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MR. INGLIS BERVON, ORGANIST OF ST. MICHAEL'S CHURCH, Teacher of the Organ, Pianoforte, and Singing. 23. PORTLAND STREET. Piano-Fortes Tuned & Repaired. S>n,,le Lessons given for the convenience of Visitors. All New Music at half the marked price, and sent by return of post. MARBLE AND STONE WORKS; SWAN HILL, SHREWSBURY. R. DODSOIf RESPECTFULLY begs to intimate that the R Show Rooms contain a laree collection of Marble, Stone, &. Enamelled Slate Cblmney Pieces, Marble & stone Mural Monnmeats. Cemetery &. Churchyard Memorials, Fonts, Fountains, Vases, &c. It. Designs forwarded for inspection; and commu- nication* by letter will receive immediate attention T. BUBS, PLUMBER, GLAZIER, PAINTER, AND HOUSE DECORATOR, ABERYSTWYTH, I) EGS respectfully to intimate that at the insti- y Ration of several resident gentry to set up here in the above line, he has taken to the business of the late Mr. Join, Williams, Portland Street; and hopes, by strict attention to all orders he may be favoured with, combined with very moderate charges, to merit public patronage and support. Rufford's Baths; Closet* and Urinals of various descriptions, suitable for gentlemen's houses. A large stock of Paper Hangings. Aberystwyth Slate Works, MOOR STREET. Tomb Stones, Monuments, Chimney Pieces, CISTERNS, &c., MADE TO ORDER. N.B. These Works are fitted up with superior Planing and Sawing Machines, so that Floorings, and any order in felnte work, can be executed with despatch. ELLIS & OWEN, Proprietors. E. & 0. having taken to the Enamelling Business recently carried on at the Aberllefenny Slate Quar- ries, are now prepared to execute any Orders in En- amelled Slate, in imitation of the most costly Mar- j bles, at exceedingly low prices. T A Book of Prices may be had on application at the W orks, Moor-street, Aberystwyth. 300 Gold and Silver Watches to select from, At Nos.4. &7, PIER STREET. Abery-vtwith. J. TRUSCOTT, .iJrtDrllrr. i'tiber: smitb. OPTICIAN, ETC. Established, 1848. H-iitlemen's Patent Lever Watches, in £ s. d. £ s. d. I ,roT1R «°1' Ca-es, frera 10 10 0 to 25 0 0 lps iliitoJido, fmm 10 10 0 to 20 0 0 Piafu Jt!*ei dutches, in Silver Caws,from 4 4 0 to 10 10 0 Horizontal Watches, ditto, from. 2 2 0 to 3 10 0 W "ranted to perform correctly, & a Twelvemonth's trial given. The most complicated Watches repaired and ad- justed. Watch Glasses of every size and description ntted immediately. Wedding Rinas, and Plate sr,lJ frrrr>rdmg to weight. H"k™s i™nroR THK "■W medical work, written hv V i A slnKlp rn''>' "f a "•en of the present d-iv i e tnost eminent medical tl st class of stifl'Hrp.1'' iS< -V '0I RU'dance and benefit of *>id who desire a w|lose affections are often self-inflicted, >l.e dupes of design T "H'' privatp curp. vet too often become w!)rk is intended For such sufferers this 111 n ous deliilifv *'owlnK :l certain means of cure in all cases of blushing deVrV axa"()n' ortanic or local weakness, languor, si-owing-, A i an<' V:K 0,her nervous syni|itoms; also cftectmtlv 8 so"('a"e'l impediments to marriage may be *ho Irive t er"0Vf' w'tl> numerous illustrative cases of parties ♦ be Tdiif. |P^j ,estored to the blessings of health by following ri'ceint e 0,tn 'n this work Seni free to any address, on Inu♦ ■ s'ilmP to pre-pay postage. —Address to the Secretary, r °f Anatomy, Birmingham. AL 1'ION. Parts of the a*.»ove byok have been copied by se- veral quacks. Persons should he careful in whose hands they ntrust their health, and read this work before applying to any Otie. THE ONLY SILVER MEDAL. First Prize-Paris Exhibition, 1867-out of 27 Competitors. MOLLEfrs COO LIVER OIL, -.dW OJL co PUREST NORWEGIAN. This celebrated Oil again obtained tht only First Prize at the aris Exhibition, 1807. making five Medals awarded. It is the best and purest made, and as such. invaluable in Consumption, Bronchitis, and Scrofula. Port Madoc, January 23rd, 3G8. 11 jprescribed Moller's Cod Liver Oil as sup- plied by Mr Humphreys, Chemist, of Port Madoc) to patients who oovld not take the ordinary kind of Oil. and find that 11'- most in all cases it has proved most beneficial. It is ea-ilv re tuned on the stomach, which is a great desideratum, and con- sequently gives Moller's preparation a decided superiority. R. ROBERTS, M.R.C.S.E., and L.S.A &c. Sold in capsuled bottles, half-pints at 2s. 3d. each, by all t hemists. V See MOLLEH's Name on label. 104r Circulars and Testimonials ofPettr Moller, 22, Mincing Lane, London, E C. Gonlractor to the North London Consumption Hospital. Agent— J. H. DAVIES, North Parade, Aberystwyth. L.f AMC -j,, £ s. d. "OBINSON'S London made Gentle- men's G<Md Enelish Lever Watch 18 18 0 E. ROBINSON'S London made Ladies' Gold English Lever Watch 18 18 0 E. ROBINSON'S London made Silver v BAD11 Levpr Watch 7 7 0 Watch'rSON 9 Horizon,al GoId watcn Cr>81a) G, s 12 12 0 Gentlemen s pai„„, „ 1 Lever Watches, in strong Gold Cases 10 10 0 Ladies' Pat. ut Lever Watches, in strong Gold Cases 10 10 0 Patent Lever Watches, in Silver Cases 4 4 0 Silver Horizontal Watches 2 2 0 ER. begs to ann°unce aH Watches manufac- • tured by his London workmen are certified bv h lIn to be of the best construction, sound workmanship *nd durability, the guarantee not being for twel^ _°nths only, but for a lifetime, accidents excepted. °Se 8°ld by him of country manufacture, »,r i(n- th r'e<^ ^r°m Geneve, are carefully examined, and usual warranty given to the purchaser. fererc^ers sent with a remittance or satisfactory re- nce wm have immediate attention. carrinJ^rtc^es are sent to the purchaser post or lage free. Assentation time PIECES. EBWARD ROBINSON, ^atch & Clock Maker, MARKET SQU^REj gHREWSBUIlY, & CITY OF LONDON. 'TIWO HOUSES TO BE LET, in Queen-street, Aaict yStWyth" App1^ t0 Mr" G" T" Smith» A LIST OF HOUSE & OTHEH PROPERTY to be Let and for Sale. Apply to Mr. G. T. SMITH, Auctioneer, Aber- ystwyth. WINTER FASHIONS. HUGH DAVIES B EG8 to announce that his Stock of WINTER GOODS is now complete, having been carefully selected by himself in the LONDON and other Markets. The various Departments comprise the newest Fabrics and Styles-Silks, Fancy Dresses, Magdala Cloth, all Wool Serges, the Shot Droguet, Abyssinian Reps, Silk Reps, French Merinoes from Is 6d. pt r yard, very cheap, &c., &c. A large variety of Shawls, the new Reversible Capes, Jackets, Waterproof Mantles and Costumes so much worn in Paris; Flowers, Feathers, Ladies' Straw, Velvet, and Fur Hats. A large Stock of Furs, Hosiery, Gloves, Fancy Coatings, Trouserings, Railway Rugs, Un)hrfnas,&c.,&c. NicoIIs' Ready-made Clothing-The newest Styles in Suits, Over- coats, &c., for Winter. N B. A large Stock of Blankets, Flannels, Linseys, Calicoes, &c., &c, for Charities. No. 9, PIER STREET, AND 1, LITTLE DARK-GATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. IRON AND BRASS BEDSTEADS. A most extensive Stock of these Bedsteads is now rfeady for inspection AT M. II. DAVIS'S SHOW-ROOM, IN QUEEN STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. rITHESE Bedsteads are manufactured by the celebrated makers, PKYTON and PEVTON, J- of Bordesley Works, Birmingham, and Long Acre, London, and have the latest improvements. The Stock comprises Half-Tester and French Bedsteads, in Maple, Rosewood, rich Marone, White, Emerald Green, ayd other colours. ggf Book of patterns, with full particulars and prices, forwarded on application. :I S. ALLSOPP k SON. G. CARESWELL, Agent for Aberystwyth, HAS now on hand a Supply of MILD & BITTER ALES. Office: 9, Portlaud Street, Aberystwyth. TO BUILDERS «S& OTHERS. Aberystwyth &. Bronygof Brick, Tile, &. Pipe Company, Limited. BRICKS, FLOORING TILES, &C., supplied on the shortest notice from the Company's Yard, BRONYGOF Orders received at the Manager's Office, Queen's Road, And at Mr. D. H. Evans, Office, Railway Station, Aberystwyth. min A 'IS ,CC DISOEDEES OF THE STOMACH Are the sources of the deadliest maladies. The Pills in such disorders cleanse the bowels, regulate the liver, bring the relaxed or irritated stomach into a natural and healthful condition. Changing sickness into health and strength. AILMENTS OF FEMALES. At the two epochs in life the system undergoes the most critical changes, the Pills then become priceless in disorders to which the sex is liable and at the turn of life are a sure safeguard against evil and dangerous consequences. THE BEST BEMEDY "KITOWIJ FOU. Asthma. Debility. Influenza. Stone and Gravel Bilious Complaints. Diarrhoea. Liver Complaints. Secondy. Symptoms Blotches on the Skin. Female Irregularities. Piles. Weakness from what. Constipation of the Bowels Indigestion. Retention of Urine ever cause I Sold, with full directions, at the manufy. of Professor HOLLOWAY, 244, Strand, I London, and by all Dealers in Medicine, in boxes at Is. lid.,2s 9d., 4s. 6d., 2 I lis., 22s., and 33s. There is a considerable saving by taking the larger sizes. KINAHAN'S L. L. WHISKY. DUBLIN EXHIBITION, 1865. This celebrated Old Irish Whisky gained the Dublin Prize Medal. It is pure, mild, mellow, delicious, and more wholesome than the finest Cognac Brandy. Wholesale at 8, Great Windmill Street. London, W. CAUTION.-In purchasing from the Agents, observe the red seal, pink label, and cork branded KINAHAN'S L. L. WHISKY. TO BE LET, FROM 12th May next, in Lots suitable for BuildL i ing purposes, all that PIECE or PAHCEL OF LAND, being part of MAKSMAWR, and adjoining the Cemetery, in the occupation of the late Margaret Evans. For particulars apply at Nanteos. New Edition, post free for two stamps, NERVOUS DEBILITY ITS CAUSE AND CURE. Dr. SMITH, the Celebrated Physician for the cure of Nervous and Physical Debility, V"s of Appetite, Pains in the Back, Indigestion, &c., has just published a Free Edition of DEBILITY: ITS CAUSE AND CUKE (130 pages); contain- ing the Hules by which thou-ands have been restored to health. Rent post free on receipt of two stamps. Dr SMITH will, for the benefit of Nervous Sufferers, on recehir.g a description of their case, send a letter of advice, with plain directions for the cure A ldress, Dr. H. SMITH, 8, Burton-crescent, I.ondon, W.C. If your Hair Is weak or falling off, try LEWTON'S CELEBRATED BOTANIC HAIR WASH. rpESTIMONIALS from all parts of the world. X Prepared only by EVWAIW LEWTON Hair Cutter and Perfumer to His Royal Highness Prince Arthur, and His Imperial Highness Prince Lucien Buonaparte. No. 15, Pier Sheet, Aberystwith. (W As EXTENSIVE STOCK OF t'R!ME CiMAKS. FANCY Toys. &<- No. 1, PIER STREET, A iilili YSTWYTH. JOHN EDWARDS IJESPECTFULLY announces the return of Mrs. L EDWARDS from the MARKETS with a choice selection of Straw and Crinoline Bonnet*: French Satin Rib- bons Millinery; Bonnets; English and French Bonnet Shapes; English and French Flowers; Fancy and Ostrich Feathers; Straw, Crinoline, and Leghorn Hats; Hat Shapes; Hat and Bonnet Ornaments; all the new Shades in Frosted Bonnets, Tules, and Satin; Silk Fringes in all colours; Plain and Bugle Laces. car A cheap lot of French Kid Ghvts. Millinery Room, ftO, Great Dark-gate Street. AEH & PERRINSl •j WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE. j j Pronounced Be careful | ^°ni>°isseurs to ask for { i THE ONLY LEA & PERRINS'" i SAUCE. | j V See name on wrapper, label, bottle, and j stopper. Sold by Crosse & Blackwell, London, | and by all dealers in Sauces. j BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS [ j LEA & PERRINS, j j WORCESTER. i I" MANCHESTER AND MILFORD THE Public are respectfully informed thnt on and after MONDAY, JANUARY 4th, 1869, the Trains of this Company will run to CARMARTHEN, and are so arranged as to suit the Great Western, Pembroke and Tenby and Llanelly Railway and Dock Companies' Trains, to and from all parts of South Wales. By this arrangement the inconvenience of chang- ing Carriages and re-booking at Pencader will be avoided. For Time Tables, or further particulars, apply at the Stations, or to the undersigned, Aberystwyth, E. HAMER, January isig 1869. Traffic Manager. Train Alterations for January, 1869. The 9.0 a.m. Train from Aberystwyth will be dis- continued, and a new Train will leave at 7.0 am, arriving in Carmarthen at 10.8 a.m. The 2.35 Train from Aberystwyth will discontinue stoppiug at Llanrhvsiyd Road, Pont Llanio, and Maesycrugiau, except for 1st and 2nd Class Passen- gers. The 6.10 p.m. Train from Aberystwyth will leave at 6.5 p.m., and the times at the intermediate Sta- tions will be slightly altered. A Train will leave Carmarthen at 7.20 a.m., arriv- in Aberystwyth at 11.0 a.m. A Train will leave Carmarthen at 1.5 p.m., arriv- ing in Aberystwyth at 4.20 p.m. A Train will leave Carmarthen at 6.40 p.m., arriv- ing in Aberystwyth at 9 50 p m. Aberystwyth, January Ist, 1869. SWEEP YOUR CHIMNEYS! DAVID JENKIN JONE S, 11, QUEEN STREET, BEGS to return his best thanks to his friends and supporters for the patronage so largely be- stowed upon him. He also begs to inform the public generally, that he has engaged the services of an EXPERIENCED CHIMNEY SWEEP, who will always be ready at a moments' notice to execute any orders sent to the above address. PAINT! PAINT!! PAINT! BEST Anti-Corrosive, in any colour, at 3d. lb. Patent Metallic, in any colour, nt 3d. ditto. Best Paint, as generally used, in any colour,at 3d. ditto. Cans of 56lbs., 14s.; fl2lbs., 27s.; 5 cwts., £6. Mixed and ready for use. Carriages paid to any Railway Station in England. Cheques and P. O. O. payable to Francis Jay, Wood- ham Works, Vauxhall Station, London, S.E. N.B. Sample drums 5s. 6d. and 7s. 6d. each. NOTICE OF REMOVAL. G. T. SMITH BEGS gratefully to acknowledge the kind and liberal patronage he has so long received in his Wine and Spirit Business, and to inform the nobility, gentry, and inhabitants generally ot the district that lie has disposed of the same to Mr. GOWAN CLARK. He respectfully offers his services as Auctioneer, Valuer, Accountant, and general Agent, or in any capacity where trust or confidence is required, and assures his numerous patrons and the public that no effort shall be wanting on his part to give them satis- faction. G. T. SMITH, AUCTIONEER & VALUER, ACCOUNTANT, AND GENERAL COMMISSION AGENT, No. 6, Portland Street. FANCY REPOSITORY, No. 11, PIER STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. A. MORGAN BEGS to inform the Inhabitants of Aberystwyth and its Vicinity that she has opened a NEW SHOW ROOM at the above address. A. M. has just received a. large assortment of Fancy Wool Work, Patterns, &c. GOLD REVIVER. LEROLTX and CO.'S Parisian Gold Reviver, for removing fly spots and restoring the original splendour to old gilding, in Is. and 2s. bottles, of Mr J. Cox, Stationer, Aberystwyth. LA URA PLACE, ABERYSTWYTH. MISS TRUBSHAW purposes to RE-OPEN her SCHOOL on Monday, January 2oth, 18t>9. ADVERTISEMENT. LEWES HOUSE, NORTH PARADE. MISS, JONES begs to announce that her SCHOOL will ItE-OPEN on Monday, January 18th. REDUCTION IN THE PRICE OF THJE "ABERYSTWYTH OBSERVER." ON and after this date the ABKKTSTWYTH OB- SEKVER" will be sold at the reduced price of THREE HALFPENCE by post, Two PENCE HALF- PENNY. 4PW" Publishing Office, No. A, Pier-street. January 1st, 1809. J. W RO^DISJ, Auctioneer fy Valuer, 10. MARKET STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, BEGS most respectfully to inform the Legal Gentlemen, Farmers, Tradesmen, and the general public of Aberystwyth and its neighbour- hood that he intends carrying on business as above. aad trusts by strict attention to all orders entrusted to him to justify their confidence, and he hopes with moderate charges to merit a share of public patron- age and support Inventories and Valuations taken for the purpose of Probate accurately and impartially N.B. Sales settled and money paid over to em- ployers same day. Liberal advances made upon all description of Property consigned for absolute Sale. LA VTSON <3s SOOTT, MERCHANTS, ABERYSTWYTH & LIVERPOOL. DEALERS in Linseed Cake, Chemical Manures, &c Importers of Foreign Cigars, Wines, Teas, &c. Agents for Heating Gentlemen's Houses, Public Buildings, &c., on the most approved principle. Estimates given. MONTGOMERYSHIRE^ VAULTS, Princess Street, Aberystwyth DA. REF.S respectfully informs his Friends a and the Puplic that he has succeeded Mr T. CORBETT in the business carried on at the above address, and trusts, by keeping for Sale articles of the best quality, to merit a share of their support. Wines and Spirits—Allsopps' and other Ales- Dublin Porter in bottle or on draught. Board and Lodgings for Visitors. ESTABLISHED 1854. 13, Great Dark-gate Street Aberystmith, rfgjjjCL. DAVID THOMAS, Watch and Clock Maker mFf< J cweller. Silvirsiitith, <$• £ IflV BPItf The most Improved Watches and '{i Timepieces at veiy reduced prices. A tweI\eciontIi's trial given ifrequired. Watches 4: Timepieces cleaned and re- paired on the shortest notice. COLD WEDDING RINCS. NoricS TRANSFER OF BUSINESS. ABRAHAM JAMES HEREBY begs to inform the inhabitants of the town of Aberystwyth and its vicinity that he has transferred the LEATHER BUSINESS hitherto carried on by him at 3.3, Great Dark-ga!e Street, to his son, EVAN HUGH JAMES, who in future will conduct the same on his own account. A. J., in thankfully acknowledging the liberal support he has met with. respectfully solicits for his son a continuance of the kind favours of his numerous customers. Dolyhont, Jan. 13th, 1809. NOTICE. lyOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. That an appli- X^l cation has been made to the Board of Trade (to whom the management of the rights and inter- ests of the Crown in foreshore has, by "The Crown Lands Act. 1866." been transferred,) by the Aber- gynolwyn Slate Company, Limited, for a lease of the rights and interests of the Crown in a certain portion of the foreshore uf the River Dovey, near Trefri, between the small stream of Nantbach and the mouth of the Tunnel on the Cambrian Railway, westward of the said stream. All persons interested are to take notice, that 21 days after the date of this notice, the Board of Trade will proceed with the application, and in the meantime they will receive any objections that may be made thereto. Dated the 13th day of January, 1869. THE SPECTATOR. INDEPENDENT LIBERAL NEWSPAPER Every Saturday, Price Gd., by Post 7d. The Proprietors, who in 1861 purchased the Spectator, have since that date conducted it them- selves. They are therefore exempted from many influences which press severely on the independence of journalism, and have from the first made it their chief object to say out what they believe to be truth in theology, politics, and social questions, irrespec tive not only of opposition from without, but of the opinion of their own supporters. Their object is to reflect the opinion of cultivated Liberals, but in the matter of the American War they fought against the mass of the very class they are trying to repre- sent, and were finally acknowledged by them to have been in the right. In politics the object of the Spectator is to maintain Liberal institutions every- where, that is, the right of free thought, free speech, and free action, within the limits of law, under every form of Government but, nevertheless, to maintain that in a free State the power of the whole commu- nity may be usefully employed in constructive enter- prise in theology, to maintain the views usually known as those of the Broad Church in ecclesias- tical affairs, to defend the inclusion within the Es- tablished Church of every variety of opinion consis- tent with belief in the divinity of Christ, and the right of the State to control the Church and in social questions, to urge the faith that God made the world for the people in it, and not for any race, class, colour, creed, or section, with all the conse- quences to which that principle leads. The journal commands the best sources of infor- mation, and has repeatedly during this year been the first to make the true bearing of events apparent to its readers. Its object, however, is not so much to supply news as to express the feeling of the edu- cated classes on the news, and correct that vagueness and bewilderment of thought which the constant receipt of news in little morsels has such a tendency to produce. Original papers supply comments critical and ex- planatory on Public Events, Political Appointments, Law Amendment, Commercial Affairs, Personal Incidents, and Theological Controversies. The News of the current week is compressed into animated narrative, which the laziest or busiest may read, without missiug the life or import of the events. Every important work is noticed as it appears, with a full and critical account, so as to let the reader know what the book is, what it tells, and what is its place among other books. Of nearly every work some report is given. Notice is also taken of the general course of Literature, its pro- gress, rights, tendencies, personal events, &c. The Spectator contains a List of all Books pub- lished during the week (not under one shilling in price), with the names of the publishers and the prices attached, a feature which will greatly increase its value to booksellers, librarians, literary institu- tions, and private gentlemen. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION.— Quarterly, 7s. 7d.; Half-yearly, 15s. 2d.; Yearly, 30s. 4d.; free by post. OFFICE 1, WELLINGTON STREET, STRAND, LONDON. And by Order of all Booksellers and Newsvendors. LLEDROD & YSTRADMEURIG GRAMMAR SCHOOLS. THE above Schools will be RE-OPENED on Tuesday, the 9th of FEBRUARY, 1869, under the management of the REV LEWIS EVANS, B.A., of Oriel College, assisted by the REV. JOHN P. JONES, of Jesus College, Oxford. gSf" Punctual attendance required. Ystradmeurip, Jan. 21, 1869. MR. BRIGHTWELL BEGS to announce that the duties of his SCHOOL will he resumed on TUESDAY, the 26TH INST. Young Gentlemen attending this establishment are carefully prepared either for Professional, Agricul- tural, or Commercial pursuits. Prospectuses forwarded or obtained on application. Belmont Bank, Shrewsbury. Improved application of Water Power. THE TURBINE. MAC ADAM, BROTHERS & CO., ENGINEERS, SOHO FOUNDRY, BELFAST, after Twenty Years of experience, have brought their improved TURBINE to great perfection. It is applicable to all practicable heights of fall, giving much greater power from the water than any kind of Water-wheel. On Low Falls it has the great advantage of not being impeded by floods or back water. It is particularly well adapted for situations where the quantity of water is variable, and where all other Wheels fail. Its motion is extremely regular, and, when desired a Governor can be applied effectively This Wheel is at work in a great many places, of which reference will be given. ELECTRICITY IS LIFE. HEALTH AND MANHOOD RESTORED (Without M edtctne). Cure yourself by the Patent Self-Adjusting Curative and Electric Belt. SUFFERERS from Nervous Dibility, Painful Dreams, Mental and Physical Vepreesinn, Palpitation of the Heart, Noises in the Head and Ears, Indccision, Impaired Sight and Memory, Indigestion, Prostration, Ixissitude, De- prtssion oj Spirits, Loss of Energy and Appetite, Pains in the Bach and Limbs, Timidity, Self-Distrust, Dizziness, Love of Solitude, Groundless Fears,$c., CAN NOW CURE THEMSELVES By the only" Guaranteed Remedy" in Europe, protected by Her Majesty's Great Seal. Details free for One Stamp by H. JAMES, Esq.. (Surgical Mechanician to the Hospitals,) PERCY HOUSE, BEDFORD SQUARE. LONDON. N.B. Medicine and Fees superseded. In proof (If tlte ejfictuy lutein nr/vocated, the Patentee m'll send the ftemcdics to be tested. (References to the leading Physicians of the day.) ESTABLISHED 1840- CAUTION. Avoid Counterfeits, I have appointed No licensee A Test Gratis. Send for Details. GOWAN C LARK, (Successor to G. 7'. Smith,) WINE & SPIRIT MERCHANT, Ale and Porter Dealer, 24, GREAT DARK-ti ATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. I PLANT FOR SALE. TO BE SOLD, by private contract, the whole or portions of the valuable PLANT & MACHI- NERY in and upon the PENPOMPREN & PENY- BANK UNITED SILVER LEAD MINES, Taly- bont, near Aberystwyth, Cardiganshire: comprising 2 Water Wheels, nearly new, (with iron segments,) 40 feet diameter, by 4 feet breast. and 12 feet dia- meter, by 44 feet breast respectively upwards of 750 feet of Launders to ditto; Crusher, with 30 inch diameter rollers double reversing improved Wind- ing Machine 600 to 700 fathoms of Wire Rope, with Pulleys and Sheaves to support ditto; 11 fathoms 9 inch Pumps; 15 fathoms 6 inch ditto; 20 fathoms 5 inch ditto 90 to 100 fathoms of Iron Pump Rods Electrical Signalling Apparat-ts, with 1,500 yards of conducting wires; 400 to 500 yards of double iron bridge Train Rails patent atmos- pheric American Ore Stamps, with speed gearing for ditto; 1 Zenner's Rotating Buddie, 18 feet dia- meter 2 circular Buddies, with 9 feet wheel to drive ditto; 1 Office, (of Wood,) 12 by 10 feet square 1 Ore Bin Scales and Weights Wooden Sheds 6 Jigging Hutches flat Buddie, Trunks, Strakes, Dolly Tubs, Catch Pit- Sieves, Barrpws, Tools, and utensils on dressing floors Kibbles Tram Wraggons Balance and Pendulum Bobs Angle Pulleys Crab Winch Lifting Screw Chains Tackle Ropes sundry lots of Timber and Iron Work; Ladders and Dividing Boards in shafts; 1 Horse and Cart, and 2 sets of Harness Patent Straw Cutter, and Stable utensils Assayer's Fur- nace and apparatus together with all the other sundry materials and appliances necessary to the working of an extensive Lead Mine, the whole plant being in good order, of recent construction, and of the most modern and approved workmanship. Ap- ply to Mr. Edward Gledhill, Manager at the Mines, who will furnish all requisite information and par- ticulars. ABERYSTWYTH UNION. ELECTION OF SCHOOLMISTRESS. ri^HE Guardians of the Poor of the above Union 1. will at their Meeting, to be held on Monday, the 8th day of February next, proceed to the elec- tion of a Schoolmistress for the Union Workhouse. The salary will be £ 20 per annum, with such in- crease (if any) as may be allowed by the Committee of the Council on Education, and the usual rations. The person elected must be of the age of 25 years, and fully competent to instruct the children in Read- ing, Writing, and Arithmetic, and to perform the other duties required by the Poor Law Board and the regulations of the Guardians. Applications, in the handwriting of the Candidates, stating age, qualification, and present occupation, together with testimonials as to character and ability, to be sent to me on or before the 20th day of January instant, endorsed, Application for Schoolmistress." By order, 1IUGII HUGHES, Aberystwyth, Jan. 12th, 1869. Clerk to the Guardians. Just published, price One Penny, JENKINS'S HOUSEHOLD ALMANACK, AND Year-Book of Useful Knowledge, For 1869- CONTAINS the rising and setting of the sun and C moon a copious calendar; law terms postage rates tables of stamps and taxes notes to the calen- dar, &c. A small leak will sink a great ship Causes and excuses for bad temper Serve well, if ye would he well served A wise woman cheerfully taketh wise counsels Wholesome fare or, the doctor and the cook "Drunkenness is nothing but volun- tary madness "Golden gleanings, with plain mean- ings "Have not too much thought for the rainy day;" "There is that which maketh the simple wise;" and much other valuable and important matter. ABERYSTWYTH PUBLISHED AND SOLD BY D. JENKINS. The Liverpool Seed, Bulb, Plant, Garden, Tool, and Agricultural Implement Warehouse, 12, CLAYTON SQUARE, LIVERPOOL. JAMES CUTHBERT'S NEW Vegetable and Flower Seed Catalogue, now ready, contains all the new and earliest Peas, genuine choice new varieties of Garden Seeds, and will be forwarded to all customers and applicants. J. C. continues to pay his usual special care in selecting his superior Stock of Mangel Wurtzel and Swedish Turnip Seeds from growers of character. The same attention has also been given to the selec- tion of his large Stock of Farm Seeds of every kind, and calls the especial attention of the Farmer to his really pure Seeds of Red and White Clover, an article difficult to obtain free from adulteration. IW Peruvian Guano, Linseed Cake, and other Feeding Stuffs, LIEBIG COMPANY'S EXTRACT OF MEAT.— Paris and Havre Exhibition Gold medals. CAUTION. None genuine without Baron Lieliig, the inventor's signature being on every iar, accompanied by full printed directions. None genuine without Baron Lieliig, the inventor's signature being on every iar, accompanied by full printed directions. About 70 Pints of excellent beef-tea for lis., the present reduced retail price per pound. Finest, most convenient, and by far the cheapest meat-flavouring ingredient for soups, made dishes, and sauces. Sold by all Italian Warehcusemen, Chemists, Grocers, Ship Chandlers and Provision Dealers.



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