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Cambrian and Aherystwith and…



THE CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. The second ordinary half-yearly general meeting of the proprietors of the Cao.brhm Railways Com- pany was held at the Railway Station Wetshpoot, on Fridav last. The Right ilon. Earl Vane, Chair- man of ihe Company, presided, and the following directors were also present :—Capt. John?, Capt. Pryce, HenryTootal, Esq.,and David WiIiiarns, Esq. The report of the directors contained the following passages relating to our neighbourhood An arrangement has been come to, since the amalgamation, to grant Mr. Savin a lease of the line for ten years, from the 1st of July las', at a fixed dividend of 5 per cent. per annum, in lieu of a previous agreement with him, under which tf)e divi- dends were fluctuating as to amount, and terminable on either party giving three months' notice. By this arrangement the dividends due on the ordinary sfiares for the last half-year will be at the rate of 5 per cent. per annum. We have concluded the terms of an agreement with the Abervstwith and Welsh Coast Railway Company, under the powers of the Acts of 1861 and J862, for the working of the railway for twenty years, at 45 per cent. out of the gross receipts, and terminable after the expiration of that period on notice by either party. We look upon this agree- ment as advantageous to the company, and calcu- lated to facilitate and increase the traffic. There is now, by means of the company's lines, an unbroken communication between Aherystwith on the Welsh coast and Wbitchurch in Shropshire, giving to the public the shortest route to Crewe and the manufacturing districts of Lancashire and York- shire from the West coast of Wales. As it is of the utmost importance that our railway should be connected more immediately with the sea coast, we have projected an extension of the line from Machynlleth to Aberdovey, a distance of little more than five miles, so as to attain a ready access to the shipping trade of that port, and also with a view of securing, by means of steam packets, some of the Irish traffic for onr line. The following Bills have been laid before Par- liament this session in the interest of this company, viz. 1. A Bill to amalgamate the Aberystwith and Welsh Coast Company with this company. 2. A Bill to authorise the company to lease their line. 3. A Bill for extending the line to Aberdovey. 4. A Bill for the establishment of steam boats between that place and Ireland. And 5. A Bill for the abandonment of the Wem Branch of the Oswestry, Ellesmere, and Whit- church Railway. These Bills, together with the proposed lease to Mr. Savin, and the agreement with the Abervstwith and Welsh Coast. Company, will be submitted for your approval and sanction. We have every expectation that the Bill for the amalgamation of the Aberystwith and Welsh Coast Company with this company will, if it passes, be pro- ductive of great benefit and advantage to both companies. The receipts of this company during the last half- year have amounted to nearly 10,000[. over the pre- vious half-year, w bile the additional extent of new line has been only seven miles. This justifies the board in looking forward with confidence to a con- tinuous increase of the revenue of the company, and to 11s growing prosperity. We are enabled to state that the same good understanding which has hitherto prevailed between this company and the London and North-W estern Company still exists, and we look with satisfaction at the conciliatory and amicable policy which has influenced that and other companies in their rela- tionst.ip with ours. We expect that a junction will be formed imme- diately between the Great Western and our lines, at the Oswestry station, which will be attended with great convenience to the public as well as to both companies. Company's Offices, VANE, Chairman. 13th February, 1865. GEO. LEWIS, Secretary. Hollon?<vj's Ointment and Pills.—The Knife Superseded.— All afflicted with ulcers, diseases of the bones, and inflammations of the joints, should read this testimonial to the curative powers of these healing and purifying remedies. Mr. John Allen, 17, Denmark-street, Leicester, suffered severely from a bad foot for three years, during which long period he was under surgical treatment without any perceptible benefit. He iesolutely ob- jected to amputation, which seemed the only course open, till he providentially tried Holloway's remedies. These gave hiih great relief, and at last completely cured him. Spots, blemishes, sores, and skin disorders, arising from impoverished blood, may be removed by the judicious use of Holloway's Ointment and Pills. be removed by the judicious use of Holloway's Ointment and Pills.

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