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19, NORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH. G. T. SMITH Has been instructed to offer tor SALE BY AUCTION, On Ille above premise. On TUESDAY, the 10 thof MARCH, 1868, At Six o'clock in the Evening, A very choice assortment of elegant and n ell-select td HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND OTHER EFFECTS, Thl Property of .'tf r. IVeh ford, who is learn g the to n: COMPRISING elegant Drawiig-room S'ite in Walnut and Green Damask, ronsifling of Centre Loo Table, Card ditto. Lounge, Two Arm Chain, and Six other (hairs; Work Table, Pier Glass, handsome and brilliant-toned Cottage Piallo In Kosewood; Bras* Mounted Window Polrs and Ring*; Curtain* and Blind- Carpet* and Hearth- rug*: Carpet Covers; Stair Rod* Table Covers; Fenders and Fire-irons Pictures, including some valuable Engravings; Vase Wax Mowers, and Chimney and other Ornaments Mahoeany, Iron, and other Bedsteads; Palliasses; Millpuff anf1 other Mattresses; Featheibeds, Rolslers, and Piilows j Chests of Drawers; Washstand- Dres-ing Tattles Chamber Ware; Towel Horses; Commodes; Cane and other Chairs; Looking Glasses Floor Cloth; Door Mats; Cocoa-nut Matting; Dinner Service; Tea Service; quantity of Glass; Cruet Stands; Clothes' Horses Knives and Forka Culinary Utensils, &c., &<. Three Month« Credit on all purchases above £ 5 on approved Security. 1. PENYCEF 1ST MIISTES, Near Aberystwyth, Cardigans/lire. G. T SMITH r Has received instructions from the Proprietor, Thomas Revis, Esq, to SELL BY AUCTIOSI • ON THE MINE, ¡ On FRIDA. Y, the 13tft of MARCH, 18G8, .4.t On8 o'clock in the Afternoon,- Subject to Conditions Ihen to tie produced and read, THE WHOLE OF THB MACHINERY k MINING PLANT Of the Penycefn Mines: COMPRISING powerful 40 ft. Water Wheel, 5ft. breast; 30ft. ditto, 4ft. breast; 30ft ditto. 18in. breast; Drawing Machine; Crushing Mill and at- tachments; Wheels and Fan: two pairs Double Jigging Machines, with Sheds and Launders; Capstan and. Shears; one Bob and connexions; Launders Balance Bob Sweep Rods; about 300 fathoms Rods, with Pulleys and Stands Timber, &c. Three Months Credit will be allowed on all purchases above jElO in amount on approred Security. G. T. SMITH, AVCIIOnBBA & VAItlEB, ACCOUNTANT, AND GENERAL COMMISSION AGENT, 24. Great Dark-gate Street. TO CONSUMPTIVES. DR. H. JAMES, the retired physician, continues to lend by post, free of chargs, to all who desire it, the eopy of the prescription by which his daughter was restored to perfect health from confirmed consumption, after having been given up by her physician, and despaired of by her father. Beat free to all on receipt of one stamp.—Address, O. P. BROWN, Reenter;, No. 2, King-street, Covent Garden, London. LIEBIG'S COMPANY'S EXTRACT OF MBAT. Only genuine when Baron Liebig's (Inventor's) signature is on the Jar. Retail, 2s. 2 o2^ e(i.nvalen to one p«any) half a pint of best beef tea. Sold by Chemist* & Grocers. FORTNIGHTLY STEAMERS, LONDON TO JF NEW YORK.—WILLIAM PENN, CELLA, ATALANTA, BELLONA, INDIANA leave Victoria Docks alternate Satur- days. Passengers of all classes tak-n at the lowest rates. Apply tor particulaTII to SMITH, SUNDIUS, and to., 17, GRACE- CHURCH STREET, LONDON. DR. HAMILTON'S "NEURO TONIC" is, without doubt, the sovereign remedy for Nervousness and Debility. Ptice 2s. 6d. per case. Sent all over the world. J. HAMILTON, M.D., 404, Oxford-street. To be LET or SOLD THE FARM, MANSION, and all else of PALE, i. two miles from Aberystwyth. near Hhydy- felin. Apply to W. E. Richardes, Bryneithyn; or to the publisher. TALYBONT, CARDIGANSHIRE. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Dt A MARKET For the Sale of Corn and other produce will he beld at the above place every FRIDAY, at Two o'clock p.m. The first Market was held on Friday, March 6th, 1868. BY ORDER. To BOOK KEEPERS. THE Gentlemen who were kind enough to ae- Jt. cept the loan of two volumes of Edgar A. Poe's works,and a Christmas vol"meof "Selections from Byron, with a preface by Algernon C. SWIO- burne," some four months ago, will much oblige by morning the same to the owner, in Lewis Terrace, at their earliest convenience. A CARD- THE COUNTY COURT. Morga". v. Smith. MR.THOMAS SMITH publicly thanks Mr MOR- G AH MOBG a us for bringing the so-called Assault Case before the County Court, and hopes that the Circumstances which led to it may meet the approval of the religious congregation of which Mr M. is the bright ornament. ASSEMBLY ROOMS, ABERYSTWYTH. ? I ODDFELLOWS' litFtt mil lift THE Committe beg respectfully to announce, J. tbat a grand EVENING CONCERT, Vocal and Instrumental, will be held at the above .00.1, on TOISDAT, M A ReB 17TH, 1868, under the patronage of E. L. PRYSE, Esq., M.P., Lord lieutenant of the County. Ma. I kg LIS BERVON, Organist of St. Michael's, .Ul preside at tbe pianoforte. J. J. GRIFFITHS, P.G., Chairman of Committee. JOHN DUGUU, P.G.M., Vice-Chairman. J. W. ROGERS, N.G., Honorary Secretary. Ð..&. VID LLOVD, 38 & 37, Great Dark-gate Street, ABERYSTWYTH. TO Loueim & private NEWLY received a uicely assorted Stock of the following very useful articles. Low price and good quality invite inspection: — Hearth Ruga Bolster Ticks Union Damask Moreens Croydon Sheeting, wide Dimities an(j narrow Coloured Table Covers Linen ditto Victoria best ditto Window Hollands Table Centres New pattern in ditto Oil Baizes Window Muslins Brown Table Linen Ditto Hangings Ditto, by the yard Fringes, Bullion and White Damask ditto ) Toilet Different widths, by I Toilet Cloths, by the the yard ) yard Towels Terry Quilts Sultana ditto Blankets Bed Ticks Every effort will be made to clear the whole off in tbe course of this month, so as to be better pre- pared for Spring and Summer Goods. The following rules are strictly observed :— 1. All for ready money only, and no abatement. t. One price asked. 3. No discount allowed. H.B. A new set of patterns of best Floor Cloths. CONCERT. A GRAND AMATEUR CONCERT, under tbe patronage of several of ihe surrounding Gentry, will be given in the NATIONAL SCHOOL- ROOM, TY'NLLJDIART, on FRIDAY, the 13th of MARCH, 1868, by several Ladies and Gentlemen, whose performances have recently given tbe greatest satisfaction. Tbe Programme will consist of a variety of Vocal and Instrumental Music, carefully selected by the Conductor, Mr W. HARVEY. Door open at half-past 6 o'clock. Concert to commence at 7 precisely. Admission: Reserved Seats, 2&, Unreserved Seats, 16.; Back Seats, 6d. Tichets can be had at Mr Cox's, Stationer j Mr Jenkins', Printer, Pier-street; Mr Jtiehards', Chandler, Llanbadam; Mr Blackwall's, TPeSi-qfiice, Ty'nllidiart; and Mr Nicholls', Druid ha, Goginan. For further particulars see Programme. ENGLISH CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, ABERYSTWYTH. DIVINE SERVICES are held at the above place of Worship every Sunday, at 11 a m. and 6 p m. School | past 2. Prayer Meeting every Wed-esday evening at 7. 9 30, 000, E 25, 000. £ 20,000, &c. for i I ON THE FIRST OF EVERY MONTH, a por- 'ion of the IMPERIAL AUSTRIAN GUARANTEED STATE LOANS will be allotted to the Subscribers. Anyone purchasing :t Share f'r £ ] has a botui-fitdv chance to obtain one of the, above-mentioned Premiums; Six Shares are given for X3. T.» save foreign postage, application for Prospectuses (which will he s..nt inritis) shouhl ho. made by letters, addressed MR. J. A iiM.VCK, 14, UCKE-TREKT, ADELPHI, LONDOS, W.C. NOTICE IS ^JEREBY GIVEN, TIIAT THE IER< O _A_ Hi CARDIGAN MILITIA WILL assemble for Twenty-seven days Training and Exercise, at Aberystwyth, on Monday, the 27th of April, 1868, when all Volunteers belong- ing to the Regiment must report themselves at Head Quarters at 12 o'clock noon, on that date. All Volunteers who have been enrolled since the 25th of April. 1867, will be called up for Preliminary Instruction Fourteen days immediately preceding the Training. These men must, therefore, present themselves at Head Quarters at 12 o'clock noon, on Monday, the 13th of April, 1868. By Order." C. BASSETT LEWIS, Captain and Adjutant Royal Cardigan Militia. "GoD SAVE THE QUEEN."















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