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Hocal information.


Hocal information. BOARD OF GUARDIANS. Monday, 13th Febuary, 1865. The fortnightly meeting of the PoorLaw Guardians was held, as usual, in the Board-room of TB*S Union Work-house, on Monday. The guardians present were GVJ* ^ARRY> Esq., chairman; John Hughes, Esq., V»«^CHAIRMAN; John Davies, Esq., Mayor; Messrf L>AV'(I Alban, J. J, Jones, John Davies, WHIAM Edwards, Robert Richards, Edward MO«AN. Lewis Jones, Dr.Roberts, and Dr. James. The minute." OF THE preceeding meeting were read by Hugh F-GHES, Esq. The crnairman said that the first business to be PROO^DED with was the appointment of a matron. TO the advertisement which had been issued, there ) was, he regretted to say, but one answer. It was the application of one Adelaide Davies, residing at No. 29, North Parade, in this town. Adelaide Davies, a most respectable young wo- man, appeared before the board. In reply to the chairman, she said that she was 32 years of age, and that she was a single woman. She could read, write, and keep accounts. She also understood cooking, and knew what she would have to do as matron of the workhouse-te take care of the paupers and stores, and to preserve order in-the house. The Mayor, Mr Williams, Mr John Hughes, Mr Hugh Hughes, Mr John Jones, Mr Alban, and other gnardians, bore flattering testimony as to the girl's character. Another woman named Ellen Jones applied in person for the situation, but declined to accept it at the salary offered. Mr John Hughes: There's an end of it. We can- not entertain your application. Mr Hughes then moved that Adelaide Davies be appointed matron. Mr Williams seconded. In reply to the Chairman, Miss Davies said that she would be able to commence her duties that day week. The Chairman then informed her of her appoint- ment by the board, subject to the approval of the commissioners. WHEAT VERSUS FLOUR, The Master of the house reported to the board that he had, in accordance with their instructions, tested the relative value of bread made from wheat, bought direct, and of flour purchased in the shops. He had got 414 IBs. of wheat for 2/. 2s. Od., and a sack of flour 280 lbs. for 1/. 12s. Od., and he found that whilst the wheat stood 1 \d. in the lb., the flour was about L £ D. He had purchased the wheat at 5s. 3d. a bushel. Several of the guardians stated that the bread made from the wheat was cheaper and more whole- some than that made from the flour. Ordered to continue to purchase wheat for the use of the house in future. GENERAL BUSINESS. Catherine Simons, of Gray's Inn Lane, aged 29, with two children, a charwoman, having been in receipt of 3s. a-week, married in January. Relief stopped. Hugh Davies, aged 26, with wife 35, and two children, applied for relief, debility being the cause. Relieving Officer had given him 4s. 6d. for the last fortnight. Ordered 5s a-week for the next fortnight. Anne Jones, of Thespian-street, aged 28, a char- woman, having 2s. a-week, applied for additional relief. Case deferred for a fortnight, that applicant might appear before the board. Funeral expenses allowed for the late Mary Jones, of Penparke, aged 78 years. Application made for relief on behalf of Mary Fowkes an orphan, aged 6 years. Her father and mother both being dead—the child was residing with [ her uncle, Thomas Simon, of Church-street. Thomas Simon appeared before the board. The child's father had been a sailor, and the mother had died six month ago. The Mayor said that Simons was a very deserving man. He had been for a long time. supporting an aged mother, and never applied for relief for her. Allowance made for the child of 2s. 6d. a-week. David Evans, of Borth, applied for a pair of trousers, a pair of drawers, and two shirts. Mr. Hughes asked how often this man was to apply for relief. Mr Jones said that the man was in a desperate state as the relieving officer knew. Ordered 1/. for clothes. John Morgan, of Penparke, aged 71, with wife, aged 64, partially disabled by old age, applied to have relief continued. Mr Davies said that Morgan had plenty of work to do, and that he was constantly working. The Chairman suggested that relief be continued for another fortnight, and that relieving officer direct him to attend the next meeting of the board; or otherwise that the relief would be stopped. Ellen Evans, of Trefechan, whose right hand is crippled, and who is paralized, applied for additional relief. Mr Jones said that the woman was no worse now than usual. Relieving Officer said that the application was made in consequence of the severe weather. Application refused. Gwynne Lewis, aged 60, living in Portland-lane, partially disabled by old age. Dr. Roberts said he did not know of any one in Portland-lane, but a little child. Relieving Officer said he had visited the woman twice. Once she was in bed and once up, but very feeble. He had not asked her to attend, because he saw that she was unable to do so. The Chairman told the relieving officer, that when 1 an applicant was so unwell as to be unable to attend the board, he ought to get the medical officer to visit him. Allowed 2s. for a fortnight, and state of the case to be ascertained in the mean time. Anne Davies, of Moor-street, aged 42, with two children, applied for a blanket and sheets. Mr Jones did not think that the woman belonged to Aberystwith, but they were very poor. Mr Alban said that an order existed that every pauper should be brought before the board on their first application for relief, and that order had never been complied with. Twelve shillings allowed, aadsettlement ordered to be enquired into. Edward Williams, aged 60, with wife 64, disabled by a broken leg, applied for continuance of relief. Mrs Williams who was called into the board-room, said she wanted the relief for another fortnight- Her husband was in a club, but he would not be receiving any money from it till that day fortnight; and even then, he would only get lis. 6d., as they owed a debt to the club. After that, they would receive 1/. 7s. a month—but only monthly. She would not have applied to the board if she could possibly have avoi- ded it. She had, for many years, been paying poor rates in the parish. Relief continued for a fortnight. Margaret Jones, of-Thespian-street, aged 50, a charwoman, wholly disabled, applied for additional relief—illness being the cause. She was then getting 3s. a-week. Dr. James said that she was very poor, and con- fined to her bed. Settlement ordered to be looked into. Relief granted to Thomas Jones, aged 55, with wife. aged ü9, and four children, to be continued, and settlement enquired into. Sophia Hughes, a dressmaker, with two children, now getting 3s. 6d. a-week, APPLIED FOR additional relief. Applicant was very ill after giving birth to a child; and was willing, as soon as able, to come to the house. Dr. James said that the woman was so weak, it would be most dangerous to remove her at present; but as soon as the hard weather was over, he thought she might bear removal, and that she would be better at the house than where she was at present. Ordered 4s. a-week. One shilling extra, for nurse, granted to Elizabeth Punhellon, a charwoman, aged 76 years. John Griftiths, a shipwright, aged 77 years, being disabled by old age, granted an additional 6d. John Lewis, of Borth, aged 78 years, a labourer, allowed 5s. for 2 shirts and 2 pair of drawers. Mary Edwards having 2s. a-week, granted an extra shilling, her son being ill. John Lloyd, aged 58, with wife, a labourer, ap- plied for relief—illness being the cause. Dr. James said that the man was asthematic, and was frequently totally unable to work. Allowed 2s. for a fortnight. Sarah Evans, of Moor-street, aged 81 years, a. charwoman, applied for a nurse. Dr. James said that the woman could do nothing for herself. Mr. Jones said he knew the woman very well, and she had been living on her own money. Elizabeth Pryse, of Eagle Court, aged 67, a char- woman, granted 6d. extra relief. Relief continued to Susan Jones, a charwoman, having four children to support. Relief of 3s. ordered to be continued to Catherine Charles, of Gray's Inn Lane, with two children. Application for narse refused as she lived with her mother. Anne Evans, of Spring Gardens, aged 75, a char- woman. Relieving Officer gave her 4s. for the last tortnight, and 8s. for the previous fortnight. ThIs was the case in which a mistake had occurred In transferring the woman to another parish. Order made for additional 6d. C. ,AR§ £ JRE.T Edwards, aged 30, who had been con- fined of twins, which had since died. 12s.6d. allowed for funeral expenses. Mary Coulton, of White Horse Court, aged 44, suffering from mental disability, applied for two shifts and petticoat. Mr. Jones said that the poor creature ought to get what she wanted. Twelve shillings ordered, and relieving officer told to be sure and see that she got the things. Margaret Rees, of Borth, aged 70, applied for shoes. Mr. Hughes thought that clogs would do. Allowed 3s. 6d. for pair of clogs. Jane Daniel, of Church-street, a charwoman, ap- plied for shoes for her three children. Mr. Jones 8Aid she was a very industrious woman. Mr. Hughes thought clogs would do very well. ORDOF-MACLE for three pairs of clogs. William Jenkins, of Mill Lane, aged 63, applied -fbr extra relief—illness being the cause alleged. Mr. Jones: He is very ill in bed. Mr. Davies: I saw him on Saturday last. I generally give him a penny. Mr. Jones: You could not, Mr.Davies, he has been ill in bed for some days. Mr. Davies said he saw him near Mr. Cox's shop on Saturday. Dr. James said he saw him some day in the week. Mr. Hugh Hughes also remembered having seen him on Friday or Saturday. Mr. Jones persisted that they were all mistaken, as he knew the man was ill in bed. Granted an additional sixpence. Additional shilling granted to Mary Simon who was ill. Mary Morgan, aged 21, granted additional 6d. Several other cases were disposed of before the meeting broke up.