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THE NEW REFORM BILL. A Bill further to amend, the Laws relating to the Represen- tation of the People in England and Wales. Whereas it is expedient to make further provision for the due representation of the people in Parliament; be it enacted by the Queen's most excellent Majesty, by and with the consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows [The following are the clauses. We give the text when explanation is necessary:—] 1. Right of voting in counties to be enjoyed by occupiers of houses, &c., of the yearly value of "10. Residence re- quired. II. Provisions concerning occupation franchise in beroughs extended to occupation franchise in counties. III. The yearly value required tp give a right of voting in boroughs to be Ol. instead of 10Z. IV. Occupation of building (other than dwelling-house) jointly with land, sot to confer a right of voting unless building be of 51. yearly value in counties and 3Z. in boroughs. V. 2 and 3 W. 4, c. 45, as. 24 and 25, not to apply, where the right to vote in a borough is taken away by the previous section. VI. Enactments requiring payment of assessed taxes by occupiers previous to registration repealed. [Here follows an enumeration of the new constituencies, which will be found in our Parliamentary report.] XIV. Every person not subject to any legal incapacity, on whom the degree of Master of Arts, Bachelor of Laws, Doc- tor of Laws, Bachelor of Medicine, or Doctor of Medicine shall have been conferred by the University of London, or who shall be a Bachelor of Arts in such University of not less than three years' standing, shall be entitled to vote in the election of any member, to serve in Parliament for the said University. XV. Provision for appointment of returning-officers for new boroughs. XVI. Vice-Chancellor of the University of London to be the returning-officer. XVII. Elections for University of London to be within six days after receipt of writ. XVIII. Polling at, the University of London may continue three days. XIX. Pro-Vice-Chancellors and poll-clerks for the Uni- versity of London. XX. New rights of voting and variation of rights of voting to take effect in and from the registration of 1860. XXI. Registers of voters to be formed in 1860, for new boroughs. XXII. No person shall be registered in the respective registers of voters to be formed during this present Parlia- ment for the counties and divisions of counties in which the boroughs constituted by this act may be respectively situate, who would not be entitled to be so registered in case the same were now boroughs returning members to serve in Parliament. Parliament. XXIII. Nothing in this Act to affect any registsr of voters now in force XXIV. In case a dissolution of this present Parliamen t fake ace before the day at and from Which the registers of voters to be first made for the boroughs constituted by this Act begin to be in fuVce, the writs Tor the ,-leclf.m of members to serve in Parliament for such respective boroughs shall not be issued until such registers begin to be in force. XXV. Provisions of 2 W. 4, cap. 45, to lite applicable to this Act, XXVI. In the precept of the town-clerk and notice by the overseers, of which forms (numbered 1 and 2) are given in Schedule (B) to the Act of the session holden in the sixth and seventh years of her Majesty, chapter 18, "the clear yearly value of six pounds" shall be substituted for the clear yearly value of ten pounds," and in the said notice the words and assessed taxes" shall be omitted and at the end of the headings of the list numbered 3 and 4 in the same Schedule add and of an Act passed in the twenty-third year of her Majesty intituled [insert the title of this Act.]" XXVII. The provisions of 6 Vict., c. 18, to be applicable for the purposes of this Act. -I XXVIII. All election laww in force, except where superseded by this Act. XXIX. Writs, &c., to be made confermable to this Act. XXX. Member holding office at time of election not to vacate seat by mere change of office. 6 Ann, o. 7, s. 26.









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