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TOWN COMMISSIONERS; ABERYSTWYTH. Tuesday, 19th January, 1869- An adjourned meeting of the town commissioners was held in the Town Hall on Tuesday last. The commissioners present were Messrs. Juhn Matthews, (mayor.) in the chair, Dr W. WUliams, Charles Hac'kney, Jonathan Pell, David Williams, Dr. C. Rice Williams, Richard Morris, G. T. Smith, Ben- jamin Hughes, J J. Atwood, Hugh Hughes, and W. H. Thomas, clerk to the town commissioners. Mr Siviter, manager of the gas works, was in at- tendance. The various fortnightly bills for labour, &c., were examined and discussed. StVITEIt's SALARY. Mr Siviter, in reply to the chairman, said that his bill was for keeping lamps in repair, and for doing all the necessary work connected with the lighting of the town. As he was on this subject he begged leave to make application for an extra ll. to the al- lowance made him by the commissioners. When he undertook the work for st. a year there were only 80 lamps in the town, whilst now there were IOU. He could not continue on the terms on which he had taken the contract, aud if the commissioners did not accede to the application, he would be obliged to give up the office. He had seen by the OBSERVER that Mr Hackney objected to his having even the 51. of which he was at present in receipt, and he had only to say in reply that he should be glad to give up the office if they could find any one else to under- take its duties. Mr Hackney thought the present the proper time to discuss the question. He thought that the pay- ment of that 51, a year to Mr Siviter ought to be dis- continued, and that the board should take upon it- self those duties. At present the streets were being constantly broken up, and not properly repaired by the gas men and whenever he enquired why it was so, the only excuse he received was, that they had no mason to mend them. The commissioners were pay- ing Siviter for doing work which he did not do. There was at Dr. Jones', next door to bis own house, the street broken up and left in a most scandalous and dangerous state, so much so that people might break their necks or limbs in passing there. lie be- lieved that if the board was to take this in their own hands they would effect a great saving. Where, he should like to know, were the materials kept with which this work was supposed to be done ? Mr Siviter At the gas works. Mr Hacknpy Then why should the town's ma- terials be kept at the gas works ? Mr Thomas You make a mistake, Mr Hackney; they are not (he town's materials, they belong to thp gas company. Mr Hackney Oh, well then they ought to be- long to the town. Mr Siviter They are got from the gas works the same as if I got anything from your shop. When I took this contract, as well as having less lamps to attend to, I had the assistance of Lewis Davies. mason, who used to come with me and open the ground in order to get at the pipes that are break- ing or rusted. Now when I have to do it I am obliged to pay a labourer out of this 51. I cannot hold it any longer 011 the same terms, and I am quite willing to give it up. As to Dr. Jones' house, I did the best I could there Mr Vaughan saw the work since, and he said it was impossible for any one to do it better, the Hagtfing was so bad. When I can r always have the flagging put down properly; but the flagging in this place was shameful. Mr Thomas That was a private affair. Mr Pell If there was any fault to be found in this case, it was with Dr. Jones or the gas company. Several other persons here began talking. The mayor One at a time, if you please. I must put a stop to this unseemly conduct of a number of people talking at once. Let us proceed with some sort of order. Dr Williams Who is the proper party to do it ? Mr Thomas The commissioners can call upon the gas company or the owner of the house in the case of private lights. Mr Siviter As to private lights, I tell them that if the company don't do it to the satisfaction of the surveyor, they must do it. The public lights is the work of the commissioners. Mr Pell wished to know who was the person responsible for repairing the damage done to Mrs Leon's house in putting up the gas lamp there? Mrs Leon had complained of it to him (Mr Pell). When they proposed doing the work they said they were going to put the lamp over the door, instead of which they° had placed it between the two sitting-room windows, and had knocked the plaster off the wall. It was stated at a former meeting here that Mrs Leon had given her consent to the work being done. But that was not so, and she expected the commis- sioners now to make an order to have the damage which had been done repaired. Dr. Williams It ought to be borne in mind that none of us are commissioners out of this room, nor in any way authorised to act as such. He begged to move that an order be made that this work be done under the supervision of Mr Vaughan, the town surveyor. Mr Pell seconded. Carried unanimously. Mr Siviter Include the flagging as well. Dr. Williams Oh. certainly. Mr Petl The commissioners are jealous of the gas company touching their pillars. There is a jea- lous feeling existing between the two bodies. Is it not so, Mr Thomas ? Mr Thomas I can't see why it should be so, as by far the greater number of the committee of the gas company are themselves commissioners. THE FINANCE COMMITTEE. The mayor said that the bills presented for ap- proval at the corumisioners1 meetings ought first to be examined by the finance committee. Mr Pell understood that the arrangement existed that the finance committee were to examine and cer- tify all bills before they were placed on the table. Mr Thomas But there are no bills on the table to-day save the ordinary bills for wages. Mr Pell: Yes but even when there are they are not certified by the finance committee. The mayor The fact is, there is n. system in the transaction of business. After some further discussion it was arranged that Siviter's affair be referred to the finance committee for adjustment. THE WATER PIPES. Dr. Williams made application on behalf of Jesse Morgan for an order to obtain a further supply of lend, the 500 lbs. weight already ordered not being sufficient to raise the water pipes at Craigydon to the level of the new road He begged leave to move that Jesse Morgan be empowered to get as much lead as he might waut for jointing the main pipes neces- sary in consequence of the alteration in the road. This being seconded, and carried nem. con., the meeting separated.

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