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COMMISSIONERS' MEETING. AN adjourned meeting of the commissioners was held at the Town-hall, on Tuesday last, when there were present—T. O. Morgan, Esq., Mayor (in the chair); Messrs. Robert Edward, Thomas Jones, John Roberts, Charles Hackney, John Davies, John Williams, John Hughes, Benjamin Hughes, William Julian, Richard Morris, David Williams, Hugh Hughes, John Jones Atwood, Edward Rowland, and John Jones. A number of bills due from the commissioners was examined, passed, and ordered to be paid. The following orders were made:— That Mr. Theodore Paul be requested to write to Liverpool and other places to ascertain the price and quality of the different water pipes used at such places. That the question as to the liability of the com- missioners to pay for the interior fittings of the public lamps be further adjourned until next Tuesday. That gully traps, with syphon, be procured for the use of the town, and that the same be placed where required for facilitating the emptying of water from surface channels to the public sewers. That application be made to Edward Jones, the late scavenger, for the payment of the sum of 45 for clearing his manure in the manure yard. That a further sum of £ 600, being the second instalment of the mortgage money, be called up, and that the clerk prepare the necessary mortgage from the commissioners. That the valuing committee be requested to ac- company the collector to value all houses and places in the tewn now almost being completed. The meeting was afterwards adjourned for a week. IN the Army General Orders, by His Excellency the Commander-in-Chief, which appeared in the Poona Observer, Dec. 8th, 1863, we find, amongst other officers who passed the required staff test examination in the native language, the name of Capt. R. W. Richardes, 10th Regiment, N. I. EXTJtACT FROM REGIMENTAL SERVICE BOOK. »,?w?in Ricthaf^r^ employed against the Blieels, during of.18; beginning of 1858, ami succeeded in captoring several of their leaders, who were afterwards hung as Served In the Commissariat Department in Central India, in s^„Ca„7?«l £ n "Si" °.ene.ral Sir Jol,n Michel- durinS the Mon- soon of 18«>8, Present with Brigadier Smith's brigade at the ^1° »° K?°n'lrye. on the 14th November, 1858. Also'present tw J,e ?alis'K force which was attacked by the rebels on the 2nd April near Ooonjaree, Central India. Commanded that portion of the 10th Regiment, N. I., which formed part of Brigadier Do Salis's force at the action of Boor da, when a great number of the enemy under Peroiesliali and other rebel leaders were killed. Was thanked on the field by Briga- dier De Salts for distinguished service on that occasion, and honorably mentioned In despatches. Commanded a force of Cavalry and Infantry in May and June, 1858, in pursuit of the rebels in Central India, and succeeded in capturing several, amongst whom were some men ofimportauce. Commanded a portion of the 10th Refriment, K. I., forming part of Brevet Major Holems's (H. M.'s 89th Itegiment) force in Central India. Present at the action of Wusseelghur, and again mentioned In despatches. Commanded a force of European and Native Infantry and Ir- regular Cavwlry, sent against the rebel chiefs in Central India, and pursued a body of rebels under Rajah Chutter Sal, who was then compelled to surrender and was brought in a prisoner to .Seronge: for this service was officially thanked by General Sir Robert Napier. Commanded the 10th Regiment, N. I., during the greater portion of 1859, when on field service. Received the Indian Medal for 1857 and 1858. hmployed In the Commissariat Department during the war in China, 1860. and In conveying horses from India to the Army at Pekin and Teentsln, and was again thanked for the successful completion of this duty.







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