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B-ST APPOINTMEITT. W-ALL & CO,, NAVAL, MILITARY, AND GENERAL TAILORS, WiLSMPOOL. L Deputy Lieutenants' Uniforms. Ladies' Riding Habits. CLOTHS ESPECIALLY FOR THE CLERGY. Gowns, Cassocks, &c., &c. Contracts to any extent. DAVID GRIFFITHS, Grocer & GASMAN, No. 4, NEW STREET, ABERYSTWITH, NEARLY OPPOSITE THE POST-OFFICE, BEGS to inform his Friends and the Public that he has just received a Select Stock of GARDEN & FLOWER SEEDS, ALSO, Vetches. Clover, and Early Potatoes for Seed. tOr Goods of the best quality at the least remunerative prices. THE 6REAT AMBASSADOR OF HEALTH I TO ALL MANKIND. HOLLOWAY S PILLS. A Boon to the Sick! The want of a sterling medicinal preparation to meet the many "ills that flesh is heir to," and one entirely free from mineral and other deleterious particles was severely felt till this all pow- erful medicine was ushered into the world. Holloway's invalu- able Pills have become the Household remedy of all nations. Their attribute is to prevent as well as to cltre. They attack the rout of the complaint, and thus, by removing the hidden cause of disease, re-invigorate and restore the drooping energies of the system, assisting nature in her task of vital and junctwnary reformation. Bilious Complaints. Those who suffer from bile and liver complaints should try the effect of this valuable remedy, a few doses of which will make the sufferer feel elastic and vigorous, remove all impediments, cleanse the blood from all impurities, give a healthy action to the liver, and strengthen the stomach. If bilious attacks be al- lowed to continue without using such a preventive, more serious casualties may arise and the sufferer be consigned to a bed of sickness. These Pills are an extraordinary remedy in removing acidity from the stomach and correcting indigestion. Complaints Incident to Children. In no country in the world are more children carried to an early grave than in this. Cough, measles, scarlatina, fevers, and similar diseases attack the little sufferers, and death but too often follows at a rapid pace; yet if at the first stage of the complaints parents were to have recourse to Holloway's Pills, all danger would be avoided; for the stomach and bowels being gently but effectually cleansed by this mild aperient, the depraved hu- mours corrected, and the secretions duly regulated. a perfect cure is soon effected, and the little patient is restored to sound health. Sick Headache with Xioss of Appetite. A certain cure for headaches loss of appetite and low spirits. These Pills may be taken without danger from wet or cold, and require no restraint from bus'ness or pleasure. They strengthen the stomach, and promote a healthy action of the liver, purify- ing the blood, cleansing the skin, bracing the nerves, and invi- gorating the system. Sold at the Establishment of PROFESSOR HOMJOWAY, 244 Strand, (near Temple Bar.) London; also by all respectable Druggists and Dealers in Medicines throughout the civilized world, at the following prices Is. l £ D., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., lis., 22s., and 88S. each Box. •„* There is a considerable saving by taking the larger sizes. B,-Directiolis for the guidance of patients in every disorder are affixed to each Box. STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN BETWEEN LIVERPOOL, ABERYSTWITH, & BRISTOL, Taking in Goods or Passengers for Pwllheli, Portmadoc, or BarmGuth. THE Cambrian Steam Packet Company (limited) UNLESS prevented by any unforeseen occurrence, will dispatch, with Goods and Passengers, their new and powerful Screw Steamer THE PLTXIYSOAF, Edw. Dempsey, Master, OR SOME OTHER SUITABLE VESSEL AS UNDER:- Saturday, March 10th, at 30 p.m., Leave LIVERPOOL for ABERYSTWITH, proceeding to BRISTOL. Saturday, March 17th, at 1 p.m., Leave BRISTOL for ABERYSTWITH, proceeding to LIVERPOOL. Th ursday, March 22nd, at 9 p.m., Leave LIVERPOOL for ABERYSTWITH, calling at PORTMADOC, taking in goods for PWLLHELI and Barmouth, and proceeding to BRISTOL. Saturday, March 31 st, at 10 p.m., Leave BRISTOL for ABERYSTWITH, proceeding to LIVERPOOL. N.B.—The Cambrian Steam Packet Company (limited) reserve to themselves the power of deliver- 'ng all Goods consigned to Parties residing within Two Miles of their .Office at Aberystwith by their own Carters, as and when they think necessary. The Company are prepared to ship Goods for PWLLHELI and BARMOUTH, to PORTMADOC, but will not undertake to forward them beyond that port. The Company are prepared to call at HOLY- JIEAD with or for Cargo, on due notice of any ship- ments being required being given to their Agents. Loading Berth at LIVERPOOL, West Side of Trafalgar Dock.—Ditto at BRISTOL, Cumberland Basin. FARES.-—{Including Steward's Fees.) From Liverpool and Bristol to Aberystwith, Portmadoc, berayron, Aberdovev Cardigan, or New Quay, /\I ^'H H N STEERAGE, 8S. From Liverpool to Holyhead, CABIN, 5s.; STEERAGE, 3S. Between either Aberystwith, Aberayron, Aber- dovey, rardlg-an, Quay, Portmadoe, or Holy- head, CABIN, 10s. STEERAGE, 7s. B-—I^xc^ent accom>nodation for Passengers, and a. Stewardess on board. For Freights, AND <R^'ER Particulars, apply to the Agents, William Siddorns, Holyhead- E. T. Turner, 12, Quay Street, Bristol; William Price, snh-Agent. Barmouth; J. W. Pockett, Swansea: Griffith Williams, Aberayron William Uoyd Tanyhryn, Aberdovey; Hugh Hughes, Amlwch; George G. Lewis, sub-Agent, Pwllheli; F. A. Tam- plin, Columbia Buildings? Brunswick Street, Liver- poo; Bennett Williams,Harbour Office, Portmadoe I; the Managing Director, W. S. Crealock, at the Company's Head Offices, Parthenon Chambers, 14, Regent Street, London or to HENRY CULLIFORD, Aberystwith. ANNUAL SALE. lmpoh Is n&nQSi$Ti8i 9, PISR STREET, &. 1, LITTLE DARK-GATE STREET, ABERYSTWITH. H 1)A VI1^ "OEGS to announce that the REMAINING STOCK of his FANCY DRESSES, SHAWLS, MANTLES, &c., &c. are GREATLY REDUCED in prices, and must be cleared off to make room for the Spring Fashions. Several of Nichols' Ready-made Coats reduced 15 per cent. &gT TERMS .-READY MONEY. y %il'{ T# RICHARD HODGE, Who is giving up the Busines, begs to inform the Inhabitants of Aberystwith generally that he has determined to sell the whole of his superior Stock at WHOLESALE PRICES, as under: Best London Gin, direct from the Distillery 10s. 6d. per Gallon Fine Old Irish Whisky. 15s. Od. „ „ Scotch Malt ditto 16s. Od. „ Old Pale Brandy 28s. Od. „ or, 5s. per Bottle. Superior Old Port 48s. per Dozen; 4s. per Bottle Pale Sherry. 48s. „ 4s. „ Other Wines equally low. Dublin Stout, in large Bottles 8s. per Dozen Finest Burton Ales, in ditto. 8s. „ Ale and Porter, Is. 4d. per Gallon; 4d. per Quart Ssir* A quantity of Hops in Parcels to suit Purchasers. II- A few handsome Mahogany Settles, hair covered, 7 feet long, for Sale. NEWYDD EI CHYHOEDDI, YR AIL RAN, PRIS SWLLT, O'R DEONGLYDDBERNIADOL SEF EGLURHAD MANWL AR EIRIAU, BRAWDDEGAU, AC ATHRAWIAETHAU DWYFOL Y TESTAMENT NEWYDD4 WEDI ei gasgluo WEITHIAU oddentu 250 o BRIF FERNIAID Y BYD, er gwasanaeth TEU- TV LUOEDD a'r YSGOLION SABBOTHOL. GAN Y PARCH. JOHN JONES, (IDRISYN,) Ficer Llandysilio, Ceredigion, Golygydd a Chasglydd yr "Esboniad Berniadol." Cyflwynedigi drwy ganiatad, i'r 3>.ysg-edig- a'r Gwir Barchedig Br. Thirlwall. Arglwydd Esgrob Ty-ndewi. ABERYSTWYTH: ARGRAFFEDIG A CHYHOEDDEDIG GAN PHILIP WILLIAMS; Ac i'w gael hefyd gan Mri. Simpkin, Marshall, a'u Cyf., Llundain; a chan wahanol Lyfnverthwyr y Dywysogaeth. ——————————————————————————————— B&LLB-VUS ROYAL MAIL, COACH, & GENERAL POSTING ESTABLISHMENT, aicrgsttottfj. E MARSHALL begs respectfully to announce • that the following well-appointed fast four- hourse COACHES continue to run, by which Pass- engers and Parcels will be conveyed to all parts of the kingdom, and to London in 13 Hours! TO SHREWSBURY, The ROYAL MAIL, every morning, at 11 a.m., via Machynlleth, Llanbrytunair, Carno, Newtown, and Welshpool, arriving at the Lion Hotel, Shrews- bury, at 9 p.m., in time for the Mail Up Train to London, and Trains for Liverpool, Chester, and the North. Leaves Shrewsbury every day at 4 15 a.m., after the arrival of the Mail Trains from London and the North, passing through the same magnificent line of country, and arrives at Aberystwith at 2 p.m. TO CARMARTHEN, The ROYAL MAIL, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at 8 30 a.m., to Aberayron, and the UonHo- tel, Lampeter, arriving at the Ivy- Bush Hotel, Car- marthen, at 4 11 p.m., in time for the Express Train to Tenby the same evening, also for Trains to Swan- sea, Cardiff, Newport, Gloucester, and London. The Mail returns from Carmarthen on the alternate days at 8 15 a.m., and arrives in Aberystwith at 4 45 p.m. E. MARSHALL & Co., PKOPKI FCTORS. KIT Posting in all its branches, on the shortest notice, at the above Hotel. IMPORTANT NOTICE. THE Public is most respectfully informed that ± the GREYHOUND Four-horse COACH CONTINUES to leave the Go- GERDDAN ARMS & LION Hotel, ABERYSTWITH, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday morning, at 7 30, via LLANIDLOES, NEWTOWN, and WELSH- POOL, and arrive in SHREWSBURY at 4 30 p.m. The" GJiEVHOUND" returns every Monday, Wed- nesday, and Friday, from the RAILWAY STATION, SHREWSBURY, at 11 15 a.m., or immediately on the arrival of Trains leaving for LONDON and other places, and arrives at ABERYSTWITH at 8 o'clock the same evening. A. P. DAVIES & Co., I'UOPIII ETORS. MORGAN HUGHES, WáHmæ $A&2BSI!>3A2&SF» No. 7, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWITH, HAS just received his Annual Stoek ofFLOWER and GrARDEN SEEDS, which are of the best description, and worthy the attention of Hor: i- culturists. MRS. MORRIS, No. 14, Church Street, Aberystwith, BEGS to inform the Public that THE still continues to buy all kinds of Ladies'and Gentlemen s left- OFF WEARING APPAREL. The highest PRICE given in ready cash. GOLD & SILVER WATCHES. I I Patent Lever I GOLD & SILVER WATCHES. No. 7, PIER STREET, ABERYSTWITH. J. TRUSCOTT, MAFOLTMALMT, |!audterLT i1ur5mitlt, OPTICIAN, &c. ESTABLISHED 1848. Gold Lever Watches from £ 10 10 0 Silver Lever ditto from E4 4 0 Warranted to perform correctly, & a Twelvemonth's trial given. The most complicated Watches repaired and ad- justed. Watch Glasses of every size and description fitted immediately. Gold Chains, Wedding Rings, and Plate sold according to weight. CARD. MR. J. A. MURPHY, SURGEON DENTIST. CFrom Derby,) MAY be consulted daily between the hours of 10 and 4, at No. 10, Marine Terrace. PIANO-FORTE TUNING. MR. H. P. G. BEOOKE, P'tAt(Q-IFO)LkTt 13, PIER STREET, ABERYSTWITH. London reference, can be given if required. Git BRIAN pOUJDJif: ABERYSTWITH. CEORCE CREEN, TRON and Brass Founder, Millwright, AND Engineer, Agricultural Implement Maker, Manufacturer of Cooking Apparatus, Iron Hurdles, Gates, Tomb and other Railing. Repairs promptly attended to. Steam Engines and Water Wheels applied to Farm Machinery. IMPORTANT TO every man who keeps a Horse, Cow, Sheep, or Pig. THORLEY'S FOOD FOR CATTLE, I 77, NEWGATE STREET, LONDON. Price 50s. per Cask, containing 448 Feeds. Carriage paid to any Station. A Pamphlet Post-free on application. RICHARD JACOB, RP-W TAINT, lttt WQIWt' itbm M" NEAR ABERYSTWITH, BEGS respectfully to n.form the Public that he. has succeeded his late Brother, DAVID JA- COB, 9, High Street. Aberystwith, as MILLWRIGHT & ENGINEER, And that the Business in luturc will be carried on at the above address. LLANDDEINOL schqou Under the Patronage of Miss Morice, Carrog. THE Public are respectfully informed that a GRAMMAR SCHOOL will he opened at the above place, on TUESDAY, the 24th of APRIL next, for the purpose of preparing Young Men for Pro- fessional and Commercial life. MASTERS. THE REV. JAMES EVANS, INCUMBENT. MORRIS JONES, B.A., St. Catharine's College, Cambridge. FFIERMS. Pupils under 10 years of Age 10s. per Quarter above 15s. (C,g- The Incumbent receives a limited number qf Boarders into his house. Terms,—30 Guineas per annum. T .AWES' PATENT SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME, For Wheat, Barley, and Grass, also for Mangold, Swedes, c. THIS valuable Manure has been analysed by Messrs. Way and Vaelcker, showing a very high percentage on Soluble Phosphate, and may now be had in fine condition by applying to Mr. THOMAS BERRIDGE, Alfred Place, OR Mr. ALFRED DAVIES, Belle- Vue Hotel, AGENTS, ABERYSTWITH. Amongst other prizes awarded to growers of Swedes and Mangolds with Lawes'Superphosphate of Lime, 1859, is the following:- THE CHRYSTAL PALACE ROOT SHOW. At the recent great Root Show, the first prize of £ 2. for Swede Turnips, was taken by Edmund Wright, Esq., of Halston The specimens sent were grown with eight tons of Farm-yard Ma- nure per acre, with two cwt. of Lawes' Superphosphate, and one cwt. of Guano per acre


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