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FOEEIGN INTELLIGENCE. The most important item of news from the Continent within the past few days is a telegram which arrives I from Venice, informing us that there is a rupture be- tween Austria and Piedmont. Austria, it appears, declares that the annexation of Central Italy to Pied- mont is a direct violation of the treaty of Zurich, which formally reserved the rights of the deposed Prince*. Austria, moreover, takes action upon this, and says she has resolved to adjourn the renewal of official relations with the Court of Turin." In other words, the ill feeling which has long existed between Austria and Sardinia 'has now reached a point at which a,rupture is unavoidable. There is also much ill-feeling between Austria and Prussia on the one hand, and France on the other; while Switzerland has taken upon herself to protest agamst the annexation of Savoy and Nice to France. A communication from Berlin indicates the position which Prussia and Austria will take. It is thought that, without joining the formal protest of Switzerland, they will support her claims to this extent— that they will insist on the neutral districts remaining neutral 01 more importance, however, is the probable attitude ef England in conjunction with Prussia,. There is some reason to believe that these two countries will unite to protest against the attitude which France has assumed with regard to Savoy. At present we want further information on this head. Public opinion-repressed and crushed though it be- will burst out some time or other; and this is the case with Naples. Popular commotion there is very great. The populace are desirous of annexation to Sardinia, as neighbouring districts: have proved themselves. But whatever be the wishes of the Neapolitans, it is clear that they are heartily sick—dangerously sick of the King of Naples and his myrmidons. A telegram from Naples states that a popular ma,nifestation has taken place at Atri, that banners were displayed with the words "Victor Emmanuel for ever!" and that the police trying to check the revolt, eighty persons fled over the frontier. It is most probable that this revolt. is of a more serious character than at first sight appears. The war between Spain and Morocco must, it is feared, go on. An official Spanish journal says that as the Moori will only make pecuniary sacrifices as the conditions of peace, the war must be continued. This is deeply to be regretted. What further sacri- fices do the rapacious Spaniards demand ? II:


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