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EPITOME OF NEWS. BRITISH AND FOREIGN. During the past week 69 wrecks have been reported, mak1ng a total for the present year of 414, The speech of the Emperor of the French consisted 1 710 words. Delivered in Paris at one o'clock, the whole was known in London at half-pllst three. A bill has bten introduced into the Federal senate prohibitirlg the adoption of any bye law preventing coloured people from travelling upon any railroad or steamboat, and rendering any regulation void which treats coloured passen. gers differently from others. On Saturday last Samuel Kniverton and Ann Scrim- shire, both of whom were deaf and numb, wtre married at the church of St. Anne's, Limehouse, London. Au interpreter attended, and responses were made through the finger alphabet. A gieat number were present to witness the ceremony, which excited great interest by its novelty. In a case brought before the Manchester City Police court on Saturday, in which a lad was chaiged with throwing a snowbai; at a railway train, it was stated that, under an act passed in the 14th and 15th yeais of her Majesty, the defendant was liable, at the discretion of the court, to penal seivitude fur life. He was, however, only fined 5s. A new species of petty persecution has been begun at Warsaw. Tnn stedentsin that city having during the seveie cold which prevailed in the beginning of February worn hood-i on their beads, tbe director of the police has issued ord rs forbidding this practice, as beicg l'a'ne to lead to abases. A teetotal lecturer of Newcastle proposed to divert himself on Sunday eventns, by delivering an address upon The Last Days of a Gateshead Magistrate a lesson of instruction and warning." A nephew of the deceased ma- gistrate aimed himself with a newly pu chased h raewhin bnd, lecture hili in hand, sought out the lecturer, to whom: aftf r a sh r catechising by way of form, he administered so sound a thrashing tha, the instrument of eorre :tion we are told, wa9 literally broken to shreds." This feat was performed in broad daylight, in the presence of an admiring to^nterfere.0 '16"' °' wh thought it nec^sa.y to interfere. An K°n7 was performed on Saturday ?/n A t the liiin i °' t'le Clergy Orphan Corpora- Farmer beaueathed Present century Mr. James J „rt twwit. s i 0 society on condition th-it shouM allr J -fon/ t a'llversary of his death the committee considered mnJt v orphan in the school whom they nresentation^ wor'hy of it. On Saturday one of these The fortunat^aS T?6 the Archbishop of Canterbury, j.). recipient of the money is Miss Fayrer, Church CamberwifL6 R°bert Fayr6r' °f ISajmanuel for^»vi^°n^e(^era':e Senate have thanked Mr. Lancaster hound P'am ^emmes and his crew in the yacht Deer- It has been stated upon excellent authority that the cost of the Confederate navy has been eighty million of collars. That navy has destroyed 191 Federal ve«sel«. If the arithmetical reader will calculate he wiil find that it^has cost the Confederates 418,000 dollars each captured vessel, o over 80,000z. At that rate the Federals have nothing'oco- plaln of, and might let the game go on with perfect as- surance that they would not be ruined in the long ran. From an incident which transpired afc. rown Council, it appears that bribery at a ml'" • Is a smaller offence than bribery at » par A town councillor of the borough haa been on; County Court of bribery, and fined; andJ* 7nlted t w ti,01} sf an emijent barrister who had been n Jj ?.at was the legal limit of his punishment. He could not be dig- possessed of his office for the offence. A Board of Trade iWn}rL™ro°lumh}L at Liverpool m Monday Into the loss of steamer, be- longing to that port. The unfortunate yesjel left the Mersey on the loth January, with a crew of 32 men and a passenger. She sunK on the French coast, after encounter- ing a terriffia storm, on the 17th of the same month, and >nlythe steward andtwo firemen were saved. The steward, i irho was examined, brought a very grave charge against the japtaln and officers which, however, the counsel for the jwners said he would be able to contradict if the case were idjourned for a few days. It is stated that there are several steam boilers under lhe floor of the Houses of Parliament, many working at high I pressure and not tested as to their strength for years. It i night create a great deal of excitement, certainly a new itns. °n for the biase, if some morning the reports of the i farliamentary proceedings in the papers were to wind up ] mddenly with, "Here the debate c"me to an end by the < )lowii)g up of all tha members. A new Ministry and Oppo- i lition, with the requiste number of mcmbeis to work both, 1 rill be Immediately required." It is a remarkable fact, as quoted by the Postmaster General from the Reports of the Census Commissioners, that the London postal district, contains a larger of houses, and a arger population than are to be found the whole of Scotland." Seven hundred and eighty-two national banks are In operation In the Federal States, with a capital of 183,093.000 dollars. The total number of persons who arrived by sea iø the colony of Victoria during the [LOftth of November law was 3,308, of whom 1,758 were immigrants from the United Kingdom The number of departures from the colony wal 1,358. The currant rate of wages were from 30Z. per annum for unmarried farm labourers to 601, for married coupler and from 152. to 352. for domestic servants. The extraordinary questions in which the convict Roupell has been mixed up will again be brought before the public at the ensuing Essex assizes. The convict has been detained in England to enable him to be examined as witness. A French paper, the Journal of the Immaculate Conception, promises to aU its subscribers a "month" indulgence" by way of premium. One of the odd things of London life is a lecture nightly, gratis, on pills and potions, at the back of a hand- some doctor's shop in one of the most important West-End streets. The public are invited to enter and listen for a few minutes by an active and zealous porter at the door, and they take to the new idea largely and seriously. A man died at the Manchester royal infirmary a few days ago, from erysipelas, caused by hts having been struck on the face with a basin which was thrown at some- body else in a quarre The north-east coast was visited by a terrific gale on Sunday and Monday, and there will be a story of disaster to tell as a sad sequel. At Shields information* has been received of a great storm In the Mediterranean. Forty vessels were blown ashore at Alexandria, but happily the loss of life was small. The Wurtemburg Chamber of Deputies has just pronounced in favour of the abolition of the punishment of death hy a majority of 56 to 27. Oi 200 petitions addressed to the Chamber on this subject, 260 were for and 30 against the abolition. The Unita Italiana of Turin publishes a long letter (filling 11 column ) addressed t) Pius IX., and dated in Jannary, It endeavours to prove that Papacy has had Its day. and that—both as Pope and King—Pius Ix. has but one thing to do—to reconcile himself with God, for he can never be reconciled to humanity. This letter is attributed to Mazzini. A case of great importance to graziers came before the magistrate at the Clerkenwell Police Court, in London, on Monday. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals prosecuted an Oxfordshire farmer for exposing shorn sheep in open market in inclement weather-a prac- tice which was sworn by Professor Spooner to be cruel In the extreme. In consideration that this was the first offence of the kind brought before him, the magistrate dismissed it, but intimated that in all similar cases he should feel com.. pelled to inflict a fine. The latest novelty is that we are being supplied largely with teeth from the American battle-fields. The 1m. portations are very large, and the price of the article has considerably decreased. Great interest has been excited in the city of London, in consequence of the proprietors of Meriton's Wharf, being charged with a conspiracy to defraud the insurance com- panies of a large sum of money. The charge arose out of ihe great fire at Dockhead, and atnrst it was confined to the servants of the Meriton Wharf establishment, but subse- quently the masters were included in it. A translation of Louis Napoleon's "Life of Caesar will shortly be published at Pesth. On last Monday night, the eve of St. Valentine, 630.000 letters were dispatched from the General Post Office, in London, being an excess of 230,000 over the ordinary number. A most curious scene took place at the Debtors' Prison of Clichy, in Paris, after the copies of the Empe- ror's speech had reached the prisoners. The passage relating to the bill proposed by the Emperor for the abolition of imprisonment for debt created so much enthusiasm among the inmates that a spontaneous illumination of every win- dow of the house startled the gaolers, who vainly remon- strated against this demonstration. The Prince Napoleon's recent ball." says the writer of a Paris letter in the Nord, cost 30,0001, thus dis- tributed Supper, 14,0001., flowers, 6,000f,; lighting and decorations, 10,0001." Mr. Donelly'a agricultural statistics of Ireland for the year 1864 were Issued on Saturday morning. From these it appears that the total area under crops in the year was 5,672,980 acres, or 10,493 acres more than 1n 1863. The extent ot ground under wheat, barley, here, rye, beans, and peas has increased considera bly, but that under oats has diminished also considerably. On the whole there has been a decrease in cereals of 122,437 acres, and also a slight decrease in green crops. A little boy at Aberdeen has died from injury to the head, caused by a blow from a snowball. The Annan Observer says :—" It is rather remark- able that only three deaths have been registered in the parish of Middlesex this year, and these were three sisters. The first died on the 17th ultimo, the second on the 2nd Inst., and the third on the 10th inst. and though these three sisters lived in separate houses, yet they all died tn the same house and in the same bed. The late Duke of Northumberland possessed one- seventh of the county of Northumberland, namely, 168,000 acres. ^uv°i8iDi a retired captain in the custom's ser- vice, at Uayonne, has received the decoration of the Legion of Honour for a translation ef the Bible into the Basque lan- guage This honour has been accorded by the Emperor on the recommendation of his cousin, Prince Louis Lucien Buonaparte, who is himself a distinuished Basque scholar. The Court Journal says that a good story ia told about the pheasant-preserving in Norfolk. When it was recently desired to have sport for an illustrious visitor, it was found necessary to send the head keeper home, as the pheasants interpreted his presence into a premonitory symp' tom of feeding time, and woald sit on his shoulder and drop at his feet. The son of the late Mr. John Leech has been nomi- nated by Kirl Russell to the foundation of the Cba11;erbQllJJ& This will give the boy a splendid education, and a chance of °"f °n/0llr scholarships, for which the competition is among only fifty boys The Queen has expressed herself very much pleased at the result, and at the tribute it implied to the "extraordinary artist" (Her Majesty's own words) in ques- tion. A celebrated physician, occupying a high official position in Massachusetts, giys that since the beginning of the war there ha. been a remarkable decrease in cases of insanity among women, attributed by him to the various charitable and benevolent operations occa ioned by the war, which have excited the sympathy and received the Bupport of women. Esther Moody, a widow, has died in the Portsea Island workhouse in the hundredth year of her age, retain- ing her faculties almost to the last. There is at the present time an inma'e in the same workhouse in the 104th year of his age, who is hale and hearty, and whose recollection is in- deed suprising. The Sheffield Inundation Commifsion have awarded Richard Nesbitt Ryan, actor, poet, publican, and manager," 1' Ol. for losses occasioned by the inundation he laid his c aims at 1,3002. for the loss of noetic effusions, an auto- biographical diary, &c. 9n the site of Sodom and Gomorrah English enter- prise is about to establish a factory for the extracting of bromides from the waters TT Fr'ace Wales attended the sitting of the House of Commons on Friday evening, and occupied a seat in the Peers Gallery, the Earl of Alrlie being on the right hand, and Major Teesdale on the left hand of his Royal Highness The Prince entered the House during the speech of Sir Hugh Cairns on the matter of the Belfast Commission, remained some three-quarters of an hour, and left before the hon. and learned gentleman had concluded. Andrew MacErlone, a lawyer's clerk, has been committed for trial a' Belfast, charged with having, in a drunken spree, cursed the Queen, said he would command 30,000 men who were opposed to the Protestant Govern- ment, and that he would like to be the executioner of the Prince of Wales. One of the novelties of life in Moscow ii the intro- duction of ladies into gentlemen's clubs. The ladies are balloted for, and, we presume, are on the same footing precisely in every respect to the gentlemen. Is there room for this innovation ? Some of the details of the conversation between Mr. Lincoln, Mr. Ssward, and the Confederate commissioners are published, with a reputation of an official character. The point at which the negotiators stuck was recognition. TLe Southern representatives insisted on the independence of the South Mr. Lincoln, on the other hand, said that was totally out of the I}utstion. The national authority must be recognistd and obeyed over the whole United States terri- tory befo e anything else could be conceded. Did I receive a Valentine ? (writes a corespondent). Well, one. A facetious friend sent me the f llowing adver- tisement cut from a weekly paper. — "To ^Novelists — Wanted immediately, a writer for a penny publication. Style, adventures and murders. Address, X. &c. It is said that Mifos Braddon—Lady Audley's literary piient—can write a three-volume Lovel in three weeks, and his done so. The will of the Marquis of Bristol was sworn under 100,0002 To his eldest son, the present Marquis, he has devised all his real estates, and has bequedhed to him the residue of his personal property To each of his younger sons he has left a legacy of 20,0002., and to each of his daughters 10,0002., besides other bequests to them. One of the Paris actresses, Mdlle. P-, is gaJd to wear a dress on the stage which cost 1,0002. A Frenchman was asked his opinion of the" Derby." He spread his palms, shrugged his shoulders raised his eyebrows, and said, Here dey come, dere dey go nav me one hundred pounds." p me It is said that a great emigration of Welshmen to Patagonia is likely to take place in consequence of some negotiations of leading Welsh gentlemen with the Argentine Republic. One especial point is that they are to preserve the language in all its purity of consonants. The picture by Eugene Delacroix, The murder of the bishop of Liege," founded on the scene so powerfully described in Scott's Quentin Durward," was tola on Satur- day last, in Paris, for 1,4002. During a snowball skirmish between toe Glasgow students, one of the police took an inoffensive-looking specta- tor into custody, but was glad to get ridof his prisoner when he found him to be one of the professors We hear (says the Court Journal) that a popular Scotch bishop, who for many years was the respected minh, ter of one of the prettiest market towns in England, Is shortly to be married to a young lady residing not many miles from ti.e town alluded to. The Prince of Wales has become a patron of Turkish bath?. His Royal Highness visited the Ilammam the other day in Jerm) n-street, London, and took a bath. By the return of the Registrar General of Ireland for the year 1864 it appears that 84,586, persons left the country up T,^lng <?n lncrease of 41,080 oq the nuaiber for the previous year. gince t,he first ot May 1851, the total emigration has been 1,499,642 persons, A Canadian paper states that Burley, the St. Alban's raider, the AusSt? '/an away aud J"lned Garibaldi, deserted to the Austrlans, afterwards went to Spain, sailed Amerfca^ where he becSeTclerk 8 Wre<*ed in ailSon?o ^h?°«f Sf,liHbury, reoeptiy ™ade the following allusion to tha' smallness of clerical stipends If somn ard*of sockUrnl°Mfd' "6 ShaHi3e obli8ed to lower thestand- ministrv of 6rtry (luajlflcation for odmiss'on into the prin i Church, and fill our poor living! with badly- <>annnt «„n ?noraIlt' men> in whose hands the sacred office cannot fail to suffer injury." .^ro^e880r Lynn, of Edinburgh, recently performed with success the operation of excision of the tongue. A new invention in France is said to be a pair of musical boots, which have been exhib.ted to the Emperor. At every step the pressure ef the boot produces melody—It may be a waltz, a mazurka, or an operatic air. This arrange- ment would be extremely convenient for a dancing raastep. The exodus from Ireland is still increasing. The Registrar General's return shows that up to the end of July in last year, 84,580 persons left the country, an increase of 41,080 on the number of the previous year. Since the 1st of May, 1851, the total emigration from Ireland has been 1,499,642 persons. The miners of Barnsley are threatening to strike unless the grievances of which they complain are adjusted, rhe miners' executive committee have applied to the colliery Doners to submit the case to arbitration, but no reply has been received, and the opinion is that a strike is imminent. A few years ago some of the facetious sayings and doings ofone Artemus Ward, a Yankee, were copied into the English newspapers, and were found remarkably funny notably one descriptive of au interview with the Prince of tVaiea. These sketches have now been gathered into a volume.catted Artemus Ward, his book," and issued by Mr. Hotten. It is impossible to imagine a better repository jf most genial nonsense, most exquisite fooling Its humour s irresistible, but— ridentcm dicereverumquisvetat l-there B a good deal of shrewd practical truth under Mr. Ward's lonoense.