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EPITOME OF NEWS, BRITISH AND FOREIGN. Besides the ordinary grants for the army and navy this year, an expense of 850,00Ci. will be incurred for the Chinese expedition. By an overwhelming majority of votes the people of Birmingham have adopted a resolution to found a Free Library in that town, to be supported by a local rate. Coventry is proposing to erect a statue to Lady Godiva, of nude renown. At the Queen's levee on Thursday, the honour of knighthood was conferred on Captain M'Clintock, late commander of the Fox, in the Arctic expedition. A family in Vermont, (U.S.) lost four children in one day (Sunday) from scarlet fever, and as the parents returned from the funeral, on Tuesday, they found that the remaining child had died with the same disease. He felt strongly on the subject of the wine dutit s, and so far from thinking it immaterial, he thought that it was a most beneficent plan for improving the taste an id morals of the poor of this country,-lIfr. Osborne in Par- liament. I heard, with some alarm, the statement of the hon. member for Birmingham, that if the treaty should be altered or refused, it would create an estrangement with France. I trust that we are still to be allowed to have liberty of discussion.—Mr. T. Baring in Parliament. The Court of Queen's Bench has decided that milk is, not agricultural produce in a sense to exempt the vehicle carrying it from toll. The Court argued that it might as well be said that meat in a cart was agricultural produce. The Decimal Association are collecting some curious statistical facts respecting the time now spent in teaching arithmetic in schools, with a view to ascertain the probable saving of time that wonld accrue from the introduction of the decimal system. Ernest Jones, says the Critic, mistook his vocation when he gave himself up to politics. He has also been unsuccessful as a printer. He is a poet; and if he had cultivated poetry with half the industry he has devoted to The Charter," he would have held a very high place among the poets of onr time. The Bey of Tunis has given the necessary permission for the establishment of a Tunis. It will appear on the 1st of May, under the title of the Official Gazette of Tunis. The other day a child only one day old was taken to the hospital at Lincoln to have an arm set that was acci- dentally broken at the birth. The Society of Arts have approved of a guarantee deed for raising 550,000Z. on behalf of the International Exhibition of 1862. All the journals of Vienna were lately prohibited by the authorities from mentioning that the Boeufs Gras at Paris had been named Solferino and Palestro. The costs for the defence in the case of Dr. Smethurst. after being taxed, amounted to upwards of 790L The Prussian Commercial Conference, at Berlin, adopted, without discussion, propositions recommending the abolition of the transit duties and usury laws, and another in favour of applying the decimal system in all its completeness. Guido Reni's Madonna," says the Union, has been restored to the church from which it was stolen in 1855. The Pope has promised 12,000 crowns for its recovery. Thepaint- ing was found in London, where it was offered for sale to Messrs. jVierighi and Bassi by a stranger. It was sent back to Bologna, but not until after the Pope had lost that city. The Boston publishers of the "Life of Captain John Brown," the leader of the insurrection at Harper's Ferry, sent to Mrs. Brown, January 27th, a cheque for 1,000 dollars, as her share of the profits of that book thus far. The trustees of the infant son of the Duke of Norfolk, Mr. Hope Scott and others, do not intend any longer to con- test the title of the Earl of Shrewsbury and Talbot to the Alton Towers estates, and his lordship will therefore be put in possession of them in the course of a few days. A young German, in Ohio, endeavoured to supplant his rival on the wedding-day, by leading the young lady to believe that her husband desired the ceremony to be per- formed at a distant town. On reaching the place she was drugged, and the ceremony was proceeded with. Next morn- ing she found that she had not been married to the man of her choice, and immediately commenced a suit for a divorce. M. Babinet, the successor of Arago, says, in the Journal desDebats, that there will be the highest tide on the 8th of March next that there has been kin Europe for a century. At Her Majesty's levee last Thursday, in London, General Beatson attracted universal attention, from the splendour of his uniform, which was of the Indian Irregular Cavalry-beyond description the most martial and mag- nificent dress that ever makes its appearance at our Court. The King of Naples has sent word to all his officers on leave, that on or before the 1st of March instant they must have rejoined their regiments. A correspondent of the Patrie gives it to be under- stood that France means to take possession of Mont Blanc. It says :—" The highest mountain of the Savoy Alps is Mont Blanc, which Switzerland had the audacity to place in her geography; but once Savoy annexed, and France will no longer tolerate this impudent larceny." The Times has been suppressed throughout the Austrian Empire. An aged couple, living at Easton, near Huntingdon, applied to the guardians for out-door relief, but were re- fused, and told to go to the union. This so preyed upon their minds that they sold their furniture, paid their debts, and were afterwards found drowned in a pond, clad only in their night dresses. The Court Journal says that the Prince of Wales is to set out for his long-promised Canadian tour at the latter end of May or beginning of Jane next. According to a recent publication, the land covered by forests in Algeria is Dot less than 4,700 square miles, with- out including a great extent of country overrun with brash- wood, which the Arabs set on fire occasionally, not only to drive away wild beasts, but also for the good browsing it affords their cattle when the young shoots make their ap- pearance the following spring. One of the passengers in the late fearful accident on the Eastern Counties Railway, writes with much kind feeling "to inform the regular travellers, and more especially those who were spared from injury in the train which met with an awful accident last Monday at Tottenham, that it is pro- posed to raise among them a small fund, by way of a thank- offering, which shall be applied to the relief of the engine- driver's family (if not otherwise provided for;, or to some charitable purpose to be hereafter determined upon by a committee of the subscribers." The whole of the Spanish press, particularly the Progresista section, are violently attacking England." The censor has prohibited the circulation of the Novedades on that account. The French Ambassador the other day presented to the Queen an autograph letter of the Emperor Napoleon. "In truth, these choice wines are but a very small percentage of the whole consumption in this country. It is only one in many millions who can afford to melt a pearl in a cup of vinegar, and only one in many thousands who can afford to put on his table Cabinet Johannisberg or George IV.'s sherry. "-The:Iim,es on the Wine Duties. The Court Journal says that the rifle corps ball is to be a great event. We have heard on what we consider to be very reliable authority, that her Majesty and the Prince Consort may possibly do the company and the rifle corps gentlemen the honour of being witnesses, for a short time, of their festivity." At Armagh, they have been burying Mr. W. Murray, the oldest inhabitant." His remains were interred by the side of his wife, who has been dead some forty years. Mr. Murray was fully 113 or 114 years of age, and some of his friends say more. He once told a gentleman in Armagh that he remembered the year in which the style was changed, which would leave his age at least 113 years. A German journal states that Prussia has determined to elevate Meyerbeer, the great composer, to the dignity cf a Prussian genileman." An extraordinary event in the history of the German Jews has just taken place. In the free city of Hamburg, where a Jew ten years ago was not even eligible for a night constable, a Jew, by the free suffrages of the citizens, has lately been chosen a chief magistrate, next in station to the highest dignitary in that republic. At Blackburn a clergyman has been engaged, by special desire, to preach a revival sermon to the riflemen.