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WINTER FASHIONS. No. 9, PIER STREET, & No. 1, LITTLE DARK-GATE STREET, ABBRTSTWYTH. HUGH DAVIES ii- BEGS to announce that his STOCK OP ETBW GOODS for the Winter Season is now complete, and includes every HOV2JLT1T of Style and Texture for Ladies and Gentlemen's wear. A large Stock of Family Mourning. Funerals Furnished. Agent for Nicoll's Ready-made Clothing.-The Guinea "Waterproof Cloak. Flannels, Calicoes, Tweeds, Blankets, &c., for Charities. CLEAEiASJCE SAEjS. IMMEIi IK SAC BIFIGE. R. EVAN S, Ironmonger, No. 54, BRIDGE STREET, AEEEYSTWYTH, HAS resolved to offer the remains of his WINTER STOCK of Petroline and other Lamps, Coal Vases, Fire-irons, Fenders, Tea Trays, Dish Covers, Metal lea Pols, &c., &c., at aa IMMENSE REDUCTION from original prices. So, those who are about refurnishing for the approaching season, this will be a rare opportunity of purchasing at greatly reduced prices, an opportunity which would be unwise not to take advantage of. The prices of all Goods offered for Sale will be marked in plain figures, from which no abatement Can be made. TERMS,—CASH. Clearance Sale to commence on Monday, February 11th, and to continue throughont the present Month. Sg, STREET. 5g. SYDENHAM HOUSE, No. 25, GREAT DARK GATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. WILLIADf.! T. WILLIAMS. RESPECTFULLY announces to the Nobility, Gentry, and Inhabitants generally of Aberystwyth and the neighbourhood, that he has purchased the business of MR. DANIEL JONES and he hopes by strict attention to business, keeping none but the best articles in the trade, and moderate charges, to receive a continuance of that patronage which has been so liberally bestowed on his predecessor during the last nine years. ————— b W. T. W. has resolved upon disposing of the whole of the extensive and valuable Stock at a great sacrifice," in fact, considerably below cost pi ice, it being his intention to clear the whole off immedi- ately, in order to make room for new Stock for the coming Season. „ The present Stock will be arranged ready for Sale by Thursday, the 21 st instant, and he has no hesitation in say ing that parties will find it to their advantage to accoid him an e ly VI&H, the favour of ■Which he earnestly solicits. February 13 th, 1867. CHARACTER OF THE STOCK TO BE DISPOSED OF. Shawls — Mantles — Cloaks — Jackets — Silks — French Poulards — Fancy Dresses Merinoes- Muslins—Cambrics—Skirtings—Crinolines—Ribbons—Flowers—Feathers—Hosiery—Gloves—Lace and Muslin Goods—Dress Caps—Stays—Under-clothing—Baby Linen—Parachutes—Umbrellas—Gimp Trimmings—Straw Hats. West of England Bro'id Cloths—Fancy Trouserings— Ready-made Coats—Shirts, Scarfs, Tics, Mats. tj-e. Carpels, Floor Cloths, Sheetings, Damask, Dimities. Quilts, Counterpanes, Blankets, Table Cloths, and all requsite Drapery for Furnish ng. TERMS-CASH. ROWLANDS & SON'S, WREXHAM, beeb ABES. MEsSRS. R. & St)N have appointed T. CORBETT, Spirit Vaults, Princess Street, Aberystwyth, as Agent for the Sale of their BeeV. In soliciting orders, T- C. guarantees that quality and price shall not be surpassed. T. C., in returning thanks tor past favors, and soliciting future support, beg to call attention to his superior Stock of WINES at.d SPIRITS. 3" > u This wonderful Ointment acts like magic in the cure of old -rounds, sores, and ul cers however inveterate. It's effect is marvellous m cases of paralysis, contracted j or S joints, andin stoppage of the water or disorders of the kidneys >t is unequalled I BAD XjZEO-S, BAD BREASTS, ETC. j In many hospitals in Europt this celebrated remedy is now in general use. a In Spain, Portugal, and in Italy, the Physicians regularly prescribe its use for f sores and ulcers. Sailors, soldiers, emigrants, and miners find it most invaluable. | The Ointment and Pills should be used conjointly in most of the following cases: 1 & fhma. Eruptions Piles Sore Heads j§ IT OA XJT1 ON: None are genuine unless the words" Holloway, London," are I B discernible as a Water-mark in every leaf of the book of directions which may I ■ I be plainly seen by holdl.ig it to the lt9lli-— Sold at the manufactory of Profes- H I sor HOLLOWAY, 244, Strand, London, and by all Dealers in Medicine, in pots at p Is. lid., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., lIs., 22s., and oos.—lnere is a considerable saving by I ■ 2 9 taking the larger sizes.- Very copious directions for use are affixed to each pot. g TO BU:J:LDERS &, OTH3BRS. Aberystwyth and Bronygof Brick, Tile, and Pipe, Company, Limited. BKICKS, FLOORING TILES, &c., supplied on the shortest notice from.the'Company's Yard, BRONYGOF. r v, /W Orders received at the Mann. £ cr^ ce' Queen's Road, And at Mr. D. H. Davies, Ofhce, Railway Station, Aberystwyth. COMPANIES' ACT, 1862. The Welsh Colonising & General Trading Co., LIMITED. (CWMNI YMFUDOL A MASNACHOL Y WLADVA GYMREIG GYFYNGEDIG.) CAPITAL, £ 50,000~IN~~5,000 SHARES OF ,£10 EACH. DIRECTORS. CAPT- RICHARD DELAHOYDE, Ship Owner, North Parade, MR. GRIFFITH WILLIAM THOMAS, Accountant, 7, Abbey Al.eryslwyth (Ch p Chcster MICHAEL DANIEL .IONES, E«q., Bodiwan, Bala. MR. THOMAS WOOD, Estate Agent, 24, St. Werburgh Street, MR. OWEN EDWARDS, as, Williamson Square, Liverpool. Cl.e.ter. BANKERS -THE NATIONAL PROVINCIAL BANK OF ENGLAND. TRAVELLING SECRETARY:-MR. DAVID LLOYD JONES, Festiniog. CENTRAL SECRETARYMlt. THOMAS CADIVOR TV OOD, 24, St. Werburgh Street, Chester. This Company is established tocbarter, purcnnK0 or bujld gJ foj, (he conveyance 0f passengers and goods to and from the "Welsh Colony, and for the transaction g business with auy port in the world. Vrosppctuses, Articles of Association. Forms of Ap|>ijeation f()|_ g1)areSj the jitters received from the Colony, and every information, may be had from the Cential K.E • J.. C. WOOD, 24, St. Werbuiyh Street, Chester. JOHN KNIGHTSPRIMROSE SOAP. A MONG the many advantages attending; the opening the New Railway Tea Warehouse, Gnot t^)e l^ast is the Proprietor's obtaining the exclii^^e P^1V1 iSe of selling- John Knight a ™?r's' Worl(l-famed Primrose and otlier description ot i?oaps._ Uiis piivi|ege will not be awarded to any other tradesman in erystwyth, by agreement between the Proprietor aud this old established and distinguished ft) m. John Knight and Sons' Primrose Soap, 5d., or 41ù. by the Bar. Jolin Knight and Sons' Fine Pale Soap, i^d., or 4d. by the Bar. John Knight and Sons' Pale Soap, 4d., or 3Jd. by the Bar. John Knight and Sons' Best Mottled, 4Jd., or 4d. by the Bar. SBF Observe the name on each Bar,—JOHN KNIGHT & SONS. Railway TEA warehouse, North Parade, j Aberystwyth. Wv r JOHN JAMES, PROPRIETOR. WILLIAM THOMAS, MANAGER. T. BUBB, PLUMBER, GLAZIER, PAINTER, AND HOUSE DECORATOR, ABERYSTWYTH, BEGS respectfully to intimate that at the insti- JD gation of several resident gentry to set up here in the above line, he has taken to the business of the late Mr. John Williams, Portland Street; and hopes, by strict attention to all orders he may be favoured with, combined with very moderate charges, to merit public patronage and support. Rufford's Baths; Closets and Urinals of various descriptions, suitable for gentlemen's houses. A large stock of Paper Hangings. 200 Gold and Silver Watches to select from, At No. 7, \qP PIER STREET, Aberystwith. J. TRUSCOTT, _atttmafter, .1IelDrller, fimitb, OPTICIAN, ETC. Established, 1848. Gentlemen's Patent Lever Watches, in £ s. d. £ t. d, strong Gold Caf-es, from 10 10 0 to 25 0 0 Ladies' ditto ditto, from 10 10 0 to 20 0 0 PatentLeverWntches,inSiIverCases,from 4 4 0 to 10 10 0 Flat Horizontal Watches, ditto, from. 2 2 0 to 310 0 Warranted to perform correctly, & a Twelvemonth's trial given. The most complicated Watches repaired and ad- justed. Watch Glasses of every size and description fitted immediately. Gold Chains, Wedding Rinqs, and Plate sold according to weight. SWEEP YOUR CHIMNEYS! DAVID JENKIN JONES, OF 11, QUEEN STREET, BEGS to return his best thanks to his friends and supporters for the patronage so largely be- stowed upon him. Pie also begs to inform the public generally, that he has engaged the services of an EXPERIENCED CHIMNEY SWEEP, who will always be ready at a moments' notice to execute any orders sent to the above address. TEAS. THE Excellent TEAS of the CHINA TEA COM- PANY, DUBLIN, (Established, 1834,) made up in sealed packages, can be had of their authorized Agents throughout the United Kingdom. Agentfor Aberystwith—D. JENKINS, 8, Pter St. Jill BARMOUTH, PORTMADOC, AND BACK DAILY. THE "SNOWDONIAN TOURIST" Coach will leave Barmouth daily, (Sundays excepted,) on the arrival of the Passengers from the 10.25 Train at Barmouth Ferry Station. W. CHALTON, Proprietor. MARBLE AKD~ST0?iE SiT~ SWAN HILL, SHREWSBURY. R. D035S0N RESPECTFULLY begs to intimate that the Show Rooms contain a large collection of SSarble, Stone, &. Enamelled Slate Chimney Pieces, Marble & Stone Mural Monuments, Cemetery &. Ctiurcliyara Memorials, Fonts. Fountains, Vases, ctc. Designs forwarded for inspection i and commu- nications by letter will receive immediate attention. TALBOT WEH33 & SPZRZT VAULTS, MARKET STREET, ABERYSTWITH. JR. JONES begs most respectfully to inform the Inhabitants of Aberystwyth and the Public generally that he has laid in an extensive Stock of WINES" & SPIRITS, of the very finest quality, di- rect out of bond Also, a large supply of BURTON EAST INDIA PALE ALE; GUINNESS & Co.'s EXTRA STOUT PORTER in Casks, Bottled, or on Draft; also, FRENCH WINES, at the reduced duties, at the very lowest prices. If your Hair is weak or falling1 off, try LEWTON'S CELEBRATED BOTANIC HAIR WASH, TESTIMONIALS from all parts of the world. Prepared only by EDWARD LEWTON Hair Cutter and Perfumer to His lioyal Highness Prince Arthur, and His Imperial Highness Prince Lucien Buonaparte. No. 15, Pier Street, Aberystwith. A* EXTENSIVE STOCK OF PRIME CIGARS. FANCY Toys, &C. TEETH TEET2Z I wm* DENTI s T, (LATE OF I.ONDON,) 24, NORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH, ARTIFICIAL TEETH, of surpassing beauty, from one to a complete set, without extracting the roots, or giving any pain, incapable of dis- colouration or corrosion, and fixed without having any fastings seen, which renders it impossible to distinguish the artificial from the natural Teeth. Single Tooth from 5s. Sets from 51. 5s. All operations appertaining to Dentistry per- formed with great care and skill. Terms most moderate. Consultation free. Mr. J. E. presents his compliments to the inha- bitants of the above-named town and its vicinity, hoping to have the favour of their patronage, which will be greatly esteemed. TRY POOLE'S BREAD! 26, PIER STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, COpposite the National Provincial Bank,) WARRANTED Genuine, and stamped "Poole" on the top of every Loaf. H. POOLE also professes to sell Goods of every de- scription in PASTRY, of the very best qualit.r,-viz., SEED, GERMAN FRUIT, and other CAKES, in great variety if not on hand, will be made on the shortest notice. Also, SOUPS, JELLIES, CUSTARDS, BLANC MANGE, PIES, TARTS, PUDDINGS, &c., suited for invalids and others, to order. British Wines-Lemonade-Soda IVater-Sherbet- Ginger Beer, Sfc. fyc. NOTICE OF REMOVAL. MR. INGLIS BERVON, ORGANIST OF ST. MICHAEL'S CHURCH, BEGS to inform the Public that he has RE- MOVED from 13, Pier Street, to his Private Residence, 23, Portland Street, during the Winter Months, where the business will be carried on as usual. New Music half price.—Pianofortes Tuned, frc.- Pianofortes for IFire. Teacher of the Organ, Pianoforte, and, Singing. NO, 23, PORTLAND STREET. NO, 23, PORTLAND STREET. S. ALLSOPP & SON. G1 CARES WELL, Agent for Aberystwyth, has W• now on hand a supply of Mild and Bitter Ales. Office, 9, Portland-street, Aberystwyth. IMPORTANT NOTICE. ABONA-FIDE MONEY SPECULATION of rjL £ 12,000,000 sterling, Guaranteed by Govern- ment, is to be allotted in various sums upwards to £ 20,000. Any one. by investing £ U may secure £ 20,000 sterling. For Prospectus (which will be sent gratis), apply by letter, addressed Mr. J. A. RISK, 14, Dukc-street, Adelphi, London. W.C. Just Published, Prio| One Penny, JENKINS'S HOUSEHOLD ALMANACK, AND YEAR-BOOK OF USEFUL KNOWLEDGE For 1867, CCONTAINS the rising and setting of the Sun and J Moon; a copious Calendar; Postage Rates; Law Terms; Tables of Stamps and Taxes; Eclip- ses Notes to the Calendar, &c.; Golden Gleanings, with Plain Meanings; a few Hints on Fault- Finding on the Eariy Teaching of Children to those who look on the Dark Side Wisdom does not always speak in Greek and Latin; "Hopes and Fears chequer Human Life;" a good Woman, and her Influence "The Life of Men rests largely on Trifles;" Life is not to Live, but to be Well;" and much other valuable and important matter. ABERYSTWYTH Published by D. JENKINS, 8, Pier Street. MOCHO HOUSE, 12, PIER STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, Established 1836. JOHN MORGAN, LAFIDARY & JEWELLER, PEBBLES CUT & POLISHED. All kinds of Jewellery made and repaired on the shortest notice- fgf The utmost value given for old gold and silver. 3E3. MORRIS, No. 14, CHURCH STREET, Opposite the Meat Market, ABERYSTWYTH, DEALER IN ANTIQUE & MODERN CURIOSITIES. Best Mandarine Chinese Jars, Etc. Old Gold and Silver bought. ESTABLISHED 1854. V]k/ is,Great Dark^oate Street Aberystwith DAVID THOMAS, "Vatch and Clock Maker, Jen-eller, SiZ,Jers7ltitlt, Vc. The most Improved Watches and Clockt, a-, very reduced prices. it, A twelvemonth's trial given if required. Watches fc Clocks cleaned and repaired on the shortest notice. COLD WEDDINC RINCS. LONDON SOCIETY. RICHLY ILLUSTRATED. PRICE Is. MONTHLY PROGRAMME FOR 1867. New Novel by the Author of" Dennis Donne," "Sir Victor's Choice," Walter Goringetc. In the January Number will commence, to be con- tinued throughout the year, PLAYING FOB HIGH STAKES. By Miss ANNIe THOMAS. With Illustrations. THE TWOPENNY PHILOSOPHER, T,y A. IIALLU>AY, Author of' Every-Day Papers,' etc. These papers will appear Monthly in the course of 1867. 1 Love in a Cottage 8 The Art of Conver- 2 The Cultivation of sation. Love. 9 Flirtation. 3 Bachelor's Buttons. 10 Hands and Gloves. 4 A Path of Roses. 11 Heroes to the Valetde 5 A Bed of Thorns. Chambre. 6 Grand Dinners. 12 After-Dinner Ora- 7 The Luxury of Ele- tory. gance. SKETCHES FROM THE BENCH AND THE BAR, C? Biographical and Anecdotal. Accompanied by Portraits. The Sketches will appear throughout the year, and will include :— Sir A. Cockburn Lord Chelmsford Lord Westbury Lord Justice Knight Bruce The Lord Chief Baron (late) Lord Chief Justice Erie i Sir F. Kelly Mr. Justice ByleS Sir James Wilde Mr. Justice Willes; Baron Martin Baron Bramwell Mr. Justice Blackburn Sir R. Palmer Sir Hugh Cairns Mr. Holt; Lord Advocate (late) Moncrieff; ff The Queen's Advocate, Mr. Justice Shee Solicitor G-neral (late) bir 14. Lo her Mr. Edward James Sir W. BoviU; Mr. Melhsh Mr. Coleridge; Mr. Karslake Mr. Vernon Harcourt Mr. Montagu Chambers; Mr. Hawkins. Mr. Huddlestone; Mr. Giffard Mr. Serjeant Hayes Mr. Joseph Brown Mr. Thomas Jones Mr. Serjeant Ballantine; Mr. Serjeant Parry. ANECDOTE AND GOSSIP AnorT CLUBS. In Four Parts. By U rank Seafield, M A., Author of The Literature and Curiosities of Dreams RECOLMCTIONS OE a BACHELOR, and a Series of Papers. y .Tack Easel, Esquire." Illus- trated by G. Du Maimer. TTINOLISH ( AKICARIM;. Notes on the Masters of _Ej Humoristic Art in England. With Illustrations drawn from the salient points of famous Caricatures. (Several Papers and numerous Illustrations.) \TISITS TO A X J"V HOL'SK, and other Social V Sketches. By Ton, Slender. RPHE OLD LONDON IIOSTELR„S) and the Men who <wr e Jfl ISelie Sauvage and the Pretty Widow lhe Saracen's Head Jack Straw's Castle etc., etc. LONDON MEN A Series of Character Portraits. 1. Mr. Pepys. 2. Charles Lamb. 3. Doug- las,lerrold. ARTISTS' NOTES FROM CHOICE PICTURES. The Paintings rendered on Wood by W. Luson Thomas. No. 1. Honcywood and the Bailiffs. A TALE IIT THE AUTHOR OF HELIONDK." See "London Society" tor 18G7. One Shilling Monthly. GUILTY, OR NOT GUILTY. A Novelette, in Twenty short Chapters. Illustrated by W. Bayes. THE FALCONER'S LAY'. Illustrated by Birket Foster. RPIIE SORROWS OF A JURYMAN. Illustrated. THE PRIVATE LIFE OF A PUBLIC NUISANCE, and other Phases of Town Life. By James Green- wood (the" Amateur Casual. ) EDITORS' BOXES. By Frank Seafield, M A. See "LONDON SOCIETY" for 1867. One Shiling, Monthly. CROSS PURPOSES. A Novelette. By the Author of "Mr. Arle," "Caste," etc. BEFORE THE FOOTLIGHTS; or, Sketches of Play- -LP house Society. The Heads by Charles H. Ross the Tales by Warner Sterne. 1 Private Box at Drury Lane. 2 The Balcony at the Adelphi. 3 The Stalls at Her Majesty's Theatre. 4 The Gallery at Covent G;irden. 5 The Pit at the Strand. 6 Behind the Scenes at an Amateur Theatre RPIIE ROMANCE OF MEDICINE. See "London X Society," a Monthly Illustrated Magazine o Light and amusing Literature for the Hours o Relaxation. Price Is. Monthly. SOCIETY AT PENANCE. See "London Society," a Monthly Illustrated Magazine of Light and Amusing Literature for the Hours of Relaxation. Price is., Monthly. A Set of London Society" (of which Ten Vols. are now published) is one of the Books most highly prized by English residents in the Colonies and Foreign Countries. London Society" may be obtained by order through all Booksellers in Town and Country at the chief Railway Stations throughout the United Kingdom and abroad, through the leading Book- sellers. J TO PRINTERS. A PERMANENT SITUATION to a Steady Young Man, acquainted with Case and Jobbing Work. Apply to the publisher of this paper. TREGARON MONTHLY MARKET. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That a License has been granted for holding Monthly Markets for the Sale of Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, &c., at Tregaron, and the same will be held regularly on the TUESDAY next preceding the first Wednesday in every month. BY ORDER. TEA Cheaper than ever! AT THOMAS GEIFriTHS's THE "LION" TEA SHOP, Opposite the Lion Hotel, Aberystwyth. THE quantity of Tea imported this year is unusu- 1. ally large, amongst which are to be found some of very superior quality. The present and late pres- sure in the Money Market has enabled T. G. to se- cure a lot of Teas at extremely low prices-in some instances at a lower figure than the original cost! and he now gives that advantage to his numerous friends and customers. T. G., although only a "mere Grocer," and having no "intimate connection" with Importing Houses," (except through Brokers,) challenges competition with any Establishment in the place, both as regards quality and price, as, for one reason, in respect to the latter, he has no expensive "managers" and as- sistants to pay out of his profit. N.B. One trial will convince the most sceptical. TO BE LET, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, On Moderate Terms, A FRONT SHOP AND PARLOUR. Also, FURNISHED APARTMENTS. For parti- culars apply at Mr. James', Tailor, 13, Pier-street, Aberystwyth. D P1l.1l Qtt pV Sp <S> 'tAlflRBII" WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE. THE GREAT SUCCESS of this JL DELICIOUS CONDIMENT has been the signal for the appearance of many SPU- RIOUS IMITATIONS totally different in FLAVOR and destitute of the DIGESTIVE PROPERTIES of this SAUCE. Purchasers are earnestly requested to ASK FOR LEA & PERRINS' SAUCE, Prepared only by hi LEA & PERRINS, Worcester. Sold Wholesale and for Export, by CBOSSB & BLACK WELL, London, VJFFIN and all Merchants and Oilmen. IMPORTANT NOTICE. ON and after the 1st of NOVEMBER, the 4- HORSE COACH, in connection with the Man- chester and Milford Railway, will run at 11 a.m., from ABERYSTWYTH to STRATA FLORIDA STATION, arriving in Lampeter at 2 45, and Car- marthen at 4.45 p.m., in time for the express train 10 Tenby and Milford Haven, and Up-Mail to Swansea and Cardiff, &c. The Coach will return DAILY from Strata Florida Station, after the arrival of the 4 p.m. train, and reach Aberystwyth at 6.15 p.m. Fares-INSIDE 5s- Od. OUTSIDE 3s 6d. J. PELL, Proprietor. Belle Vue Royal Hotel General Coach Office and Posting Establishment, Aberystwith. JOHN REES, Cabinetmaker and Upholsterer. HOME-MANUFACTURED and London Fur- niture of every description.—Undertaker and Appraiser. Show Rooms,- Little Dark-gate Street, Abervstwyth. TREGARON MONTHLY MARKET. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That a MONTHLY MARKET will be held at the above place On the Tuesday preceding the first Wednesday in each Month, For the Sale of CATTLK, HORSES, SIIEEP, PIGS, CORN, BUTTER,, POULTRY, &c. The first Market Will be held on Tuesday, January 1st, 1867. J A great number of Butter-merchants, Butchers, Pig-dealers, and Corn-merchants, have promised to attend the above Market; and for the convenience of buyers from a distance, the day before the Car- marthen Monthly Market has been fixed for holding the Tregaron Market. A Prize of 5s. will be given at the first Market for the best Fat Pig, and 2s. 6d. for the second best. The Dealers earnestly solicit an early attendance. Market Tickets at about a single fare for the double journey will be issued from all Stations on the Manchester and Milford Railway. BY ORDER. Tregaron, Dec. 19th, 1866. TO BE SOLD By Private Contract, fT^WO Ricks of well-harvested HAY, the one at X Bowstreet Station, and the other by the Llan- badarn Crossing. Also, TO BE SOLD, a set of BLACKSMITH'S TOOLS, and a quantity of CAST STEEL DRILLS and STRIKING HAMMERS, together with a large quantity of PICKS and f°r quarrying*. Also, a good New WIHIECHAPEL for Sale. Apply to Mr. Thomas Smith, Contractor, Little Dark-gate Street, Aberystwyth. EDWARD CLOCKER., Licensed to Let HORSES & CARRIAGES FOR HIRE. 5, Terrace Road, Aberystwith. 0- Closed and Open Carriages; Basket ditto, Waggonettes, fyc. PAAL. SITES for Building COTTAGES, including Gar- k? dens, reaching to the river side of Ystwyth adjoining Ty'nylone Chapel. For particulars en- quire of Roderick Williams, Builder, Aberystwyth. W. E. R. Bryneithin, 1867. TO BE LET, A SITTING ROOM and TWO BEDROOMS, situate in a central part of the town. Apply to the publisher. WANTED, AT Lady-day, in Aberystwyth, or within 2 miles of the Railway Station, a Small Six or Seven Room HOUSE (detached preferred). Rent from X16 to X26 per annum. Address, W. W., 3, Clif- ton Terrace, Maindu, Newport, MOil". Fishing Notice. TIIE River EINON is preserved from its Estuary at Glandovey. Any person fishing in the said River will be prosecuted. February 8th, 1867. ABERYSTWYTH & CARDIGAN BAY STEAM PACKET COMPANY, LIMITED. THE Shareholders in this Company are respect- fully informed that a Dividend at the rate of 5s. 4d. per Share out of the profits for the six months ended 31 st December last, will be paid on applica- tion at the National Provincial Bank, Pier Street, on or after Friday, the 1st March, 1867. WILLIAM JONES, Aberystwyth, Feb. 8th, 1867. Secretary. TO BE LET, APART of a House No. 24, Bridge Street, (lately occupied by the North & South Wales Banking Company,) containing Kitchen, Back ditto, Drawing Room, and 2 Bedrooms. Also, if desired, a large Garden adjoining. Apply to Mr. Thomas Howells, Grocer, Bridge Street. The Bankruptcy Act, 1861. RICHARD GRIFFITHS, of the "Horse and Jockey," Bridge-street, in the town of Aber- ystwyth, in the county of Cardigan, Publican and Shoemaker, having been adjudged Bankrupt, under a petition for adjudication of Bankruptcy, filed in the County Court of Cardiganshire, holden at Aberystwyth, on the 11th day of February, 1867, is hereby required to surrender himself to John Jenkins, Esquire, a Registrar of the County Court of Cardiganshire, holden atAberystwyth, at the first meeting of creditors to be held on the 27th day of February, 1867, at 9 o'clock in the forenoon precisely, at the Town-hall, Aberystwyth aforesaid. Mr. Hugh Hughes is the solicitor acting in the Bankruptcy. At the meeting the Registrar will receive the proofs of the debts of the creditors, and the creditors may choose an Assignee or Assignees of the Bank- rupt's estate and effects. All persons having in their possession any of the effects of the said Bankrupt must deliver them to the Registrar, and all debts due to the Bankrupt must be paid to the Registrar. Dated this 13th day of February, 1867. ROBERT EDWARD, High Bailiff. ZO be *]Dlbr tog auttton, BY G. T. SMITH, AT THE GOGERDDAN ARMS & LION ROYAL HOTEL, ABERYSTWYTH, On Tuesday, the 26th of February, ]867, At 4 o'clock in the afternoon. (Subject to conditions to be then produced and read,) ALL that substantially Carvel-built wooden framewook SCHOONER of the port ef Aber- ystwyth, known by the name of the John and Margaret," register tonnage 49 29-100, one deck, skull head, and square stern. Length, from the fore part of the stern under the bowsprit to the aft side of the head of the sternpost, 59 feet; main breadth to outside of plank 17 feet 4 tenths. Depth in hold, from tonnage deck to ceiling at midships, 8 feet 2 tenths. The above schooner was built at Barnstable, in October, 1857, and is in good condition. There is a good suit of sails, small boat, anchors, &c., which will be sold with the schooner. The above schooner is lying in the harbour of Aberystwyth, where she may be seen. Further particulars may be obtained at the offices of Mr. Frederick W. Ponton, Solicitor, Ellesmere, Salop, and of the Auctioneer, Aberystwyth. J "PURITY & EXCELLENCE OF QUALITY." ON ILY ld iF 0 R AW "4 D ITRADE MARK I BULL'S HEADj A E)O\$\ L THEIR CENUINE AND DOUBLE SUPERFINE ARE THE QUALITIES PARTICULARLY RECOMMENBED FOR FAMILY USE RETAILED IN EVERY TOWN THROUGHOUT THE UNITED KINGDOM. t. PW CRYSTAL PALACE INN, QUEEN'S ROAD, ABERYSTWITH Mo BEGS to inform his Friends and the Public, that he has just opened the above House of Enter- tainment, and hopes, by strict attention and civility to merit a share of their patronage and support. Accommodation for Visitors and others on moderate terms. Burton Mild and Bitter Beers. Dublin Porter, Hereford Cider, and Spirituous Liquors. THOUSANDS NOVI USE Johnson,Johnson&Co's PURE TEA Because it is better in quality than all others The Prices are all now reduced EIGHT-PENCE PER POUND. The 3/4, is Reduced to 2 8 The 3/8, is Reduced to 3/. The 4/ is Reduced to 3/4 The 4/4, is Reduced to 3/8 The 4/8, is Reduced to 41- See that the name of Johnson,Johnson &Co is on each Packet. Sold in Packete by Agents in every Town. LOCAL AGENTS. RAILWAY BlLLS.- The Cambrian (Voting at meetings, &c.), and the Drayton Junction Bill passed the Standing Order Committee of the House of Commons on Thursday. SERVANTS OUT OF PLACE.—There are at present five healthy girls of good character in the Work- house, for whom the Board is anxious to procure situations as domestic servants. PAUPERISM.—On Saturday, the 9th February, 1807, there were 36 paupers relieved at the Union Workhouse, distriuted as follows :—Aberystwyth, 9; Clarach, 3; Cwmrheidiol, 5 Ceulanymaesmawr, 1; Melindwr, 3; and Union paupers, 15. There were 7 vagrants relieved during the week. POPULAR READINGS. The above entertainment will be given on Wed- nesday next, at the New National Schools in this town. The chair will be occupied on the occasion by Edmund Vaughan, Esq. A full programme will be published to-day.




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