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OOAL AND RAILWAY STATION. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the Mont- gomeryshire Coal and Lime Co., Limited, are the sole Consignees of the celebrated Brynyrowen Ruabon) Yard, Main, and other Coals, a stock of which together with best South Wales Coals and Fresh-burnt Lime, is constantly kept at the Railway Station. For prices and other particulars, application may be made to Mr. D. H. EVANS, the Company's Agent, or to E. R. MORRIS, W«topcol> Oct. 19th, 1864. Gen. Manager. TALBOT WXRP &» SP1H.IT VAULTS, MARKET S^flEEt, ABERYSTWITH.. MCLEATON begs most respectfully to inform • the Inhabitants of Aberystwith and the Pu ic generally that she has laid in an extensive fetock o WINES & SPIRITS, of the very finest rect out of bond Also, a large supply of BU KI u c* EAST INDIA PALE ALE; GUINNESS & Co. s EXTRA STOUT PORTER in Casks, Bottled, or on Draft; also, FRENCH. WINES, at the reduced duties, at the very lowest prices. BY HER ROYAL LETTERS MAJESTY'S PATENT. SURGICAL & MECHANICAL DENTISTRY, BY W. WILLIAMS, F.R.C.S. ENG., L.S.A. LOND., See., See., &e. THE only patented process in existence of any value is that adopted by MR. WILLIAMS in the manufacture of Artificial Teeth. Complete restoratiun of the Articulation, with the power of Mastication, (a function of the teeth so essentially necessary to the preservation of Health,) and a perfect Fit guaranteed with- out the aid of Springs, Wires, Ligatures, or any kind of Meial, and without the Extraction of Stumps, or any painful operation. BT.B.-No Charge for Consultations. Bridge Street, Aberystwith. ABERYSTWITH BAKERY. H. POOLE, GENERAL CONFECTIONER, Fancy Bread and Biscuit Maker, fyc. SHIP *Bread always on hand, and every descrip- tion of Goods made to order on reasonable notice. 26, Pier Street, Aberystwith, Opposite the Xational Provincial Bank of England. LOANS AND MORTGAGES. LOAXP of not less than £100 granted for a term of years, at -LJ a reasonable rate ol interest. Also, several sums (amount- I mg to £ 160,000 to be invested by way of mortgages at from 3 £ to 5 per cent,—Apply to Messrs. An SON, 68, Cbancery-lane London. WILLIAM PRITCHARD, LLANRWST, FIRST-CLASS GENERAL DYER, & CALEN- DERER, in all their branches. 0- All Goods carriage free. Agent.W. JONES, Church St., Aberystwith. ^==\ ESTABLISHED 1854. 13, Great Dark-gate Street Aberystwith. DAVID THOMAS; k Watch and Clock Maker, m&w Jeweller, Silversmith, <$c. ™vfr^^C^ri^fChes and A twelvemonth's trial given if required. Jsar Wa)ohes&Clocks cleaned and repaired on the shortest notice. COLD WEDDtNC fUNCS. MONEY! MONEY!! MONEY! A GENTLEMAN Capitalist will advance Cash to all Classes of respectability on Personal Security at the rate of 6 per cent. per annum, with- out Bill of Sale or further Deductions for a term not exceeding 12 years, to be repaid by Instalments to suit the Borrower's own convenience. Persons requiring accommodation to apply to Mr. Hugh Jones, 3, Upper Islington Terrace, Barnsbury, London, N., stating full particulars, viz.: the sum wanted, for what period, and how to be repaid en- closing a stamped addressed envelope. W. COOPER, PQ& IKN, RQRTti PA.RA.0E, BEGS most, respectfully to thank the Nobility, Gentry, and Public of Aberystwith and its vicinity, as well as the Visitors, for the kind patronage they have rendered him for the past years and hopes, by strict attention to business, to merit a continuance of their support. "Wines and Spirits of the choices selec- tion-Home-brewed, Burton, and other Ales -Dublin and London forter and a fine as- sortment of Cigars. Post Horses and very superior Traps of all descrip- tions. Quiet and steady Horses and Ponies for Invalids and Children —Basket Carriages, White- chapels.—Fine Dog-Carts, Waggonettes, Flys, tc., at the shortest notice, EST Stables,-Terrace Road. INCOME WITHOUT RISK. AN AGENCY for the Sale of the East India lea Company's Teas, will, with moderate in- dustry, insure a respectable living. Apply for Terms to the Company Warehouses, 9, Great St Helen's Church Yard, iiishop-gate, London. Agent for Aberystwith, JOHN DAVIES, 19, NORTH PARADE 200 Gold and Silver Watches to select from, (f^\ At No. 7, PIER STREET, Aberystwith. J- TRUSCOTT,, (M SlSilatdjmafter, ffe jk Mil Jetoellft. StIDcr, OPTICIAN' BTC« Established, 1848. Gentlemen's Patent Lever Watchp. /> strong Gold, from 1 s. d. £ s. d. Ladies'ditto ditto, from 10 10 0 to 25 0 0 Patent LeverWutches,in SilvercitaU'f-om a to 20 0 0 Plat Horizontal Watches, ditto, froii ° to 10 10 0 Warranted to perform correctly, k I T-eivenionthl., triti given. The most complicated Watches repaired and ad justed. Watch Glasses of every Size and descrint?™ fitted immediately. escnption B3T Gold Chains, Wedding Itinas, and piaie sqU according to weight. ABERYSTWITH AND WELSH COAST RAILWAY COMPANY. HALF-YEARLY MEETING. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the next J?T?SINARY HALF-YEARLY GENERAL andwfi/ the Shareholders of the Aberystwith the Officpss <S°+LSt Railway Company, will be held at ThurP7y' 4 »•' Bridge-s«rt, ruary, 1865, at Two ?ny'i ?3rdt da^ of F Company"0"011 °f the busine's^of'the consolidation into general capital Stock of fho rv,m SRS TRES »F up to the date of such meeting, shall have been subscribed hM -J1"™' J Gion nl has, been-paid up and also the conve/- CompanvTlf/h <• 1Dt° stock of the which j' pr/freT shares of the Company, been issuL T meeting shall have subscribed ha8 beeVpaid'up wholemon^ tb Thettransfer books will be closed on and from delusive the meetinS' both Dated 1st February, 1865. DAVID WILLIAMS, Chairman CotnPa(1y»g n Secretary. J—-— fce*' 0a» Bridgc-sfa-eet. Westminster. O S E P H CaAJO>AGNV ^PARKLING DEVONSHIRE CIDER. SEED POTATOES. OLD Early Ash-leaf; Myatt's Prolific Ash-leaf; King of Potatoes; Blue-nosed Kidney; Dalma- hoy Prince of Wales, or Red Regent; Skerry Blue and White Rock, 25 per cent. under Seedsmen s PrApply to JOHN ROBERTS, 51, Upper Portland- street, Aberystwith, where Samples may be seen. EXiaaORDIWABY SDCCESBofllie STEW MODS of TREATMENT. Post free for Six Stamps, open ends, or 14 in a Sea led Envelope THE MOST STARTLING TRUTHS are con- tained in the LAST NEW BOOK on PREMATURE DE- CLI.VIv and its ready removel; the modern treatment of certain disqualifications; with rules and numerous prescriptions for the speedy cure by very simple means of nervousness, debility, and all the more common diseases and supposed incurable ihaladies of the sexual system. Invalids will be astonished at its contents. By Dr, W. DE Roos. ftom long practical observation in the most famous Institutions of this country and the continent, the Author has had somewhat unusuaY facilities for acquiring that uniform success, which has hitherto characterized his treatment, and he refers with pride to the numbers he has been instrumental in restoring to health and happiness: whilst to all who need sucfc aid he offers every assurance of speedy restoration. Persoferffct a distance should forward a detail of their case by letter, with remittance, when advice and medicines will be sent bv return. Post-office orders to be made payable at the Generaf Post Office, to Dr. WALTER 1)E Roos, 25, Bedford Place, Bloomsbury Square, London, near the BRITISH Museum. THE MOST WONDERPU1 MEDICINE IN THE WOULD! CURE IN FOUR WEEKS.—THE GUTT^ YI'iVE, or 'VEGETABLE LIFE DROPS, Protected by Roi/al Letters Patent; Sanctioned by the Faculte de France; c)-c., have in numberless instances proved their superiority over every other advertised Remedy for timidity, languor, lassitude, de- pression of spirits, excitement, distaste and incapacity for society, study or business, indigestion, pains and palpitation in the side, giddiness, noise in the head, &c. This medicine strengthens the vitality of the whole system, gives energy to the muscles, speedily removes nervousness, renovates the impaired powers of life, and invigorates the most shattered constitution. For skin eruptions, sore throat, pains in the bones, and those diseases in which mercury, sarsaparilla, &c., are too otten employed to the utter ruin of health, its surprising efficacy has only to be tested. Before wasting valuable time in seeking aid from instruments, electricity, galvanism, with similar absurdities professing to set aside medicines, by American and other impostors, sufferers will do well to make fair trial of a remedy, which concocted on scien- tific principles, cannot fail. Price 4s. 6d. & lis., or four times the latter at 33s. per bottle, through all Chemists, or direct from 25, Bedford Place, WHERE THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONIALS MAY BE SEEN. rpHE THREE DAYS' CURE.—NEW FRENCH J- REMEDY TH ERAPIOX, uniformly adopted in the French hospitals and by the notabilities of the French faculty; in a re- markably short time, often two or three days only, without the slightest discomfort, inconvenience, or risk, removes all discharges from the mucous membrane, whether of the urinary or other organs. It combines all the desiderata to be sought in a medi- eine of the kind, and surpasses everything hitherto employed. Devoid of all unpleasant taste and smell. In packets 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., lis. 33. through all respectable medicine vendors, or sent direct from the establishment on receipt of stamps or post office order. The lis. size contains three at 4s. 6d., and those at 33s. four of the Us. The stamp, to imitate which is felony, bears the word" Thera- pion," in white letters, by order of HER MAJESTY'S HON. COMMISSIONERS, who thereby secure the proprietor against infringement throughout the United Kingdom and the colonies. PAINS IN THE BACK, GRAVEL, LUMBA- GO, GOUT, RHEUMATISM, DISEASE OF THE KID NETS BLADDER, See., THE COMPOUND VENAL PILLS fnno6^ aci<!ity of the stomach. and indigestion, promote the t e Ser an n'lr"' preventing stone in which f?T' many v°/her serious disorders to ness neevfsh^f rgallS are,SUbJect- I^tlessness, weak- often arile frl,C0^P °"g Rul'P<*ed to be nervous, onen arise bolely from the contamination of the hlnnrl with certain impurities which should have been ca^fed off by he kuineys: several unsightly eruptions of the skin and face also arise from the same cause, and may be as readily removed by these Pills, which in 19 cases out of 20 cure with a rapidity almost marvellous. Is. lid., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., 11s. and 33s. per box, through all Chemists. THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONIALS MAY BE SEEN BY ANY ONE. Sold by at least one agent in almost every town; but should difficulty occur, enclose the amount by Post-office order or otherwise, to 25, Bedford Place, Bloomsbury Square, London, and they will be sent securely packed per return. James, Joy and Evans, Cardiff; Roberts, Chemist, Conway; Hughes, Chemist' Bangor; Griffith, Chemist, High-st., Carnarvon Edwards) Chemist, Denbigh Hughes, Druggist, Holyhead j Price Brothers) Post-office, Bridgend Thomas, Chemist, (opposite Angel), Merthyr; Watkins, High-st., Abergavenny; Ward, Chemist, Brecon; White, Chemist, Guildhall-square, Carmarthen; Wil- liams, Chemist, High-st., Cardigan; Davies, Chemist, Mevler, Druggist, Haverfordwest; Treweeks, Chemist, Pembroke; Evans', Chemist, High-st., Swansea; Hilditch, Chemist, Rhyl; Moore) Chemist, Broad-st. Newtown; Stephens, Chemist, High-st.' Merthyr Tydfil; Grindlev, Chemist, Chester; Ryder, Druggist' Mill-st., Macclesfield; Broxton, Chemist, Shrewsbury Pearce' King-st., Ludlow; Partridge, Bookseller, Wellington; Leake & Smith, Chemists, Bridgenorth; Mander, Weaver & Co Wolver- hampton; Hollier, Chemist, Dudley. There being injurious imitations of the abate by slitan Clergymen, Rupture Quacks, and others, >r 1 Jor(le testimonials to pujf off their useless trash, suff- er ets should guard against the recommendation of the spu- > tous or other articles, by dishonest vendors, n'lw thereby obtain a larger profit. The genuine have the words "WALTER DE ROOS, LONDON," printed in white letters on the Govern- ment Stamp, BY ORDER OF HER MAJESTY'S HON. COMMIS- SIONERS, to imitate which is felony and transportation. DO YOU WANT LUXURIANT HAIR, WHTS KERS, MOUSTACHIOS and EYEBROWS ? Of th numerous preparations introduced for the HA TR r,r.r.„ i maintained such celebrity as EMILIE DEAN'S (''nrvji ov'.6 which is guaranteed to produce Whiskers Mm, •» Eyebrows in a few weeks; and will he foiin,'l ',U"S' alul ful in nourishing, curling, and beautifying H!"H" success- greyness in all its stages, strengthening we^k HniV 'i Ck,ng ing its tailing off. In the reproduction whatever cause and nt whatevez* ao-P ^^ai1 ln baldness, troin astonishing power. In the TRIAL ,v'" prove its the basis of a beautiful he-iH ,,f 'i l y J,s '"dispensable, forming bottles, containing more thil '■ Pnce 2s" boMe5 Sold by all Chemists in the wo 'iT', J1'6 Ty*" °n''S' 5s' eaf h' 24 pennv stamiK l.v AH or sent '10st free' on recell'< of *<• :SCSnI)EA" & C0UIJE1'L> Hair Restorers, EXTH w'l o Russell-square, London, W.C. off but I FROM LETTEHS;—"Myhairwas 2*apidly coming Hira«r^ Si? Wee^ after usin? your Crinilene it ceased."—I. niflit T k n"street) Sheffield. "In the short time of one fort- i( niu i have got a beautiful moustache."—H. Adams, Wilsden. I, can now bOllst of II head of Ilair, which many cannot; I was W ri A on the crown of my head when I began using it."—- p Every customer spdiks highly of your Crinilene."— '<< i',T?.nes' (''lemist, 5, Paradise-street, Liverpool. ON THE MANAGEMENT OF THE HAIR," Whis- "eis, &r; with Testimonials, List of Agents, &c., sent post free ior four penny stamps. K NOW THYSELF! THE CffeiGiNAL GRAPHIO- LOGIST MARIE COUPELLE, continues her vivid and useful delineations of character from the handwrigliting of individuals, in a style peculiarly her own. Persons desirous of knowing their own characteristics, or those of any friend, should send a specimen ot writing, stating sex, age, or supposed age, &c., with 14 uncut penny stamps, and addressed envelope, to MARIE COUPELLE Bedford House, Russell-square, London, W. C.,»when they will Bedford House, Russell-square, London, W. C.,»when they will receive a lengthened detail of the talents, tastes, virtues, failings &.c of the writer, with many other things previously unsuspected, and calculated to guide in the very day affairs of life. The thousands who acknowledge the value and accuracy of Miss C.'s sketches, establish the great utility of the science. "The charac- ters you sent were wonderfully truthful."—Miss Hall, A theury Co. Gahray. "I was much surprised at the clever way in which you described my character."—Jane Bray, 105, Lansdonne Place, Brighton. "It is pronounced quite extraordinary." Charles Hamilton. "You described my character so truly, tha' I could not have done it better."—Louis Kivior. A N ACT OF GRATITUDE.—A Gentleman who had been long suffering from a very deplorable state of nervousness, languor, lassitude, low spirits, almost constant head- ache, dimness ot'sight, threatened deafness, loss of memory and i:in s,hort a11 zest for enjoyment and everything that ue s lite pleasant, has been marvellously restored by verv simple means and as a public duty feels it incumbent on him to impart the information to others similarly affected, on receipt of a dim ted em elope bennng two stamps addressed B. B. Laurie Esq., Montague Chambers, Montague Street, London. W.C. po R GRATUITOUS CIRCULATION.—A Phy- J- sician many years extensively engaped in the treatment of Debility and the various mental, nervous and muscular affections resulting therefrom—as loss of memory, dimness of sight, thick- ness of hearing, giddiness, noises in the head, languor and lassitude, indigestion, pains in the back, &c., will send the FREE EDITION of his large work (120 pages), on receipt of four penny stamps. The work contains his highly successful and only safe treatment, withjill the necessary proscriptions and directions, by which sufferers may obtain a cure of their ailments, at the small- est possible expense. Address, Mr. Lawes, Publisher, 14, Hand Court, Holborn, London. Medical Review.—"The shoals and quicksands against which this little work is well calculated to guard the reader, render its careful perusal especially worthy the attention of all young men. SKIN DISEASES, GOUT, RHEUMATISM. XUMBAGO, SCIATICA, NEUEALGIA, PARALYSIS, GLANDULAR, SWELL- INGS, CONSUMPTION, ASTHMA, &c rpHEIR SPEEDY PREVENTION AND CURE by means so simple, yet so certain, as to anuear almiwt ^credible. A Pamphlet (110 pages) ls'„ or pos't'free for U f r,"lI's< ]>y Johnson & Co., Putdishers, 10, Brooke Street, Holborn. "a"n, or by order through all Booksellers. SUTURE OF THE URETHRA; its nature, and jJJe.ntes» varieties, and speedy cure, without the pain Price lS-) ilcerati(>n, cutting, or other irrational measures, lishers, i0 Ii°*Mree for 14 stamps, by Johnson & Co., Pub- through ali Booic^j|e^,f,'eet> ^°"Jorn> London; and by order AND OTHERS SHOULD age stamps tor insei-tij^ (''larKes, accompanied by 12 post- Directory, the second ann,i Seeker's Guide &: Hotel for press and will be r Publi-ti.n of which is preparing Johnson & Co., 10, Brooke Street^ Address Messrs. stamps. •k-0* A copy sent free for 7 Price Is., or free b^Pcst for u rpHE DIET OF INFANCY & CHILDHOOD 1 A BOOK FOR MOTHERS AND NJR^S °°D' mother, &e. London: Robert Hardwicke, 192, P»ccadmy, W, Johnson, Johnson & Co s PURE UNCOLOURED TEA Is now preferred to all others. Sold in Packets by Agents in every Town. Agent in Aberystwith, ROWLAND, Chemist, 38, Pier-street. TH: LONDON ASSURANCE CORPORATION, HEREBY give Notice, that they have appointed JH- B. JENKINS, ESQ., of Aberystwith, Solicitor, to be their Agent for Fire & life Insurance; and they have also appointed RICHARD MORRIS, ESQ., of Aber- ystwith aforesaid, to be their Medical Examiner for the district. 28, LITTLE DARK-GATE STREET, ABERYSTWITH. PHILIP GORNALL PRESENTS his compliments, and begs to an- P nounce that he has succeeded to the business of the late Mr. Evan Jones, of the above address, PUfMSGR, F&CRTElk,, GL&Ztggv AND GAS FITTER. PHILIP GORNALL solicits kind patronage and sup- port, which, by untiring industry and attention, he hopes to merit. Shipbuilders attended to on the most moderate terms. tf your Hair is weak or falling off, try LEWTONPS CELEBRATED BOTANIC HAIR WASH. TESTIMONIALS from aii parts of the world. Prepared only by EDWARD LEWTON Hair Cutter and Perfumer to His Royal Highness Prince Arthur, and His Imperial Highness Prince Lucien Buonaparte.. Buonaparte. No. 15, Pier Street, Aberystwith. D'" A14 EXTENSIVE STOCK OF PRIME CIGARS. FANCY TOYS, &C. iSftucatton. CLERICAL, SCHOLASTIC, AND MEDICAL c AGENCY OFFICES, 78, BOROUGH ROAD, S.E. Office Hours, 11 till 5. Tutors, Governesses, Companions, Lady House- keepers, &c., may speedily meet with Engagements, through the medium of these Offices. No charge to Principals requiring the above. Advowsons, Schools, and Practices immediately transferred on the most Moderate Terms. Schools recommended and pupils introduced. All communications strictly confidential. Mr. E. HARRIS, Superintendent. THIE INFALLIBLE REMEDY. HOLLOW ATS OINTMENT. Disorders of the Kidneys, Stone and Gravel. in any of the above complaints more benefit may be derived in twentyfonr hours by adopting the following simple means than is frequently brought about in six months by any other treatment. In bad cases it the Ointment be rubbed into the small of the back over the region of the kidneys, it will quickly penetrate, and, in most instances, give immediate relief. Six or eight of the Pills should be taken nightly according to circum- stances. Biptheria, Sore Throats, &.C. These maladies are of so serious and dangerous a nature that the Ointment would not be recommended unless the Proprietor was sure of its effect. It will cure, when even other means have failed, if applied immediately, and not delayed until the patient is beyond recovery. It is a sovereign remedy for sore throats. Settled coughs or wheezing will be promptly removed by in this unguent. Mothers should rub into the chest of their infants whenever there is any hoarseness, tightness, or other affection of breathing. Bad Legs, Bad Breasts, -Old Wounds, Sores and Ulcers. It is surprising how quickly a sore, ulcer or wound, deprives the body of strength, and unfits it for the duties of life; but it is not less wonderful to watch the effect of Holloway's Healing Ointment, wkien it is used according to the printed directions, and assisted by approj)riatedoses of the Pills. The pain, inflamma- tion, and other morbid manifestations, soon disappear from the effected part, and health and strength return. This treatment creates sound flesh, and therefore makes its cures complete. Gout and Rbeumatism Will be cured with the greatest certainty if large quantities of the Ointment be well worked into the complaining parts. This treatment must be perseveringly followed for some time and duly assisted by powerful doses of Holloway's Pills. The essence of these diseases lies in the blood, which has floating through each vessel the pain-giving poison which vitiates and inflames every tissue it comes in contact with, and produces the hot, swollen, elastic enlargement about the joints so charac- teristic of gouty and rheumatic maladies. Both the Ointment and Pills should be used in the following cases Bad Legs Cancers Scalds Had Breasts Contracted and Sore Nipples Burns Stiff Joints Sore Throats Bunions Elephantiasis Skin Diseases Bite of Mosrhetoes Fistulas Scurvy and Sand-Flies Gout Sore Heads Coco-bay Glandular Swell- Tumours I Cliieao foot ings Ulcers Chilblains Lumbago Wounds Chapped Hands Plies Yaws Corns (soft) Rheumatism Sold at tbe Establishment of Professor Holloway, 244, Strand (near Temple Bar), London also, by al! respectable Druggists and Dealers in Jledicines throughout the civilized world at the following prices :-ls. lid., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., lis., 22s., and 33s. each Pot. < There is a considerable saving by taking the larger sizes. Directions for the guidance of patients in every disorder are affixed to each Pot. fWa0cttUtte Uigour guaranteed. without the possibility of failure, by the use of DR. BRlGHT'S REMEDY, prepared in the form of a Lozenge, to insure secrecy. Invaluable in all cases of Generative and Physical Debility, Spermatorrhoea, &c., Price lis. on application, or sent, carefully packed, free by post, for 12s., for stamps or post office order. Address, Dr. BRIGHT, 29, George-street, Hanover Square, London. W. Dr. uriopto £ peetrt> (Cure The BUCHU GLOBULES, containing the essence of Copaiba and Cubebs, free from taste, being en- cased in sugar, at once cure all diseases arising from infection, strictures, &c., subduing all inflammatory action. Price lis. on application or, free by post, 12s. 6d., for stamps or post office order.—Address 29, George-street, Hanover Square. trf)e galettt ^rienti on jfMarriagf* 150 pages, beautifully illustrated, price Is.- post free 14 stamps, sealed 20, containing prescription of Preventive Lotion. Make this invaluable work vour guids and adviser for self-cure in all cases re- sulting from the errors or excesses of youth, infec- tion, loss of natural power and vigour; all female irregularities and barrenness. Address, JV ESSI"S- Perry & Co., Surgeons, 19, Bemers-street, X street, London, W.C. Consultation daily, 11 till 2, and from 5 till 8. GIVEN AWAY, a S&iorfc ott fWarriagr* Its Duties and Impediments. Showing how the vigour of youth may be restored, and retained to an advanced age. 8vo. 180 pages. Sent post free for 2 stamps, sealed 12. Address Dr. BRIGHT, 29, George-street, Hanover Square, Lon- don. W. THE LIBRARY COMPANY; (X.tMtTBD.) CENTRAL OFFICES: 25, Pall Mall & 30, St. James's Square. LONDON. THE Directors of The Library Company, (Limited,) have opened a Branch Depot at ABERYST- WITH, for the purpose of supplying the Inhabitants of that town and Neighbourhood with the Best Wotks in Biography, History, Travel, and Fiction, at the following very low Scale of Subscription :— b TWELVE MONTHS. SIX MONTHS £ s- d- £ o. d." One Volume at a time- O 7 6 o so TWO Volumes « •• g | « Four Volumes tf MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTIONS. One complete work, in not more than 3 Vols., 3s. 6d. The Stock of Books will be periodically increased and exchanged, from the General Collection in Lon- don, according to the number of Subscribers, and the roost Popular Works will be supplied, as soon as the town demand for them has subsided. Every information will be supplied on application «> Mr. DAVID JENKINS, Bookseller, &c., 8, Pier where Subscriptions can be taken out. lerms of Subscription to the Chief Offices can be obtained upon application to the Secretary. By Order, HENRY FOWLER, 25, PALL MALL, LOXSOX Secretary. TEA: THE Excellent TEAS of the CHINA TEA COM- ± PANY, DCBLIN, (Established, 1834,) made up in sealed packages, can be had of their authorized Agents throughout the United Kingdom. Agentfor Aberyslwilh-D. JENKINS, 8, Pier St. Q T ICE. AT a Meeting of the Society of Operative House Carpenters, Joiners, Cabinet Makers, and Pattern Makers of Aberystwith, held at their Club Room, on Tuesday evening, January 10th, a re- solution was agreed to and adopted that they will wait on their respective Employers for an advance of Three Shillings per week in their Wages, and leaving off work on Saturdays at 4 o'clock, from and after the 18th of March next. January 11th, 1865. MONEY. Increase of Capital from £30,000 to £40,000, on purchase of Freehold. THE DIRECTORS OF THE HAFOD HOTEL COMPANY LIMITED, are prepared to re- ceive Tenders for LOANS ON MORTGAGE DE- BENTURE BONDS, for 5 years, at 5 per cent., pay- able half-yearly by coupons attached to the Bonds, at the London and Westminster Bank, and secured on the Freehold Property of the Company, valued at £ 40.000. Estimated Annual Rent at X2000 a year. Application to be made to j. JJ. Balcombe, Esq., A berystwith, or to the North # South Wales Bank, at-Aberystwith. Johnson, Johnson & Co's PURE UNCOLOURED TEA Is now preferred to all others. It is decidedly the Purest- Strongest Cheapest and Best, THE MOST Wholesome & Invigorating. Sold in Packets by Agents in every Town. GFEGG" LOCAL AGENTS. Aberystwith, ROWLAND, Chemist, 38, Pier-street. Aberdovey, WILLIAMS, Draper Machynlleth, BEES, Chemut ^"■yn, JONES, Chemist ^wtown, JONES, Chemist Welshpool, MORRIS, Chemist nnrewsbin-y, PLUMXER, Castle-street WEAVER, 2, Bailey-street hiafrord) HAWTHOHXE, Chemist noiverhanpton, REYNOLDS, Market-street TT?i 7 7 „rminBhani, HENDERSOX, Xew-street Wholesale Warehouse, 17, Blomfield-street, City, London. Important JUtirt!! The Public are respectfully informed tliat on and after Monday, January 23rd, THE lilia," /1 S;; WM$? CVACH (¥If '2>' {,I V' ft) l(To 3benipron, WILL RUN DAILY BETWEEN ABERYSTWITH AND ABERAYRON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) 3- Belle Vue Royal Hotel departure 9 0 a. m. Llanrhystid arrival 10 15 „ Aberayron arrival 11 20 „ RETURNING. Aberayron departure 11 50 Llanrhystid arrival 12 50 p. m. Aberystwith arrival 2 15 Aberystwith to Tjla"stld 3 0 inside, 2 0 outside. Ditto to Llannon 3 6 o 6 Ditto to Aberayron 5 6 3 6 PARCEL RATES. Parcels under lft>. 4d.; ditto under 4flis. 6d.; ditto under 14ffis. 10d.; ditto uuder 28lbs. Is 2d • and id' per B. for every ft. iibove, 28&s. Pa^^rs "all lowed Luggage, 112lbs. Inside; 5Glt)s. Outside. T, ff (, J. PELL, Proprietor. Belle Vue Boyal Hotel General Coach Office and Posing Establishment, aberystwith. Just published, Price One Penny, JENKINS'S I, aawaeK, AND YEAR-BOOK OF USEFUL KNOWLEDGE For 1865. 0° Mwtn NS the rising and settinS of the Sun and ^taiT a C"pi0US CaleDd"t Law Terms T- vpf Rm a ^c^'Pses tables of Stamps and • • Golden Maxims for the Household; Ponrlintv ^servant but a dangerous master; Reading and Thinking should go hand in hand on Tim. "Luek" in Hfe the »se and value of n blessi,iss of Lducation the secret of ort r u 1)ressed Home and its associations the ?rast^ Cheerful; Industry and Idleness con- S tlie virtues of W oman as priceless nuitter aU^ muc'1 other valuable and important ABERYSTWITH: PUBLISHED BY D. JENKINS, PIER STREET. FOUNDED 1845 2J|LLP^ BY SPECIAL ACT AND EMPOWERED OF PARLIAMENT. LIFE \LC) \tX7( ff1! \r7' ISSHMHOI COMPANY, 48, ST, JAMES'S STREET, LONDON. I^IIE steady progress of this Company since its establishment in 1845, has led to the accumu- lation of a large surplus. To the security thus afford- ed it offers the advantages of Moderate Rates and liberal Management. The Bonuses declared have been unusually large, amounting in many cases, to a Return of 4-5ths of the Premium Paid. No charges are made beyond the Premium. AGENT FOR ABERYSTWITH,— D. JENKINS, Vrtuter fc UutUsfier, PtBK STREET, ABiaTSTWrl1 M, BUILDING SITES. SEVERAL very eligible SITES in George-street William-street, and Pov/ell-street, (adjoining the Welsh Church, now in course of erection,) in this town, to be LET on BUILDING LEASES for a long term of years, on advantageous terms. Apply to Mr. Roderick Williams, Builder, King- street. Gr. T. SMITH, WINE AND SPIRIT DEALER, Auctioneer &. Bouse Agent, ALE & PORTER MERCHANT, Wholesale and Retail, Agent for BASS & Co.'s celebrated BeRToN PALE ALES.—Families and the trade supplied with the October Brewings at the same prices as those charged as the Brewery Burton-upon-Trent. ABERYSTWITH & WELSH COAST RAILWAY COMPANY AND CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS COMPANY. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, pursuant to the provisions of the "Aberystwiih & Welsh Coast Railway Act, 1861," that it is the intention of the" Aberystwith & Welsh Coast Railway Company, incorporated by the said Act, and the Cambrian Railways Company incorporated by the "Cambrian Railways Act, 1864," representing the Oswestry and Newtown Railway Company and the Llanidloes and Newtown Railway Company named in the first men- tioned Act, to enter into an Agreement with respect to the working of the undertaking of the Aberystwith and Welsh Coast Railway Company, and the other purposes authorized by the first mentioned Act. And that any company or persons aggrieved by such proposed Agreement, and desiring to object thereto, may bring such objections before the Board of Trade by sending the same in writing, addressed To the Secretary, Railway Department, Board of Trade, Whitehall, London, S.W., on or before the 1 Ith day of March, 1865. By Order, W. ROBERTS, Secretary, Aberystwith & Welsh Coast Railway Company. GEO. LEWIS, Secretary, Cambrian Railways Company. 9th February. 1865. VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY. TO BE SOLD By Private Contract, ALL that DWELLING HOUSE AND GARDEN, situate at Pwllhobj", Llanba- darn, near the fast rising Watering-place of Aber- ystwith. Also, all that TAN-HOUSE & YARD, belonging thereto. The above may be purchased either together or separately. 0- Apply to Mr. T. J. Jones, 32, Pier Street, Aberystwith. SWEEP YOUR CHIMNEYS. P.4V AtN KJH J OP 11, QUEEN STREET, BEGS to return his best thanks to his friends and supporters for the patronage so largely be- stowed upon him. He also begs to inform the public generally, that he has engaged the services of an EXPERIENCED CHIMNEY SWEEP, who will always be ready at a moments' notice to execute any orders sent to the above address. THE NEW VOLUME OF LONDON SOCIETY, tar LONDON SOCIETY is par excellence the Drawing-Room Magazine of the day. Whe- ther in the height of the London Season, or in the Long Vacation, during the recurrence of all Holiday and Festival Seasons, it represents, by pen and pencil, then varied but distinctive features of English Life in a manner which makes it a Mirror of Modern Society. Price One Shilling, Monthly. LOXDOX SOCIETY. The New Volume, just ready, price 9s, 6d., handsomelj' bound, contains upwards of ONE HUNDRED ILLUSTRATION'S by Distinguished Artists, and the following amongst numerous Tales and Humorous Social Sketches adapted to the hours of Relaxation. [This Volume includes the Christmas (extra) Number for 1864.1 SOCIETY GONE TO THE DOGS. See the New Volume of "London Society," with upwards of One Hundred Illustrations, handsomely bound, price 9s. 6d. THE PARIS SEASON. See the New Volume of London Society," the most Kichly Illustrated Magazine of the Day. ALONE AND TOWN-TIED. See "London Society." Price Is., Monthly. THE LONDON OPERA DIRECTORS: A Series of Anecdotic Memoirs of the Principal Men connected with the direction of the Opera; the Incidents which distin- guished their Management; with reminiscences of Celebrated Composers and the leading Singers who have appeared before the British Public. By the Author of" Queens of Song." See "London Society," A Monthly Illustrated Magazine of Light and Amusing Literature for the Hours of Relaxation Price Is., Monthly. MISS PINK'S FIRST SEASON. With Five Illustrations by S A See the New Volume of" London Society," with upwards ol' One Hundred Illusirations, handsomely bound, price 9s. 6d. QUIET LIFE IN MOUNTAIN RETREATS. 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A Set of" Low Doq SOCIETY" (complete in Six Volumes. price 55s.) is one of the Books most highly prized by English resident. in the Colonies and Foreign Countries. "LOSDOU SOCIETY" mav be obtained by order through all Booksellers in Town and Country, at the chief Railway Stations throughout the United Kingdom, and abroad through the leading Booksellers. STEREOSCOPIC VIEWS OF ABERYSTWITH. A LARGE Assortment of STEREOSCOPIC VIEWS of Aberystwith, and the principal objects of interest in the neighbourhood, price One Shilling eaob, at D. JENKINS', 8, Pier Street. MR. MURPHY WI LL be at Aberystwith on the 18tb instant, Tr (this day.) TO BE LET, FURNISHED, AL^ ^api^al LODGING-HOUSE, known as JNo. 38, Marine Terrace, Aberystwith. Apply to the publisher. ENGLISH & FOREIGN BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, CONDUCTED M IMISS SAXON", No. 26, Pier Street, Aberystwith. Wessons given in French, German, Drawing, and Painting, also in Music and Dancing, either as private Lessons or in Classes. TO BE LET On Leases, SEVERAL very eligible BUILDING SITES, S situate within 3 miles of the fast rising Town of Aberystwith, on the Cardigan road, and adjacent to the projected Pontllanychaiarn Station of the Man- chester and Milford Railway. Aberilolwyifr particulars "PP1^ to Mr*- Hughes, NO. 50, MARINE TERRACE, ABERYSTWITH. EXCELLENT Household Furniture &. Effects in first-class condition. G. T. SMITH Has been favoured with instructions from Mrs. Meyrick to offer for SALE BY AUCTION, ON THE PREMISES, On Tuesday, February 21st, 1865, And following Days, THE WHOLE OF THE VERY SUPERIOR AND ELEGANT FURNITURE AND HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS, FORMING THE CONTENTS OF 50, MARINE TERRACE, The HOUSE contains 8 BED CHAMBERS in which are comprised capital Four-post Mahogany and other Bedstends, with Feather-beds, &c of a very superior description Wool, Hair, and 'other Mattresses Palliasses, Sheets, Blankets, Counter- panes, Quilts, Towels, Toilet Covers, Chests of Drawers, W ash Stands, and Ware; Dressing Tables, Looking Glasses, Sponge Baths, Bidets, Commodes, and all other Chamber requisites usually to be found in genteel furnished Houses. Also DRAWING and DIXIXG ROOM Furniture of most useful and valuable description, including Mahogany and other Chairs several Easy ditto Mahogany Card, Work, Loo, Dining, and Occasional Tables; Pictures, in handsome gilt frames; Chimney Pier, and other Glasses; Ornamental articles for Chimney Pieces, and Side and Console Tables; Sofas and Couches Carpets and Hearth-rugs; Fire Screens; Bell Pulls; Fenders and Fire-irons; Vene- tian Blinds, nearly new, &c.. &c. UtL™ and ,ST AlRCASE-capital Floor I imn' T,n e' tair CarPeting, ditto Rods, J^amp, l able, &c., &c. The GANTRY and KITCHENS will include ex- cellent Breakfast and Dinner Services; a large quan- tity of superior Glass; excellent Electro and Plated are; Coffee and Tea Puts; Butler's and other liays; Lrns; Knives and Forks; several Deal tables; capital Clock; Meat Covers; Fire Guard; > Ming Pan, and a large quantity of Culinarv and other useful articles. The Auctioneer can confidently recommend this Sale to the notice of all persons who wish to become possessed of really (rood 11 articles, as all the contents of the house are excellent in quality anil in very superior condition. ffW The Sale will commence at Six o'clock precisely, and the Furniture nay be viewed on the mornings of each day. Credit for Six Months upon all purchases above f2 on approved Security.



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