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LOOAL NEWS. ON Saturday last, in consequence of the wet stat of the ground, caused by incessant rain, a portion o the churchyard wall above the road, at Llanbadarn gave way, to the extent of some four or five yards exhibiting to view the coffins, as we are informed, o the slidden graves adjoining. ACCIDENT.-On Saturday last, as John Roberts an ostler at the Belle Vue Hotel, was in the act o leading two horses out of the yard, he, by thl obstinacy of the animals, had his arm broken. Ht is however, under Dr. James's care, progressin< favorably. e f BENOVOLENCE.—A few days ago, Capt. W. E Richardes, Bryneithin, distributed to the poor an( aged in this neighbourhood upwards of 2U pairs o blankets. This Capt. Richardes has been in th< habit of doing annually for many years in the mosi unostentatious manner possible. However, we deen; it to be our duty to record such acts of charity when. ever they come to our knowledge, so that others may thereby be induced to follow the example. "Precepts may lead, but Examples draw." PENYPARKE NATIONAL SCHOOL.—On the occasion of Mr. Henry Hughes completing his apprenticeship and leaving this school, to undertake the mastership of Cellan School, the following testimonials wert presented to him:—From the pupil teachers and school children, a handsomely bound Church Ser- vice from the master, Todhunter's Plane and Spherical Trigonometry; and from the manager, Col. W. T. R. Powell, M.P., an elegant edition of Paley's Works, as mementoes of their esteem and regard, and with universal wishes for his future prosperity. TOWN TEMPTATION.—On Monday last, a person named Thomas Evans, occupying a small farm, called Tynewydd, above Talybont, came to town for the purpose of receiving the proceeds of a sale of farming stock. He was accompanied by his better half," with the view of keeping him clear of tempta- tion, which he was somewhat prone to fall into, namely, the making too free an use of the cup which inebriates." On the day in question Evans received upwards of JElOO in bank notes, gold, and silver, the whole of which, unfortunately, as it turned out, was pocketed by himself, and not the wife. Evans, of course, must go and celebrate the occasion over a glass and one glass was followed by another in quick rotation, till at last the pot valiant became noisy and ungovernable. His wife used all the persuasion she was possessed of to induce him to go home with her, but to no purpose. Evans even- tually fell into the clutches of one of the blues," who very unceremoniously lodged him for the night in" durance vile." On the following morning the officer in charge waited upon the chief magistrate. But before the appointed hour had arrived to release the moneyed prisoner,-which was done on payment of a fine,-a telegram had reached the chambers where the orders of another tribunal are attended to for afifa on a judgment against him, at the instance of one of the suitors of that court, which was speedily banded over to the officer of another-division of that tribunal, who was at once in attendance when the bank notes, &c., were to be returned to the prisoner. Just at the moment when the money was placed on the table to be counted, Evans was thunderstruck at seeing the paw of a County Court bailiff on three of his notes, to satisfy the process above alluded to. He and his wife, who was also present, stepped for- ward instantaneously to grapple the treasure, but too late and it was utterly hopeless to try and recover it by any legal means.




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