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EPITOME OF *SEWS. BRITISH AND FOREIGN. The Amsterdam, of Yarmouth, which sailed fioui Liverpool for Shields about the 24th October last, has not since been heard of. She is therefore described as a "missing ship." A Saxon leaden coffin hM been found at Bishop- stoke, Hants. It contained the skeleton of a young woman. A glass bottle and two oH^kinrr cup- were found in the coWn. A great number of large salmon are now spawning in all parts cof t ho Kiver Avon, in Hampshire, even high up the river -,it which is very unusuaL The Western Hallway Company of France has in- troduced reserved third-class carriages for females. On Saturday the mortal remains of the late Duke of Athole were interred in a vault in the ruined church of the old village of Blair Athole, amidst the regrets of hundreds of people. A patriotic old lady recently sent three smoking- caps as presents to officers in the army of the Potomac. One was for General Meade, and the remaining two she de- sired to be presented to two generals, one of whom must be a teetotaller, and the other one who never indulged in pro- fanity. General Williams, chief of General Meade's staff, took the anti-profanity cap, and General Hunt the tem- perance cap. With reference to the recent plot to assassinate the French Emperor, it has been remarked that the French police press understands how much the usefulness of the plot to the Government depends on Signor Mazzini's com- plicity, and accordingly to this hour it has not dared to publish Ms letter. A correspondent of the Hants Advertiser says that there are 80,000 barrels of gunpowder stowed away in Marchwcod magazines, about a mile from Southampton. A writer in the Quarterly Journal of Scicnce esti- mates that there are in Great Britain, within a depth of 4,000 feet from the surface, 83,544,000,000 tons of coal avail- able, and that this quantity divided by the quantity raised in 18C1 would last for about 9tO years. The last South Australian Overland mail for Eng- land consisted of 9,126 letters, 7,935 newspapers, and 2(j6 registered letters. The Prince of Wales, afterwards George IV., born on the 12th of August, 1762, was exhibited to the admiring beau monde at the drawing-room which took place twelve days after his birth. We learn from Paris that the preliminary investiga- tions in the case of the Italians Aarged with conspiracy against the Emperor's life have terminated, and that the prisoners will certainly be tried at the assizes during the first fortnight of February. They arc to be tried upon the full charge of a plot against the Emperor's life. We have it on the authority of the parish clerk of Al):ham (says a Dover paper), that during the year just ended there has not been in that parish, which has a popu- lation of at least 500,. a death nor (shame upon the young Alkhamites!) a single marriage. Party preparations for the meeting of Parliament have been goiug on this week. Mr. Disraeli has addressed a note in the usual form to his supporters, asking them to be in attendance at the House of Commons on the 4th of Feb- ruary, as Dusiuens of importance may be expectcd." A report, which we trust Will turn out unfounded, had reached the Cape that Dr. Livingstone bad been mur- dered near Lake Nyassa. It is more certain tha* «• aa re- ceived news of his recal by the Government, ana 1115 saia he had admitted his expedition to be a failure. Among the skaters who attracted attention in the Zoological Garden at Brussels, during nty,P, f„ i° 'urai? an Englislunau named Annesley. he performed was that of °]!stacles nearly two feet high, placed twenty feet from each other. In some recently-ported Chinese maps, Spain, England, and Germany are all represented as islands The Queen has expressed her high appreciation of Dr Brown's skill and attention to the Princess of Wales, and as a proof of which, her Majesty has been graciously pleased to present to that gentleman a very valuable garnet ring, set with diamonds, in acknowledgment of his services in connection with the event. Surgeon Turnbull, of the 6th Dragoons, has been tried by court-martial since the Crawley case, and, like his chief, he has been honourably acquitted." A woman in Ayr fotind in the centre of a potato, to her surprise and pleasure, a gold wedding-ring! As the potato was perfectly sound, the ring must have been in- closed by the tuber in process of growth.—This may called a new potato disease f" Few would believe that the wilds of Braemar could produce so barb; ric a specimen of humanity as .-In ol,l girl who had never seen tea in her life before, The Scotch papers give a ruord of such a body m Gleueys, who last week boiled her present of half-a-pounu 01 tea as caDbage, and declared, after boiling it half-a:dozeu times, she could not make it tender kale, and ilung it away. [This is a new 'D version of an old tale. ED.] A man has just been removed to the insane asylum I at Concord, America, who buried two children in September last, and since then has been in the haqit of standing senti- nel by their g r;xves,'during the midnight watches, to save I jbem from imaginary intruders. It is thought that her Majesty will pay a short visit to Balmoral about the same time as last year; a's > that the Queen will proceed to Saxe-Coburg in the autumn. It has been determined by the Privy Council that there shall be a separate assize for the West Riding of York- shire. Leeds is to be the assize town. The King-of Portugal has just sent to the Duke de Morny the insignia of the Grand Cross of the Order of this Tower and Sword. A tattooed New Zealander, working as a gold miner at the Bendigo diggings, found a nugget, in November lasi, weighing 14 £ Ib., and worth 600Z. The parish of Upper Elden is a place with a dila- pidated church, one householder, and thirteen inhabitants. The parish consists of 300 acres, all in one farm occupied by the one householder! A young man has died at Powick, Worcestershirc-, and four or five others are in danger, from drinking Clde? made in a mill which had been repaired with lead, and i which the liquor had been left standing. A hairdresser, of Camden-town, London, gleeful' advertises the singular fact, that he was married on the sar.'>t day as the Prince of Wales, and that his wife was conflncd, also, on the same day an the Princess of Wales, of a son. The Archduchess Charlotte of Austria » said to 1,0 even more desirous of going to Mexico than her husband. An inquest has been held on the body of a young woman who committed suicide at Shooter's hill through tJll; desertion of her lover, and a verdict of insanity returned Letters from the young man, a soldier in the Army Hospital Corps, which were found in possession of the deceased, were read, and the coroner severely censured him for t-hi heartlessness the last of them displayed. There are ninety-three applicants to be admitted ns attorneys next term. Already there are more than 10,C0J on the roll. A grocer at Newark has a cheese weighing 7503 b. It was manufactured, near New York, of one day's mil!^ from upwards of 600 cows. A list just published shows that sinse the com- mencement of the Polish Insurrection in Febi"S*ry of la; t year, up to the end of December, 204 persons fcsvo !>e<m executed by the Russians. It is announced that the Great Eastern will be sold without reserve on the 17th of February. During an ex- amination before the Birkenhead magistratet ef a case in which the interest of the "big ship" is coHeefned, H transpired that it was hi the possession of the sheriff ot Lancashire, and that she was burdened with about 5()0 mortgages. The capital expended in Great Britain on railway; to the present time has been .upwards of three hundred ami eighty-five millions sterling, or nearly half the National Debt. This amount has been devoted to the construction of eleven thousand five hundred miles of railway in the British Islands, which are now open for traffic. At Limehouse a man fell into a vat of burning alum. His screams brought assistance, but before he was got cut he was most fearfully injured. His skin peeled off with his clothes. He was taken to the hospital, where he expired. A comet, which was discovered on the 28th of De- cember last by Respighl, is rapidly approaching the earth, and will probably become visible to the naked eye. Its nearest approach will be about February 1st, being then 18,000,000 miles. M. Domslain, an officer of the French navy, is sai l to have resolved a problem of great importance in steMn navigation—the substitution of fresh for salt water fav tlw boilers. The Prince of Wales has printed, for private circu- lation, a copy of a papyrus which was discovered during his late visit to Thebes. This Egyptian document is oilier than the time of Pericles, yet it belongs to a period marked ht the decline of Pharaonic art. Drunkenness has now become so prevalent among the Federal troops before Charleston, that General Gilmoro has had to issue a very stringent order on the subject. Another handsome square, to be called the Squara of the King of Rome, is about to be opened in Paris. It will be situate on the highest point of the Trocadoro, opposite the Bridge of Jena. The little daughter of a London licensed victualler lost her life last week from burning, her dress having been ignited as she was passing the fire. A firm has been established at Christchurcb, in New Zealand, for manufacturing paper out of New Zealand Sax-— thephormivm tenax. A large body of coolies, nearly a. hundred men, en- gaged on the Hindoostan and Thibet road, near Cheenee, were buried in tIle snow during a storm about the 6th ult. Thursday, the 21st, being the seventy-first anni- versary of the death of Louis XVI. (by the guillotine), cc 11- siderable numbers attended the commemorative masses cele- brated in the Expiatory Chapel in the Rue d'Anjou-Saiiit- IToncre, in Paris. Captain Lott, of the steamer Persia, of the Cunard line, was honoured with a complimentary entertainment no New York, previous to his commencing his three-hun^redUi passage across the ocean. Tlie Hon. li. J. Jejeebhoy, or Bombay, has offered r 150,000 rupees to enable five native youths, to be selected' from the three Presidencies, to proceed to England to qualify themselves to practice as barristers in India, on a footing (>y equality as regards legal training with European meiutoarsft the bar. A pauper died at Heavitree, the other .day, in whosw possession there was, at the time of his death, about 1- His family knew of his hoard, and expected to have heaid it was A Mr. A1 JormaE. 3 ivsry, of whose exertions I in'the cause ol reform made f)-b ,>»>cb-»»»rf;,oughout Lan' riiir&, died,dn IfoUdRY. Ttn v lidale more i?»- LI,A,WD than to Mr. lillongbe f' .membaredthere wP1 J II, "lie immediate cause of his ,1e" n.. tin, a diseases which carried 1 > '• 1 lyageoHt. 5a A snmrrhv ■ .J on the bran'(i» is pub- lished. TM'< 1 -mparatlvely eat Cla ucess C 1804, yet s'y of the Frenclf-feudget for !'n" It is v-eexpendil-ne 21 inimon francs 1 m traiii- beare- 6111 a snrpltd °' 2i (rancs is rectc, jiany lr lor.b- asserted that the late Dr. Linton, wht (-yt n to Lord Chancellor Brady, used to aecom T j Jfoi? hfp as f.-u as the door of the privaW TL M hriaum his lonMifp's tram, and then make «o the public entrance, present himi 'i't in the ceewHu private capacity as a ueiical doctor and be admitted to t. u I vice-regal presence The t-irtKAjmccilor's butler has suc- ceeded the deceased train-bearer. A very exciting rencontre with burglars is rebt. farmer's house, I)ut sonof the f^er 'an He replied by firing a sun, wounding the burglar In the lc_ The burglars were followed into the fields, wlui; farmer's son was again attacked, and again he shot c. one of the robbers, who aD, however, escaped. Vowrmri' taken on suspicion of being concerned in this outrage, v ci discharged. Another frightful c-c of wife luuiuer is reported from Liverpool, in which drfnk" plays a prominent part A marble mason and his wife, both of very in temporalis habits, quarrelled on Saturday night. ELo had been drinkim- and she, it is said, had taken some money frotfi her husband for the same purpose. This led to a quarrel, in which thu husband kicked her to savagely that she died shortly after. The rrincess of Wales is said to have submitted very reluctantly to the obligations of etiquette in the matter ft wet-nursing the baby. The Prince of Wales would, It isssi have willingly Indulged the natural wish of a young motlu:. But court traditions were too strong even for the Royal per- sonages. Federal agents are said to be still actively recruitiis in lrel:i" Recruits are promised 21. a head for an outfi:, and Ss. a-day r labouring on a railway..rpwtlrds -of 200 men are said to have enrolled. It has been estimated thai the entire number "of pt'- riodivil publications of all sorts now establÍAhed in London is 729. Of those no lever than 359 are monthly publications: while "4 are DSWOR and weeklies, 81 are quarterlies, aiiA are transactions of societies. A letter from Rome of the 16th says:—" On Monday last there was the anaual 'Accademia Poliglotta' of tho indents of the Propaganda, and I allude to it only to observe tw vouths who carried otf the palm were two negroc:, rejoicing Ul'be names of William Samba and John Provost. Their delivery ana were wonderful, Rnd called forth thunders of applause♦Tl- in a church."

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