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EPITOME OF NEWS. BRITISH AND FOREIGN. Victor Townley, who, it will be remembered, murdered Miss Goodwin, and afterwards eectped the gallon* by a singular quirk ia the then existing state of the law, committed suicide in his prison on Sunday morning. He was returning from chapel, when he leaped over the stair- case and fella considerable height, receiving a concussion on the brain. He lingered insensible till eight o'clock In the evening, when he died. A wmderful escape is reported from the bighlands. One of Lord Bentlnck's keepers was buried out of fight in < deep snow drift on Sunday, the 29:h ult. He remained there sever-ilhourg when fortuna'ely another keeper pasting dis" covered his mishap through seeing his dog wandering about, and helped him out. He was much exhausted, but had sus- tained no serious injury. Artemus Ward says—" You ma differ as much as yu pleze about the stile of a young lady's figger, but I tell yu confldenshsuiy, if she has forty thomand pounds, the Agger is as near rite as yu will get it." It is rumoured that the Admiralty have decided, as disarmaments appear to be general throughout Europe, to reduce the number of Coastguard men by 2,000. The Duke of St. Alban's, it is said, was recently captured by Of me brigands when travelling through Italy, ani after detaiaing his Grace sonce days, they allowed bim to go at large on receiving £ igo as ransom money, aftet receiving which they bad the nerve to request the Duke to intercede on their behalf with the King of Italy for a free pardon, and authorizing his Grace to be their "captain," tney promised not to pursue their present m)de of living. The proposed Roman Catholic College at Oxford has been abandoned, A singular accident has just occurred during a battue in «n> environs of Cracow. A young deer endeavoured to escape by leaping over the head of a gamekeeper, when 1M foot became entangled in the man. drapp, Both he and the animal came to the ground together, an, the deer in its struggles to get free broke the collar bone and dislocated the arm of the keeper. It finally got away. The porpoise which was placed in the Zoological Gardens in London, on the 29th of December was founci dead in its salt-water pond on the morning of Wednesday, the 8th inst. Having apparently become quite comfortable in its new quarters, it sudenly declined its food on the pre- ceding day. There i. some reason to fear that it had got frozen in during a night of unusual severity. By every mail comes Abe's last," as regular as P.rtmj:t m's last under the head of births. Abe this time on being informed that Fort Fie her was silenced and that there was now only on3 passage to Wilmington, smiled a long, skeary emile-one whi h crept quiet y over his face from his hair to his forehead, thence to his eyes and ears, anon to his n-se nd lips, and so d,)wnwards, and remarked that passage I slull call Davis'a Strait." At the last meeting of the Committee of Manage- ment of King's College Hospital, in London, an old friend and liberal supporter of the charity, who requested that his name should not be mentioned, attended and handed to the chairman the munificent sum of 5041., beincr lfi n«w life governor's donations of 30 guineas t ach, in aid of the current expenses of the hospital. ^Thames Police-court in London, a young, f fair-hairi-d woman came before the sitting maais'r^te, and said she had married a man, who said his name was Crnnor. S4ehadsir;c^ discovered that his name was O'Connor, and she wished to know if the mirriage »a» legal The magistrate paid the marriage was perfectly valid, and that her husband and no other person could set it aside on the ground that his name was O'Conmr instead of Connor. Mr. Meade, an Englishman practising as a photo- grapher at New Yi rk, has committed suic!de by taking poi- son at an hotel. Be left letters addressed to his wife, to his eht drm, fa her, sister, and a frl-nd named Graham, In one left-r he a'tributes his miserable condition to indul- gence in drink. He begs his wife and children tovidthis giave aud decorate it with flowers, and to pray for him. The progress of the Divorce court is as remarkable as ever, and it has been suggested that the newspapers should adopt the same system as the Cslifornian papers- nameiy, to have in the births, marriag-s and deaths columns an additional list, headed "divorced." In London, rt Tattersall's, last week, a lady's riding horte, wa3 sold for six hundred guineas Tne auctioneer described it as the haudsome3t horse in the world. A young lady was told by a married lady that she had better precipitate herself off the Niagara Falls into the basin beneath than marry. The young lady replied, "I would, if I thought I could find a husband at the bottom.' Her Majesty's state carriage is now nearly a century old. It was built for George III. its beautiful panels were paint d by Cipriani, and its cost is said to have amounted to the enormous sum of 27.000Z. A funeral from the top of Dairy, in Galloway, had to be postponed for five days, owing to the roads being blocked up with snow. An English firm has offered, it is said, to advance 600 millions of reds to the Spanish Government, on the guarantee of taxes to be collected in advance. The committee of the St. James's Chess Club have completed theii*arrangements for playing a chess match by electric telegraph between London and Dublin The London players will meet on Feb. 22, at thtir club-room, and the wire will be brought into the club-rooms, both in London and Dublin. Twelve Eeparate games will be played simulta- neously. Government has declined to sanction the raising of any mora volunteer corps. 6 Henry Ward Beecher asked Park Benjamin, the poet and humourist, why he never came to Brooklyn to hear him preach. Benjamin replied, Why, Beecher, the fact is, I have conscientious scruples against going to places of public amusement on Sundays," The Orkney Herald says:—"A curious mistake occurred in the Illustrated London News of Saturday week. The engraving, which is intended to be a portrait of the late Dr Baikie, the African explorer, is in reality the veritable portrait rf Dr. Rjbert Baikie, HEI.C.S., now resident in Edinburgh." Upwards of 52,000 copies of the Bishop of Orleans pamphlet in defence of the encjclicil le'ter were disposed of in less than a fortnight, producing about 78,730f., the profits of which are to be devoted to cusritable purposes. r The^Empress Eugenie has just lost, before the i supreme tribunal of Madrid, a trial which has lasted some years. Her Majesty cla med the inheritance of the Count- ship of Miranda, and the Immense estates attached to the title, but the Malpica family also alleged its rights, and a decision in favour of the latter has been given. Another corner haa been chipped off the national debt. The actual surplus revenue of the kingdom ftrthe year which ended on September 30th, 1864, was 2 587 6711 and one-fourth of this sum, 646,8922. has been set aside for the reduction of the debt. An argument worthy of the Chancellor of the Ex- chequer, and quite to hn ta.te, though a little cannioal, comestous fr^mNewZealand, where an English efficerhas remonstrated with a chief on the native propensity for can- nlbaliS^Jf /epIy was- "Iti3 well for Englishmen to^e- commend the consumption of beef-they have beef in plenty -but New Zealanders have no beef but men." ofYnob^EarlT ^C'Juyrt'JournaJ) that the daughter CJthnl r. r<h ,lastT1week became a member of the Roman theatrifiu Before her marriage her talent in private h^r a k was sometliing quite extraordinary and secured ot- v, admirers the tear and the smile were equally at her command. The Dublin papers report a case of great Protestant intolerance. By one of the rules governing the Adelaide Hospital, it seems Roman Catholics are rigidly excluded from participating in the benefits of the charity. At the annual meeting, held last week, a Protestant gentleman moved that that rule be expunged, not only on the general ground of Christian benevolenc, but on the ground that every hospital supported by Roman Catholics in the city admitted all clastts of patients, never enquiring whether they were Protestants, Roman Catholics, Turks, Jews or Atheists. The motion was negatived by a large majority.' Liverpool expects a Royal Visit. There is a pio- babili y—<o it was stated at a recent Town Council meeting -that either the Queen or the Prince of Wales will be present at the approaching inauguration of the Prince Consort's statue there. Mr. Lyulph Stanley, a son of Lord Stanley, has given promise of following in his father's footsteps, by a lecture, which he delivered at Manchester, on Friday night, on the American war. Unlike the party with which he has already identified himself, however, his sympathies are enti ely with the North—the result, no tfoubt.^of the ac- curate information which he has permitted .'himself to acquire by a recent tour through both the Northern and the Southern States. As a speaker, it is said Mr. Stanley 'a jroung man of great promise." 9 e