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THE WELSH CALVINISTIC METHODISTS AND THE RECEST ELECTION.-A "Welsh Calvinistic Metho- dist" writes to the Editor of the Guardian as fol- lows;— "Sir,— The Welsh Calvinistic Methodists have lately been broueht into invidious notice in consequence of the fanatical or ugly expressions which, it is alleged, some of their preachers used during the recent election. Will you allow a mem- ber of that connexion to say a word on its behalf? I do not mean to call in question the accuracy of your correspondents' statements, though I do not believe that any of the ministers with whom I hap- pen to be acquainted would be capable of uttering the abominable words which are laid to some ones' charge in reference to the Established Church. Neither do I intend pleading a tu quoque, though the ribald scoffs of such a paper as the Rock are sufficient to substantiate that kind of plea. But just as it would be unfair to suspect the clergy ge- nerally of ungentlemanly conduct because a few Church papers are foul-mouthed, would it not be equally unfair to condemn the Calvinistic Metho- dists as a denomination for the foolish and ignorant fanaticism of a few preachers? I firmly believe that the great majority of our ministers are Chris- tian gentlemen, and have too much self-respect, let alone religion, ever to demean themselves by throw- ing dirt at the Establishment. It is true—I confess it with shame-that our pulpits are not yet entirely closed to ignorance and stupidity. But it has been for many years the aim of constant and strenuous efforts on the part of our connexion to raise the standard and tone of its ministry; and I venture to think that even at present our pulpit will fairly bear comparison, in point of learning, with that of the Establishment in the Principality, and in theological learning and preaching ability surpass it. I do not say this invidiously, hut with a view of showing that it would be unjust to condemn the whole body for the bigotry and ignorance of a few, who belong to a class which is dying away. No candid Church- man or Dissenter will refuse to confess that the feet ol his own golden-headed imfige-mulier formosa superllè-are of sordid day. 1 n conclusion, permit me to acknowledge the impartiality and gentlemanly spirit which always characterizes the Guardian, and to subscribe myself."

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