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MINING INTELLIGENCE. LEAD MINING. The lead mines of this and the djacent district appear to be at a premium in the London markets for some months past, and the tide f speculation, which often ebbs more rapidly than t flows, appears to set in steadily. Eager and keen yes on the stock exchange are anxiously directed uwards the North Wales mines; and we hear ru- lours in all quarters of new London companies that re being daily established to work fresh mines, and o reopen those that have, for some reason, been long aeated. A new London company has been formed 0 work the Ty'nant Mine, near Talybont; and the peratives commenced work last Monday. Another ompany commenced operations the same day at the log Mine, Pontrhydfendigaid; and half-a-dozen new chemes are about being perfected in the immediate neighbourhood of Aberystwyth. Miners are looking or a ready market and high wages when all the rojects in contemplation are in full swing. The ;entlemen on the stock exchange are intently bent n this interesting mining game, and they closely ratch the fluctuations in the market. It is, how- ver, an ill wind that blows none some modicum of ood; and many hands will find ample employment jr some time, at least, whilst London coin will be ransferred to Welsh pockets with unusual celerity. )f course, it behoves the investors to be wary how hey embark their money, and what is the character f the scheme submitted to them with such con- dence and in such golden colours. The devices esorted to in too many instances are scandalous, nd the uninitiated are "taken in and done for" Imost as soon as they can ejaculate" Jack Robin- on." We had a curious specimen of mining specu- itions at the Aberystwyth County Court a few reeks ago. The perusal of that case should act as salutary lesson. Companies are often set afloat y penniless adventurers, whose sole object is to upe their victims by fraudulent representations, nd they suddenly wake up to discover with chagrin hat they have met with people wiser in their ge- eration than themselves, and that they have been old without any current equivalent in shares or pecie. The crafty thus net thousands at the ex- ense of the credulous, and really respectable com- anies are thus brought into disrepute by sheer iJD- ostors.


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