raised in temperature, an -merited .in beauty and fertility, and to become the loveliest element in the universe, without precedent, and with- out parallel in the history of the worlds that God has mads, and, therefore, to suppose that this world was ever to be annihilated was absurd and scientifically impossible. It was not given to us to know the exact day and hour of Christ's coming, but we might judge His proximate nearness or remoteness. Christ laid down a series of significant phenomena which are to pre- cede His coming some of which inelicate the nearness of the day and hour when Ho will come with power and great glory. About twenty years ago he (the doctor), stated that the times mentioned by Daniel, and also in the Apocalypse, so far as he could see the solution of a subject confessedly difficult, would expire in the year 1868, and that these who lived to that year would see, perhaps, these phenomena all upon a scale, and with a splendour, a majesty, and sublimity unprecedented. Some of his hearers said he was rash, whilst others whom be had conversed with since had ad- mitted that he was right. He had predicted that by 1SG8 the Papal apostacy should be broken—that the kings of Europe wlio for a thousand years had supported the Pope and been his champions and apologists, instead of assisting, encouraging, and defending him, would, in the language of the Apocalypse, eat and drink as with in fire, and the whole states of the kings of Europe would be revolutionised. In 1SGS—the very year-the Pope summoned a (Ecumenical Council, and the question was _pnt to him why he had not in- cluded in the invitation to the council the crowned heads of Europe, who were always at previous councils. The answer of the Pope was that the middle age of Europe bad gone, and lie had not a single crowned head who was then his friend whom he dare invite to be present at the (Ecumenical Council. It was decided at that Council that the Pope was infallible, a thing never before impersonated in a single individual, and in the words of Archbishop Manning, What the Pope speaks upon dogmas, politics, ethics, morals, upon doctrines, he is as true as God Almighty could claim to be, and hence the Tablet had the following words :—The C liurcli that dares to assert thatthe Pontiff is infallible is either speaking by the inspira- tion of the Devil, or it is the very mouthpiece of the Holy Ghost;" 1ll other words, we must either accept that Church as the inspiration of the Devil or the mouthpiece of the Holy Ghost. What next took place!? It was strange, but neverthe- less true, that if the Pope blessed anybody, such a person was sure to come to crief, whereas if he cursed anybody he was sure to prosper. The Emperor of Austria, for instance, warred against Prussia, and be- fore he set out he and his army were especially blessed by the Pope the blessing resulted in Sadowa The Queen of Spain received the golden rose, and the Pope's special olessing but scarcely had the blessing settled upon her head than she was a fugitive from her country. Maximilian received theblessingof the Pope, and was murdered. The Pope cursed Victor Emmanuel in the most terrific terms—in terms which even un- educated people would stigmatise as coarse invective. What followed the curse ? Victor Emmanuel is now King of Italy His son is King of Spain, and his daughter is Queen of Portugal. All three were cursed by the Pope, all three are among the most enviable Sovereigns in Europe. Wherever the Pope's blessing fell there thorns and briars seemed to spring up. Had airy of the predictions recorded received that fulfilment which would justify them in believing that that prophecy was ceasing to be prediction, and was being translated into living and actual history ? He maintained they had. Take, for instance, another one in the 24th Matthew—" The Gospel shall be preached in all the world for a witness, and then shall the end of the aKe be." Had the Gospel been preached to every one? The Bible had been translated into every tongue; missionaries had preached it in the Arctic sea; in fact, from the pine forests of the north to the palm proves of the east the glorious Gospel in ne tongue of every people had been proclaimed. It was IJot toconv..rt every nation, out to be preached to every nation" for a witness." Then we find that there were to be astronomi- cal changes, the distress of nations, the seas and the waves roaring, earthquakes in divers places, pesti- lences, and plagues, and famines, and they had only to read the English am1 foreign newspapers to find how these predictions are being fulfilled—in the famine of Persia,^ the floods at Shanghae, the fire at Uhicago, &c. Nations were to rise against nations, and there were to be wars and rumours of wars, and he need not say that in 1871 the most terrible war had been mv^e<^ bad been waged, perhaps, for 200 years. I hey had had the Crimean war, the Indian war, the Italian war, the Prussian and Austrian war, and the cinders of this last war had only begun to cool when the Emperor Napoleon embarked in the terrible war he had alluded to and now we saw every nation arming to the teeth, and if that did not look like war nothing did. Look east, look west, it was rumours of wars, nations rising up against nations, and the competitor- ship of capitalists and kings was who should forge the largest guns, whoshould cast the heaviest bolts, and who should be most prepared for war. Then there had also been earthquakes at Thibet, at China, at Mexico, at Japan, at Greece, at Italy, at South America, and, according to one writer, there had been 25 disastrous earthquakes in the year 1870. The word ffarr/zog meant moral revolution as well as the motion of the earth, and Dean Alford said, whilst we accept it (in the chapter he had read) in its literal and material sense, we must interpret it as having a moral, social, and political meaning and taking it in its secondary and last sense, Europe has 'been full of tremendous changes and revolutions. The rev. gentleman having quoted American papers as to meteorological and astronomical changes and phenomena, concluded by inviting all present to pre- pare to meet their God.