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-=: G. T. SMITH, AUCTIONEER & VALUER, ACCOUNTANT, AND GENERAL COMMISSION AGEJiT, No. 6, Portland Street. A GEN F0R THE SCOTTISH WIDOWS ALLIANCE FIRE AND LIFE ASSPBANCE SO ABERYSTWYTH. SUPERIOR FULL-LICENSED OLD-ESTAB- T TSHPn TNN in one of the most prominent T>„ itions in the town, where an excellent TrTT P?nr many ye^s been carried on. TO BE LET wiTh Unmediate possession. Stock Fixtures, and 'a portion of the Furniture to be taken at a VApp^nto Mr. G. T. SMITH, A uctioneer, Aber- ystwyth. Bridge Street, Aberystwyth. G. T. SMITH HAS been instructed to SELL by PRIVATE CONTRACT the Excellent Newly-erected INN or TAVERN, known as the "MASONS' AT?MS in the occupation of Mr. E. VAUGHAJS, and, the Neat and Commodious DWELLING HOUSE adjoining* in the occupation of Mr. It. WILLIAMS. -Bridge Street, Aberystwyth. VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY For Sale by Private Contract. G. T. SMITH HAS been instructed to to DISPOSE of FOUR Excellent and Substantial DWELLING HOU- SES, in the best part of Bridge Street. I ABERYSTWYTH. VALUABLE Leasehold Ground Rents for Sale BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. G. T. SMITH HAS been instructed to SELL by PRIVATE CONTRACT the original Lease and Ground Rents arising from an important Property, compris- ing Part of GRAY'S INN LANE, the whole of GEORGE STREET, WILLIAM STREET, and POWELL STREET, and a Portion of MILL STREET. For further particulars as to the above Properties, apply to Mr. G. T. SMITH, Auctioneer and Estate Agent, 6, Portland Street, Aberystwyth. ooo5c5rXisr. GEO. T7SMITH HAS been instructed to SELL by PRIVATE CONTRACT, All that substantially built and superior DWELL- ING HOUSE, with Flower and Kitchen Gardens, Yard, Stables, Coach-house, and other convenient Out-Buildings and Appurtenances, in the occupation of the Proprietor, Mr. GRIFFITH WILLIAMS The House contains Cellar, Dairy, Coalstore, Pantry, Kitchen, Breakfast Parlour, Drawing Room, Dining Room, 4 good Bedrooms, and 3 Attics. Also, if de- sired, About 7 Acres of Arable and Pasture Land. For further particulars apply to Mr. GRIFFITH WIL- LIAMS, Goginan; or to Mr. G. T. SMITH, Auc- tioneer, Aberystwyth. MARBLE AND STONE WCRKS, SWAN HILL, SHREWSBURY. R. DODSON RESPECTFU LL Y begs to intimate that the J-IJ snow Rooms contain a large collection of Marble, Stone, &. Enamelled Slate Cbimney Pieces, &. Stone Mural Monuments, cemetery &. Churchyard Memorials, Fonts, m t Fountains, Vases, &c. Designsforwarded for inspection; and commu- nications oyletter will receive immediate attention EPILEPSY. OR FITS. FI T S.A sine cure for this distressing complaint is now .made known in a Tieatise (of 48 octavo PACES) on F I T S.Foreign and Native Herbal Preparations, pub- F I T S lished by L'rof. 0. PHELPS .BROWN. The prescrip- F I T S tion was discovered by him in such A providential FIT S.manner that lie cannot conscientiously refuse to F I X S.make it known, as it has cured everybody who has FIT S.used it for Tits, never having "failed in a single FIT S.E.ase. The ingredients may be obtained from any FIT S-chemist.—Persons desiring: a copy may address 1 T I'HELPS BROWN, NO. 2, King Street, Co- F I T S.vent Garden, London, enclosing stamp six copies, .three stamps. PATENT C AlV AN I CHAIN-BANDS, BELTS, X. POGKET BATTERIES, rpHESE HIGHLY IMPROVED INVENTIONS WIDER Electricity perfectly self-applicable, in a mild „'LN,L"U"U? form, and extremely efficacious, no shock or unplea- TVMR,T^N88J'>ON HEI"FR experienced, whereby it becomes a true FSNINM" health and vigour, speedily soothing agonising pains, anrt IRR •T('R' limbs, reviving the sluggish functions of life, I'eetilirt PU REM;WJ;D energy and vitality to constitutions en- uresJ7 ,VTRGTLRM!^FV; THE DAI,Y INCASING number of WTRV0 Y ACKER'S MEDICO-GALV4.NIC 18 SO extensive and varied, that it forcibly points to this in\ ion AS em Inyo of a universal remedy. RPIIE FOLLOWING TESTIMONY signed by the elite of the English medical faculty has been received ""dersigned. havr much pleasure in testi-" imnrovam "R' J- L" PULVERMACKER'S recent" ''STON™.? XJ1*8 VOLATIC TIAU«'I(>S ;1 Galvanic" <. „ J"' < S for MEDICAL Purposes are of great import-" ''the CNNC RTLEI>*IFICLWP<LICIRLE' AMI TLLAR 1,E IS entitled to" ANTL SUPPORT of everyone disposed to" F1'1ADVANCEMENT of real and useful progress." I)ated this 9th day of March, 1800." '■^R LOCOCK, Bart., H.D., P.E.C.P." "1^ UI0LLAXI)> BART.. M D., F.R.S." SIR WM. FEHGUS80V Bart FRS" SE ,W;L)„H.SIKVEKI^' F-K.'i. P." PTTT-TR,- A AL MARTIN, F.H.C.S." FL ^RMACHER'S SYSTEM is also approved itovsl <?NCIMV J'EI'ORT OT FL,E Acadwnie de Medicine, Paris; AND theZ L?0F,:5 KO'AL College of Physician-. London CONFIRMED hv TH TU,T5' OT ienna; and its curative virtues are g,,atis.) prIvate testimonials of cures eaected. ee Pamphlet g1'atis.) I* OF PULVERMACIIER'S B- CHAIN RII CHA», BELTS, and BATTERIES ■» ™CHE- ami NN? FORA"F,V0"S D«'FNESS, Head, Tooth, and Face. B" CHAlX.NFE^V"ihe HEWL 21s. to 30s. Throat.. S for Loss of Voice and other affections of The N. C,FAIN-BANDS"V;O' 10S- FID- TO21S- (routy pajng j oi Sciatica, Rheumatic, Neuralgic, and AL Paralysis, Cramp, &c. B. CHAIX-BANDSFO-R 18s. to 22s., and 40s. Functional DISORDER.^1 K°' ^digestion, Liver, Chest, and ervous Debility,;&c., worn as a Belt. B. CHAIN-BANDS for WRI*. 22s. to 40s., and 05s. ness, &C RS Cramp, Trembling, Nervous- B. COMBINED CHAIJT-BAiJio"F""A 22s. to 80s., and 40s. General Debility, Functional NL'CE™TRAL Paralysis, Epilepsy, A complete Set of COMBINED OH AM1'&C- 30s. to 50s. CHAIN BATTERY for restoring vital TNDS' RJ':LTS. AN<1 Galvanic Bands or Belts are genuine, t0 facsimile of J. L. UL VERM A CITE J. J°se faring the lubel. S Y'tkltureon the CALJTION.-A PERPETUAL INJUNCTION in CHAV "'KY, dated 18th August, 1869, was granted to J. L. «ACHER against ALFKEI. BARROW?, alios C P. RI„'S HENRY JAMES, alias C. T- RY!'EY> their assistants' =ents, and servants, restraining the said person or persons, undei « PENALTY OF £ 50^ FROM deceitfully advertising Belts, &C., DE. ^presenting1 them as electric. This decree is printed SN'1" IN PULTERMACHER'S PAMPHLET ot testimonials MAM-H|>OR,S '-ure.s containing likewise numerous extracts from >LJ-/ standard scientific works, viz., Dr. Pereira's" Materia EDITIO^ edition; Dr. Tanner's Practice of Medicine," 8th LIISOJ.,),' Handfleld Jones on Nervous and Functional T^R ;<ND Patente ^EILT ')OST ^REE ON APPL'CATI°N to the Sole Inven- J. L. PULVERMACHER, QF\ GALVANIC ESTABLISHMENT, Ana' REGENT STREET, LONDON, W. of John Colef Chymist, Aberystwytb. S. ALLS0PP & SON. •*> G. CARESWELL, Agent for Aberystwyth, HAS now on hand a Supply of MILD & BITTER ALES. Office: 9, Portland Street, Aberystwyth. CLOVER. AND OTHER SBEDS. THOMAS GRIFFITHS, General Grocer and Seedsman, OPPOSITE THE GOGERDDAN ARMS AND LION ROYAL HOTEL, BEGS to call the attention of Farmers to the large Stock of AGRICULTURAL SEED he has just laid in, i&d:wftfch he guarantees tb"Br of tfll'tf&sr quaKty*— T. G. takes this opportunity to return his sincere thanks to his numerous Customers for the support they have afforded him during the many years he has been in Business, and begs to assure them that it will he his constant study to merit a continuance of their kind favours. Fine Cowgrass Clover Fine Red Welsh Clover „ Red English ditto „ Alsike ditto White Dutch Trefoil and Pacey's Scotch Perennial Ryegrass, from 181bs. to 281bs« Bushel- Also, a large Stock of English and Welsh VETCHES,—the latter grown at Pantyreryrod, near Aberayron, and at Gilfach-yr-halen, near Lianarth-both places celebrated for this particular Crop. The whole of the above Seed, of the respective kinds, had been selected from the very best stock known, and grown with great care; they therefore cannot fail to give every satisfaction to the purchaser. 2, LITTLE DARK-GATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. J. P. JONES RESPECTFULLY announces that he has returned from the LONDON and other MARKETS with a CHOICE SELECTION OF NOVELTIES for the present and approaching Season. The Stock is now replete with the LATEST DESIGNS in every department. N.B. Ladies' Paris Kid Glove*, 2s. 6c7. per PoJr. CARSONS' PAINT,| PATRONISED BY HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN, THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT, I THE COLONIAL GOVERNMENTS, 1 RAILWAY and CANAL COMPAN-ES, THE INDIAN GOVERNMENT, | THE RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT, | COLLIERIES, IRON MASTKKS, &G.. 7,000 OF THE NOBILITY AND GENTRY, For all kinds of OUT-DOOR And is proved, after a test of upwards of 70 years, to surpass any other Paint. It is especially applicable to iron Roofing, Park Fencing, Farm and other Buildings, Bridges, Hurdling, Farm Implements, Carts allil Wagons, Gates, &c. &c., and all exposed work, effecting a Sa.ving of more than 50 per cent., as it is cheaper, and lasts twice as long as Genuine White Lead or any other paint, and CAN BE LAID ON BY UNSKILLED LABOUR. It is sold in a fine powder. Will keep any length of time. No grinding, tinting, straining, or dryers are necessary. It requires simply to be mixed with Oil Mixture," according to "Directions for Use," and at same time avoiding the objections to all paints sold mixed ready for use." Per Cwt. COLOURS. Per Cwt. White Zl Bright Red Light Stone 1 II7ARK' Dark Red I Bath Stone Chocolate f Q(?s Cream colour > 30s. /[NTICORROSIO^—Purple Brown ("* Light Portland Stone V I PAHmt mjt CT Black Portland Stone 1 IMANUFACT^eBronze Green Buff (for Stables). Briirht Green } Oak colour 1 og- V|.o5nnCJi|ifeSM8L- Medium Green \428, Lead colour f jfliTiaf'' Deep Green ( m J nn tNTERtQ AT iTATMO N.KRI UAU. T>1 1 Light Lead tr Slate 28s. Blue J Prepared Oil Mixture for the Anti-Corrosion. Oils, Turpentine, Varnishes, Brushes, &c. PAINT, For PUBLIC EDIFICES, MANSIONS, VILLAS, and every kind of Brick, Stone, Compo, &c., is unrivalled, and is the only Paint that will effectually resist the rays of the sun upon Conservatories, Greenhouses, IPrajnes, &c. a Cwt. delivered CARRIAGE FREE to all RAILWAY STATIONS in the United Kingdom. Patterns and Testimonials sent Post Free on application. No Agents. WALTER CARSON & SONS, LA BELLE SAUVAGE YARD, LUDGATE HILL, LONDON, E.C. And 21, BACHELOR'S WALK, DUBLIN. CARSONS' iiH PAINT. TRY POOLE'S BREAD! 26, PIER STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, (Opposite the National Provincial Bank,) WARRANTED Genuine, and stamped "Poole" TV on the top of every Loaf. H. POOLE also professes to sell Goods of every de- scription in PASTRY, of the very best quality,—VIZ., SEED, GERMAN FRUIT, and other CAKES, in great! variety; if not on hand, will be made on the shortest notice. Also, SOUPS, JELLIES, CUSTARDS, BLANC MANGE, PIES, TARTS, PUDDINGS, &C., suited for invalids and others, to order. British Wines—Lemonade—Soda Water-Sherbet- Ginger Beer, Lye.Also, Ices. LLANDRINDOD WELLS. A CLERGYMAN residing here for the benefit of his health wishes to receive a few BOARDERS during the Season, or would take charge of an Inva- lid Child or Adult. Address,—Vicar, 2, Norton Terrace. -7 Gained the only First Prizes at the Great Exhibitions of London, J Paris, &c. MOLLEtFsCOnriltER OIL. M.D., M.R.C.P., late PHYSICIAN to nn ic o0,1suniiition Hospital, affirms that Holler's liv djliml ljJectl^nable for taste and smell, more readily retained T M I-' :UK' mors efficacious than other kinds of Oil. SOCIETY of Norway has, through its leading -in>mi ,i' s tl'at Muller's Oil is preferred on account of its singularly beneficial properties. i>«T s°t!I15TY of Northumberland and Durham PHV«T ^'1 to be the best in existence. n LONDON HOSPITALS, and other eminent men. in the profession, have certified to its superiority; testi- monials to be had on application. I h ,i ■ S°V,1.A'y,Vhetn 1 sts and Druggists, in bottles, at 2s. 3d. and 4s.; but see MoLMR.s name on each bottle. LONDON DBpoT-521, Oxford-street, W. Agent-J. H.DAVIES. North Parade, Aberystwyth. fP, .1 AY ANN- 0 1 This wonderful Ointment acts like magic in the cure 0f old wounds, sores, and I ul cers, however inveterate. It's effect is marvellousmca8eSof ralySjS) contracted | or stiff j oints, and in stoppage of the water or disorders oi tfte kidneys it is unequalled I BAD LEG-S, BAD BB^ASTS, ETC. 1 In many hospitals iu Europe this celebrated remedy ls now general use. R In Spain, Portugal, and in Italy, the Physicians regularly prescribe its use for B i sores and ulcers. Sailors, soldiers, emigrants, and miners find, it most invaluable. I] .1 I The Ointment and Pills should be used conjointly in most of the following cases: ¡. "F-nritinim Piles °ore Heads 1 BadLe-s Glands, Enlargement of Rheumatism TicDoloureux B MRr )D Gon- Scrofula feezing, with difficulty of I Bronchi Ua Lu^agc^ Sore Throats Brea^g I Zfr OA UT10N:—None are genuine unless the^-ds Holloway, London," are I discernible as a Water-mark in 'every leaf of the boo o directions; which may B be plainly seen by holding it to the light.—Sold a e manufactory of Profes- B sor HOLLOW.W, 244, Strand, London, and by all I*EA in Medicine, in pots at I ls. 1 \d., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., lis., 22s., and 33s.—There is a considerable saving by B taking the larger sizes.—Very copious directions for use are affixed to each pot. 2 B taking the larger sizes.—Very copious directions for use are affixed to each pot. ^GHTDIILY DN THETOX^ AAFETY THE PUBLIC ARE CAUTIONED AGAINST IMITATIONS ,t ..) I..J J T'JBrE': ABERYSTWYTH MARKET & PUBLIC HALL COMPANY .t, LIMITED. m «—MMMM^MM——MM Incorporated under the Companies' Acts 1862 and 1867, the liability of each Member being limited to the amount of his Shares. CAPITAL 48000, IN 1600 SHARES OF R5 EACH. PRESENT ISSUE 600 SHARES. Jfff Deposit 5s. per Share on Application, dhid. 5s. on Allotment, the remainder at intervals as required. Should no Allotment be made the Deposits will be returned in full. CHAIRMAN. JOHN MATTHEWS, Esq Mayor of Aberystwytb. BANKERS. THE NORTH AND SOUTH WALES BANK, Aberystwyth. SECRETARY pro tern. MR. DAVID LLOY 0, Accountant at W. H. THOMAS, Esq., Solicitor. The Directors to be chosen at the First General Meeting oj the Shareholders, of which due notice will be given. The Articles of Association are strictly limited to those prescribed by the Act of Parliament. PROSPECTUS. THE Company has been established to supply a want long felt by the flourishing and rapidly rising town <jf Aberystwyth—viz., a spacious Market for Corn, Meat, Fish, Poultry, Vegetables, Butter, Cheese, Eggs, &c., &c., of an area suitable to the increased prosperity of the town, the present Market being wholly insufficient for the purpose. It is proposed to build an extensive Market oil Corporation Ground facing Terrace Road, with additional entrances from Baker Street, and an area of about 10,000 square feet. This is the finest site in the town, and being the leading thoroughfare from the Railways to the Marine Terrace, is the part most frequented by visitors and others. The land has been secured upon extremely advantageous terms, based upon an impartial survey and valuation, the Vendor of the land in Terrace Road taking for the same f600 in cash, and £ 400 in fully paid-up Shares, and Mr. ELIAS DAVIKS and MR. ERASMUS JONKS £ 50 each for the gardens at the rear. As it is proposed to form entrances from Baker Street, two houses have been secured therein for the purpose. In order that the town may possess a large and commodious Market this season, without the delay caused by the erection of the permanent building, the Vendor proposes to erect at once a I KMPORARY MAHKET, to be opened on or about the 9th of May next, drawings ot which can be seen at 51, North Parade. The Vendor guarantees 5 per cent. upon all Shares subscribed of the present issue for two years. In order to render this Market a strictly municipal one, a proposal will be submitted to the Shareholders, at the First General Meeting, to the effect that upon an efficient application of the l Local Act compelling the use of our Market, all profits over 7L per cent. will he divided between the Shareholders and the Ratepayers, and an approved number of the Town Improvement Com- missioners shall be ex-officio Directors of the Company. Municipal Markets in this country are in nearly all cases great pecuniary successes. Car- marthen Market was let, for the present year, to the highest bidder for f 1490, and there is every reason to believe that this enterprise, efficiently carried out, will be equally remunerative to the Shareholders. finn ?f°thfaS r^" Promotion-m°n £ 7 been, or will be, paid to any one in respect of the forma- 110X1 18 Company, the whole ot the money subscribed being devoted to the legitimate busi- ness of the undertaking. m Prospectuses and Forms of Application for Shares can be had of the Bankers; of JOHN MATTHEWS, Esq., Mayor; W. lIt THOMAS, Esq., Solicitor; J. J. ATWOOD, Esq Solicitor; and J. PELL, Esq., Aberystwyth. A large number of Shares are already subscribed for. Immediate application should be made to the Bankers tor the remainder, as the subscription list will only be open for a few days JOHN JAMES, LONDON & ABERYSTWYTH WHOLESALE & RETAIL TEA, WINE, AND SPIRIT STORES. 51, NORTH PARADE. sole Agent for Bass & Go's Pale & Burton Ales. „ Guinness's Dublin Stout. „ MartelFs Brandy. „ Hennessy's ditto. „ Moet & Chandon's Champagne. „ Fisse, Thirion, & Co's ditto. „ Max Greger's Hungarian Wines. Gross & Blackwell's Goods in great variety. ?SY FAMILIES AND THE TRADE SUPPLIED. I DR. HUNTER'S Special Lectures to Young Men, on HEALTH, ITS RESTORATION, AND HAPPY MARRIAGES.—When to marry, with advice to those who contemplate marriage, pointing out certain impediments which render married life unhappy, and directions for their, speedy removal. Should be read by all who value health, strength, and manhood, and wish to attain a happy old age.— Post free on receipt of two stamps.—Address, Secre- tary, Institute of Anatomy, Birm. PAPER HANGINGS. j A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF PAPER H A N G IN G S, at greatly reduced prices, AT T. THOMAS's, PAINTER, PLUMBER, GLAZIER, & HOUSE DECORATOR, Bridge-street, Aberystwyth. Pictures framed in Gilt, Maple, &c -Mouldings supplied to the Trade at moderate prices. Terms- Cash. If your Hair is weak or falling off, try LEWTON'S CELEBRATED BOTANIC HAIR WASH. TESTIMONIALS from all parts of the world. JL Prepared only by EDW ABD LEWTON Hair Cutter and Perfumer to His Royal Highness Prince Arthur, and His Imperial Highness Prince Lucien Buonaparte. ATo. 15, Pier Street, Aberystwith. (Qr AN EXTENSIVE STOCK OF PRIME CIGARS. FANCY Toys. &c. POTATOES! POTATOES!! JAMES MACHONOCHIE, Mary-street, Aberystwyth, HAS just received a vessel-load of very fine WHITE ROCK POTATOES, price £ 5 per ton, or 5s. 6d. per cwt. N.B. One trial will prove the same to be of a VERY SUPERIOR QUALITY. SYDENHAM HOUSE. & It i: it V r it 11 II WILLIAM T. \V11/1,1 .VMS jgEGS to announce his return from LONDON with a CHOICE SELECTION of the most Fashionable Goods for the Slimmer Season. The Stock will be found replete with all the prevailing NOVELTIES, and is now ready for inspection. ŒW The favour of a Call is respectfully solicited. TO BE LET, FURNISHED, For One or Two Months, or for the entire Season, A GENTEEL RESIDENCE, centrally situated on the Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth. The House contains a lqrge Drawing Room, Dining Room, airy Bedrooms (7 or 8 Beds), and all the other conveniences required by a Family of distinc- tion. Apply to the Publisher. BAZAAR, IN AID OF THE NEW ENGLISH WESLEYAN CHAPEL, ABERYSTWYTR. THE above BAZAAR of Useful and Ornamental Articles will be held towards the end of JULY. Contributions in Articles or Money will be thankfully received by MRS. ROWSE, TREASURER. MRS. THOMAS, SECRETARY, Or any of the Ladies connected with the Church. RICHARD PRYCE, SKINNER'S ARMS HOTEL, ABERYSTWYTH, (Late of the "Pheasant Inn, Welshpool,) BEGS to inform his Friends and the Country at large that he has taken to the above OLD ESTABLISHMENT, and hopes, by strict attention and moderate charges, to merit a share of their patronage and support. All kinds oj Refreshments provided on the shortest notice.-Prit,ate Families supplied with Board and Lodging, per week or per day, on reasonable terms.- Wines and Spirits.-Mild, Bitter, and other Ales.- Porter, Cider, ^-c. T. BUBB, PLUMBER, PAINTER, GLAZIER, AND HOUSE DECORATOR, 38, PORTLAND STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, A LARGE assortment of PAPER HANGINGS of the Newest designs from the best makers. BATIIS fitted up on the most approved principle. (W Picture and other Frames gilded. LLANDRINDOD WELLS. ILANERCH HOTEL. THIS old-established Family Hotel and Board- ing House is now ready for the reception of vsitors. Terms, from the 1st of April until the 15th of June, £1 15s. per week. including Board, Lodg- ings, and Attendance. After that date, £ 2 2s. per week. E. DAWSON, Proprietor. ESTABLISHED 1809. 1%/TR. H. M. JONES begs to intimate to his 1YJL numerous patrons and friends that he has entered into Partnership with his Son (an eminent Dentist), and the Practice will henceforth be con- ducted by the firm of Messrs. H. M. JONES & SON, Surgeon Dentists, M.C.D.E., 19, NORTHAMPTON PLACE, Swansea, who invite inspection if their numerous improvements in Dentistry. One of the firm in constant attendance, and will be happy to render every information gratis. Children's Teeth simply and successfully regulateds An entirely new system of perfectly painless operating. PURE AERATED WATERS. Ellis's Ruthin Soda Water i Potass water Ellis'sButMn SeltzerWa- R§y| WNffl ter Ellis's Ruhtin lemonade Ellis's Lithia Water AM BYTN- Ellis's Lithia and Potass Water FOR GOUT-the last-named is a splendid remedy. EVEilT CORK IS BRANDED "R. ELLIS & SOX, RFTHIN* ami every label bears tlitir trade mark, without which none b !!t'l1uine. Sold by Chemists, Hotel Keepers, Con- fectioners, and Wholesale only from R. ELLIS 6C SOU, Kuthin, North Wales. A Hint to Visitors and Others. MARGARET JONES, OF THE "MERIONETHSHIRE ARMS," North-gate Street, Aberystwyth, DEALER IN LEFT-OFF APPAREL, BEGS to thank the Inhabitants of this Town and Neighbourhood, as well as the Visitors, for the support she has received during the last 20 years, and respectfully solicits a continuance of their kind favours. M. J. would be happy to wait personally on any parties who may have useless or unfashionable Attire to dispose of. Liebig Company's Extract of Meat. A MSTERDAM* EXHIBITION, 18G9, FIRST A PRIZE, being above the Gold Medal. Supplied to the British, French, Prussian, Russian, Italian, Dutch, and other Governments. One pint of fine- flavoured Beef-tea at 3^d. Most convenient and economic stock." Caution-—Only sort warranted genuine by the inventor, Baron Liebig, whose signature is on every genuine Jar. Ask for Liebig Company's Extract, and not for Liebig's Extract of Meat 300 Gold and Silver Watches to select from, At No. PIER STREET, Aberystwith. J. TRUSCOTT, jm Matrtmattrr. jJrtDdlrr, ;.íibrr:: "mitt). OPTICIAN, ETC. Established, 1848. Gentlemen's Patent Lever Watches, in £ I. d. £ I. d. strong Gold Cases, frem 10 10 Otc25 0 0 Ladies' dittoditto, from 1010 0 to 20 0 0 Pa tent LeverWatches,in Silver Cases,from 4 4 0 to 10 10 0 Flat Horizontal Watches, ditto, from. 2 2 Q to 8 10 0 Warranted to perform correctly, & a Twelvemonth's trial given. The most complicated Watches repaired and ad- justed. Watch Glasses of every size and description fitted immediately. y- Gold Chains, Wedding Rinas, and Platesold according to weight. THE MARVEL OF SCIENCE. (ELECTRICITY AND MAGNETISM.) HEALTH AND MANHOOD RESTORED r Without Medictnij. Cure yourself by the Electric and SXagnetic Self-Adjusting Curative. SUFFERERS from Nervous Dibility, Painful Dreairui, Mental and Phi/sical Depression, Palpitation of the Beart, JSotscs in the Htad and Ears, Indccision, Impaired Sight and Memory Indigestion, Prostration, Lassitude, De- presstofi oj pirit-s, Loss of Energy and Appetite, Pains in the B"f Tmi idtti/,$elf-Distrust, Dizziness, Love of Solitude, Groundless Fears, J'c., CAN NOW CURE THEMSELVES By the only "Guaranteed Remedy" in Europe, protected and sanctioned by the faculty. Details free for One Stamp by WAITER JENNER, Esq., Medical Electrician. PERCY HOUSE, BEDFORD SQUARE, LONDON. N.B.—Medicine and Fees superseded. In proof of the WONDERFUL CURES effected, Invalids can have the "ELECTRIC AND MAGNETIC CURATIVE" on TRIAL, with reference to the leadiua Physicians of the day. Established 1840 as Surgical Mechanician, &c. A TEST GRATIS.—Send for Details. CAUTION. N.A. — This is the only acknowledged Curative Appliance as »» use at the various Hospitals, and recognised by the Medical Faculty of Great Britain, and none arc genuine unless had directJrom Mr Walter Jenner; who cautions the public against a person using his name, and imitating his discoveries. VitU Prize Medal and Hospital Reports. • J. W. ROGERS, Auctioneer. Valuer. & General House Agent. MANCHESTER HOUSE, ABERYSTWYTH. SALES of every description of Property m towa or country conducted with punctuality, com- bined with moderate charges. Sales and Valuations, Accounts Audited, alld Debts Collected upon reasonable terms. Cash advanced, and all Sales promptly settled. TO BE LET, IN a Genteel Villa, situate one mile from the fashionable Watering Place of Aberystwyth. One SITTING ROOM and Two BEDRROOMS. comfortably Furnished. Apply for particulars toJ. W. ROGEBS, Auctioneer, House Agent, &c., Manchester House, Aberystwy:h. SCOTTISH WIDOWS' FUND LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY. THE largest Mutual Life Office in the United Kingdom. Realised Fund exceeds £5,000.000 Annual Revenue £ 600,000 Floating Policies amount to £ 14,370,369 Profit realised during the seven hftulRo ,0 M years ending 1866 amounted to S £ 834'183 l0s> ld* The whole of which was divided amongst the Policy- holders. R. WEBSTER, Agent. ESTABLISHED 1S35. LAWN MOWERS & GARDEN ROLLERS aREENS' PATENT LAWN MOWERS hare proved to be the BEST, and have carried off PRIZE that has been given in all Cases of Competition. Manufacturers OF GALVANIZED WIRE NETTIKG. GREENS' PATENT HOT WATER BOILERS. Drawings and Price Lists free on Application. THOMAS GREEN & SON, SMITHFIELD IRON WORKS, LEEDS, and 54 & 55, Blackfriars Road, London. S. BENSON'S WATCHES CLOCKS iGOLD JEWELLERY Of all kinds. Of all kinds. li Of.,Ver-ts,Dcsir,?s. LEVER DRAWINC-ROOMi BRACELETS HORIZONTAL DININC-ROOM BROOCHES CROIMOMETER CARRIAGE EAR-RIIMCS KEYLESS CHURCH LOCKETS CHRONOGRAPH HALL AND SHOP NECKLACES Mr BENSON, who holds the appointment to H.R.H. the Prjnce of Wale>, has just published two Pamphlets, enrich and embel- lished with Illustration — one upon Watcli and Clock Making, and the other upon Artistic Gold Jewellery. These are sent post free for 2d. each. Persons living in the country or abroad can select the article required, and have it forwarded with peneet safer?. 25 Oid Bond Street; and the City Steam "W orks, 58 &. 60, Xaudgate Bill, London. THE NEW FILTER, Being the only one that Removes Lead and Lime ant. Sewage from Water. LIPSCOMBE'S PATENT SELF-CLEANING CHARCOAL FILTER. SOLD by B. HUGHES, Ironmonger, opposite the Town Clock, Aberystwyth. LEAMINGTON'S KITCHENERS. ) .õ' PRIZE KITOHEHES L t PARLOUR & DRAWING ROOM GRATES. FENDERS & FIRE-IRONS. Iron Bedsteads, Mattresses, Palliasses." Featherbeds, &c. Best Sheffield Cutlery.-Japanned Ware of all kinds. BATH AND PEBAMBCLATOBS TO HIRE. Warehouse adjoining the Corn Market. LiLtle Dark-gate Street. NORRINGTON, HINGSTON, & Co., A NUFACTURERS of BONE SUPERPHOS- M PHATE and SPECIAL MANLIRES, Che- .1"-1 PHATE and SPECIAL MANURES, Cbe- mical Manure Works, Bristol. This Bone Superphosphate has been known in many instances to repay its whole cost by the excess in weight of Roots grown with it. Apply to J. ROBERTS, 51, Portland Street, Aber- ystwytb. # ESTABLISH ET No. 13. Great Dk-'jate St. ABERYSTWYTH- DAVID THOMAS, Watchmaker All' descriptions ed'and made to nr- WEDDING RINGS Gold Chains. ac, Gold Chains. ac, fhER & PERRJNS*! | WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE, j ¡: Pronounced Be careful |( by Connoisseurs to ask for | II THE ONLY FES§]"LEA&PEiffllHS'I; j-GOODSiUJCErg^ SAUCE. ;¡ See name on wrapper, label, bottle, and |j I: stopper. Sold by Crosse & Blackwell, London, and by all dealers in Sauces. I BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS. [ LEA & PERRINS, i WORCESTER. J READ THE WARNING VOICE. A SPECIAL WORK FOR PRIVATE IN- STRUCTION. BT HENRY SMITH, M.D.. ol m<- L'niversityol Jena, Author of the" People's Guide to Health." occ. THE WARNING VOICE, a medical work \160 pases) givir, the NEW SPECIAL TREATMENT for the perfect cure of Nervous Debility. Painful Drf-nms, Mental :ind Physical Depression, Palpitation of the Heart, Noises in the Head and Ears, Indecision, Impaired Memory, Indigestion, Prostration, Lassitude, Depression of Spirits, Loss of Bnersy and Appetite, Pains in the Back and Limbs, Timidity, Self Dis- trust, Dizziness, Love of Solitude, Groundless Fears, &c. With New Chapter on the Use and Abuse of ELECTRICITY for the Cure of Nervous Debility. Contains many letters from patients' who have tried the so-called remedies without medicine, proving that ELECTRICITY IS NOT LIFE. ILLUSTRATED with Cases and Testimonials from grateful patients WITH MEANS OF CURE USED in each case. Sent free by pnst to any address, secure from observation, on receipt of two stamps Address—Dr. H. Smith, 8, Burton Crescent, London, W.C. IMPORTANT TO COUNTRY PATIENTS. CONSULT A LONDON PHYSICIAN WITHOUT FEE.—Dr. SMITH will. for the Benefit of Persons surieriLt Lmn NERVOUS DEBILITY, &c., on receiving a description of tiieir case, send his written opinion, with advice and directions, for the most successful treatment and cure. Address-Dr. H. Smith. it. Burton Crescent, London, C. V.. •"I i tut 'Jn.