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Hocal Snforuiatum. PETTY SESSIONS. On Tuesday last, at the Town Hall, before ROBERT EDWARD, Esq., Mayor, and THOMAS JONES, Esq. John Jones was charged by P. S. Thomas with setting fire to his chimney. Fined 2s. 6d. and costs. Thomas Doughton and Mrs. Wildig were sum- moned by Mr. Superintendent Lloyd with using certain weights which were short and otherwise un- just. Fined Is. each and costs. Weights forfeited, CHURCH RATES QUESTION.—A petition to the House of Lords and House of Commons, praying for the abolition of church rates, is now in course of signature in this town. HARBOUR MEETING.-An adjourned meeting of the trustees of the harbour was held at the Town Hall, on Tuesday last, when there were present- John Hughes, Esq., (in the chair,) Messrs. T. O. Morgan, Thomas Jones, Richard Roberts, John Jones, E. W. Morgan, John Jones, and Richard Morris. The superintendent of the harbour works was allowed further time for bringing in his report of the result of his enquiries as to the possibility of obtaining a second-hand locomotive steam engine, rails, wagons, &c. The following business was transacted:—A tally was produced for securing to Thomas Jones, Esq., the sum ofjE300, on the secu- rity of the harbour dues, and the same was signed by the trustees. The treasurer, Joseph Downie, Esq., produced his accounts from 1st March, 1859, to 29th February last, which were examined and compared with the respective vouchers. The sum of 9895 18s. Id. appeared to be due from the trus- tees to the treasurer, and a further sum would be required for the purpose of the trust. In order to pay off this balance, it was resolved that the Na- tional Provincial Bank be requested to advance a sum not exceeding £1,100 to the trustees. The clerk was ordered to apply to the late lessee for the payment of the January and February instalments, which appeared to be unpaid. Mr. John Davies, harbour master, represented to the trustees that Mr. Battley required a piece of ground, about 22 yards in length, in a line with the end of No. G warehouse on Rofawr, to lay down poles ready for shipment, and that the same could be left without interfering with the duties of the harbour. It was ordered that the same be let accordingly, at the yearly rent of £6, payable quarterly, and subject to 3 mouths notice. THE VOLUNTEER LEVEE.—At the late volunteer levee, the County of Cardigan was represented by Capt. Commandant, W. E. Richardes, Ensign T. O. Morgan, Lieut. T. D. Lloyd, Bronwydd Rifles, who were presented to Her Majesty by the Earl De Grey and Ripon, Under-Secretary of State for War. SHIP LAUNCH.-Oll the morning of the 10th inst., hundreds of eager sialit-lov^rs visited the shipbuild- ing slip of Mr. Edward James, of this town, to witness the launch of a new schooner, named the Sarah Davies. At about hall-past 8 o'clock the dog-shores being knocked away, the vessel glided off majestically into her destined element, amidst the vociferous cheers of the numerous spectators. By competent judges she is considered to be a very fine model, and reflects great credit on her enter- prising builder. COMMUNICATION WITH THE LLANIDLOES AND NEWTOWN RAILWAY.—We are given to understand that a company is now in the course of formation for the purpose of facilitating the means of transit between this town and Llanidloes. It is proposed that Omnibuses shall start from Llanidloes for this town upon the arrival of each train. We wish the company every success. RHE Roy A L CARDIGAN RIFLE MILITIA have re- ceived orders to assemble,for H8 days' training,on the 30th of next month, under the command of Col. Powell, M P., when we have no doubt the corps will sustain the reputation it has acquired, by their pro- gressing improvement on drill and in their manual and platoon exercises. THE ORGAN OF ST. MICHAEL'S CHURCH.—This organ having undergone thorough repair and im- provement by Mr. Robson, the celebrated organ builder, was opened on Sunday last. Jackson's morning and evening services were given, with credit to the organist, and also to the choir, for the efficiency they have attained under his instruction. We understand that it is projected to increase the choir by the addition of some very able singers. On Tuesday next, as 3 o'clock, Mr. H. P. G. Brooke Organist, will give an organ performance, so that the subscribers to the organ fund may have the opportunity of judging and seeing the improvements made. The following sacred pieces will be per- formedOrgan Solo,—" 0 rest in the Lord"- Mendelssohn. Grand Chorus,—"The Arm of the Lord is upon them-Haydn. March,—The Dead March Handel. Chorus,—"Fix'd in his everlasting seat"-Handel. Solo But the Lord is mindful ot his own"—Mende)ssohn. Marcb,-The Festival March-H. P. G. Brooke. Grand Chorus,—Hal- lelujah Chorus—Handel. ) AWFULLY SUDDEN DEATH.—On Wednesday last ] an inquest was held at Pendrainllwyn, near Llan- gwyryfon, before J. M. Davies, Esq., Coroner, and a respectable jury, on the body of David Davies, aged 70 years, who had died awfully sudden on the 11th instant. It seems that on the evening above mentioned the deceased was to sit up with his wife, who was dangerously ill. About 12 o'clock he went to lie on his son's bed, and in a few minutes was fleàd. The jury returned a verdict of-Died by the visitation of God. AIUIKYSTWITII WELSH LITERARY SOCIETY.—The sixth competitive meeting of this society is advertised to take place on Good Friday; and the number of compositions received on the principal subjects exceeds that of former meetings, manifesting increased in- terest in, as well as usefulness on the part of the society. There is every probability that the forth- coming meeting will be the most popular and inter- esting that has ever been held here. The services of first-class adjudicators have been secured, many of whom will favour the meeting with their presence. COMMISSIONS SIGNED BY THE LORD LIEUTENANT OF CARDIGANSHIRE. First Cardiganshire or Talybont Rifle Volunteers, George Griffith Williams, Esq., to be Lieutenant; Henry Charles Fryer, Esq., to be Ensign. Second Cardiganshire or Aberystwith Rifle Vo- lunteers—William Eardley Richardes, Esq., to be Lieutenant; Thomas Owen Morgan, Esq., to be Ensign Third Cardiganshire or Bronwydd Rifle Volun- teers,-Thomas Davies, Lloyd) Esq., to be Lieutenant. SALMON TO AUSTRALIA.—Mr. J. Youl, of Clapham Park, writes to say that, by the kind permission of Sir Watkin Wyun and Mr. Edmund Buckley, Ramsbottom" obtained about 30,000 ova from the river Dovey, which runs through their properties, and that they were safely deposited in beautiful con. dition in the boxes prepared with gravel for them on board the ship S. Curling, which sailed from Liver- pool on the 25th ult., for Melbourne. The appara- tus is so arranged that the ova will receive a conti- nuous stream of pure cold water all the voyage out, the water running through an ice-house containing fifteen tons of Whenham Lake ice, before it flows over the ova. ABERDOYEY.—FATAL OCCURRENCE.—On Wed- nesday last, at Aberdovey, Capt. Ellis Roberts, and Humphrey Morris, a lime-burner, had a quarrel. Roberts, to go out of the other's way, went on board his ship, pursued by Morris, who, on climbing up the vessel, was struck by the former with a mallet, causing him to fall on some stones, whereby he sus- tained such injuries as occasioned his instant death. MACHYNLLETH FIRST FRIENDLY SOCIETY.—This society held its annual general meeting on the 1st inst. At 12 o'clock the members formed themselves in a procession, and, after parading the principal streets, preceded by the town brass band, went to church,wherethe Rev.J. Evans, Rector, delivered an appropriate sermon on the occasion. They after- wards reformed, and returned in the same orderito the Town Hall, where they partook of a substantal dinner prepared for them, Capt. Lloyd acting as chairman. Amongst those who honoured the mem- bers of this ancient club with their presence were— the Rev. J. Evans, W. W. Jones, Esq.; W. Owen, Esq Surgeon E. Morgan, Esq., Solicitor Messrs. C. J. Lloyd, Wynnstay Arms Hotel; D. Jones, Unicorn; W. Jarrett, Meirion House, &c. A plea- sant evening was spent, in the course of which se- veral toasts were drunk and speeches delivered, en- livened by music and many an excellent song. MACHYNLLETH TOTAL ABSTINENCE SOCIETY.—A meeting in connection with this society was held on Tuesday, the 6th inst., at the Temperance Hall, Machynlleth. The Rev. J. Evans, Rector, who was called to the chair, opened the proceedings in a short speech, and called on the following persons to address the meeting:—E. Davies, Esq., Dolgarreg: the Rev. J. Jones, Independent Minister; and Mr. J. Rees, Watchmaker. In the course of the pro- ceedings, the members of the,, Band of Hope" sang several pieces. There was a numerous attendance, and powerful speeches in support of the movement were delivered. After a vote of thanks to the chair- man, (proposed by Mr. J. Jenkins, and seconded by the Rev. S. Edwards,) was given, the meeting sepa- rated. It is gratifying to state that this excellent society adds continually to the number of its mem- bers. [ADVERTISEMENT.] I, iDAVID BORROWDALE, Master of the late Brig Planter, of Whitehaven, beg to return my sin- cere thanks to the inhabitants of Llanon for their hospitality and timely assistance in saving the lives of myself and crew when driven ashore at Llansant- ff'raid during the gale of the 20th ult, and especially to John Miller, Esq., of Morfamawr, and Capt. and Mrs. Edwards, Lunaria," whose efforts to save lives and property on the occasion were beyond all praise, and will be long and deservedly remem- bered.


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