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The following is the evidence as given on Saturday :— James Smith Iwom; I am a painter and glazier, and fre- quently worked for the old gentleman, I went to work at Wellington-square a fortnight ago last Monday. I went on Tuesday last to finish my contract, and could not get in. The prisoner was there wtiile I worked there; he waa white- washing the first week I was there. I went to Mr. Heulin for some money, and the housekeeper was there and told me to come at nine on Saturday evening. I went round to draw some money. Mr. Huelin came round to the square. On the second Monday after the 25th March Mr. Heulin said he was sorry he had found fault with me for going to do other work, because he was satisfied I had worked properly for him. Pr soner was there. Mr. Heulin asked me would I have a sove- reign or half sovereign to go on with. I laid half a sovereign was enough, and he gave me Is. to get lome beer with too in a few minutes. When he went into the house the prisoner said to me at the door, Ain't he got a lump of it ?" I said, Yes." He said, It would not be amiss to get him up or down, and put his light out, and go to America with it." Prisoner saw his money as he gave me the gold. A day after Mr. Heulin gave me another Is., but prisoner did not see it; Mrs. Boss told me I wanted a new brush, and asked the price I said. Is.; and she gave me }s from a lot of sovereigns. Prisoner laid, She's got a lump of it;" and said he would Uke to have i.; Prisoner, in a lend voice: Now Smith, you are contradict fag yojir own self on every word; what you have spoken is a falsehood altogether. Smith; I have not, It's all true, and you know it. Elizabeth Green, the prisoner's companion in the cab at the house on the night of the discovery of the body in the box, was called, but the police stated she was still in hysterics. Detective Inspecter James Pay, Scotland-yard, proved that he went on Thursday night last to 26, Seymour-place, Fulham- road, where the prisoner lived, and found some papers, title deeds referring to Mr. Heulin's property, and a bunch of keys, one of whjch fitted the rev. gentleman's wardrobe. Mr. Carter, recalled t J produce a duplicate key of the wardrobe they are similar. Superintendent Fisher: The keys are more to do with the other charge. Witness (by the magistrate): Prisoner is a married man. H v u with me to the station, and identified him as her husband. I accompanied her back to the house. There is one child at home, and she saqrs she has another at present in Scotland. Elizabeth Green, the young woman spoken of as the pri- s&iW'S companion, was the next witness. She presented an idiotip appearance, and is paralysed on the left side. She, howevev, gaye her evidence very well. She said I am married. My husband's name ia Edward Green. I live at No 27, St. Anne-street, and my husband lives there for aU I know. I Rswthe prisoner last Wedaepday night I met him at the next street to Windmill-street, the top of the flaymarket- I Wal selling fusees, and said to bim, Do yoa want to buy » box of lights, please?" He spoke to vofi, 8?*f> .Jf011 had better put the licfcts in joar pocket, and come with me" I did so Wa wopt Uttte Vjd he asked ma to go into "a public-house and have ^^d'noth?^_drink ? 1 did EO, as T was cold and wet and bad had nothing io eat. He took me into another pubuc-house, and gave me some to drink, and then asked me to jj°us £ 1 said I would, and we got into a fly, and he^took me to his house. and Trent into a room, he called for a biottl of wine, and a woman brought it up. I did not notice the wonian. He poured out a glass of fine, and I drank it, and a second, and drank that, and then hp wanted me to have more, but I would not. I said "Good night and went away. The Magistrate: IJid jou not jiee a van or anybody at tne door ? Witness: N". The Magistrate: Were ycu not in the houseon the landing, and prisoner followed you upstairs ? Witness No I never saw anybody, I am sure. Superintendent Fisher: It appears he tooli her to a goo I many public-houses, so that may account for her forgetfu.- ness of what took place in the house. The Magistrate: I know; she was charged before me with being drunk' and incapably the next morning, and I let her go, on the projnise she would keep from drink and go to Cambridgeshire, wherei sEe came from. Witness: I will never transgress again. The Magistrate It's a pity you cameto London. Superintendent Fisher: I believe he bought her some cl(1thes. Witness: Yes, he bought me this hat and dress, Jacket, boote, and stays; he changed silver, and as he did so gave me the coppej'?. PItt Tarlton: I ap;1 ap inspector o the T. division. I was at the station when" the prisoner was brought in and put in tha dock; he was searched by the constable by my order, and the things produced were found this deed was in the breast pocket da fhp La ft side, and had the blood on it you now see. I asked the copstawle if he was drunk; the cc-mtsble said rio, he had 1\1:i away and falieh down, and was retaken. The monpy and keys and a broken botUp wtfe foiled ip JU? pockets: the bottle had been broken In fragments, but the cork remained in the neck of it, and smelt of poison. I said I thought it was poison, and the moment I said so the prisoner, who was standing in the dock with a very high rail in front of him, suddenly fell head foremost over the front. I had him carried to the reserve room and laid on the table, and sent for Dr. Godrich. He speedily arrived, and was with the prisoner about two hours, during which time he showed no siens of consciousness. I kept him In the stiit.on till the following morning, and then by the advice of Dr Godrich sent him to St. George's Hospital in a cab. We gave him an emetic. I think he understood what was said to him. Prisoner declined to ask this witness a question. After some further evidence had been given relative to the murder of Mr. Heulin, the prisoner was again remanded. The prisoner's wife was in the reserve room but did not see her husband.


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