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FRIGHTENED TO DEATH BY A GHOST! An iuquest has been held at the White Hart tavern, Kingsland-road, London, touching the death of a young woman named Priscilla May, aged 19 years, who lost her life through the practical joke of a servant in dressing up as a ghost. Mr. May, a tradesman carrying on business in Kingsland- road, London, said the deceased, his daughter, was a dress- maker She was in perfect health when about four months ago she went to lir. Blyth's house, in Hyde-park-gardens, to do some work. She returned three days afterwards, looking seriously affected in health She could hardly breathe. Her nostrils were greatly distended and were plugged. She said that she had been terribly frightened the night before. An she was going upstairs with the governess and *he servant, past the bath-room, the door of the latter waa seen to be open. She as-ked the servant to close tfi« door, and ine latter was going to do so, when something allin white threw the door open, aud appe^wl from the d^ikuess. sho said that she instantly fell back scr- amiug into the arms of the governess. Mood gushed fror" L." nostrils, and she was carried downstairs insensible. A doctor was sent for, and the servants remained up with her ail night. It appeared that the apparition in white was a servant, who dressed herself all in whik in a praetical joke. Deceased never re- covered from he shock. She lost her appetite, and her mind becamc uflected. Shegradually.sank, and she died on the 10th inst. ,.4 Sophia Sturgeon said that she was a servant in the employ of a gentleman residing at 30, Upper Hyde-park-gai l liayswater. On the night in question witness was prw oy >iisi Clarke, the governess, and the deceased r^jens, when she heard a supernatural scream to imitate Deceased gave a scream—like a laugh—and believed she fell.upon the stairs. A doctoral. Witness Witness said that Emma Frisley, the nuy^was sent for. came to the door of the bath-room in her Aery governess, as a joke. Witness would swear none of/white night dress were in tho secret. ^^the other servants Emma Frisley, nursery governess, >•_ appearance in white merely to frWsaid that she made her upstairs. Xhe other servants kiif.nten the She told deceased that she nothing of her intention, seriously frightened her. very sorry that she had so of her own head. j he whole affair was a frouc ou|r The-coroner said* "host was verv-1 ^that the fact "f dressing- up as a ca«es it r.rnJ .^foolish and very dangerous. In several A ^Tuc«d idiotcy, aud in the present instance »/death. It w-a, but rigU to consider; how- ever. that the young Worn 111 wJ»<> caused the mischief 'lid not intend anything serious, and that she was evidently sincerely sorry for her folly. No donbt this -CM i act as a warning to young persons, and in f- at way do a public good. The jury returned a vc» *f death from obscure disease of the brain and bvft ■ .doratod by a fright. and that her said ueath was cai. hy misfortune. The proceedings then terminated.

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