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THE DIBITS or GOISB SOCIETY .1 HANDBOOK OF ETIQUETTE rOR LADIES & GENTLEMEN. WlTU THOUGHTS, HINTS, AND ANECDOTES CONCERNING SOCIAL OBSERVANCES; NICE 'POINTS OF TASTE AND GOOD MANNERS AND THE AKT OT MAKING OSES- SELF AGREEABLE. THE WIIOLE INTERSPEHSED WITll HUMOUROUS ILLUSTRATIONS OF SOCLU. PREDICAMENTS; REMARKS ON THE Hlfj- TOIiY AND CHASGES OF FASHION AND THE DIFFKKESCES OF ENGLISH AND CONTINENTAL ETIQUETTE, Richly bnl12d, price 3s. 6d., with a Frontispiece. COHTEITTg. THOUGHTS OINI SOCIETY AND THli SPIRIT OF 80011\L OBSERVANCES. LIONESS. Hov; tli?y Le acQnlre^l ?-Dii':t'1'2Gt rvcm* of Home c^iVie.—A:rciL-:it au.1 M Oil M;r.mer3.—The true prin- cifc>*oo £ h /—The noc«-ssity of Social Intercourse. THR3E CLASSES OF BAD SOCIETY. 1 T BJ« 10.J by Familiar;tv.—Anecu'jios of Extreme Find- 1 ja .i ■> Ct, p from wint oj t from C f*w. Curiosity.—2 Vulgar JS'ocw-fy, d ;v. Sevvi! tv; Over-senv .n'onsTiess'. Assumption of Ht !i(Ltni-r.i ia £ ..a u i 'ti and in S.<< ■Vf >ketoii of I 1 1 S 1*\ faji tae Si teenth Century.—Riso ana Fluent Posiuoa of TFCO MIDOIE Classes. THE ESQTJISITE3 OF GOOD SOCIETY. Good ESac'st'on.—Cultivation of Taste.—Reason.—The Art of Speevit.—A Kn-vwle V/e of Enfflish Lietrature.—Meral Char.u-ti r.—Temper.— Hor'.v'lalu-.—Li■ 1 \ranaer.—Birth.—Wealth—R :111k.—Distinction. THE SPIRIT cf SOCIAL OBSERVANCES Tio Connexion iK-fW-ou the Luirs C-iristiar'tv aiul tl,— of Sonctjr.— 30-r- i\a; ori.—Vat r 'ami '.is.—The .viatron.—T li J Yo un? Ivjarried Man.— The Bachelor.—The Yeacd Lady.—Tim Art of mating Oiu:'s-sel/ Agreeable. Part I.—THE INDIVIDUAL, Chap. I. -THE DBESSIHG-RO-'M. Cleanliness.—The Bit!, Hot, Cold, and Tepid.—Tlie Teeth.—The Sails.— EtazofJ and S!wviu"Bèard, Moustaches, Whiskers, The lLur. Chap. II.-THE LADY'S TOILET. Enrly Risintr.—Cleai!liii"'« & EO<Grcise.-Rouge and Cosmetica,- rhe Hair. .Pcrlll1lles, Toilet Appliances, etc. Chap. III.-D2ISS. Fashion- Appropriateness to Aee to Position; to Place; Xo vr. and Country; on tlie Continent; to CI-mite; to Size; to different ocensions.- Extra valance.—Simplicity.—Jjwolli'ry.—M'lxiinsf. >r Ornaments.—Orders, etc. —Ciuiii'io is aa l Frethiie is.—Linen— 'liable D.^ss.—Estimate of a W aid- Tobo.-Honiins I'-ross at for ;"Drcss for Dinner Pnrtio.3.—Dress for Evening Parties and Balls.—1 he Hat. well dressed ajk? X.U-t»ivsseci.—Fast-dressiiig.—Sporting CDBtume-^Huiituigi etc. Chap. IV.-LADY'S DRESS. Tho i.ove ot Dress— E^travaunuce, Pecuniary, and in'Fashion.—Modern Dress St^ Ti l>t less etc.-Di'esand Feoling.-Thc Ordinary In-door Dress, i—The Ordinary Outdoor Dregg.-C(.ll.IDtry Dress.—Camasre and Visiting Dre-s. —Eveiiin" Cc»tn;na at nnme.-l>l11Uer Drôs8.-Evclllll<5 Party Dress.—Ball Dress -Riding Dress.—Court Dress. Chap. V.-ACC03SPLISEHENTS. Their Sword :\r:l t'1,e Fist—Duelling. p-Fii-id Sports.—IU'tins.—Mount!nAsuistin? a Lady to Mount.—Drivinj.— Dnnc'in" —Ooadrilles.—Konrai-Dnucei.—Iiintg n Dancine.—The Wait*.— To ki— Other Dances.—The Piano.—Music in General.—Sin in?.—Cards.— Bonn 1 Games.—'ma';es— Knowledge f Current AfTairs —Carrivfr: Hints on Carving and Helpin;.—Roup.—Fish.—Joints (Beef, Mutton, Lamh, Veal, Pork, ILnn, Venison;.—Animals served wuole.-Fowlfi, Game, Goose, Turkey. Chap. VI.—FEMIKINE ACCOMFLISHMEKT3. Their Sccessitv.—Social and Domestic V,tine.-Music.-CllOicc of Instrn- Sin inc.—A;re a restriLti,¡Jl.-Cl!ûice (If Sonss.—Etiquette of Singing anll P. Appropriateness.—Geiman and Italian Singing.-Working.- Woikia; Parties Abroad.—Appropriateness of Work. Chap. VII.—MAN NERS, CARRIAGE, AND HABITS. The necessity for Laws of Et;quette.-I\fann,r: value nf ¡1 good ()P.e.-Itu!CS for »r«-crvin-' it-—Seif-respect.—Al'fi ctatioi:.—Dil'fer. lit kinds of Manner to ba A chanie ot Manner demanded by circumstances—Carriage.— 3) Carriage, and how a man should w>tlk.-The Smile.- •Vohv-nent Action to te avoided.—Certain Bad Habits—Smokins discussed.— Etiquette thereof.—Eating and Drinking at Dinner, and Habits at Meals. Chap. VIII.-THE CARRIAGE OF A LADY. Its Importance to tlie Sex.—Youu: Lad es.—M lesty.—A^reeahler.ess — Politcess —T>i Titv —Delicacy of Lanjrunue.—1Temper.—Fastness, Flirting, e*c —TliePrude and the Blue Stocking.—Bearing ef Married Women.— French Manners.—The Physical Carriage of Ladies. Pait II—TEE DTDIVITTJAL IN INDIVIDUAL RELATIOnS. Chap. IX.-IN PUBLIC. Tae Promenade.—The "Cut."—Its Folly and chjectlooable character.— t: nrcc!sary.-S1H'111\l be mVlc Inoffoimivrly.—Ftiqnetto of the Cut."—The Sftlnte.—Its History .—Different Modes of Sillntatioll.-Ki,slD(! Shaking HHI:,ds.-Varjons ways of doing BO.-WailUncr and Dmiag with Indies.—Etiquette of Railway Travelling. 0 Chap. PRIVATE. The Visit.-Proper Tims and Occasions for Visitin?.—Introduction b, ret- ^rs—Visits of and Cengmtlllation.-Hours for Visits.—The Cards.—Etiquette in Calling.—" Sot at Home."—Visits in Good Society- Visits in Country Houses. Part Ill-THE INDIVIDUAL IN COMPANY, Chap. XT.—DIiIITtRS, DINERS, AND DINNER PARTIES. DiyNER PATIT-xs-TIr and to whom given.-SeJcetion of Gnest3.- Their "l1ml cr.-The V,mWé-ro ^n.—ItB Furniture and Temperature.—The Sl ^pe "•< the ^tin.T-—The Servants—Tho"Eus3ian Mode of Laying & V-l:at to put on til Tabic.—"S >up.—Wiiie and its Etiquettes.— Fish.—The Joint.—'VO JI-table*.—The Ovdor of Serving Salad.—Grace.—Dinner :Fish.-Thc Ovdor 01 Serving Salad.—Grace.—Dinner ,t,o Etiquette.—Punctuality, etc. Chap. XII— LADIES AT DINNER. Invitatf^?.—Whom to Invito nr 1 whoai nnt-Tile Lrtlly Beceiving the G" of Pre-odence.—(-f Px-oceeilifl^ to tlid Duim^-room.—The Ladies Retire -The La lies in the Dra"mng-r>o!U. Chap. XiIr.-TIALLS. Their P^acft m Sncu»tv.—•'riio T:ivit .i' >.is.—Whom to Invite.—'Thn Proper T7uiuncr.—; u:' "m: s r(M f,,r a cio id Dail.—Amusement of the llooms.— L >• jJnsic—Eefre3hmejts.—Tlie Supper.—Bali-room E i',e.— <jn^5f3.—Introductions.—The Invitation to D tnce. —i i- v/oin-? to Refreshments and Supper.—Manner* at Bai:1V'ir —l-iir.U-i ;U.—i'UO^C I>alls. Chap. XiV -MOaHIiTS AND LVEITIITG PARTIES. if I'-II a Party."—'Town Parties IVc.iptions, Private Concerts, Amateur 21,, Tea-Pa-tv, Maiinees .—General Bnles.—Cuivntry PartiesiEveniiig Parties, Parties, Plcuics-.—General Pules. Chap, J.V.-MARRIAGK Offers —Engagements.—Marriate Contracts o.H" l Settlements.—The License- —Tuc Trousseau.—Tae Eruie miaitls.—Invitad 'ns.—The Lady s Dress.—The G-:it;«cia.j'.i DreJs.—Going t > tlie Church.—Die Ceremony.—1 he Sreakiast.— Travt:Uinb 1)rù,js.-Fúc3 to Servants.—Presents, etc. Chap. XVI.—PRESLINTATION AT COURT. Vho is catltèe 1 to it ?—Whom to apply to.-The Lord Chamberlain's Regu- lations.—Etiquette of the Presence. London: JAMES HOGG & Sons, and all Booksellers. ARMY & NAVY OF GREAT BRITAIN; OUR ARMY. Dedicated, by special permission, to Field Marshal B.B B. the DUIIE of CAMBRIDGE, K.G., eto. Just ready, price 3s. 6d., Illustrated hy A. E. Fisher, FAMOUS REGIMENTS: THEIROMGIW and SsavicBS. With a Sketch of the RISE and PROGRESS of the Military Establishment of England. By W. II. D. ADAMS. MEMOIRS OF NEARLY 100 BRITISH GENERALS. THE FTUST ROTAI.S.The Thirty Years' War.—Battles of Leipzig, Blenheim, Ramillie«, Cailoden, Cornnna, Quatre Bras. "THK BUFFS."—Bergen-op-Z'iom—Marlborough's Successes—■ Passaic of the "Douro ur.rter Wellington— Gallant Lake Services. "THE OWN."—Bittloof tho Boyr-o-The Walcheren Ex. pediiion A Beadroll of Victories the Amerienn War, etc. "EOTAI, Wiisa FUSII.BBBS."— In Flanders—Battles of Font, nay, Mi'.iden, Orthez, Toulouse, and ',s aterlno—at tho Alma, o'c. «<THR BLACK WATCH."—War of American Independence—Death of Sir John fietarn from ii(bd-C ilaktava. Ie THE CONNAVGIIT KANGBUS/'—In the West Indies—Individual Bravery—CAPTURE of findijoz—HE;r Valour—at Inkerman. "THE SCOTS OI.EYS.—Boihwel! BRIDGE—Revolution of 1039— Rebellion of 1715—CHARGE at Waterloo—Cantare of tlie Tea'gle. «« TN!! F.SsJ$KlLL-Bx-ES3."—Long lift of Gallant Senices-Bat tie of Waterloo—Crimean Expedition—Charge of the Six Hundred. ••TiIK IIOL'SBHOT.D BlilQADE."—The Coldstream Guarcls lao tfrenadiers—The Scots Fusiliers—Services of tho Brigade. OUR NAVY. Dedicated, by permission, to His GRACE the 3>tJi5.3 of SOMERSET, K.G., FIRST LORI) OF THE ADMIRALTY, Price 38. 6d., with Illustrations by Weedon and others, PAMO US SHIPS: STORIES of the EN- I TERPRI3S and DARING- of BRITISH S2AMEN. With It, Sketch of the RrsE of the BRITISH NAvY; IEO* CLAD SHIPS; ACTIONS at SEA; RIGGING, SAILS, etc.; and a Glos. Bary of NAVAI, TUBITS. By W. H. D. ADAMS. The Storr of the Mary Rose." Invasicn of the Islo of Wight. DUA HE'S Cirou:unavi^ation. The Story of the Golien Hind." St oryot'BUKE'sFlaK-ships," Triumph," "Swiftsure," St.George." THE ~tcry of the Royal Charles." The Dutch War. ANSON'S famous Voyages, and the .Story of the Ccntarion." D.urprrI! and the" Bounty." The Story of a Mutiny. The Story of the Arethusa." \DMIRAL'K:I'['PEL and'the French. Sir GDWAITD ([AWKF.'S Fleet. The Story of the Roval George." HOV.'S and tho Story of the Bclleroplion." Fall of STapoleoa. T TRRY of tlie Queen Charlotte." The Glorious First of June." > >; I.30?R—Story of the Leander." Pursuit of tho French Fleet. O IISTAI-TT J W'1' C' I.TI5GWOOD. Story of the Dreadnought," The Story of t':o Shannon." War with America in 1812. The St. RY of TH3 Victory." Battle of Trafalgar. Death of Nelson. Story of a Shp-rock-tho "Alceste" and the Malay Pirates. London: IIOGO & SONS, and all Booksellers. Price 3s. Illustrated by M. Ellen Edwards, HESOINES OF THE HOUSEHOLD. 11 By the Author of II Popular Preachers," etc. » This volume consists of Sketches of the LIFE, CHARAC-, and WORK of some of tbe noblest specimens of Christian Womanhood in ancient and modern days, mainly intended as illus. tTiitious of WOMAN'S SPIT KRK and ISRIUBNCE. London: JAMF.S HOOO S SONS, and all Booksellers. Price 38. 6d., lllastrated by C. A. Doyle, RI^HE STEADY AIM. A Book of EXAMPIES JL and EKCOURAGBMKNTS from Modern Biography. BY the Author of Men at the Helm," etc. Here are presented notable examples of men who have be. come pre it by their adoption of a particular path in life, and their followin up that path with an energy which never relaxed, and a resolution which never faltered. The Biographies include Eminent Inventors and Dis- Eminent Authors. coverer?. J Men eminent for Commercial Ifaval and Military Heroes. I Enterprise, Philanthropy, and Eminent Artists. | Scientific Acquirements. London: JAMES Hoco. & SONS, and all Booksellers. Price 3*. Gd., Illustrated by James Godwin, NT OBLE DAMES of ANCIENT STORY. I By J. G. EDCKB, Author of Boy Princes," etc. The toIuv.w coatains Historical Sketches of Royal and Noble Ladies, whoso It ,e, are replete with events deeply interesting in themselves, aod important in their results on our destinies as a nation. The narrauve IS so framed as to give some idea not only of the battles and sieges with which the Heroines of Froissart were associated, but of the Dress, Manners, and Stylo of Conversation which prevailed at the period. The sketches will prove interesting t,) En^ ifh readers, as rela'.ina; to the Heroine* of European History fit that era of English chivalry, marked and rendered memorable by the institution of tho Order of '.ho Garter. London: JAMIS Hoco & SONS, and all Booksellers. Just ready, a New Edition of THE LONDON PRIZE CATALOGUE. Containing nearly 100 choice IIXUSTBATKD BOOKS for Boys and Girls, elegantly hound, suitable for Presentation and Rewards. This descriptive Catalogue, by presenting in a Lucid and Succinct Manner tho tendency ot' the Various Stories, and the Dis. tinctive Features of Different Works, will assist the Book-buyer in -choosing fnr a Specific Object or for a Particular Person. May be tad GRATIS on application. London: Jiiita llcQQ & Soss, and all Booksellers. Johnson, Johnson & Co's PURE UHCOLOURED TEA Is now preferred to all others. It is decidedly the 7.' fv Purest—strongest y -1 Cheapest and Best, THE MOST 5Jl'holssome < £ Invigorating. sold in Piioxe's oy Agents in every Town. isifr local agents-

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