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English Wesley Chapel, LEWIS^TERRACE. SERVICE is held at the above Chapel every Sunday, at 11 a.m. (School at 2) and 6 p.m. Also, on Friday evenings, at 7. EDWARD CLOCKER, Licensed to Let HORSES AND CARRIAGES FOR H I RE, 5, Terrace Road, Aberystwith. TALBOT WINE & SPIRIT VAULTS, MARKET STREET, ABBRYSTWITH. MCLEATON begs most, respectfully to inform • the Inhabitants of Aberystwith and the Public generally that she has laid in an extensive Stock of WINES & SPIRITS, of the very finest quality, di- rect out of bond Also, a large supply of BURTON EAST INDIA PALE ALE; GUINNESS & Co 's EXTRA STOUT PORTER in Casks, Bottled, or on Draft; also, FRENCH WINES, at the reduced duties, at the very lowest prices. W. COOPER, '°" tlNJI) nmTM vrnkm, ABERYSTWITH, WINE & SPIRIT MERCHANT. lOXTDOV & DUBLnr STOUT. Barton Bast India. Pale, Mild, Bitter, and other Ales. CHOICE OIGARS. Licenxed to let Post Horses for Hire. — Superior Waggonettes, Dog-Carts, Whitechapels, Sfc. 1SW Stables in Terrace Road. CONVEYANCE BETWEBlf Aberystwith Carmarthen, ONCE A-WEEK. THOMAS MORRIS has made arrangements for running a new and well-appointed OMNIBUS every Monday, starting from No. 20, Mary-street, Aberystwilh, at 6 o'clock a.m., by way of Aberay- ron and Llanarth, Synod Inn, Talygarreg, Llanfi- hangel-ar-Arth, arriving at the Maes-y-Crngie Arms IlIn. Carmarthen, the same Evening, returning on W ednesday. Ifir FARE :-Seven Shilling*. ABERYSTWITH BAKERY. H. POOLE, GENERAL CONFECTIONER, Fancy Bread and Biscuit Maker, SfC. SHIP Bread always on hand, and every descrip- Uon of Goods niiidG to order OQ rpDsonublfi notice. 26, Pier Street. Aberystwith, Opposite the National Provincial Bank of England. Osteo- Eidon. Patent, March. 1st. 1862. No. 560. GABRIEJ18 Self-adhesive Patent Indestructible MINERAL. TEETH and FLhXIULG GUMS, without palates, springs, or wires, and without operation. One set last* a lifetime, and warranted for mastication or articulation, even when all others ail. Purest materials only, at halt' the usual cost. ts-SGABR THEOLD ESTABLISHED lag bkv -r 27, Harley-street, Cavendish-square, and 34, Ludgate-hill, London. Liverpool; 134, Duke-street. Birmingham; 65, New-street. ONE VISIT REQUIRED ONLY FROM COUNTRY PATIENTS. Complete Sets from 4 to 7, 10. and 15 Guineas. GABRIEL'S PRACTICAL TREATISE ON ARTIFICIAL TEETH, and the only etfeetual mode of supplying them. Post Free, Three Stamps, explains their numerous improvements. Gabriel's new work should be read by all who value health, and before consulting a dentist.-Herald. In addition to their own inventions, Messrs. Gabriel supply, With equal success, every known method, whether English, French, or American, in Gold, Platin*. Gutta Percha, Incorrodi- ble Soft Gum, Lentum, &c. Gabriel's Patent White Enamel, the only permanent stopping that does not discolour the teeth. Specially adapted for Front Teeth. 200 Gold and Silver Watches to select from, At No. 7, PIER STREET, Aberystwith. J. TRUSCOTT, $29atctjmafcer. ^H|| Sftoeller. gtlbws OPTICIAN, ETC. Established, 1848. Gentlemen's Patent Lever Watches, in £ s. d. £ s. d. strong Gold Ca es, from 10 10 0 to 25 0 0 Ladies' ditto ditto, from 10 10 0 to 20 0 0 Patent Silver Cases,from 4 4 0 to 10 10 0 Plat Horizontal Watches,ditto, from. 2 2 0 to 3 10 0 Warranted to perform correctly, ok a Twelvemonth's trial given. The most complicated Watches repaired and ad- justed. Watch Glasses of every size and description fitted immediately. t'gT Gold Chains, Wedding Rinps, and Plate sold according to weight. DR. HUDSON'S Pectoral Balsam of Aniseed and Black Currant, For Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Shortness of Breath, Huskiness in the Throat, §-c., £ c. THIS wonderful Medicine is particularly recom- mended to all who suffer from any of the above complaints. It operates by dissolving the congealed Phlegm, and consequently causing a free expec- toration. DosE-For an Adult-A teaspoonful morning, noon, and at bed time, in two tablespoonfuls of i<inset*d Tea, Gruel, or Water. For a Child 5 years • 13 drops, and more or less, according to age and constitution 'PREPARED ONLY BY VV. EYNON ED HRM«^ ID^XJG-OIST, ITED HOUSE, ABERYSTWITH. InBottles, *f your Hair la weak or fautn* off, trv LEWTON'S CELEBRATED BOTANIC HAIR WASH. I ^TESTIMONIALS from all parts «f the world. J- Prepared only by EDWARD LEWTON Hair "tier and Perfumer to His Royal Highness Prince Ruon*1"' an(^ Imperial Highness Prinze Lucien No. 15, Pier Street, Aberystwith. Bath Chairs and Perambulators ft"" Hire. ABERYSTWITH FOUNDRY COMPANY, LIMITED. TlFORm"PVVnoRtr«xtensive FOUNDRY and ?KS are now in full operation. Machinery and Castm™ of PVc>_„ v .„ „ onnn-o, every description will be executed with accuracy and despatch, under the care of Mr. THOMAS STOOKK, FROM Messrs HVKVPV & Co., Iron Founders, Hayle, Cornwall. Full prices will be given for Old Castings, Scrap Iron, and Brass, delivered at the Company's Works opposite the Railway Station, Aberystwith. GUARDIAN PLATE GLASS IKSURAKCE COMPANY (LIMITED). CAPITAL £ 20,000, FULLY SUBSCRIBED. Pliimhpf FCOR A?*RYSTWITH.—Mr. EVAN JONES, > c > Little Dark-gate Street. Aberystwith and Cardigan Bay Steam Navigation Company, (Limited.) v 1H 04:- THE above Company, formed by theF^^demen and Tradesmen of Aberystwith and its Vicinity, beg leave to inform the Public, that their powerful Screw Steamer EXPJRESS, JAMES DAVIDS, Commander, will leave Aberystwith regularly every Monday, and will return from Liverpool and Bristol alternately every Thursday,—casualties excepted,—as follows,— From BRISTOL for From LIVERPOOL for ABERYSTWITH. ABERVSTWITH. Thursday, JAN. 21st Thursday, JAN. 28lh „ FEB. 4th „ FEB 11th „ "18th,, it 25th „ MARCH 3rd. „ MARCH 10th „ „ 17th „ „ 24th „ „ 31st APRIL 7 tli „ APRIL 14th Ii" 21st I „ 28th „ MAY 5th „ MAY 12th „ 19th I" 26th JUNE 2nd „ JU N E 9th „ „ 16th „ 23rd „ 30th For Rates of Freight, apply to the Agents, D. W. DAVIES, Washington Building#. Brunswick Street, Liverpool; MAliK WHITWILL & SON. Grove, Bristol; and WILLIAM JONES, High Street, Aberystwith- Loading Berth at Liverpool, N. E. Clarence Half- Tide Dock; ditto at Bristol, Welsh Buck. 0- Consignees allowed to cart their own Goods. Just Published, price Is., postfreefor 14 stamps, or in a sealed envelope for 20 stamps, PREMATURE DEBILITY, a popular Medical Work, illus- IP, trated with numerous Engravings, treating on Sperma- torrhoea, its Causes and Cure. giving full instructions for the perfect Restoration of those who are prevented by impediments from entering Into the Married State, also showing the dreadful results trom early abuse, Gonnorhoea, and Syphillis. Address: James Allen, Bookseller, 20, Warwick Lane, Pater- noster Row, London. TRIE5MAR No. I. is a certain remedy for relaxation, Spermatorrhoea, and all the disiressing consequences arising frotp early abuse, indiscriminate excesses, or too long residence in hot climates. TRIESMAR No. II. effectually eradicates all traces of Gonorrhoea, both in its mild and aggravated foitns, Gleets, Strictures, Irritation of the Blad- der, Pains of the Loins and Kidneys,-and all urino-genital diseases. TRIESMAR No III. is the great Continental Remedy for Syphillis and Secondary Symntntttf. TRI HS M AR, No. 1,2, and 3, prepared In the form of a lozenge, devoid of taste or smell, and can be carried in the waistcoat pocket. Price lis., or four cases in one for 88s., which saves lis.; and in f5 cases, whereby there is a saving of £1 12s. AGENTS Newberry & Sons, 45, St. Paul's Churchyard; W. Sutton & Co., 10, Bow Churchyard; W. Edwards, 67, St. Paul's Churchyard; J. Sanger, 150, Oxford-street; E. Cleaver, 68, Ox- ford street; Butler, 4, Chenpside; Prout and Harsant, 229, Strand; Robert Howden,78,flracechurch-street; Bartlet Hooper, 45, King William-street, E C. THE LONDON ANATOMICAL MUSEUM, L 29, GEORGE 8TREET, HANOVER SQUARE, containing 1200 Models, Natural Preparations, Monstrosities. &c.. illustrating every part of the HUMAN FRAME, in Health and ])is- ease- also the Moving Anatomical Dying Zouave, Julia Pastra- na, See. Admission, One Shilli g, f far Gentlemen only,) from 10 tiil 10. Lecture at Four. Illustrated Catalogue of above, to which is appended VITA VITALIS. A "New Medical Work," by a PHYSICIAN, ke., &c., &C., price Is., by post 14 stamps, sealed 20 stamps, 0 MOWING how Manhood may he secured with renewed health, S increased strength, and perfect muscular development for the performance of the most sacred duties so necessary for the luppine'S of married life-The Author's method of procedure, foumled on a life's experience and study devoted to the physiology and philosophy of the Generative Organs —How to attain the true glory of manhood, to ensure moral and physical happiness. Con- sultations dnily rrom 11 till 2, and from 5 till 8. Sunday till 1 o'clock. Address the Secretary, 29, George-street, Hanover- sr;uitre, London, W. Buchan's Sugar-coated Sarsaparilla Pills IT is a WELL-KNOWN FACT that. SARSAPARILLA is the greatpst purifier of the blood in the world. Keep your blood pure!—The Bowels reatilarl-Anfl defy the doctor!! These 1 ills strike at the root of each disease, they are particularly be- neficial where Mercury has been employed—and are for the cure of every ailment incidental to man, woman, and child, such as all eruptions on the Skin, Indigestion, Hilioos, Liver, and Stomach Complaints, General Weakness, Gout, Rheumatism, Lumbago, Pains in the Limbs Headaches, Sore Throats, and every com- plaint caused by irregularities of the bowels, obstructed perspi- ration, utid deteriorated and unhealthy blood. Patent Medicine Warehouse, 19, Berner-street, Oxford-street, London. Wholesale Af/ents: — Barclay & Co., 75, Farrlncdon-street; and from all Chemists Sold in Bottles, III, lid., 2s. M., 4s. 6d.. and lis. THE SILENT FRIEND on MARRIAGE, a Medical Work, a Guide to those who have imperilled the power of manhood hy youthful indiscretions; treating on Syphillis, Secondary Symp- toms. Gonorrhoea, &e., containing a Prescription known as the Preventive Lotion, to avoid contamination; 190 pages, with 50 eneravings, free hy post 12 stamps, sealed 20. Address Messrs. PERUY & Co., Surgeons, 19. Beruer-.strfet. Oxford-street, Lon- don, W. Consultations daily, 11 till 2, and from 5 till 8. Sun- day till 1 o'clock. PERRY'S CORDIAL BALM OF SYRIACUM. For all cases resulting from the errors or excesses of youth, loss of natural power and vigour. Price lis., or four times the quantity, 33s. PERRY'S COPUBA AND CUBEB GLOBULES, the original preparation composed of the very essence of the Balsam of Copaiba and Cubebs, perfectly tasteless, In consequence of thnir being encased in sugar. In all cases of Gonnorrhcea, Gleet, Stric- ture, &.c.. t single trial will prove the efficacy of this wonder working remedy. Price 4s 6d,, and lis. per bottle. Sent any- where oil receipt of post-office order. Address, Messrs. PERRY & Co., as above; or may be had from Prout and Harsant, 229, Strand; Sanger, 150, Oxford-street, London, W. I8 64. Weekly Steam Communication ly FROM LONDON, BRISTOL, AND LIVERPOOL To ABERYSTWITH. THE Cambrian Steam Paket Company GIVE NOTICE that, having made arrangements with the London and Liverpool Steam Ship Com- pany for a Through Rate of Freights for Goods from London to Aberystwith, they are now prepared to carry Goods by the London and Liverpool Steam Ship Company's powerful Steam Vessels, EAST-ANGLIAN, I GENOVA, Capt. Charlesworth, | Capt. Wraight, Or other suitable Vessels, Leaving London every week for Liverpool, whence they will be forwarded with immediate dispatch by one of the Cambrian Steam Packet Company's powerful Steam Vessels, IHE ABERYSTWYTH, I THE CRICKET, Capt. D. Howe, I Capt. G. Old, Which, or some other suitable Vessel, will leltve Liverpool and Bristol for Aberystwith, unless prevented by any unforeseen occurrence, EVERY WEDNESDAY EVENING. Loading Berths: — London, Britith and Foreign Steam Wharf Lower East Smithfield; West Kent Wharf, Sou/hwark; or Hartley's Wharf, Freeman's Lane, Horseteydown, Southwark. Parcels received at 137, Leadenhal1 Street, E.C.—N.R. All LondonGoods are to beLiahteied at risk and expenseofShippers. Liverpool, West Side oj Trajalyar Dock.—Bristol, Broad Quay. All goods are shipped subject to the Company's notices. Excellent Accommodation for Ptuscngert, tcilh a Stewardess on Board. FARRSI including Steward's Fees :—From Liverpooland Bristol to Aberystwith, Cabin, 8s., Deck, 5s Return Tickets giving the option of returning by the same or any following voyage, Cabin, 128., Deck, lis. N.B. The Cambrian Steam Packet Company reserve to them- selves the power of delivering all (Ooo(is corisialle(i to parties siding within two miles of their office at Aberystwith by their own carters. For Lists of Freights, and for farther particulars, apply to the Agents, as under. ABBRKSTWITH — Henry C'illiford, Ro-fawr BRISTOL — E. T. Turner, 12, Quay Street; LONDOS—Beresford, Ems- lie, and Co.. Hartley's Wharf, Southwark; F. A. Tam- plin and Co. or Harrington, Hewett, and Co., Leaden- hall Street; LIVIIRPOUL-F. A. Tamplin, Columbia Buildings, Brunswick Sireet. Or to the Manager, W. S. CREALOCK, at the Company's Head Offices, Parthenon Chambers. 14, Recent Street. London. Leasehold Property. TO BE SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, all that DWELLING-HOUSE & SHOP, WITH WAREHOUSE, YARD, GARDEN, AND er Premises at the back, situate in Bridge-street, erystwith, now in the occupation of Mr. E. L. Cole. Also, TWO COTTAGES, situate at the back of the above premises, fronting High-street. The whole of the above are held under a lease granted by L*oi. Powell, of which 33 years are unexpired. For further particulars apply to Mr. E. L. Cole, on the premises. CA.XJTION~ T HEREBY GIVE NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC, JL That I shall not be answerable for any debt or debts incurred by my son, THOMAS, from and after this date.. ( Signed) Feb. 20th, IBM JOHN OWEN, TALYBONT. ENGLISH & FOREIGN BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, CONDUCTED BY MISS SAXON, No. 26, Pier Street, Aberystwith. Lessons given in French, German, Drawing, and Painting, also in Music and Dancing, either as private Lessons or in Classes. LAMPS! LAMPS! LAMPS! THE PETROLEUM LAMPS surpasses all .L others in Simplicity and Cleanliness, in Bril- liancy and Economy. Best Foreign Colza, Petroleum, Belmontine, and Photogen Oils, can be obtained in 1, 2, or 3 Gallon Jars, from BENJAMIN HUGHES Ironmonger, Opposite the Town Clock, Aberystwith. 1.0 Agent for Rawlins's Boot and Shoe Cleaning Machine, WILLIAM EDWARDS, GftOCitt, &.e.e No. 4, CHURCH STREET, ABERYSTWITH. BEGS to inform the Inhabitants of the Town and Neighbourhood, that he has always in stock a large quantity of the following goods:— Fine Black and Green Teas; Coffees and Cocoas Loaf and Moist Sugars; Plain and Fancy Biscuits Pickles and Sauces Composite and other Candles, &c., &c. 0- Families waited upon at their own residences. N.B. All orders promptly attended to. GtiOBOE TISTII, TOURISTS' HOTEL, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWITH. Wines and Spirits; Shropshire, Burton, Bitter, and other Ales. n- Licensed to let Post Horses for Hire. IMPORTANT TO LADIEs.-The LADIES are most respectfully requested to use the GLEN FIELD PATKNT STARCH. The manu- facturers have much pleasure in stating that they have been appointed STARCH t'URVKYOM to H. R. H, the PRINCESS of WALES. The GI.ENFIELD PATENT STAKCH I- exclusively used in the Royal Laundry, and her Majesty's Laundress says it is the finest Starch she ever used. Her Majesty's Lace Dresser pro- nounces It to be the finest she ever tried. It was made Ho- nourable mention of at the Great Exhibition of 1851, and was awarded PHIZE MKBAM at NEW YORK, and the Interna- tional Exhibition, London, 1802. To those who have not yet tried it, a trial is respectfully solicited. BUILDING SITESS. TO BE LET, For Building purposes, ALL that FIELD, adjoining the intended Welsh Church and the Tabernacle Chapel. For particulars apply to Mr. Roderick Williams, Builder, Aberystwith. MRS. MORRIS, No. 14, Church Street, Aberystwith, BEGS to inform the Public that she still continues to buy all kinds of Ladies' and Gentlemen's left- off WEARING APPAREL. The highest price given in ready cash. TO BE LET, On or before the 12th of May, 1864, ALL that HOUSE & GARDEN, No. 1. Alfred Place, Aberystwith. Apply to Capt. Julian, Portland Street. CARDIGANSHIRE MINING OFFICES. MESSRS. WILLIAMS, BRAY, & Co. beg to inform their mining friends and the public ge- nerally, that, in consequence of the numerous appli- cations and requests they have received, they now undertake the Inspecting and Reporting on Mines. The several members of the firm having had many years' experience in mining in all its branches is the best guarantee of their ability in such matters and they trust that, by carefully examining the mines they visit, and faithfully reporting thereon, and by constantly watching the progress of both old and new undertakings, they will be able to supply a want that has been greatly felt in the district, and give every information and advice that may be required. CPST* Offices, 44, Marine Terrace, Aberystwith. HEALTH FOR THE INVALID. cut, HOLLOWAY'S PILLS. Loss of Appetite-Loss of Strenetb-iou of Health. The marvellous effect of this fine medicine upon the system is such a* to Immediately rally all the vital (unctions, tile appetite is soon restored, a full flow of spirits quickly follows, the body itnmensely invigorated with a ceriaiuty of restored health: fresh air and a little exercise are necessary to bring about a permanent state of things. Holloway's Pills impart tone and energy to the most delicate constitutions, and In a manner as to astonish aN who take them. By their extiaordinary virtue, they have obtained the large-1 sale of any medicine in the world Bead, Heart, Lungs, and Stomach. Look to the regularity of the (unctions of these foundations of vitality. Holloway's Pills restore to order the slightest departure from the proper action, and, therefore, may be considered as the regulators of the niainspring of human lite. Apoplexy can aiway" be prevented if the proper action of the bowels be attended to, which this famous medicine never fails to accomplish. Disorders of the bead and heart often terminate suddenly and fatally from obstructions in the system, which might generally be prevented by taking small and regular doses of this fine corrective. Female Disorders. No medicine can be so infallibly relied upon for overcoming all obstructions as these Pilla. They never fail to restore a healthy action throughout tile system. The printed instructions will enable all to correct the first symptoms of disease, and avert many serious maladies. Holloway's Pills soon change the sickly and sallow complexion, thus renewing the bloom of health. To females centering into womanhood, or at the turn of life. tbese Pills will be found invaluable. They should be taken two or three times a week, as a safeguard against dropsy, headaches, palpitations of the heart, and all nervous affections, so distressing at certain periods. Sick Headache, Indlgrestlon or foul Stomach, and Disordered Liver. In such a deranged state of health the food is decomposed instead of being digested, and proves poisonous rather than nu- tritious. This derangement can be at once set right by a course o I tht se purifying and digestive Pills, which have acquired for themselves an imperishable fame for the mastery they have constantly exercised over the digestive organs. Holloway's Pills increase the appetite, regulate the liver, repress bilious, ness, healthily stimulate the kidneys and move the bowels in a more wholesome and natural manner than any other medicine. Disorders incidental to Children. The liver and stomach of children are, from many causess often out of order, as they are allowed to eat many things that would disagree with their parents, hence their blood becomes impure, and liable to take any disease that is prevalent, and that in the worst form. One Pill, reduced to a powder, and put in a little water, given occasionally to children of twelve months old and to those of three or four years, three Pills, and to others of seven years of age four Pills-will always make children look looming and hea thy. Seventy-five out Of every hundred do not reach the age of maturity. Holloway's Pills would not only preserve their health, but save the lives of thousands. Many people foolishly think that children only require a little medicine twice a year. Holloway's Pills are the best remedy known in the world for the following dueasea:- Ague Femalelrregularities Scrofula, or Asthma Fever* of all kinds King s Evil Bilious Complaints Pits Sore Throats Blotches on'the Skin Oout Stone and Gravel Bowel Complaint* Head-ache SecondarySymptoms Colics Indigestion Tic-Douloureux Constipation of the Inflammation Tumours Bowels Jaundice Ulcers Consumption Liver Complaints Venereal Affections Debility Lumbago Worms of all kinds Dropsy Piles Weakness, from Dropsy Piles Weakness, from Oysentery Rheumatism whatever cause, Krysipelas Retention of Urine &c.. &c- Sold at the Establishment of PROFESSOR HOIXOWAT, 244, Strand (near Temple Bar,) London; and by all respectable Druggists and Dealers in Medicines throughout the emiuert world, at the following prices Is. 1 jd 2s. 9d., 4s. BO., lis., 22s., and 33s. each Box. V There is a considerable saving by taking the lalger sizes. y.B.-Direetions for the guidance of patients in every disorder are affixed to each Box. N B.-Hoi'oway's Pills and Ointment can be had of all Chemists and Druggists, with Welsh Directions, without ex ;ra expend. Gr. T. SMITH. Auctioneer A House dlgent, WINE AND SPIRIT DEALER, ALE & PORTER MERCHANT, Wholesale and Retail, No. 24, GREAT DARK-GATE STREET, ABESTSTWXTH. BY HER ROYAL LETTERS MAJESTY'S PATENT. SURGICAL & MECHANICAL DENTISTRY, BT W. WILLIAMS, F.R.C.S. ENG., L.S.A. LOUD., &c., &e.. &c. THE only patented process in existence of any value is that -t. adopted by MR. WILLIAMS in the manufacture of Aitificial Teeth. Complete restoration of the Articulation, with the power of Mastication, (a function of the teeth so essentinlly neces-ary to the preservation of Health,) and a pertect Pit guaranteed with- out the aid of Springs, Wires, Ligatures, or any kind of Metal, and without the Extraction of Stumpy or any painf l operation. ivr.B tto Charge for Consultations. Portland Street, Aberystwith, CAUTION » THE public are hereby cautioned not to trust my wite, Sarah, as, from and after this date, I shall not be answerable for any debts she may incur in my name. THOMAS M. THOMAS, Feb. 20th, 1804. PAINTER. ANNUAL SALE OF FAT & EXTRA STOCK. TO BE SOLD BY. AUCTION, BY MR. JOHN EVANS, On Friday, February 26th, 1864, AT RHOSCEUAW-FAWR, (On the Hood leading from Aberystwith to Borth,) A FAT Weathers; 1 Prime Fat Ox 1 ditto J:«_I Heifer; 1 Cow, to Calve the end of February I Heifer, to Calve the Middle of March; 1 Strong Cart Horse, six years old; 1 two-year old Colt, by the Gogertidan Horse, Jack; 1 Sucker, by Blue Pill; 1 Brood Mare I Pony and Sucker, in Foal to Blue Pill 7 Porkers. Also, 2 Kicks of well- harvested HAY, viz., 1 at Tycanol, and 1 at Tymawr, Ynystancoed. A Month Credit on approved Security on all Sums above Five Pounds.—Hale to commence at 1 o'clock precisely. ABERYSTWITH. IMPORTANT IRONMONGERY & GROCERY SALE. JOHN EVANS HAS been favoured with instructions to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, On, M ON DA Y, the 29th of FEll R VARY, 1864, And following days, AT No. 7, GREAT DARK-GATE STREET, ABERYSTWITH, THE WHOLE OF THE HOUSEHffiLB FBRNtTUia.8, AND OTHER EFFECTS, The Property of Mr. M. P. Davies, who is relin- quishing business. The IRONMONGERY STOCK comprises about 9 Tons of B.B.H. Crown Iron; about 9 Tons of Welsh Bar Iron; a large quantity of Suckmolds; Plough and Cart Traces Patent and other Hames Iron Arm Molds; Cast-iron Boxes; Pie Pans and Ovens; Copper and other Tea Kettles; Mettal Tea i Pots and Trays; Brass and other Candlesticks; Locks of all descriptions Brass and other Hinges; a large quantity of-Table Knives and Forks Pocket Knives. Also, 2 Zig-zag Harrows; I new Chaff- cutter. &c.. &e. The GROCERY STOCK comprises an extensive and well-selected assortment of Teas, Coffees, Cocoa, Fruits, Sugars, Sweets, Spices, Starch, Rice, Pickles, Vinegar, Tobacco, Candles (patent and dips), Soap, and all the other articles usually sold in first-class Grocery Establishments, together with the very superior Shop-fitting, Counter, Canisters, Scales and Weights, Coffee Mills, and a large quantity of Tubs, Casks, and Packing Cases. The FURNITURE comprises Mahogany, Iron, and other Bedsteads; Looking Glasses; Chests of Drawers; Toilette Services; Mahogany and other Tables and Chairs; Sofa; a quantity of Books; Carpets and Rugs; capital 8-day Clock; Culinary utensils; and the usual household requisites of a respectable establishment, all of which are nearly new. '0- The Sale will commence each day at 1 o'clock precisely, at which hour the Auctioneer respectfully requests a punctual attendance. Credit will be given on Conditions. ABERYSTWITH AND WELSH COAST RAILWAY GOMPANY. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the next ORDINARY HALF-YEARLY GENERAL MEETING of the Shareholders of the Aberystwith and Welsh Coast Railway Company will be held at the Westminster Palace Hotel, Westminster, on THURSDAY, the 25th instant, at twelve o'clock at noon, for the transaction of such matters as are appointed to be done at an Ordinary Meeting; and also for the purpose, if it should be so determined, of increasing or making up the full number of Direc- tors, to the lull number of eight, as authorised by the Comp*NY S ACT of Incorporation to elect or appoint a new or additional Director and to determine the order of rotation in which such increased number of Directors shall go out of office. The Transfer Books will be closed on the 15th instant, until after the meeting, Dated the 4ili day of February, 1864. W. ROBERTS, Secretary. Company^ Offices, 9, Bridge-street, Westminster, S. W. NOTICE TO CORRESPONDENTS. BcN* Giraldus Fach's letter shall appear in our next impression.








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