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CONCERT. THE Church Choirs beg to announce to the Gen- A try and Inhabitants of Aberystwyth that they will give an EVENING CONCERT at the TEM- PERANCE HALL on TUESDAY, JANUARY 16th, 1872. Solo Pianoforte and Conductor:—Mr. EVANS, (Organist of St. Michael's Church.) PROGRAMME. 1ST PART. GLER "The Dream" Miss B. STIRLING SONG Mr. J. WMiami. SONG "Y Gwyliau" Miss E. Jones. SOLO PIANOFORTE "The Harmonious Blacksmith," HANDEL Mr. Evans. SONG "Thy voice is near" W. T WRIGHTON Miss Nicholts. SONG The Arab to his Steed" BLOCKLET Mr. Simcox. SONG Jessie's dream" BLOCKLEY Miss Jonts. SOLO PIANOFORTE "Serenade, Don Pasquale," TH.1LBEaa Mr. Etans. CHOftUS "Comrades in Arms" INTERVAL OF TEN MINUTES. 2KD PART. GLBE "To Rome's Immortal Leader" MOZART SOLO PIANOFORTE Andante,&Rondo,Capricciso,"MEM DELS- Mr. Evanl. SOHN. 'Nelson" SONG "Nelson" BBAHAM Mr. J. Davie*. SONG Miss Hughes. GLEE Sleep while the soft evening breezes blowing," BtSHOP SOLO PIANOFORTE Home, sweet Home" THALBERG Mr. Evans. SONG Mr. James. DUET Mr j ).nes. Mr. J. Morgan and Mr. Harrit. FOUR-PART SONG AND CHORUS. "GOD SAVE THE QUEEN." ELLIS & OWEN, ABERYSTWYTH SLATE WORKS ABERYSTWYTH, MANUFACTURERS of Plain-and Ornamental M Slate Chimney Pieces, Baths, Cisterns, Milk Coolers, Head Stones, Urinals, Mangers, Cattle Troughs Dairy, Larder, and Wine Cellar Shelves; Window Sills, Door Steps, Hearth Stones, Flooring, Skirting, and every description of Slate Works. SELF CURE FOR INVALIDS. Medicine Supsrseded. IfATUHBS CURATIVE, (ELECTRICITY AND MAGNETISM.) HEALTH AND MANHOOD RESTORED ( Without Medicme). Our. yourself by the Electric and Medico Self-Ad justing Curative. CJUFFERERS from Nervous Dibility, Painful CJUFFERERS from Nervous Dibility, Painful thf Men.talland Physical Depression, Palpitation of £ J uZZ m t}ie"ead Ears, Indecision,Impairid Sight and Memory Indigestion, Prostration, Lassitude, De- pression ej Spirits, Loss of Energy and Appetite, Paint in the Back ana Limbs, Timidity,$elf-Distrust. Dizziness, Love of Solitude, Groundless Fears, CAN NOW CURE THEMSELVES By the only" Guaranteed Remedy in Europe, protected and anctioned bythe faculty. Details free for One Stamp by WALTER JBMJSR, Esq., Medical Electrician. j PBRCY HOUSE, BEDFORD SQUARE, LONDON. N.B. Medicine and Fees superseded. In proof of the WONDERFUL CURES effected Invalidll can TRIAL, with reference to the leadiug Physicians 0*UFE day. Established 1840 as Surgical Mechanician, &c. A TEST GRATIS.—Send for Details. CAVTZOH. \fthe °"i v acknowledged Curative Appliance a* in v„2 u f £ ?*T> *pl a7ld T*cognised by the Medical tacuity of Great Britain, and none are genuine unless had t WaUerJenner' cautions the public against self styled doctor* imitating his discoveries, and copying por- ttons of this advertisement. Vide Prize Medal and Hospital Reports. PL U* R ALIN Til!IX, AND HOUSE DECORATOR, 38, PORTLAND STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, A LARGE assortment of PAPER HANGINGS of the Newest designs from the best makers. BATHS fitted up on the most approved principle. BW Picture and other Frames gilded. I LOWEST PRICE & BEST QUALITY. BEST Pale SOAP, 4d. per lb. the bar; Second best ditto, 3d per ». the bar. Best PETRO- LEUM OIL. from Is. lid per gallon, by taking a quantity. Best COMPOSITES, 7d. and 8d. per lb. Best Tallow DIPS, made on the premises, at the lowest price. Cart and Machinery Grease, &c. D. RICHARDS, 26, North Parade. RUTHIN GRAMMAR SCHOOL, NORTH WALES. TTEAD MASTER, REV. G. PRESTON, M.A., AA late fellow of Magdalene College, Cambridge, formerly Assistant Master at Shrewsbury Schools, and at King Edward VI.'s School, Birmingham. There are valuable Exhibitions attached to the School. Prospectuses on application to Rev. G. PRESTON, King Edward VI.'s School, Birmingham. I ro .'IO.LLOWAY'S OINTMENT All sufferers from coughs, colds, bronchitis, asthma, and irre- gular action of the heart are earnestly recommended to rub Hol- Joway's searching Ointment well over the throat, breast and back its the case may require, twice a day. Invalids may confidently rely upon the beneficial effects resulting from this treatment; this Ointment is the most trustworthy remedy for all internal and external ailments of the throat. Bad Legs, Bad Breasts, Ulcers, Abscesses, Wounds, and Sores of all kinds. May he thoroughly healed by the application of this Ointment to the parts affected, after they have been duly fomented with warm water. Under the action of this powerful Ointment, aided by the Pills, the depraved humours of the body will be quickly removed; even scrofulous ulcers and foul sores, however old or inveterate, can thus be cured. In Gout, Rheumatic, and Neuralgic Pains. E J*1'8 Ointment never fails to give relief. Its very first appli- puin>N inflammation and diminishes both heat and route to O»SL*OOTL,'RIS Ointment, by depurating the blood on its severe and .K1" '.HE AFFected parts, promotes healthy action. In their PURIFYIN^JU CA"ES THE PILLS SHOULD always be taken, as whole mass of SOLIDT^'« AN, ,RESTORATIVE qualities place the ana fluids in a wholesome condition. The Mother's Friend—Skin Diseases, how- ever desperate, may be radically cured. Scald heads, Itch" blotches on the din scrofulous 3ores or king's evil, and such like affecti?xig, yield to the nliglity power of this fine Ointment, provided It be well rubbed around the affected parts two or three times a day, and the Pm« be t»vcn according to the printed directions. Piels. Fistulas, and Internal Inflammations. PersonRaaieted with these distressing complaints will and in \L ,,°,N.LUL Ointment instant means of relief, and all can effect ttarown cure without explaining their infirmity to any UNE- 1 .'V'/IN 8MAU doses, greatly assist the Ointment, as they purify the blood and regulate the stomach. Both the Ointment and Pills should be used in the following complaints Bad Legs Corns (Soft) Lumbago SkinDiseases Bad Breasts Contracted ltild Piies ° Scurvy Burns Stiff Joints Rheumatism Sore Heads Bunions Fistulas Sore Nipples Tumours Chilblains Gout Scalds Ulcers Chapped Hands; Glandularswellings Sore Throats Wounds The Pills and Ointment are sold at Ptofessor HOI.LOWAY'S Botablishment, M3, Oxford-street, London also by nearly every Vendor of Medicine throughout the Civilised World, M.^OXEMAND POT". TS. ljd., 2s. 9D., 4s. 6d. lis 22s and 33s. ach. The 2s. 9d. size contains three, the 4s. 0d. size six, the ?ZE SI.XTEEN> the 22S. size thirty-three, and the 33s. SITE R>TIMES quantity of a Is. LJD. Box or Pot. The F,. of PILLS contains four dozen; and the smallest Pot ULNTL"ent one ounce. -*NUHI directions are affixed to each Box and Pot, and TELI.J ''INGUAGE, even in Turkish, Arabic, Armenian, rersian, or Chinese. ESTABLISHED 1S16. FRANKFORT BOUSE, PIER. ST., ABERYSTWYTH. A- (DW RESPECTFULLY announces to the Nobility, Gentry, Inhabitants, and Visitors of Aberystwyth and the neighbouring District, that she has a varied and choice assortment of most superior Goods, which sheisprepared to offer at. unusually low prices. Watches and Jewellery Repaired on the Premises y- All Orders attended to with thejgreatest punctuality. GREAT CLEARANCE SALE, LEWIS o. DAVIES, No. 33, GREAT DARK-GATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, t>EGS to infrrin Visitors and Residents that his FIRST ANNUAL SALE of surplus Stock will commence on MONDAY NEXT, SEPTEMBER 4th, and continue during the Month FANCY DRESSES, PRINTS, MUSLINS, SHAWLS, JACKETS, &c., &c., at an immense reduction. SCOTCH WINCEYS bought prior to the recent great advance will be sold from 20 to 30 per cent. under present value. This Sale will afford an unusual opportunity of securing GREAT BARGAINS. TERMS-READY MONEY. REMEMBER THE ADDRESS,- TWO DOORS BELOW MARKET STREET. BOOTS! BOOTS! BOOTS! FOR GOOD AND CHEAP BOOTS GO TO DICK'S, 16, GREAT DARK-GATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. /RENTS' Elastic Sides, really good quality, from 7s. 6d.; Ladies'ditto, pqually cheap a large quantity of Sea-side Boots—Ladies', really good quality, from 4s. 6d.; Gtents' ditto, from 6s.; Boys and Girls' ditto from 2s. 3d.; a large quantity of Boys and Girls' Boots of every des cription. Repairs neatly and speedily executed with Leather or Gutta Percha. New Elastics put in old Boots. I Gents'set of Cotton Is. 4d. Ladies'set of Cotton Is 0<! Ditto ditto Silk Is. 9d. Ditto ditto Silk Is 4d. BERLIN REPOSITORY, Ladies' Outfitting & Baby Linen Warehouse, «, PIER STREET, ABERYSTWYTH.. I S_ 1T.COOKE, (Of 20, NEW STREET, BIRMINGHAM,) INTIMATES that he has OPENED the Premises as above, with a large Assortment 0. -L BERLIN & FANCY NEEDLEWORK-Ladies' and Children's UN J)ER-CLOTH- lNG-BABY LINEN-FANCY TIES—GLOVES—HOSIERY—I. Am?— variety of FANCY ARTICLES suitable for suitable for the S. N. C. is showing a specialty in Ladies' SHETLAN WRA nvARent and approaching Season. — — JOHN JAMES, LONDON AND ABERYSTWITH WHOLESALE & RETAIL TEA, WINE, & SPIRIT STORES, JVo. 51, North Parade, and Terrace Road. Agent for Bass & Co/s Burton Ales. (Pale Ale, 4s. 6d. per dozen.) „ „ Alexander Perry & Go's Dublin Pale Ale. (In 9 Gallon Casks, at 13s., strongly recommended for Family use.) „ „ Guinness's Extra Stout. (4s. 6d. per dozen.) „ „ Findlater & Co's Dublin Stout. (Firkins, 13s; Kilderkins, 26s.) „ Martell's old Pale Brandy. (54s. per dozen.) „ „ Hennessy's old Pale ditto. (54s. per dozen.) „ „ Moet & Chandon's Champagne. „ Max Greger's Hungarian Wines. Crosse & Blackwell's Goods in great variety. E. JENKINS Manager. THE BRANDY I, OF LAGRANDEMARQUE The delicacy and age of these Brandies place them as the most wholesome Spirit offered to consu- mers. Over two hundred and twenty thousand gallons of this Brandy were shipped to Great Britain dur- ing 1870. CASED BRANDY, BOTTLED AT COGNAC. Blue Label (5 yrs. old) 48s. per doz. Yellow „ (9 „ ) 54s. „ Pink" (u „ ) 60s. „ White „ (19" > 84s. „ The Cognac Houses are not the Distillers of the Brandies shipped -Brandy is distilled from Wine grown in the Charente Districts LA GRANDE MARQUE COGNAC- VICTOR, JOUANNET, & Co., Cognac Proprietors. The largest holders in the world of the famed vintage 1856. Agent—Mr. JOHN JAMES, I LONDON & ABERYSTWYTH TEA, WINE, & SPIRIT STORES, NORTH PARADE AND TERRACE ROAD. and, as in England the Farmer goes to market with samples of his Corn, so in the Charente Districts the Growers attend the Cognac Mar- ket with samples of their Brandies; and thus all the Cognac Firms have to make up their Stock by the pur- chase of an innumerable number of small parcels. The proprietors of LA GRANDE MARQUE having a very 'large Capital are enabled to buy direct from the Growers, on the best terms; and, through great judgment in the selection of their Brandies, the superiority of their Stock is seenred. THE STOKES OP LA GRANDE MARQUE cover nearly two acres of land. and contain 25,000 Hogsheads' of BRANDY. The Value of this Stock is of such an extent that it is insured with eighteen different Insurance Com- panies. I LONDONER. ANCHES: 227, High Street, Shadwell. 63, Cleveland Street, Oxford Street, W. 19, Charles Street, St. George's. 4, Salmon's Lane, Litnehouse. NOTICE. J. RICHARDS & Co., TAILORS, DRAPERS, & GENERAL OUTFITTERS, BEG to inform the PUBLIC tl»*t their Stock is well-assorted with the NEWEST STVLE in PLAIN & FANCY COATING, TROWSER1NG, and VESTING. Any length cut. Patterns, post free. All Orders promptly oxeruted, by hand or machine, in a workman-like manner and the most Fashionable Style A large Assortment of Gentlemen's SHIRTS, LINEN & PAPER COLLARS and FRONTS; SILK TIES & SCARFS; GLOVES, BRACES, UMBRELLAS, HATS and CAPS. SILK HATS to order. One Price only.-All goods marked in plain figures. CARDIGAN HOUSE, 18, Market Street, Aberystwyth. Hair-cutting, Dressing, Dyeing, Singeing, and Shampooing Saloons. HAIR-BRUSHING by MACHINERY, with the latest Improvements. iflRi. M. IEWTOI mGJt^T2Z*^ ,ha,nliS t0L the Nobility, Gentry, Inhabitants, and Visitors of Aberystwyth IT !nLrp/l inf ge to her late Husband for 16 years and respectfully informs them that she has entered nto «„ arrangement with MB. H. HAWKINS, Court Hairdresser, of New Bond-street, London, W., for the carrying on of the above Business. PRIVATE SALOONS FOR LADIES <S& FAMILIES. S^spn's celebrated botanic hair An extensive Stock of Prime CIGAITS, CIGARETTES, FANCY TOBACCOES, PIPES, &c. TOYS of every description. PIANOFORTES PERAMBULATORS on Hire. 15, Pier-street, Aberystwyth, T/u ee doors from the Marine Terrace. J- H. DA VIES7 PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMIST & WINE & SPIRIT MERCHANT. Terrace hoad ,-5- North Parade, Aberystwyth. Agent for BASS'S PALE ALE, in Cask and Bottle. » „ ALLSOPP'S ditto ditto, in Cask and Bottle. » „ GUINNESS S EXTRA STOUT, in Cask and Bottle. -•> „ MARTELL'S OLD BRANDY. J „ HENNESSY S OLD ditto. »» „ MOET'S first quality CHAMPAGNE. „ „ SCHWEPPE S & ELLIS'S MINERAL WATERS. Depot for Foreign Mineral Waters. i Ports, Sherries, and Clarets of very choice qualities. • S. ALLSOPP & SON. p 0 A-4 » HAS now on hand a Supply of MILD ik BITTER ALES. Office: 9, Portland Street, Aberystwyth. TO BK DISPOSED OF,, A DRAPERY AND MILUHERY BUSINESS, I The Shop having Plate Glass Windows. SW THE STOCK ANI; FIXTURES TO BE TAKEN AT A VALUATION. »%* Apply on the Premises, 35, Great Dark-gate Street, Aberystwyth. j W. A. BOUCHER, Pianoforte, Harmonium, and General Music Warehonse, CASTLE STREET, SHREWSBURY; LUDLOW & LEOMINSTER. lH3& TJIANOFORTES by Broadwood, Collard and Collard, }s«f JT Kirkman, Hopkinson, Cadby, Brimsmead, &c. jjjjjjjm allowance made for Pianofortes and Harmo> l8l Instruments Hired out by the year, with option of purchase on easy terms. The utmost Discount allowed for Casb. ~yr instruments purchased warranted and kept in ||j|p r li|l| an(^ exchanged within 6 months, if not = mmim; ,1,1ft -llf WPIANOFORTES, HARMONIUMS, &C., TUNED & M||liW jl REPAIRED BY EXPERIENCED LONDON WORK- MEN. Instruments Tuned and Regulated by the year at a considerable reduction. The NEW LONDON MODEL, a very elegant and good 7-Octave Instrument, from 25 Guineas. ø- AMERICAN ORGANS, by Hamlin & Co., Dussek, &c. AT NT ,Vti,oE AIARR Vt NOE AIA LIGHT ONLY on the BOX zk:cjpiTY' SAFETY L < THE PUBLIC ARE CAUTIONED AGAINST u 's I illkf. -VA Ell ,2, LITTLE DARK-GATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. AMiroal CLEAHAKCa SALE. J- F- JOlsTES WILL offer on MONDAY NEXT, and during the remainder of the month, the entire Stock of Winter Goods at a very Great Reduction From the original Prices, as all must he CLEARED OUT to make room for Spring Purchases. The Remains of last Summer's Stock will be Sold at a Great Sacrifice. ™—*■ The great Reductions made to ensure a speedy Clearance will at once be apparent to the most casual observer, and clln Ilot fail to satisfy purchasers. N.B. All Goods Sold at the Reduced Prices must be for Ready Money. FINE Flavoured Strong BEEF TEA, at about 2Jd. a pint. Ask for 1JEBIG COMPANY'S EXTRACT of MEAT, requiring Baron Liebig the Inventor's Signature on every jur, being the only guarantee of genu neness. Excellent economical stock of Suups, Sauces, &c. MR. EVANS, ORGANIST OF ST. MICHAEL'S CHURCH, BEGS to inform the Gentry and Inhabitants of Aberystwyth that he gives LESSONS on the Organ, Pianoforte, and in Singing. y- Pianofortes for Sale or Hire. 36, North Parade. HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICINES AND HANDBOOK. 300 pages, bound, Is., or by post for 14 stamps. THE HOMOEOPATHIC FAMILY INSTRUC- TOR (an Epitome of). By RICHARD EPPS, Member ofthe Royal Coliefe of Surgeons of England Upwards of a hundred diseases are fully described and prescribed for. London Published by James Ep).s ittid Co, Homceopatbic Chemist (the first established in England), 112, Great Russel- street; 170, Piccadilly; and 49, Threadnee<Jle-street. CAUTlox.-The medicines supplied by Barents are secured by a band ovf-r the cork, and which band bears the signature, James Epps and Co., Homeopathic Chemists, London," without which none are genuine. AGEKTS. Tenby, Walkington; also. M. V. Davies, Bride-end- John Lloyd, Dunraven-place. Cardiff; T. Williams, Bute-street- K Drane, 8, Queen street; Merthvr, E. Thomas, 143 Hieh- street; Neath, W. Hibbert: Towyn, Evan Newell. J. C. & J. FIELD'S NEW PATENT AND OTHER CANDLES NIGHT LIGHTS & TOILET SOAPS. OZOKaaZT Patented. This well-known Candle gives the most brilliant light, and from its hardness is specially adapted for Ball Rooms. SPSRMACETZ and COMPOSZTIOV, or TRANSPARENT VAX CABBLIS Thesp bvathp!rLCft r11^' thIlatter Used hj Her MaJestT, distinguished tbp nnmm steady burninK- still maintain, in spite of competing varieties introduced of late, their high position amongst the upper classes, and can be had either with plain or patent self-fltting ends as desired. —^ese admirable Candles are yearly demand, and are supplied as heretofore in Sperma- in a boi™ Petro-Stearine, and also in Chamber Candles 18 The trouble and danger of pa- per are aVOIded by the use of these patented Candles. Under the "„Xws •- estmmster Wedge Candles" they are supplied as Transparent Paraffine, ") Hard white and glossy Stearine > an(^ Composites of all qualities, ) to lb. only, AIFD Chamber Candles, 12 caudles in a box. NOK-OtrTTEaiJTO CAVDL8S,—The tendencv to gutter greatly lessened, are sold as follows :—The Channelled Candles, yellow; the Fluted Candles, clear, in boxes of Ts 24 86 candles each, and the Cable Candles, white, in boxes of 12 18* and 24 candles each. The Candles va^ing in Le, each of the same quality, is sold at the same price. The ABKATZD CANIkI.ES have longitudinal in- tCTnal channels for the prevention of guttering, and into these external air ,s introduced adding brilliancy to the flame" Sold amepr« -ac'n Jo 4 C8ndle8 each' in 8ize- the xirHT?w'S^Certaint-^and regularity. OGLE- BY b MAR MGHT LIGHTS as a rule burn their time and give a good light. TfOIIiEX SOAPS-The well-known UNITED SER- VICE TABLETS in general use through the United Kingdom, the Colonies, and British Settlements throughout the world. The SPERMACETI TABLET possesses valuable I emollient properties, and is exquisitely perfumed. J. C. & J. FIELD'S NEW PATENT AND OTHER CANDLES, NIGHT LIGHTS AND TOILET SOAPS, May be obtained of all Dealers throughout the United Kingdom The Trade alone supplied, but Messrs. FIELD will be happy to supply consumers with any information as to the special quali- ties of their goods, and with the names of their nearest vendors. TRY POOLE'S BREAD! 26, PIER STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, (Opposite the National Provincial Bank,) WA RR ANTED Genuine, and stamped Poole" on the top of every Loaf. H. POOLE also professes to sell Goods of every de- scription in PASTRY, of the very best quality,—viz., SEIW, GERMAN FRUIT, and other CAKES, in great variety if not on hand, will be made on the shortest notice. Also, SOUPS, JELLIES, CUSTARDS, BLANC MANGE, PIES, TARTS, PUDDINGS, See., suited for invalids and others, to order. British Wines—Lemonade—Soda Water-Sherbet- Ginger Beer, yc. A /so, Ices. ^d^)CALVANlC(J^r CHAIN-BANDS. BELTS, I POGKET BATTERIES, HAVE RENDERED ELECTRICITY PER- FECTLY SELF-APPLICABLE in a mild continuous form, and EXTREMELY EGFICACIOUS without shock or un- pleasan' .-i-nsation. They M'EEPILY SOOTHE agonising pains, re-animate torpid limbs, revive the sluggish functions of life, and impart renewed energy and vitality to constitutions enfeebled by whatever causes. The daily increasing number of cures effected by PULVER- MACHKK'S MEDICO-GALVANIC SYSTEM is so extensive and varied, liiat it forcibly points to this invention as the embryo of a universal remedy. THE FOLLOWING TESTIMONY signed by the < li.t( of the English medical faculty has been received "We, the undersigned, have much pleasure in testi-" "fving that Mr. J. L. PULVRRMACHER'S recent" "improvements in his Volatic Batteries and Galvanic" A v Dliances for Medical Purposes are of great import-" uii( e to Scientific Medicine, and that he is entitled to" the consideration and support of everyone disposed to "further thtf advancement of real and useful progress." "Dated this 9th day of March, 1866." "CHARLES LOCOCK, Bart., M.D., F.R.C.P." "WM. FERGUSSOX. Bart., F.R.S." "EDWD H. SIEVEKING, M.D., F.R.C.P." "HENRY HOLLAND, Bart.. M D F.R.S." "J. RANDAL MARTIN, F.R.C.8." And Dr. C. HANDFIELD JONES. F.R.C.P. & F.R.S., Phy- sician to St. Mary's Hospital, under date March 10th, 1866, in a similar Testimonial as to above, states :—" I am certain that he is an honest fai-nest)abourer in the field of Science, and I think that he deserves to meet with eery encouragement from the "profession, and from scientific men." Also Recommended by Sir DUNCAN GIBB, Bart., M.D., L,L.D." "T H. TANNER, M.D.. FL. Soc." "J RUSSELL REYNOLDS, M.D., F.R.C.P. "C. B. RADCLIFFE, M.D.. F.R.C.P., F.R.S. "A. CLARK, M.D., F.R.C.P.. Physican to London Hospital," &c., &c., itc. PRICE-LIST of PULVERMACHER'S 1. GALVANIC CHAIN-BANDS, BELTS, and FLEXIBLE BATTERIES. A. NARROW CHAIN-BANDS for Sciatica, Rheumatic,Neu- ralgic, and Gouty Pains, Chronic Rheumatism, Local Pa- ralysis, Cramp in the Extremities, according to Electric Power 18s., 22s 40s., and upwards. B. BROAD CHAIN-BANDS or BELTS, for Lumbago, Indi- gestion, Liver, Chest, and Nervous Complaints, &c., wear- able as a Belt 22s. to 40s. and 55s. C. BROAD CHAIN-BANDS for nervous Deafness, Head, Tooth, and Face Ache, and Noises in the Head 21s. and upwards. D. BROAD CHAINS for Loss of Voice and other Affections ofthe Throat, Asthma, Spinal Complaints 10s. «d., 18s., 22s and 40s. E. BROAD CHAIN-BANDS for Writers' Cramp, Trembling, Nervousness, &c. 22s. to 30s., 40s., and 60s. P. COMBINED BANDS for General Debility, Central Para- lysis, Epilepsy, and Functional Disorders 60s. to 60s. COMPLETE SET WITH YOLTA ELECTRIC BELTS for restoring Vital Power S3. WITH VOLTAIC FLEXIBLE CHAIN BATTERY 98. G. CHAIN BATTERIES for Extreme Nervous Debility, Para- lysis, and for restoring exhausted Vital Energy, (to be used in conjunction with specially combined Bands) j £ S 10S. to 4 Guineas. H. HIGH-TENSION'FLEXIBLE CHAIN POCKET BAT- TERIES, with a complete Set of Combined Bands, Belts. and accessories (for special cases) j £ 10 and upwards, Vo Galvanic Bands or Belts are genuine but those bearing the facsimile of J. L. PULVERMACHERIS signatureon the label. PULVERMACHER'S PAMPHLET of Testimonials and Re- ports of cures containing likewise numerous extracts from many standard scientific vaorks, viz., Dr. Pereira's" Materia Medica," 4th edition; Dr, Tanner's Practice of Medicine," 8th edition and Dr. Handfield Jones on Nervous and Functional Disorders, &c." Sent post free on application to the Sole Inven tor and Patentee, J. L. PULVERMACHER, GALVANIC ESTABLISHMENT, 168 rEGENT STREET, LONDON, W. And of John Cole, Ctoymtot, Atoerystwytto. LEA & PERRINS' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE. Pronounced fjH Be careful by Connoisseurs to ask for THE ONLY LEA & PERRINS" Ie GOOD SAUCE." SAUCE. See name on wrapper, label, bottle and stopper. Sold by Crosse & Blackwell, London, and by all dealers in Sauces. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS- LEA & PERRINS, WORCESTER. J. W. ROGERS, AUCTIONEER & PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT, ABERYSTWYTH, (Branch Office: 45, Mottyn-street, Llandudno.) SALES efficiently conducted, with prompt settle- ments.—Valuations made for Probate and Ad- ministration purposes.—Receiver and Trustee In Bankruptcy. REFERENCES TO CLIBHTS AND BANKERS. MARBLE AND STONE WORKS. SWAN HILL, SHREWSBURY. R. DOBSOZT RESPECTFULLY begs to intimate that the Show Rooms contain a large collection ot Marble. atone, A Enamelled Slate Chimney Pieces, ° Mturbte A. Stone Moral Mommeata. Cemetery 4 Churchyard Memorial*, Fonts, Fountains, Vases. 4e. Designsforwarded for inspection; and commu- nications oy letter will receive immediate attention DR. HUNTER's Special Lectures to Young Men on HEALTH, ITS RESTORATION, AND HAPPY MARRIAGES.-When to marry, with advice to those who contemplate marriage, pointing out certain impediments which render married life unhappy, and directions for their speedy removal. Should be read by all who valne health, strength, and manhood, and wish to attain a happy old age.—- Post free on receipt of two stamps.—Address, Secre- tary, Institute of Anatomy, Birm. READ THE WARNING VOICE. A SPECIAL WORK FOR PRIVATE IN- STRUCTION. By HENRY SMITH, M.D., of the University of Jena, Author of the "People's Guide to Health," &c. THE WARNING VOICE, a medical work (160 pages) giving the NEW SPECIAL TREATMENT for the perfect cure of Nervous Debility, Painful Dreams, Mental and Physical Depression, Palpitation ofthe Heart, Noises in the Head and Ears, Indecision, Impaired Memory, Indigestion, Prostration, Lassitude, Depression of Spirits, Loss of Energy and appetite, Pains in the Back and Limbs, Timidity, Self Dill- trust, Dizziness, Love of Solitude. Groundless Fears &c With a New Chapter on the Use and Abuse of ELECTRICITY for the Cure of Nervous Debility. Contains many letters from patients who have tried the so-called remedies without medicine. Drovinr that r ELECTRICITY IS NOT LIFE. ILLUSTB ATED with Cases and Testimonials from grateful patieatt WITH MEANS OF CURE USED in each case. Sent free by post to any address, secure from observation, on receipt of two stamps. AddreM—Dr. H. Smith, 8, Burton Crescent, London, W.C. IMPORTANT TO COUNTRY PATIENTS. 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Just published, price One Penny, JENKINS'S HOUSEHOLD ALMANACK, AND Year-Book of Useful Knowledge, For 1872, CONTAINS the rising and setting of the sun and C moon a copious calendar law terms postage rates; tables of stamps and taxes; eclipses; notes to the calendar, &c.; Health is more precious than wealth; The singularities of Lord Stowell; How Madeleine Witter came to marry a clergyman Give and forgive An eccentric literary celebrity; The art of Jiving, and the aim of life; Two hundred years ago—a contrast; An example of perseverance Low birth and iron fortune Looking forward An illustration of wasted genius Precepts and proverbs worth treasuring; A would-be corrector of morals; The use and abuse of conversation Golden maxims for the household; List of fairs; and much other valuable and important matter. ABERYSTWYTH PUBLISHED AND SOLD BY D. JENKINS, 8, PIER STREET. LETTS' AND OTHER DIARIES. ALSO, A TARIBTT OF CHRISTMAS CARDS AND NOTE PAPER. 1854, .0.13. Dk-gate St. ABERYSTWYTH. 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FOR A SMALL OUTLAY, And where Ginger Beer, tfeere is no flHH andSodaWa- previous A* Jpjfa 1 ter Machine, knowledge of BMM as the public the business M>1 |K' ija taste is so required, is a Bill «1 /fBiBaBB much on the r for Aerated drinks. The book of 44 pages of illustra- tions and information forwarded free. S. BARNETT, Engineer. 2Bi FORSTON STREET, HOXTON, LONDON, N.