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Hocai 3htformation.


Hocai 3htformation. PETTY SESSIONS. TUESDAY. (Before Robert Edward and Thomas Jones, Esqrs.) Mr. Joel Morgan charged Mr. Henry Morris with an assault. The complainant being sworn said, that as he was going home on Monday week along the railway at the pier, in company with de- fendant and Mr. Henry Morgan, some words arose, which ended by defendant assaulting complainant, Defendant denied having committed the assault, ar;d stated that complainant had first struck or pushed him one side; and he called Mr. Henry Morgan to prove the same. Mr. Morgan being Sworn, said the complainant first assaulted de- fendant. The magistrates here interposed, and said, they thought complainant had first given pro- vocation, and dismissed the case, complainant to pay costs. John James was charged by P. C. Davies with leaving his cart in the public street unattended. Dismissed, with a reprimand, on payment of costs. DASTARDLY CONDUCT.—A few evenings ago some evil disposed persons amused themselves by throwing a large quantity of ropes, &c., from the pier to the river Ystwith. A reward Qf X5 is offered for any information that may lead to the apprehen- sion of any of the offenders. HARBOUR MASTER.-On Tuesday next the trus- tees of the harbour will proceed to the election of a harbour master for this port. The salary is JE52 per annum. MR. WHALLEY'S RETURN.—The petition against the return of Mr. Whalley (chairman of the Llan- idloes and Newtown Railway) for Peterborough was withdrawn on Monday evening ]ast. SUDDEN DEATH.—On Tuesday last an inquest was held before J. M. Davies, Esq., on the body of Mrs. Susan Owen, who had died suddenly the pre- ceding day. The jury returned a verdict of-Died by the visitation of God. THE PIER LIGHTs.-The new lamp for the pier head arrived by the Plynlymon' on Thursday from Liverpool, and was tried the same night, when it proved successful; and is a great and important improvement to navigation, as it may be seen as far and farther than the Patches. LETTING OF THE HARBOUR Dugs.—On Tuesday last, at the Town Hall, the dues ajad rates aiisingf. am the harbour were let for the terfn of three years. Mr. Evans gave a long account tff the exports and im- ports of the harbour durip.g the past year, and pre- dicted, from the increased quantity of timber now Vaing felled at Ilafodf'as also from the fact that most of the mint; in the district are now be- ing earnestly andsdccessfully carried out, that the amount of due^arising from this port would be more than evpf. The first bidding was made by Mr. Selby, ."W'ho oSered jEI,800 per annum; after which a spirited competition was kept up between Mr. Lewis, of Swansea, Mr Evan Jones. Mr. John Roberts', jun., and Mr, Thomas, of Hafod. Even- tually, however, they were knocked down to Mr. Lewis, at the yearly rental of £ 2,170, for the term of three years. ORGAN IN ST. MICHAEL'S CHUI-CH.—At-tf meet- ing of pew holders held some three mODtb., oinee, attended by a considerable number of-ahe members of the church, and presided over by the Archdeacon, it appeared that the Organ had b&en neglected for many years, and was become unfit for service. The meeting however being satisfied' as well of its re- quirements as of its capabilities of being restored to a beautifully-toned valu^Me instrument, sanctioned an expenditure under Meisrs. Robson, its builders, of JE130. Subscriptions to the amount of f,92 have al- ready been received or promised and as the volun- tary principle now in practice in the parish admits of no compulsory rate, it is hoped every member of the congregation will contribute according to his means, in order that the Organ now about to be completed, may again be devoted to aid the services of our church. Should the amount required be raised, we may expect the Organ will be completed in a. week or two. Subscriptions are received at the North & South Wales Bank. ABERYSTWITH VOLUNTEER RIFLE CORPs.-Our volunteer corps, we are happy to state, progresses most favourably, several gentlemen having joined as effective members since the date of enrolment. The corps has assembled regularly at the town-hall for drill and exercise, under the instruction of Mr. Stott, the respected sergeant-major of the Royal Cardigan Miiitia, who, at the unanimous desire of the members, has been appointed drill-instructor. The members have attended with great punctuality, and have made astonishing progress, so that there can be no doubt that in the space of a few months they will be equal in efficiency to any regular troops. Very little more, however, can be done in the town- hall, and the members will 'be obliged to assemble out of doors. For this purpose, an excellent ar- rangement has been made, the field at the back of the new infirmary, Cryfryn House, having (through the interest of some gentlemen, who from the first starting of the movement have been most indefatigable to promote it) been kindly promised as an exercise ground. Firing, of course will never take place there, and the corps will only require the ground three or four hours a week. A great advantage will accrue to the corps from this ar- rangement, inasmuch as comparative privacy will be insured, which could scarcely be the case in any other part of the town. It is intended, we believe, not to allow any person, unconnected with the corps, to enter the exercise ground, unless provided with a written order from a member. Some such arrangement will be necessary to insure silence and order, without which military exercise can never successfully proceed. We understand it is pro- posed to fix the general day-drill hours at four or half-past four in the afternoon, as it is considered that business is slacker at that time than any other in the day, and that, consequently, those connected with trade could attend more conveniently at that hour. TRE'BDDOL |AND TALYBONT DISTRICT.—RIFLE CORPs.-On Thursday, the 9th instant, after the ad- judication of th^ prizes of the Aberystwith Agricul- tural Society, at Talybont, the members of the Upper Geneu'rglynne Corps of Rifle Volunteers at- tended at the Lion Inn, before George Jeffreys, Esq., of Dovev Castle, ijtnd T. 0. Morgan, Esq., Aberyst- with, Her Majesty's deputy lieutenants, to take the oft'th of allegiance; when about twenty went] through the ceremony. The majority were far- mers' sons, and presented a very superior body to those generally taking up arms and amongst them was the prizeriwn who had carried off the premium at the ploughing match. Mr. Pryse. Loveden headed the Itet. A specimen of uniform was exhibited, which tallied with that already adopted at Aberystwith. DEAF AND DUMB INSTITU The Deaf and Dumb Institution which originally existed in this town, and to which indeed it, o^s its birth, pro- gresses favourably, and promises to beepme large and important, under the patronage of Royitity. That is I a noble institution which brings within the pale of society those, who, but for its benevolent offices, would have been its outcasts! It is not commonly known that the organs of voice in deaf and dumb persons are generally quite perfect. Speech being entirely an imitative faculty, is lost from the want of hearing, there can be no power of speaking a language, as English or Welsh, the sounds of which have never been heard. The charity however which nature exercises, is most astonishing in supplying natural defects. The eye in deaf persons becomes extraodinarily observant, and will sometimes recog- nise the thoughts and sentiments conveyed by a person in watching the movement of the lips. It is said of an old woman, who attended the services of tbe church, that "she could not tell what the ser- mon was about, as she had forgotten to take her spectacles." I GOGINAN.—VoLUNTEiyfc-~LFIFLE CORPS—A suf- ficient number ofy^utig men having expressed their g willingness toj^tnin forming a Rifle Corps for the above distnpC; have made a tender of their services to Her J^ftfjesty, and an answer accepting the same is dpify expected. We understand the numerical strength of the corps up to this date is 38. ALLT-Y-CRIB MINE.—Capt. Hughes In the shal- low adit north and south lode, the end driven north has improved, and I believe we have met an east and west lode unknown to us before, on which we are driving west, worth from 15 to 18 cwts. of lead per fthm. We have not proved it east yet, but opened on the ore about 9ft. The stope in back of this level is holding well, and there is a good lode of ore in the winze sinking under this level, so the mine is looking very promising. We have com- menced a deeper adit from the road. NANTEOS AND PENRHIW MINEs.-Capt. Roach and Capt. Boundy: 22 men are now working on tribute, at £7 10s. per ton, and the usual quantity of ore is being raised from the different pitches. We estimate the ore now broken in the mine to be worth at least £1000-75 tons this will be dressed and prepared for market without delay. The gene- ral appearances of the mine are greatly improved, and the ground now being opened is expected to be highly productive; indeed, several hundreds of fa- thoms of ore ground are already laid in Ystumtuen. BOG MINE.-Capt. Redge Within the last two or three days the ground has changed, and the flobrs are now dipping in direction of the underlay of the lode; we expect to meet with the east and west lode in this end within a short distance more driving. BRONFLOYD MINE.-Capt. Banbury: The lode on the west of the slide is looking better, contain- ing small branches of ore, but as yet not sufficient to value. The part of the lode we are now carrying in the new adit west is also looking better. The stopes in the great rise above adit, on the whole, are uot yielding their usual quantities of ore. Hollorvay's Ointment and Pills.-Hooping Cough.—Tl. is harassing disease ,now very prevalent and largely swelling the bills of mortality, is sure to extend its dominion, for its conta- giousness contaminates all children previously unaffected. For- tunately for humanity this alarming disorder is now fully placed under control by Holloway's Ointment, which allays the nervous irritability, and checks the disease. Children of all ages and constitutions are daily saved by rubbing this Ointment on the spine and the chest; its virtues penetrate the skin, enter the blood, repress irritation, prevent inflamation, moderate the cough, whose paroxysms they ere long subdue. If old enough, the little patient should take Holloway's Pills to avert future pulmonnary dangers. Both, used simultaneously, soon quell the severest coughing fits.






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