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THE NEW MARKET SCHEME. The Terrace Road Market Company have applied themselves vigorously to the construction of their new market. They have already completed the work of demolition, so far as the removal of old buildings are concerned. The cottages at the back have been pulled down to make way for the new edifice, the front walls of which are already finished, so that the roof will shortly be affixed in its proper position. There is every indication of seeing it open very shortly. Its construction was delayed for a few weeks, owing to a misunderstanding with some of the build- ers who tendered but the company have since de- termined to carry on and complete the work them- selves, under the superintendence of Mr James Evans. A precise idea of the general effect of the building when completed, can hardly be correctly formed at its present stage but we are assured that great care will be taken to make it replete with the necessary accommodation and from the business-like habits of Mr James, who is joculary termed "the company," owing to his being himself the prime mover and the life and soul of the scheme, we have no doubt but it will be brought to a successful issue. It is stated that Mr James has, in a truly enter- rising spirit, offered to allow the farmers and mil- ers who attend the present old ricketty building in Market-street, which is dignified with the appellation of corn market, full liberty to occupy the. proper de- partment in his new market free of any charge for the unexpired time of their taking, as they are,. mostly, yearly tenants. It is well-known that several influential farmers and corn dealers have positively Eromised to transfer their patronage to the new uilding when it is ready for their accommodation. To use a popular phrase, we may state that the pro- moters of the scheme "leave no stone unturned which is likely to secure its success. It appears that the other market scheme for the re-construction of the old building is likely to collapse, after all said and done, if we are to judge from the remarks made by Mr Hughes about the difficulty and doubt which surrounds the granting of the promised lease. The next meeting, which is to be held this evening, will, we opine, settle the long pending question of to be, or not to be," which has been repeatedly discussed at numerous meetings of the incipient company. KINAHAN'S L. L." and really good old Irish Whisky are synonymous terms. Until the Messrs Kinahan introduced their delicious old mellow spirit it was impossible to get good old Irish Whisky in England but now the L. L." can be obtained in all its purity in every towu throughout the kingdom in the well-known red seal and pink-labelled bottles. MODERN CUSTOMS.—Presentations and testimonials are largely on the increase; this modern custom appears to extend to almost every household, for no auspicious event is allowed to pass without its being marked by some pleasing souvenir; Birth- days, Christenings, Marriages, the seasons of the year, such as Christmas, New Year, &c., invariably receive special comme- moration. The attention of one of the great London Manufac. tarers, Mr. J. W. BENSON of 25, Old Bond Street, and of the City Steam Factory, Ludgate Hill, has been directed to this subject. With the view of giving more artistic effect to this custom of society, he has published a most interesting Illustrated Historical Phamphlet upon Watches and Clocks, also one upon artistic Gold Jewellery, Silver and Electro-plate; all are profusely illustrated with choice designs, and are sent post free for 2d. each, thus bringing within the reach of those who live even thousands of miles away from London, one of the largest and most artistic collections which cdn be seen in any part of the world; and, if necessary, desingsare prepared to illustrate any special case.



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